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【This is a thread dedicated to WACTOR talents past and present.】
WACTOR is also known as:

"META-MUSIC" as a musical project
"VV-Gamers" as an E-Sports project
"E-STELLA" as a Spanish language project
"noVas" as an English language project
"Starship Research" as a Chinese language project

Previous thread >>45360476

Babu edition edition.


Himea D'Almaria


Hana Yomeguri


Himea D'Almaria

Mireille Kuuma

Remember that we're still experiencing the effects of the recent influx of tourists who were sent here by Twitter users. Do not eat baits and do not feed the trolls, lest you end up looking like a fool.

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It's me o Akira just drop a new Boys generation?

>> No.45390797

2 new members of Wactor Boys, will anons see them?

>> No.45390919

Just woke up, do you guys want a Himea thread this late into the night?

>> No.45390970

Akira keeps being a fucking retard, I see.

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>> No.45391042

Wactor was supposed to be dead already aaaaaaaaa

>> No.45391143

It's already dead, just using the name until someone comes with a better one

>> No.45391467

I'm talking about the company

>> No.45391599

There's no much to discuss in reading streams anyway.

>> No.45391697

Why a fucking new thread?, everyone either is larping as normies out there or went a hero already...

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Meica is late...

>> No.45392107

Apes stronger together

>> No.45392185

she's doing a space on twitter

>> No.45392393

Is poli masturbating this time too?

>> No.45392494

But why make a space instead of streaming? Something with her PC?

>> No.45392637

yeah, she was formatting her pc

>> No.45393034

Sezia’s being groomed by her audience more and more

>> No.45393082

What kind of guy signs a contract with Akira after everything that happened?

>> No.45393306

Maybe, you know...
>he doesn't know...

Poor guy...

>> No.45393354

Dumb groomers

>> No.45393372

There's no fucking way they are not aware.

>> No.45393400

>Just opened Meica's space
>the first word I listen is follamigos

for fucks sake...

>> No.45393498

Hey fags, be aware that we won't have any sympathy just because you fell into the midgets claws. You get near our girls and you'll get DESTROYED.

>> No.45393697

>Deus Rosaire

The midget continues spitting brand names...

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>> No.45393928



kek, Ofeb don't look!!

>> No.45394073

I feel kind of bad for the new guys, you think they tried to bail out and Akira threatened them?

>> No.45394150

Meica said "I miss Nisha". I think Nisha took advice from /here/ and she took a break from social media. Sometimes you need to disconnect yourself and touch some grass.

>> No.45394299

> today I cleaned around the house
> it's not because mai scolded me or anything
So it's pretty much confirmed they live together, right.

>> No.45394302

It's the best for her

>> No.45395257

argies keep winning

>> No.45395302

Rie from Phase on Himea's chat.

>> No.45395466

She didn't say anything else?

>> No.45395506

what the fuck just happened? Did the midget really launch a new generation of homos?

>> No.45395624

Women are overrated

>> No.45395701


The worst of the worst...

>> No.45395724

I like Rie she is a very talented girl and charismatic

>> No.45395787

She didn't say anything else, only "*sigh* I miss Nisha".

>> No.45395833

The midget pretty much shadow drop it, he is being awfully silent since Lia's graduation...

>> No.45396371

That fucking brat ruined her vtubing career and mental health.

>> No.45396463

I guess it just disappeared.

>> No.45396576

Good night, i don't watch choripaneras

>> No.45397336

Akira would be doing them a favor by doxxing them now, The drama would literally jumpstart their careers and free them from the manlet.

>> No.45397722

who are they? new wboys?

>> No.45397807

I can't continue, I can't can't
Please help
My head and heart feel like they are going to explode

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>> No.45398280

What do you need?

>> No.45398327

Who cares

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File: 2.02 MB, 1280x1280, 00287-31242643271.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fixed some things

>> No.45398573

Have you considered not being a huge faggot?

>> No.45398667

Not brown enough

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>> No.45400019

Don't forget this hypocrite bald is still working for Wactor


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File: 639 KB, 1920x1080, 1679197151777.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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why did this got deleted? :(

>> No.45400837

She being extremely cute lately, she out to out do Himea

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File: 2.03 MB, 1280x1280, 00287-312426432711.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was the wrong file, sorry.

