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>be loser
>hope i wont be a loser in college
>still a loser
>hope things will get better once i graduate and get a job
>graduate but degree is trash
>can only find a shit job, pays 25k a year
>boss screams at me because he is legit mental and takes meds
>try to better myself and start taking up programming
>maybe i can get a decent job
>fail java classes
>fail python classes
>fail c# classes
>ok ill try something easier
>fail compt ti
>turn 30 in two weeks
>no gf
>still live with parents
>no friends
>a failure at everything i done
>cry in my car before heading home
>come home
>turn on laptop
>watch Holo laugh
>i smile and laugh too
It's the little things in life anons

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How do you fail an intro programming course? Three times in a row? Are you actually retarded?

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you aren't alone though, an entire generation is like you. the next few decades will be interesting

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The real interesting shit is in places like China and India. It's like japan on steroids over there, literary whole generations of lonely ngmi men and a lack of women because their parents were sexist and would abort females. I read reports that there are parts in China where there are quite literary no women of marriable age.

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this. 90% of modern people don't even "own" a house anymore, and everything will just go downhill as the time goes

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Lots of people are retarded but don't realize it because they're just barely not retarded enough to pass grade school (not a very high bar). It happens more often than you think.

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The future will be escapism, Holos are a glimpse into the future. Eventually more and more men will have AI gfs because that will be the most realistic option for romance.

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BR2049 and Her were really ahead of their time.

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Bootcamp style stuff, not college. Weird thing is i can program in Unity just fine, im making a small game and is coming along pretty good so far. I use Playmaker to fill in my knowledge gaps. Maybe im just retarded with specific stuff, who knows.

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except this dude somehow managed to graduate uni with a degree, even if you did absolute bare minimum you can't actually be this retarded to not understand basic python

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>mid 20s
>make $700k a year
>just got back from island beach party
>only got into holos because of lockdown
>smile while reading every (You)

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Not new at all, Japan has been talking about the same ideas for decades. They even had waifus as a concept before the name waifus was even a thing.

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At least you graduated anon. I got rejected 4 times now, not sure If I will make it.

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I unironically graduated top of my class.

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College is no longer an easy key to a good life. Look at other avenues like electrician or AC repairman to find a career. College is very overrated.

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With 300 confirmed kills hotshot?

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What do they even teach at bootcamps? And over how long? I can imagine that trying to fast track into being a developer might be hard.

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are you an actual retard or did you do all of this to yourself? God I'm so happy I grew up with a normal family that pushed me in school. I'm 22 and have around $150k saved up already, can't imagine how much tougher life is for people with dysfunctional families with no support structure

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>I'm 22 and have around $150k saved up already

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Go to a trade school. College isnt worth it unless you dont have to pay for it, or you have an actual goal in mind that requires it (ie i want to work at NASA designing rockets, or be in research, a doctor, etc)

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I have 15k in savings, my family loves me and my brother (who is like a genius savant but also a chad) is trying to help me. I think i might just be retarded. Im not giving up tho, my brother is helping me get study for comp ti and is telling me i should try Power BI because it falls more in line with my degree.

I graduated with honors, but you quickly learn that doesn't mean shit nowdays.

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Same, even though my family wasnt normal since my dad died of heroin when i was like 8. Somehow mom did a good enough job that i own my house (outright) at 27.

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We are all gonna make it anon. Dont give up.

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Don't you fucking give up, anon. If your family still loves you, imagine how much it'll hurt them if you do. Be strong for them if you can't be strong for yourself.

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Thank you anon, when i feel weak i cry by myself and let it out but afterwards i feel strong again. My brother talked to me about power BI and maybe i can pick it up, one of this things has to stick eventually and i can find a better job. Thank you for your words anon, we are all gonna make it.

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>They even had waifus as a concept before the name waifus was even a thing.
You're a zoomer who knows nothing and was never a part of the culture.

"Waifu" is simply their way of saying the English word "Wife" and it was used for that. "Waifu" as a concept you understand is our creation and emerged here circa 2006 - 09 and the term itself gained popularity due to Azumanga Daioh and Kimura sensei.

You fucking pleb. At least don't talk about things you know nothing about.

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Young men in China are fucked both by surplus of men and the relatively large number of elderly people
>Rapid fertility reduction associated with the one-child policy has potentially negative results. For instance, in the future the elderly might not be able to rely on their children to care for them as they have in the past, leaving the state to assume the expense, which could be considerable.
>In 2050, the number of people over 60 is expected to increase to 430 million.[11] Even though China has already opened two-child policy since 2016, data shows that the second-child policy cannot stop the problem of an aging population. China needs to find an appropriate birth policy to optimize the demographic dividend, which refers to the proportion of labor-age population.[12]

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meant to reply to >>4525245

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>They even had waifus as a concept
basic reading before typing reps

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>I don't want a daughter, that's cringe!
>My son can't find anyone to marry, who could have seen this coming

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Ya have a job. Still better than me

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The Teamate experience

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>>be loser

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>that's cringe
not wrong honestly

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I don't know about India, but for China, it's not really that they were sexist, but mostly that they didn't want to have their family name die out because of the one-child policy. Remember that a married woman uses her husband's family name after all.
But yeah, things are a fucking mess over there. People used to kill their daufhter when they couldn't abort them, the amount of infanticides that happened is absolutely unimaginable.

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Shoulda gone into webdev.

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>has a car
go falseflag yourself as a loser somewhere else, normie

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In burgerland losers own barely working 20 year old corolla miku clunkers.

You can buy a car for under $1000 and the cost of ownership isn't that high unless you live in a kiked state.

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>25k after wasting your time on a degree.
So fucking glad I never fell for the college meme.

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holy fuck please explain why it is so good. it's like my life just instantly got better

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same boat anon, minus the job out of college. i've just been rotting. planning on going to grad school but i'm worried i'll derail again.

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anon is just retarded, literally with a good tutorial you can learn c+ or java, where i live a degree does really matters

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I was in the same boat, but was able to get a dev job out of college. I at least make $70k a year, but I would probably need another 30k+ in salary to afford a house in the area I live in after prices blew up so much with Covid. At least I can akasupa my oshi and pretend my life as someone 4 years away from wizardry isn't pointless

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Alot of people have trouble programming because they fail to get in the mindset of thinking like a computer. It's most suited for literal autists though some neurotypicals learn it too.

