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I'm confused. What the heck is this holofest supposed to be about? What's the point? As a hololive fan I'm not able to keep up with any of whats happening and I'm afraid I'm missing out. Anyone got a tldr for holofest?

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>As a hololive fan
>Not knowing what holofest is which is a tradition at this point
Faggot you are a nijinigger falsefagging as hololive stop trying too hard

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>As a hololive fan

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kek, when will nijnogs learn

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I'll give you the benefit of doubt, so I suggest you checked hlgg archives

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>cute girls sing and dance
>this is too difficult of a concept to understand
>also hello I'm also a fan of Hollowlife

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hi nijinig, Holofest is a celebration of Hololive. Hope that helps

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it's where they kill six million nijisanji fans

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tiL that enna is anne frank

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I don’t mind idolshit but I don’t really care to watch holofes. What I hate about it though is it has basically halted everyone streaming for like a week.

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I have been following Hololive since before EN debut. Just that I havent kept up consistently. Usually I dont follow Hololive around this time of year so if holofest happens in March every year I probably have missed all prior times. But I am disappointed that some holo fans immediately bring up nijisanji completely unprompted. Come on we're supposed to be better than nijisanji fans not act like them.

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It’s completely skippable, at least last year you could buy one day just to see the ones you like. This year they forced Mori in both days to spare her feelings. Last year no one watched her day in comparison and only paid for the Gura & Ina day.

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>Hololive since before EN debut
faggot if you watch the stream they been shilling this shit since november you imbecile nijinog

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Go watch some other corp if you don't like concerts

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>Holofes4 (now)
Damn Nijinigger, you missed (not even knowing it's existence? 3 years of HoloFES the biggest event of Hololive and dare to call yourself a Holofan?

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The best yearly hololive event is the new years mario kart tournament. I never miss that. Nothing beats the kino of these girls pouring their blood sweat and tears into winning the cup for their cheering fans.

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it's a festival about hololive it's not that hard to andastand

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newfag retard kill you

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So Holofes is about screaming at Nijisanji until your blue balls explode, I see...

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its about screaming to support your oshi's success and making fun of nijisanji's covid

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It's not even a good larp. Stop giving the retard (You)'s.

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It's just a concert/convention for fans to enjoy. Just wait for each day to finish then skim through the VOD or clippers to see what's good.

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nah, the best events are the haiku events

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>I don’t mind idolshit
Me too, but seeing my oshi nervous and excited to perform on stage, pouring effort into it, and then getting praised for her amazing performance makes it worth it.

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Thanks for the real tldr big ups

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>boohoo I'm the victim now
Nijitrannies mentality

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Definitely a nijisanji fan acting super obnoxious on purpose to make holo fans look bad. Nice try.

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