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>> No.45402855

If gen 2 boys already appeared, that means ID gen soon, according to that screenshot someone posted here.

>> No.45403057

Oh no! Now Akira is going to have to fire and doxx his PR guy.

>> No.45403122

And about boys, I think leo is dead
Last tweet this one

>> No.45403173

>43 subs


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File: 1.22 MB, 3905x2196, calvo-channels4_banner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Maybe this is why the midget rushed the debut oif the next fags. Good for him, he had enough talent to be in a better corpo

/cbdct/ sis, any confirmation on this?

>> No.45404043

That reminds me, Ageha is taking a break too

>> No.45404055

I believe that, after the shitfest, she found comfort in reading all the people who love her not only as a character, but also for the person behind. She’s also 30 and single, so her instincts are probably telling her to settle down and she chose us

>> No.45404152

yumes dropped him so long ago I dont think anyone over there care at this point

>> No.45404328

She is younger than that, the fuck are you on

>> No.45404511

what kind of retard would want to sign a contract with wactor?

>> No.45404598

Akira is a fucking cockroach that refuses to die

>> No.45404629

It was pretty obvious that Wactor was just the stepping stone of the boys and nobody deserves to stay on a sinking ship hopefully they can use the experience to move to a better corpo.
Also maybe this time Leo won't cuck his viewers with Nijiwhores, seriously there's shooting yourself in the foot and then there's joining membership of girls from other companies with your vtuber account.

>> No.45404701

Speaking about the fujos

>> No.45404994

Woman Ofeb

>> No.45405052



>> No.45405119

I don't think even Ofeb is as crazy and loyal as her

>> No.45405377

I like Shanon, she's based.

>> No.45405591


Come watch Karuna playing Luigis Mansion

>> No.45405875

This is like the thing you do with your vampire on marshmallow

>> No.45405952

I don't care about vtubers or vtubing anymore

>> No.45406070

Why are you still here then faggot?

>> No.45406120

I wasn't judging it, in fact I like it.

>> No.45406419

Fuck off Shanon you're a creep

>> No.45406572

>t. totally not a creep, trust me

>> No.45407309

Not like you, for sure

>> No.45407357

Yumes are allies

>> No.45408842

>t. lacks of self-aware yume

>> No.45409214

disgusting retard
>creep (woman)
nice, i approve, cool

>> No.45409226

Not that anon but Ozuni was seething a week ago

>> No.45409458


>> No.45409526

I see nothing wrong with this statement.

>> No.45409983

babu is singing
babu is singing and you're here discussing retarded shit

>> No.45410465

hey hey hey don't harass the sisters too much, it's already pretty pathetic to be a woman and incel don't add salt to the wounds

>> No.45410559

This should give you an idea, no one cares on this thread.

>> No.45410866

So they kill Leo and you do like nothing and stay in the Wactor side
What a shame Shanon

>> No.45411077

I have an idea, a bunch of people audition to enter Wactor, then the chosen one go to the office to sign the contract and destroy that little smurf cuck Akira's, i saw this happening in a dream, i came

>> No.45411126

Most likely he left on his own.

>> No.45411319

I just lament it was Leo and not Ayato.

>> No.45411329

smart guy

>> No.45411387

Now you're fighting with fujos?
Haha this shit is funny

>> No.45411648

heemanon on his way to japan

>> No.45411671

So there will be an announcement or he will just disappear like Ito?

>> No.45411886

sorry i can smell the bitches in heat in this thread right now, i cant help it

>> No.45411934

>lea and yue successfully memory-holed
Sorry, but I'll never forget

>> No.45412154

Why did Himea decide to stream over babu's stream? She also didn't like or rt her statement, or comment on it...
I thought they liked each other
What happened?

>> No.45412476

We'll hate fuck after this

>> No.45412540

Do you remember that Pico Park collab?

>> No.45412609

>ajajajaja™ (with argie accent)

>> No.45412891

It's better this way.