Alot of "smarts" that help with uni are related to social skills, creativity, and pattern matching. Pattern matching and regurgitation is very strong even in maths and science, but doesn't cut it for the cold unforgiving precision of computers and algorithms.

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> t's most suited for literal autists
now i know why i am good at it...

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>Has a car and a job
>Not a pothead making music in his room while his aging parents beg him to find a job
You're already better than most autists here and better than some normies so I wouldn't call you a loser
Also, don't worry about being seen as a loser by women, the amount of stories I've heard about guys who can barely function in life and get by from being a bum is more than you might think and they STILL get the time of day from these ladies. Choco's stories of her blind dates perfectly encompass it really.

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wtf why am I bad at it

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To be fair owning a house probably won't help much with wizardry. I want one too to have more personal space but also coming home to a big empty house would be kind of depressing.

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What does this have to do with vtubers?

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go to a trade school anon

I was a NEET from 20-24 and worked a shitty part time job outside for minimum wage.

now I make over 130k and am pretty well adjusted, doing pretty simple work. Still live with my parents though but that's so I can save up money for a house.

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A parasocial relationship has two sides. A vtuebr is nothing without mentally ill fans.

A pothead neet making music probably gets more pussy than a deadend wageslave loner.

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I mostly just want to be able to have somewhere to settle down & would be fine with just a 2 bedroom condo or something. After seeing how bad a lot of the U.S. is housing/rent price wise I would rather get in sooner and not need to worry about being priced out eventually

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>wtf why am I bad at it
Some autists are bad enough to not be able to socialize and also NOT have enough natural comprehension for logic, even with the autismo boost for numbers, if that doesn't make you better with code then that means you would be COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT without the autism helping you with that, you are in the middle, tard enough to not be normal but not spergy enough to become a computer/math ace.

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Do not go to grad school unless you think you can handle it. Trust me.

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>graduate but degree is trash
Out of curiosity, and feel free to ignore this if you feel that you'll get flamed to all hell good chance you might, but what was the degree?

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Gotta consider the quality of the pussy though. I know a few pothead broads who were hot but we're just nutty enough for me to not want to fuck them.

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Not OP, but I hope it was something REALLY trashy, I'm legit coding RN and I need some good laugh.

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pain peko

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I feel ya, I just finished my degree and this pandemic Hit me hard with the amount of people losing their jobs and companies hiring less on my field, Hope I land this Job Interview I have this week.

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I got a programming job and it fucking sucked
I had to spend half of my time doing officecuck shit like reading emails and going to meetings

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The concept of abstraction is not for everyone to fully grasp...

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I don't really have a choice, I did a psych undergrad which is worthless on its own. It's either grad school or it was all for nothing. That was always my plan, it just got fucked by my worsening mental illnesses.

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I need to fucking get out of here

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Damn that hit too close to home.

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How long have you been spying on my life?

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Even if you escape 4Chan, the taste of Chuubas and parasocial relationships has already been ingrained somewhere in your mind, it will live rent-free in there when you hit rock bottom across your life, just like boomers resort to expensive alcohol and card games, you will resort to discount store liquor and Chuubas.

Remember, you are here forever, and here is your mind.

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legit just join the fucking air force or navy and get a tech job and get out after 4 years and make good money, embrace the shit and suck it up for a little while. you'll have fun, make friends and maybe even get a dependa throughout all of it.

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these military recruiters are getting crafty

>> No.4530192

i wish, being a recruiter is being in the military on easy mode and basically a free promotion to be able to retire if you dont fuck up

>> No.4530199

Eh, I mean, some people do join said branches to try and see if their lives get better, you either become a GigaChad and get a wife and later a family or leave crippled mentally and physically with no pay to die in the streets, it's a dice roll.

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women's attraction works on a reverse-bell curve, even perfectly sane women capable of being trophy wives will still go after some "exciting" obvious burnout before a stable guy with a job if they can't get the rich man

>> No.4530262

It's depressing, I don't recommend it.

>> No.4530270

i wont say some people dont get fucked mentally or physically but if op is 30 with a shit job and degree he can maybe apply for officer and get a very good deal out of it, i guess im just saying it can't really get worse but he can get a lot more from it.

>> No.4530290

fuck off recruiter-san

>> No.4530344

how much do you get paid for this holy shit

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>just join the arm bro, what could go wrong?
brother had to scrape his commander off the side of the road.

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>All or nothing
I know that feel. I said what I did because I have experience (didn't go for a psych degree though). If you are having mental illness now then you best get your mind/health in place before starting grad school and have close people around you who can provide strong mental/emotional support. Have an idea of what you want to do when you're there. Believe me, nothing can really prepare you for it. Even with the things I mentioned it will suck. It may break you (sure as hell broke me but I somehow came out the other side). But make it slightly easier on yourself. When you get in, hang in there and know some random anon on the internet is rooting for you. I wish you the best of luck.

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DO NOT BUY AND OWN A BIG ASS HOUSE IF YOU ARE GOING FULL ON WIZARD FOR LIFE!!!, it will fuck you up in the long run because coming home to a house for a family you will never have WILL deplete your sanity like a fucking ice block exposed to summer sun, not because of the lack of people itself, but because your mind will put itself to work to fill-in the gaps of affection with whatever it can associate to happiness or cope to avoid depressive and therefore, self-destructive thoughts, this sounds tolerable if you are naive but think about it, if you willingly gave up searching for ways to make a family:
>You will come home after work and think about how no one is there to greet you at the door, no wife, no kids, never will there be grandsons or granddaughters too.
>You will go to sleep in a big ass room with no wife to cuddle, only a pillow and if you are autistic enough, a fleshlight and the mental image or a print of a Waifu, maybe even go further and use VR or go poor and fap with a PNG on a phone.
>You will fill the rooms that would easily accomodate kids with irrelevant stuff to not think about it (much).
>You will start doing a lot of "betterment" shit to avoid the reality of your situation
>Once you start getting older and older, these thoughts will get increasingly more frequent and harder to manage
>You might even try to do a last resort and get a pet but that will never really satisfy anything other than the loneliness, no intimacy, no proud feels after raising kids, no eventual family reunions once you hit old man age for the kids and the new gens to congrats you, the grandfather, just you and a lonely house in the middle of a festivity with no one but a png or a 3D model to jack off while dreaming about a better life.
Anons, save yourselves, I'm not in this situation but I don't want to see you like this, Boomers are sad to see like but a modern day autists just irradiates pain once he/she? hits rock bottom like that, because the more or less tech competent sperg will delay their emotional breakdown or illness enough for it to just make him/her crash and burn on a single go after it becomes too much.

