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>Too spic for gringos, too gringa for spics
>"I don't get pay to speak Spanish"

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She went to the shitter since the boys debuted. Hope her numbers dip even lower. Stupid whore

>> No.45391319

At no point did she ever chase numbers or an audience and is mogged by Mika as a ghost girl and Scarle as a latinx girl and Enna as a bitchy girl. What's weirder is that she reads /vt/ but I don't know why, since 999% of the time no one is talking about her good or bad since she's unremarkable.

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>vox's cumdump

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What was she expecting to accomplish by chasing the Big Vox Cock? If you alienate both the sisters and the gachis who do you have left?

>> No.45393057

I like when she plays horror games.

>> No.45394139

The real problem is that she loves streaming at 10am EST. In fact all of Ethyria has a problem with streaming too early in the day for an NA audience, but Reimu is the earliest.

>> No.45394323

This! I know it's impossible to not overlap so why stream when most people are busy at work or school?

>> No.45397241

She isn't popular enough to even have a anti-bait thread

>> No.45397830

regardless of ethnicity, she's a leaf and no good vtubers come from there. Doomed to fail

>> No.45409508

spics are fags

>> No.45410926

Which province, I can save her

>> No.45411091

Utaite turned vtuber but she rarely does covers or karaokes. She would be better off as an indie who doesn't need to ask for permission to scratch her ass.

>> No.45413681

She didn't recognize her own appeal and instead tried to appeal to chinese fujos because it worked for her friends
She's streaming at that time to try to catch the last few asian hours and yet her chat is always just english and spanish

>> No.45416922

She could have at least got the spic market but did nothing with it along with any talent she may have used.
Now Hakka has the spic market and she's just...there. She's insanely forgetabble.

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Es colombiana y por lo tanto es una puta por defecto.

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please leave my wife alone.

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I thought she's actually from LatAm, her english is far from perfect

>> No.45422231

Yeah..among latinx who are into vtubers, most won't watch a streamer that doesn't speak Spanish to them, and the retarded 4chan-wannabes in latinxamericx who try too hard to follow 4chan dwellers and their stupid hipsterism in their quest to poorly imitate Japanese an*me and I'd*l Otaku won't watch her because she's not Japanese or some "underground" Japanese streamer with 13 concurrent viewers per stream. The others are too busy watching Hololive.

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I dropped her after she became a Luxiem cocksleeve. Simple as.

>> No.45422438

judging by >>45394139 post on stream time, I don't think she's in the western part waking up that early. She's gotta be a city girl in Ontario/Ottawa because I highly doubt she's in Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI or (may the Lord forgive me for uttering this profanity) Q*ebec.

doesn't matter now, she's living in Canada and the way of the leaf has poisoned her mind

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