>> No.45413357

Only Miu was fake enough to send a Fake™ farewell

>> No.45414070

I need to fuck Himea so bad...

>> No.45414491 [DELETED] 

fake personality, fake bitch, typical lying porteña.

>> No.45414646

Just grab a pair of chopsticks and will get the same experience

>> No.45414780

Disgusting choripanera

>> No.45414844

Mireille knows the jar joke

>> No.45415234

>Himea's mom is more concerned about her daughter talking about satanic stuff, than her acting like a whore on stream

>> No.45417687

Mireille calmed me a bit but I am still a bit restless

>> No.45418363

good night anons I don't watch morenazis

>> No.45418645

They are rebranding soon. Most likely whoever joined on expects to be a rough patch but the general silence by the bigger industry shows no one really cares.
They will rebrand and position themselves in a good spot in ES in like two or three years.
Unless this suddenly becomes a huge drama, the ES community will not care at all.

>> No.45418676

You are a moreno, but not based enough to be a nazi

>> No.45418750

Gambling for easy simp and nooberns

>> No.45419309

>I felt jealousy at a fictional character that is only text.
This is getting ridiculous.

>> No.45419495

Himea is just too cute today

>> No.45419713 [SPOILER] 
File: 36 KB, 600x600, vyse-yagami-portrait-66-600x600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know what wactor member is an assassin with withe hair and a suit?

>> No.45419791

I kinda worried because at this time she awakens her promiscuous side.

>> No.45420004

Do you think Himea would masturbate to this if not on stream?

>> No.45420180

Yesterday, Miu said she will be alone for a while, which means new members will come in the future, I hope they will be good singers.

>> No.45420212

nobody is going understand anything if you read like this...

>> No.45420247

This is the same girl that cries after stepping on a snail.

>> No.45420250


>> No.45421102

My heart isn't broken but it hurts

>> No.45421456

i miss nisha

>> No.45421738

>nisha and lomitos mutual destruction

look at it on the positive side, you and nisha are equally menheras

>> No.45421958
File: 327 KB, 220x220, 1677898093014485.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want her old channel back, I miss her covers

>> No.45422311

I miss Nisha but when I think of her my head starts spinning and sorrow overcomes me

>> No.45422674

>Himea chiquita used to answer the phone saying "¿Funeraria?"

>> No.45422785

Knowing how much Himea likes WWII stuff, would she like to play War Thunder? or even World of Tanks.
But thinking about what she said regarding perms, that's not likely to happen on stream...

>> No.45423365

she is a poser anon, the only thing she likes about ww2 is ana frank

>> No.45423493

Go to sleep faggots

>> No.45423603
File: 499 KB, 356x380, 1515016130489.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wasn't talking about Nisha

>> No.45423611

This stream made me wanna watch some horror film

>> No.45423669

I only talk about Nisha

>> No.45424101

I have a terrible fear, I don't know if I should tell it here. Maybe another day.

>> No.45424119

Ahhh I feel trapped inside my head

>> No.45424157

>ana frank
hmm... anon...

>> No.45424210


>> No.45424256
File: 16 KB, 552x332, IMG_20221121_042726.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you aware that Himea is just a character?

>> No.45424326

noooo she is not "ahahaha™" v2!!

>> No.45424415

>He doesn't know

>> No.45424516

thats part of her internet persona, she is not like that on rl
t. i know her personally

>> No.45424660

Then you can say I'm a character too. Do you really behave the same on internet and on irl?

>> No.45424668

I can't :(

>> No.45424987

I feel sad and betrayed too, what do I do....

>> No.45425036

fuck off shitposters.

>> No.45425062

>t. la hermana

>> No.45425187

I have some kind of instinctive hatred or disgust for weak fragile male characters, especially if they were that way growing up and then turn out to be some assassin or shit.
I was laughing really hard knowing Jeffrey Dahmer was like that, on top of it he was a faggot kek, top bullying material.