>> No.4530715 [DELETED] 

Thanks anon, i'll try my best.

>> No.4531284

>get fucked mentally or physically
Unlikely to happen if you join airforce or navy as the other poster suggested.

>> No.4531380

holy shit i could walk down to a warehouse and get a job for more than that

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I'm autistic and still complete garbage at math and programming and anything with numbers in general, I mix them up a lot and most math just straight up doesn't make any sense to me, it all seems like arbitrary rules some asshole made up, I can also barely read the time.
I know a lot about movies tho

>> No.4531799

I don't even think about that shit. To me, a large house is impractical : you need to spend more time/money/resources for cleaning and maintenance.
Ideally, my house would be small and claustrophobic as hell. The only rooms you need are a bedroom/workstation, a toilet/bathroom and a kitchen.

>> No.4531848

Forgot that you also need a workshop area where you keep your power tools and stuff.

>> No.4531863

Sounds like weak bitch talk to me. I bought my house because it came with a big workshop and a garage, can just seclude myself in the shop for hours just working on my shitboxes or whatever, I like the peace and quiet a lot.

A good few people have shown interest in moving in with me, but I've rejected them all because I don't want to share the space with anyone else

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I would tell you to kill yourself, but you're already dead

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I knew it was bad but holy fuck when you actually look at it, it really makes you wonder why anyone can see long term Chinese dominance as anything more than a pipe dream.

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this webm made me smile thanks anon

>> No.4532089

not OP but why are you like this anon ?

>> No.4532126

This is a place of hate, anon. Hate is our friend.

>> No.4532154

thread theme

>> No.4532165

I can't imagine how miserable your life would be if you actually lived by that

>> No.4533282

He's not wrong. Hate is the driving force of mankind.

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Nta but I would like to know as well

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Anon I can’t speak for your situation but I did a 3 year economics degree when I was 20, worked in that field and hated it, got addicted to booze and coke and lived in a very self destructive way, then went back to school to be an electrician when I was 30. Now I’m much happier. It’s far from over just because you’re 30, you can still develop and make something of yourself.

>> No.4534158

im pretty logic, sometimes i dont understand emotional people

>> No.4534244

I'm thinking on getting into game creation online classes, so I can make a fan game of my oshi and then actual games based slightly to her (to avoid copyright).

>> No.4534362

no, you need to get ahead, date a vtuber before the masses

>> No.4534428

>boss screams at me because he is legit mental and takes meds
Find a new job, take the nomad pill if you have to work shit jobs. Never stay at one for more than a year or two. Dave up the majority of your income, leave the job after getting your tax return, live off of it while searching for the next thing.

>> No.4535371

Did the job in economics field pay well at least?

>> No.4535543

If you're living with your parents just save your money man, look into investing. there's more than one path forward.

>> No.4535980

Programming is a big subject. Stuff that digs in deep and closer to machine code like coding algorithms and optimization is some proper autistic stuff but most jobs normal people can easily learn to do and they're probably better at doing it as long as they can jump over the hurdle of learning something particularly novel. The most important skills on the job are collaboration and being organized.

>> No.4536023

Well then maybe the central government should have focused on contraceptives and education programs instead of hard limiting the population like the clueless idiots they were. It's not too late yet, the population might rebound, but still.

>> No.4537201

>How do you fail an intro programming course?
Intro programming was the hardest programming class I ever took. I had no idea what the fuck object oriented programming really meant until half-way into the course when everything just suddenly clicked and it got way easier. I can see how normies would never truly get it.

>> No.4540151

If it makes you feel better, every successfully married man I know married way below his league. I saw my co-worker who has two kids and his wife is straight up Dios mio. I'm in the top 20% of income earners in my state and it's mainly single moms who want to use me as an atm. Even if I were to find a long-term gf I'd be deeply afraid of marrying her because of divorce rape. I was going to buy a house before the pandemic, but didn't and now housing prices are up 20-30% percent and nothing even remotely good is on the market (I spent all my money on stocks though, so I can't even buy).

>> No.4540327

What do you do for a living?

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>You will come home after work and think about how no one is there to greet you at the door, no wife, no kids, never will there be grandsons or granddaughters too.
>get a pet but that will never really satisfy anything other than the loneliness, no intimacy, no proud feels after raising kids, no eventual family reunions once you hit old man age for the kids and the new gens to congrats you, the grandfather, just you and a lonely house in the middle of a festivity with no one but a png or a 3D model to jack off while dreaming about a better life.
Do tradcucks really?

>> No.4542890

He sucks cocks behind a mcdonald

>> No.4543133

I always wondered why /vt/ attracts such schizos and parasocials. It's because its the only thing they have that can bring them even a crumb of happiness. Its why schizos here will go on the omega offensive if their oshi does something that they think will change the relationship with their oshi. Most notable examples are off-company collabs, the SJW boogeyman and boyfriend rrats

>> No.4543162

I hope you're doing OK, friend.

>> No.4543216

Make her sign a prenuptial. If it is a marriage truly from love, she would have no issues signing it. But if its a marriage for money, best case scenario she just leaves you there and you are saved of years of emotional and financial despair

>> No.4543539

Lets see here
>white boy
>single child
>no friends
>no close relatives
>working class parents
>frequents /pol/
Can I switch with you? you can have all the family and relative time you will ever want

>> No.4544355

It fuck up your back tho.

>> No.4544545

Force them to have more children, simple as.

