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Honestly, fuck JP Holos. They are fucking boring except for when they sing, and it's not like they can be understood. Gura is literally the most popular vtuber in the world and the only one that really matters. I don't even care about the other EN girls either since Gura is the only relevant one in the group. I'll watch a collab if she's in it, but it's literally only so I can pay attention to Gura and to see her do cute things.

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This is the realest post from a chumbud ever and not falseflagging.

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cool blog bro but i don't remember subscribing

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Yeah bro tell them how it is *brofist*

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too based. not agree.

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Anon... dead sub counts don't equal popularity. Look at Ai.

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you better widen your palette son or gura graduating will widen your asshole.

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>Yes I am chumbud, JP bad

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Based EOP

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Why would anyone think OP is falseflagging when that's actually how Chumbuds behave on here? A large amount of Gura's subs and viewers are 12 year olds who aren't interested in anyone else.

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Based 12 year olds, faithfully sticking to their one true love.

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is gura an unironic child groomer???

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Why do we get one of these bait falseflag posts every 2 days? Is it someone buttmad at Gura's numbers or what?

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Based pedo. o7

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nice bait faggot

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This obvious bait thread will reach bump limit because this fucking board is full of redditors.

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>Gura is the most popular does cute things

Is that all it takes to be entertaining or...

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holobased EN cunny supremacist

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