>> No.45425196 [SPOILER] 
File: 25 KB, 403x417, FpShKRgaMAAptvB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

gn fags, and remember you are my personal clowns

>> No.45425253

No shit sherlock, do you know where you are?
She's not btw

>> No.45425502

Kek, I bet you didn't eve see the other account before it went private

>> No.45425831
File: 10 KB, 315x306, 1679099110765269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I didn't believe she had such influence in my life

>> No.45425944

I'm watching my 13yo self as a female.

>> No.45425990

Ok Im out, anons are being specially weird right now

>> No.45426030

>sezia almost streamed wearing just a t-shirt and gloves

>> No.45426034

my ass stink what to do bros

>> No.45426945

>Loyal got gifted a membership
Damn it.

>> No.45427257

and? who tf cares

>> No.45427439

Good night anons.

>> No.45428003

I need to snap back into reality.

>> No.45428131

I can't think clearly

>> No.45428258

I hope there isn't anyone out there who thinks that himea is not a character.

>> No.45428270

There goes gravity

>> No.45428409

Either way I love her.

>> No.45428478

He was like 1.95 tall and buff.

>> No.45428573

sometimes i want to slap her, she doesnt connect with real life

>> No.45428710

1.85 yes, buff? No.
Still a faggot and a reject.

>> No.45428863

I feel like waking up from a weird dream.

>> No.45428905

stfu anoying nigger

>> No.45428974

stop doing drugs

>> No.45429008

Of course Himea is a character, but she still reveal many of her actual tastes and fantasies trough it.

>> No.45429044

That's the feeling, in retrospective her stream felt like a trip.

>> No.45429097

her real fantasies are all about me

>> No.45429164

Which are more intense than what she shows here lmao.

>> No.45429251

yeah I'm worried about her

>> No.45429339

>they still believe himea is le crazy schizo and not a huge normie who fucks tinchos every weekend.

>> No.45429364

And? You could already foresee that when she admitted that she enjoys watching liveleak gore videos and shit.

>> No.45429416

Those tinchos? All me.

>> No.45429536

why so sure of that?

>> No.45429550

What she wants depends a lot on her mood.

>> No.45429594

Neither. She's just a crazy silly girl with non-conventional, sometimes based tastes and deranged fantasies.

>> No.45429693

Then she wants to live a simple countryside lifestyle. >>45429550

>> No.45429789 [DELETED] 

She went to vote as hatsune miku. She is not the socially awkward hikikomori she wants anons to think she is.

>> No.45429912

is she a virgin?

>> No.45430032

Eh? what does have to do with the topic we're talking now? Nobody was speaking of being shy, but her fascination with the death and edgy stuff.
Liking that stuff and being an extrovert aren't mutually exclusive.
Way to out yourself as a threadwatcher shitter
>Inb4 I don't watch choripaneras

>> No.45430273
File: 556 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220524-035113.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you think?
We're gachis, not unicorns. If you believe that, you're a newfag.

>> No.45430310

You are right, it only shows how a huge attention whore she is

>> No.45430358

She's just like me fr fr

>> No.45430525

What the fuck was she thinking when she decided to give like to that thing?

>> No.45430564

I'm an unicorn, tho. Not a cuck like you.

>> No.45430670

no you aren't, you are a retarded shitposter, go to bed subhuman.

>> No.45430839

But I'm in bed with my lovely tradwife Himea while you fantasize about her cucking you with other men.

>> No.45431115

You don't even know what a unicorn is. No self-respecting unicorn watches girls without a hymen

>> No.45431344

What?!?!?! A streamer who wants attention??!?!

>> No.45431412

Go to sleep, little anons.

>> No.45431446

It's too early for this shit, but whatever, just keep the thread bumped.

>> No.45432205

Give me a goodnight kiss

>> No.45433203

Ugh, alright... Chu~

>> No.45434096

what are you wearing arturo?

>> No.45442487

Arturo was found dead right at MiutomoOP in the same hotel, the orgy got out of control

>> No.45443874
File: 810 KB, 768x768, 00293-523253432.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.45449444

pinches chichotas

>> No.45449870

Hi Loyalcucktomo

>> No.45452491

more like a normie larping as a schizo

>> No.45454984
File: 91 KB, 811x807, FrXxmfRXoAESBQe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.45462372

whats with using numbers for le censoring.

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