>> No.4547724

damn, if he's making 700k a year just from sucking cocks, he must move his head like a woodpecker on caffeine lol

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You are literally me in three fucking years. My degree is next to useless. Programming classes barely taught me anything, since you were supposed to magically know computer science going into the course. What was the fucking point. I've been bouncing between odd job to odd job. I can code now but no one cares without a GPA and years of industry exp. No one is hiring for salary jobs unless you already have one. I've cornered a niche but expensive service and I want to start a business for it, but I can't get a loan because I have no assets, no credit, and no regular income. I fucking hate this. You can't escape out of this if you don't have money and you can't work for money if you weren't born rich and/or connected. vtubers are the few things that make me smile and laugh anymore

>> No.4551465

on-site support for cloud solutions. gotta take a lot of overseas flights

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I'm close to KM, because I can't give my oshi a red SC because she deserves so much for making great content.
>Have shitty restaurant job
>Have to pay bills and rent
>Don't have a roommate to share costs
>Best I can do is a green SC once in a blue moon
I been trying to get another job, but I'm afraid that they won't hire me once I quit the current one.
My oshi gives me great happiness, and I want to reward her for what she did for me and her fanbase. Pic not related.

>> No.4551762

Thanks for the hope

>> No.4552196

I understand that it's all about living cost, but 25k a year (if you meant 25k dollars) is considered a really good job where I live. And I'm in the capital, people in far regions of this shithole would probably kill for such a job, it's super rich tier to them, they don't get even 1/5 of that. I'm still in college and I hope things'll work out for me and I'll be able to leave this place...
I hope things work out someday for you too, OP. If you have access to good mental health specialists, seriously, try it, you probably have a fuckton of issues you aren't even aware of, and even the most shitty circumstances seem a bit better when waking up doesn't make you want to kys.

>> No.4552302

If OP is American, he has to pay a shitton out of pocket for a good mental health specialist. Healthcare is only for rich people in this country.

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>> No.4559541

Anon i don't think your oshi would be happy knowing you are worrying because you can't SC more. She appreacites anything you can SC.

>> No.4560078

>Best I can do is a green SC once in a blue moon

>> No.4560288

you know what to say in your final akasupa

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I actually do 2-3 green SC per week, but fucking richfags throwing her Orange to Red SCs like there's no tomorrow. It triggers me.

>> No.4560655

speak for your self, suburban roach
i'm living off of medicaid. your taxes go to me :)

>> No.4560664

This; your oshi's top priority is for you to be as healthy, comfortable and happy a viewer as possible anon. Don't strain yourself by donating to her if you don't have the disposable income to do so

>> No.4560734

Still waiting for Gura's reaction to the news that Ame & Ina had sex together.

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>> No.4561767

To be fair, the people who actually do that are either 1) memecoin millionaires, or 2) actually retarded with their money. Or both.

>> No.4561905

I live in a city. I have no money left even with medicaid. Taxes should go to everyone. Nationalize healthcare like an actual first world nation. ;^)

>> No.4562098

I've been writing programs for so long that I forgot what it means to be "bad at programming." What specifically are you guys struggling on? Maybe I can offer some help

>> No.4562309

Or just keep all healthcare state based, so that the dumbfuck flyover states cutting costs on healthcare and infrastructure can die from their own stupidity, and the city people from other states don't have to bail them out anymore. Land of the free means freedom to get killed from your own dumb choices.

>> No.4563636

You mean make it state based. It is currently privatized. That is why it is the hellworld of a system it is right now. If it was state based then it would be government funded and everyone could afford it. Your taxes don't go to healthcare and they haven't for a long time. The only "dumb" choices were made by the billionaires in control and the Reganites that enabled them. Freedom does not mean being a slave to capitalists.

>> No.4566467

Define "making it" in this case

>> No.4566604

Have enough money to sustain yourself and also find happiness in your life, maybe also get a gf and start a family.

>> No.4566750

Start saving up, make any purchase you can afford on a credit card and ALWAYS pay it off at the end of the month. If you don't have a CC get a Capital One one, afrer a while like 8 months or so try getting a Discover one. This way you build up credit but ALWAYS pay on time, meaning only buy what you know you can pay back. It can be your weekly groceries and your bills, doesn't have to be anything crazy. I fixed up my credit quite a bit this way, which really helps with loans. Also look into small business loans by local, state and federal goverment, look up how to write a business plan.

Also a computer science degree is much more useful than a lot if degrees out there anon.

>> No.4567006
File: 971 KB, 1200x1200, 1613189861591.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At least you didn't drop out of college because you got into hardcore drugs and fuck up your brain so much you can't even hear yourself think anymore, so now I have no choice but to move furniture for 20k a year.

>> No.4567159

i think anon's referring to this

>> No.4567352

i gotta say....being a memecoin millionaire is fucking hard. you need balls of steel. HODL is not a meme. I literally could've had close to $1M in Hoge but I got scared. I'm not joking. I have the receipts.

>> No.4567403
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>all the programming autists in this threads who pretend that shit comes naturally to everyone
>just watch youtube tutorials bro
They'll never truly get it. A lot of people's minds were not made to deal with cold hard logic with no embellishment.
Fuck math

>> No.4567453

That's wholesome and sweet, anon. Thank you.

>> No.4567631
File: 1.30 MB, 893x1975, 1621548452936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I struggle a bit at math but tons of programming is just lateral thinking. Finding clever solutions even if you don't know shit about proofs or calculus or linear algebra and just barely scraped those courses by, yet all my programming courses I have approved with good grades and having done a good job at group projects and shit. If you work hard and can find a solution to the issues you face when trying to implement something you are already a better programmer than 90% of the field even if the only real math you know how to do is how to integrate the euler's number.

>> No.4567668

"You can do anything you put your mind to" is a fucking lie. The correct advice should be "you can become very successful at something if your brain has an affinity to it, and statistically that's already set in stone by the time you're 25"

>> No.4567732

Apply to large non-tech companies anon, esp if you're willing to move. Plenty of major employers have quite low standards if you're willing to take a $60-70k salary in medium-low COL areas

>> No.4567744

Watching holo EN has inspired me to seek therapy (again) because I am so pathologically afraid of personal interaction I had a nervous breakdown after I donated and had my username mentioned.

>> No.4567830

....holy shit dude

>> No.4567859

Anonchama... y-you know you can click the post number to quote it, r-right?

