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Who would win in a rap battle, Pekora or Korone?

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korone cant even talk

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Peko. Better question is Watame vs Peko. Watamelon vs Ogey rrat

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bun bun cha

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what can peck rabbit do


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Rap just does not work with the Japanese language.

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oh yeah then why does the deadbrapper do jap rap

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The real question is who would win a Brap battle.

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Koro-san easily. She has better flow.

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My wife, Korone. Hands down.

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I don't know but Pekochan utterly btfo's the divorcee dog in a numbers battle.

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Pekora wins easily. Her people are just natural rappers

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Just look at their last collab in that horror kusoge, one is a chad dog, the other spills her spaghetti easily, Flare roasted her when she was digging her slime trap and she went on a menhera breakdown instead of making a comeback
It would be funny to watch tho

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Korosan’s got some flow but Pekora sounds like someone who would roast the shit out of you in a rap battle.

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EoP say this about literally every language and are wrong everytime

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