>> No.4567959

Lie on the internet

>> No.4569232
File: 115 KB, 703x709, 1611870894275.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm great with programming and am really good with numbers. But, mathematical proofing completely goes over my head and its suffering

>> No.4569261

Trust fund withdrawals

>> No.4569850


OP, I feel the same way too. I'm 30 years old and I have nothing good to show after 10 years of school and working odd jobs. I feel very lost too. Watching Hololive Streams makes me forget how awful things have turned out in my life. Its the best temporary thing I have at the moment aside from sorting out my own personal issues.

>> No.4570085
File: 851 KB, 1613x2048, ars9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't think I agree with this. I'm open to the idea that you can't become 'exceptional' at something without natural affinity/talent, but I've become good at things that I used to be totally useless at by sheer reps. Best example is socialising - you can only take my word for it, but I'm pretty good at talking to people, charisma and just generally passing as a normalfag or even a chad sometimes. But I guarantee you that I have absolutely no affinity for socialising whatsoever. While all my mannerisms are habitual nowadays, I can think about them and point to each one and how I deliberately trained myself into it, like a serial killer (I have empathy and no desire to murder though, don't worry). I remember what I was like as a little kid in school, and I'm surprised I wasn't diagnosed as autistic even then - if I'd grown up in the 2010s I definitely would have been.

I give that example because with any other example of something I developed by reps, maybe you could say I always had affinity for it, I can't really know for sure. But I'm as sure as I possibly can be that not a single shred of my social skill comes naturally.

>> No.4571175

i set up a date at a bar for the first time in like 6 months and got stood up life sucks

>> No.4571300

let me ask you this, have your learned social skills enhanced your career?

>> No.4571374

oh no six months :( your poor baby. try 9 years. i love being single honestly.

>> No.4571456

>I don't think I agree with this

it doesn't even matter if he's right or not. it's ok for things to be hard

>> No.4571753

This, and don't be suckered in by how recruiters make combat roles sound like, been in the infantry for years and still feel like I'm in the same spot I was before I joined.

Only plus is how easy it is to find whores who will dress up as amelia during drunken sex

>> No.4571817

Never went to one, but from what I've seen talking to and working with bootcamp graduates and dropouts they just take whatever trendy shit people are doing with JavaScript and node.js and ram it down your throat for 7 weeks or so, resulting in people that know about stuff like async and promises but not knowing what a file descriptor is.

>> No.4572766
File: 2.44 MB, 3700x4500, 1619696509455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>got a compsci degree from the most elite school in canada
>realize I fucking hate programming
>trying to get programming jobs with an empty portfolio
Just fuck my shit up desu.

>> No.4572824

well there's the problem

>> No.4573003

Absolutely, not least of which by being a big reason I have a good career.

>> No.4573008

I'm a mathlet midwit and programming came naturally. Your mind must be in permanent state of haze or something, it really is just dealing with a set of rules.

>> No.4573010

I have literally never been on a date & I'm in my late 20's. I have 0 sympathy for you.

>> No.4573019

thats nothing, faggot

>> No.4573162

Waterloo or Toronto?

>> No.4573169

You are right, but if you are into video games you should be able to grasp basic object oriented programming easily

>> No.4573368

This is not /r9k/

>> No.4573597

Everyone "could have been" a millionaire, that's what makes this meme of a trading market so enticing, I too could have made a million if I made the right moves, but the consequences otherwise are too large for me to justify making those moves.

>> No.4573753

I mean what parts are you struggling with? Being able to put into words exactly which parts of a system / topic doesn't make sense to you, or you are unclear about how it works, is half the battle. Functions? Abstraction? Recursion? Type systems? Networking protocols? Compilers?
Instead of just saying "I don't get it", if you figure out what part of the explanation you don't get, you can then ask people about that specific part and get your answer. This isn't just limited to programming or maths, this applies to literally any field of study -- natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, etc.

>> No.4573822

Some people just are ngmi


>> No.4573864

they told this joke to me when i was like 8 and i got baited
do i have future?

>> No.4574059

Basically me. People shit on Aqua's autism but when I saw Aqua's streams all I could think about was how the things she did were exactly the things I would do only a few years ago, and could totally understand where she was coming from. I was deathly afraid of phone calls; I would freak out when I saw someone I knew because I really didn't want them to say hi to me and start a conversation; I would break down and cry when ordering Subway because there were too many choices, "stop asking me I don't know just give me whatever is good please make it stop", etc.
Compared to then I've come a long way, sure meds helped but also forcing myself in social situations which I otherwise would never have considered, observing from these new situations what people's reactions were and training myself like a reinforcement learning model.

Many of my friends were similar as well, some of the most gregarious friends I know were awkward as fuck in high school and literally all their social skills are self-studied behavior. I guess having those friends motivated me to do the same.

>> No.4574114

Honestly you brought that upon yourself if you have had 0 dates. Even I'm an incel and I don't see a date as being a big thing, it could just be as chill as a coffee chat that may or may not go anywhere.

>> No.4574155

I dont care about other people tho
I care about anon and i want him to make it
I care about (you) anon and i want you to make it
I want everyone reading this here in /vt/ to make it

>> No.4574160

Uh.. how would you not know what a file descriptor is? It's literally in the name

>> No.4574289

I had a friend that literally had nothing to show for her portfolio and still managed to get into Google. Of course the compsci degree from a good school probably helped a lot, and you could argue her gender helped but you too can argue you are LGBT, accuse people doubting it as bigotry, and get the exact same advantage.
You're not in a bad spot at all. Entry level programming interviews is literally just Leetcode, and if you aren't smart enough to solve them you can just memorize all of them and get into most top and non-top large companies. Smaller companies are harder since they look for specific people with specific skill sets.

>> No.4575493

This, people join the army thinking theyll never see combat but any unit can end up down range.

I joined for college and ended up seeing my best friend take a bullet in the head, still fucks with me to this day.

>> No.4581034

God when cute grills are autistic tards they are just cuter and funnier. When boys are autistic or retarded they are just tards.

>> No.4582286

having zero dates just means you have never tried

>> No.4585287

you'd be amazed

>> No.4585867 [DELETED] 

anyone else lack the energy to kill themselves? i don't even have the energy to jack off anymore since i sleep for 18 hours a day

>> No.4586922

Anon, this is the chinese we are talking about

>> No.4587144

nah i worked for all of it

>> No.4587241

This, military life is trash if you are in a combat job or in a enlisted position. Finding pussy is not hard but it's very hard to find a seiso partner and not just a drunk bitch that lives outside base. That's why I find kino moments when I get to my room and watch chubas after a full day getting treated like trash by my chain of command.

>> No.4587259

lmfao if anybody catches you watching holos

>> No.4587403

Anon, why not reclass? and don't give me that gay shit "muh GT score low" just do BSAP and raise your score, mine went from 97 to 112.

>> No.4587579

Be like me anon.
> have a rich parents
> kick my idiot brother out of the inheritance
> inherit all the properties and rent them
> ez money and be a neet

>> No.4587784

Damn bro, how deep is your depression and how low is your T?

>> No.4587856
File: 285 KB, 519x438, 1621986023654.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this, I'm working in music for a reason
not everyone is a turbosperg calculator

>> No.4589539

I'm SPC promotable because of my asshole 1sgt and in my MOS it means you aren't eligible for a reclass.

Still wishy washy on re-enlistment due to how COVID fucked the job market but I'd be in the same MOS if I do

>> No.4589590

Holy fuck this is me, watch holos in the barracks all day and get yelled at by officers who haven't seen a combat deployment once

>> No.4589694

Funny when they all had the same shitty monosyllable last names.

>> No.4590005 [DELETED] 

im in a dark black center of the earth sludge i dont even know anymore who the fuck knows

>> No.4590192

>Be me
>Have a job that SHOULD pay well
>Because I live in a third world country I get paid like shit
I didn't ask to be born a spic, God just has a very twisted sense of humour. But yeah, VTubers help make the awful days more bearable

>> No.4590859


how will America ever recover from having such soft hearted young boys as soldiers, wanting comfortable relationships and emotional bonding? What are you, gay?! Man up and start talking about conquering and winning!

>> No.4591921
File: 141 KB, 1209x750, 1621012868447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damm, anon it sucks you are stuck with such shitty leadership, but don't give up and try to reclass and get admitted to Bsap to improve your life

>> No.4592344

Based POG-anon

>> No.4594704

How hard is it to get into OCS/OTS? Can just any guy with a college degree get in? I remember a recruiter said that it was pretty hard to qualify for ROTC or military academy, but maybe he was just jerking around.

Also is it true that enlisted men treat fresh officers like trash?

>> No.4596893

so thats why there are so many videos of chinese people killing their babies

>> No.4597163

It's not about autism, i think it's more about analytic thinking and 80-90% of people just don't have it. Even if they roll into IT they will be frontend/javascript monkeys which have positions just because the market is growing at vast speeds. To be an actual specialist you need something better than just a bootcamp.

>> No.4597252

tldr you don't have to be an autist to be good at Computer Science, most of strong CS adepts are quite strange though, some of them might actually fit on spectrum.

>> No.4597273

I don't know about america but in my country you need good grades plus meet fitness requirements. So I imagine it must be as hard in america.

>> No.4597582

I know the struggle. I immigrated to study in Europe and my family ran out of money to support me, so from the first year of university I started working as a programmer in weird companies with 0 experience or skills being part-time at the same time. Of course they didn't pay much and it was an awful environment for a programmer. After this trial by fire I was offered a job in a much better place. Work experience rules, just do whatever shit they offer and hold there for one year, the whole new horizons of opportunities will appear after.

>> No.4598132

Please do not use "though" at the end of your sentences.

>> No.4598242

why though
fucking nigger

>> No.4598445

Fuck you though

>> No.4598635

Really depends, most people you see on silicon valley are basic cringe techbros, can't attest to their actual skill but they're employed in tech companies.
The really senior engineers and researchers though? Yeah spot on

>> No.4599123

Fuck the family name

>> No.4601062

>taking classes
>to make a fangame/indie games
There's so many free resources for this holy shit. Just fuck around in an engine until you get it.

>> No.4601187

Should've had the one-son policy. Pop out as many daughters as you want but once you have a son you must stop.

>> No.4601373

Even if you watch a youtube tutorial or pick up a book, most assume you have some knowledge of object oriented programming, or at least can quickly pick up C# (in the case of Unity, that's the only one I looked into.)
Yes once you have a solid grasp of software development making a game is fairly trivial, but before that I wouldn't blame people having no idea how to write a collision system or how an existing implementation works.

>> No.4601479

We're talking about the same government that drove sparrows into near extinction for "eating the crops", destroying the ecosystem and causing mass famine.

>> No.4601579

Yeah it grows proportionally. Most of MTS in my company are mostly just nerds with good experience/schooling with some exceptions of guys who are "lacking soft skills" but managers still keep them because they are nailing their job and are real encyclopedias when you ask them work-related stuff. Haven't really noticed any "vertical" pattern, most of seniors/teamleads/eng managers are quite the same just older and know how things work well and high soft skills.

In academy CS also agree, anyone above masters doesn't seem normal for me as IT is twice easier and has three times higher salaries. Ex-MO kids, obvious Asperger's cases, impaired speech, regular awkward social situations...

>> No.4601634

Kek literally making women have abortions when it's a boy. Feminist paradise.

>> No.4601774 [DELETED] 

Not really. The U.S. military has struggled to meet recruiting goals in these last few years.

>> No.4601883

I just fucked around in Game Maker (back during 5.3). I guess it's an inefficient route but eventually I learned the scripting language and understood how a collision system works.

>> No.4601936

Women shut me down for not having a full head of hair. I tried every major dating app & had 1 match over 4 or 5 years, who never responded to me

>> No.4602130

Dating app experiences are inevitably shitty because all you see is a giant face picture of them and nothing else, and you have 0.5 seconds to make a decision to swipe.

>> No.4602164

Are you me?

>> No.4602818
File: 269 KB, 495x495, watame_wat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Choco's stories of her blind dates perfectly encompass it really

>> No.4603628
File: 197 KB, 536x550, 1612551597962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

STFU ESL faggot.

>> No.4604599

No because
>men are in charge, not gonna kill my progenitor
>They wanted a son to keep on the name, if the first one is a son, who gives a shit if you can't have more
It would've been the best policy to make but Sparrow killers aren't the brightest bunch.

>> No.4605413

We're not all gonna make it.

>> No.4605710

We're all gonna make not it.

>> No.4606115

So this is the lil' nigga who has been stealing the tomatos in my garden!!!

>> No.4619130
File: 3.11 MB, 2000x2800, 1617571960040.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would do anything to go on a date with my oshi

>> No.4619156

not your fucking blog

>> No.4619356

>tfw graduated community college with an associates
>but decided to come back since i was getting paid money to go by the government and chose webdev
so how easy is webdev? the only thing i learned on my was just muh html and basic java (i still need to fuck with it some more because i still have a hard time remembering how to fuck with libraries properly

>> No.4620049

Java is easy as fuck, it's bassically python but with real syntax. Libraries are essentially a stack of class files you can include by having them in the build path and importing them. Whenever you import Scanner, you are using a preincluded library. Java is only really used for backend stuff though, and I believe for webdev you'd be doing more javascript, which I am not personally experienced with heavily, but is similar in terms of syntax. Frontend development is supposed to be the easiest gig in programming according to /g/, you bassically don't need to do any computer science to the point that sorting algorithms are a plus and not a requirement if they are to be believed.
t. Software Engineering dropout

>> No.4620411

huh, i was expecting it to be alot harder than that. good to know i lucked into choosing a field thats relatively easy as fuck and i need to do then is git gud enough to not feel like a comletely brainlet

>> No.4620729

It's still a lot of knowledge, but it will require as much thinking as filling out spreadsheets if you stick to frontend. Do more java though, and start dipping your toes into c and the c# ecosystem.

>> No.4620783

yeah frontend is was something i planned on sticking to anyways. iirc one of my professors had spoke with me about the different types of development and i wound up picking frontend

>> No.4621168

Being a good programmer and being good at math are basically the same thing, and not being good at them now definitely does not mean you can't ever do it. When I graduated with a Comp Sci degree, I cheated to pass all of my math classes and I could barely program anything; my capstone didn't even work at all and I have no idea why I passed. Due to personal problems, I literally did not give a fuck about anything and just wanted to coast through life. I actually did at one point try very hard to understand math classes, and even with a personal tutor, I couldn't do it.

10 years now after working in in software engineering (fake it till you make it), I tried again to learn Calculus on my own just to see if I could. This time, I completely flew through it. I had zero problems understanding anything and grasped every concept instantly. I even came upon a problem I distinctly remember being on a test and doing it very easily. The only thing that had changed from then and now is I became better at software engineering. Abstraction in programming no longer took much effort and therefore all of the math abstraction also took no effort. The concepts are essentially the exact same and I'd say if you feel you are strong in programming and not math, then you are actually not as good at programming as you think (making something "work" and making something well designed are 2 completely different things).

I will say that a lot of people who say they are bad at math are not actually bad at math. They've been just been taught incredibly poorly by people who don't understand it themselves. Like >>4574289 said, you can go far in math by just looking for patterns and applying them to get the "right answer". This was me. I never needed to actually understand math; schools just wanted the right answer, so I took the most efficient route to get it. At some point this stops working, but when it does, you likely won't be able to figure out that its your method of learning/understanding that's wrong, not your intelligence. So don't be too down on yourselves. Its more likely you've just been taught poorly by the shitty public education system, not that you're retarded and can't ever do it.

>> No.4621820

Oops I meant to quote >>4529155 about memorizing math instead of understanding it. If you really feel strongly about learning math, a *good* teacher to ask questions to is best, but barring that, the courses on Khan Academy are very good and are free (last I checked anyway). You really should start at elementary math; yes, 1+1 = 2. I know you know the answer is 2, but do you know *why* its 2? The why is the key. The why is what schools should be testing, not multiple choice bullshit. Always ask yourself why something is, and see if you can logically reach a conclusion yourself.

>why is 1+1 = 2?
>what does "1" really mean? Why is it the symbol "1" and not a picture of a cat instead?
>What is addition? A hint for this to see where I'm going is that its a function that takes 2 inputs and produces 1 output.
>Why does 9 become 10 instead of a brand new, single digit symbol?

Especially whenever you get to a "magic" formula, like how to get the area of a right sided triangle or area of a circle, always stop, try to work out how to do it youself, and then and read how the original author figured it out. This is what's called a proof and they aren't black magic. The formal text is hard to read if you don't know the definitions, but for most of them, you can find a "plain english" explanation. Do not move on until you fully understand how it logically works. Understanding won't always be immediate; that's fine. Think about it for a few days if you need to. You will eventually start to follow the logic and eventually your brain will become accustomed to thinking in that way, and further learning will become easier and easier. And like I said, this also trains your brain for making good programming design (or vice versa in my case).

If you just want to learn programming, start with C and implement all existing data structures (string, linked list, various forms of trees, etc) yourself. Then come up with your best attempt at various algorithms for them (sort, insertion, deletion, search, etc). Do not cheat or look for help other than a broad idea of what each is supposed to do. The purpose is the journey, not the destination. The act of thinking these problems through will literally reshape your mind like it did mine. It will take you months if you are doing it properly. Do your reps and you can make it.

>> No.4621851

>try to better myself and start taking up programming
At least in your country you have that possibility. In my country, nobody is ever hired who tries to do a different job than the one they originally learned.

>> No.4621982

>just go fight and die for Israel and the system that put you in this position in the first place goyim
You are an actual retard if you join the us military and i hope you get shot down by an arab

>> No.4622023

>cry in my car before heading home
Poser flexing his wealth. I am the same as you but I walk 4 miles to work because I cannot afford a car or public transportation.

>> No.4624814

Depends on how much Java and HTML you already know.
Honestly if you're going frontend then HTML/CSS/Javascript and React is pretty much all you need to know. The declarative programming paradigm is the state of the art these days for front end libraries so even if you don't end up using React, most newer libraries and the industry will be reusing the same concepts for the foreseeable future.
If you want to go the extra mile, you can also learn about state management libraries (e.g. Redux), the inner workings of a React app (i.e. Babel and Webpack), networking (rest api / graphql / websockets / etc.)

I know you're mainly learning frontend but you should still learn how the backend works so you know how the two work together. Just pick up a simple backend framework (node express or python flask), and learn how to connect it to the front-end and the database. Once you know that you're basically set for I'd say 90%+ of the use cases out there in the industry.

Front-end in general definitely is the easiest. The job market among software is huge and the barrier to entry is so low, which explains why so many people are entering bootcamp to learn these skills.

>> No.4625163

This gives me some perspective. People around me are making it in the six figures yet they are always talking about how they "have to FIRE and retire by 40" or "make 10 million by X age" otherwise they're a failure in life and wasting their time in life being a wageslave. Some people will just be miserable bastards no matter their circumstance it seems.
I probably won't ever be able to FIRE but I can feed myself and pay rent without outside support, spend time enjoying my hobbies and throw a superchat every now and then, I guess I really did "make it" in this case.

>> No.4625248

You are not required to be a good programmer to make a decent living out of it and that's what I kinda dislike about it. I don't want to share my salary with guys who sat on their ass until 25 and then "I've heard it's super easy to start coding from this course and after a few months I will become a professional" and were actually right. I'm thankful for not being in frontend, QA, testing and even avoided using Java and C# but still it makes me irrationally disappointed that I spent most of the time in school, then five years in university and then couple of years working to sit near people who didn't know shit about programming year ago.

Also I don't get the Calculus quirk? CSers don't need it, even as a guide into abstractions and stuff. I believe they are taught because "everybody studies calculus" and now whenever people think about uni maths they always think about calculus. There are things like algebra, set theory, category theory that I believe will be more useful for programmers (except them being generally difficult and fucking boring).

>> No.4625312

Eh I think it's a meme. I work in C++ dev industry and I see quite a few guys in their 50s 60s being still very relevant. Just choose something that doesn't fluctuate much like C++(maybe Rust), embedded, databases, system administration and you will have a job where no "young flexible minds" will beat decades of experience.

>> No.4625480

Yeah, my job kind of requires me to do everything atm (full stack + data analysis and engineering), but I'll probably have to focus my career more on backend and critical services in the future.

>> No.4627867

>I don't want to share my salary with guys who sat on their ass until 25 and then "I've heard it's super easy to start coding from this course and after a few months I will become a professional" and were actually right. I'm thankful for not being in frontend, QA, testing and even avoided using Java and C# but still it makes me irrationally disappointed that I spent most of the time in school, then five years in university and then couple of years working to sit near people who didn't know shit about programming year ago.
Then setup your game. Those people arent the kind of people that pull 400k at FB and Google.
Read and understanding ever inch of Designing Data Intensive Applications or w.e the equivalent would be for your area, and youll reach a new level of programmers.
Run of the mill programmers would have implemented the naive solution described here https://instagram-engineering.com/making-instagram-com-faster-part-3-cache-first-6f3f130b9669
This is the 200k++ difference in value.

>> No.4629859

Fair. I think I already kinda earn more than most of the self-learners I know but the thing is when I was young and only considered this as my path I was told it's a "cool kids club" for people good at maths. Now when I say I'm a programmer the reaction usually is "Ugh, another one?" and it's presumed that I'm a "Coursera graduate" JS/Python monkey who knows about computers not more than an advanced user.

>> No.4630015

Why are most of degenerates weebs and shitposters ITards? Is that connected with mild autism and long daily computer time?

>> No.4630784

It's just a natural progression. In my case:

>Get Nintendo console at 5
>play a ton of Nintendo games
>want to make my own game
>look into Gamemaker and other game engines
>pick up programming to make basic games
>realize you can do a lot with programming
>learn more to make other apps and websites
>naturally apply to Computer Science major at university
>realize I've had a 10-year head start in programming compared to peers
>naturally graduate top of class and kickstart your IT career

>Get Nintendo console at 5
>play a ton of Nintendo games
>join forum board to talk about Nintendo games
>all of them are degenerate emo weeb xXteenagersXx (this was in the mid-2000s)
>learn edgy emo culture and kawaii uwu culture at the same time as an impressionable kid
>gain bad influence from them and start watching anime and manga myself
>fall deeper into the rabbit hole as my interests become more niche and strange to the public eye
>stay in forum boards as refuge from the cold treatment of the public
>get depressed and become the same emo weeb teen myself
>eventually start watching Gura streams and can relate to her doomer vibe
>post on /vt/

>> No.4631100

Bar for cool kids club is now being a ML engineer (i.e. "I can write some dumb pytorch model and generate pretty accuracy numbers")
But I stand by the belief that even if these people learn from bootcamp they will never learn the hacker mentality of figuring out how to reverse-engineer things and make new things work. They were served knowledge on a silver plate but literally don't know nor have the passion to teach themselves anything more other than to open up stack overflow. In that sense they fundamentally will ngmi, but you and I will.

>> No.4631816

This, try carpentry or some other skill trade. Building and fixing stuff can be petty rewarding.

>> No.4632078

ML is really a high and low bar at the same time. On one side, you see people as you described them knowing nothing further than pytorch/scikit reference and linear regression to actual Neural Network PhDs not being able to find jobs. ML is quite an unexplored territory and it's common to see the first type of engineer to as well as the second type. Also being the field where 2 year old papers are considered ancient doesn't help. I wouldn't really want to step in this shit.

>> No.4632117

to perform as well as the second type*

>> No.4632734

Backend engineer elitists will actually sometimes look down on ML scientists, for just aping recent research papers and hoping they work. They have no sense of algorithms, databases, or fault-tolerant system architecture, and just train models offline all day and dump those pre-trained models on the backend engineers. Of course a good ML scientist actually needs to understand alot of math and conceptual foundations of ML, so they don't deserve the hate, but they also aren't really that hot compared to engineers.

I think ML scientists can actually be sometimes less employable than software engineers because usually companies want people in the correct subfield. For example, NLP scientists won't usually be a good fit for computer vision jobs.

Blogpost but I actually didn't get influenced by sns into liking anime, but just by seeing it I sought out more and more degenelate weeb content.

>> No.4634724

idk, I studied IT in school but do something else. It's also just literally an easy, decently paid job. I used to spend a lot of time on the computer too, but now that I'm almost 30, I only really use my computer for 4chan and youtube.

We had an IT guy once who literally wore a fedora and we had one who was a Mexican who watched ben shapiro videos at work. I'm a systems engineer for a pharma company, but because of how regulated we are, most engineers mainly do paper work and attend meetings. We've spent, over the course of 3 years, at least a million dollars are contract engineers, and I budgeted 300k one year alone.

>> No.4636296

nice blog