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Why aren’t they popular in the west

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Not enough clips honestly. Most westerners probably get into chuubas via clips

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Hololive clips took over the thunder due to popularity to the point some niji/holo clippers went mostly holo centric and they didn’t have a huge market push in the west until it was too late.

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It's a good thing

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It's hard to captivate clippers when you can't summarize the personalities to a single word, no one wants to watch honhima clips if she's not being dumb
You need something on the level of not even needing to click on a rushia clip to know it's her screaming to be successful

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Mito was right, if they had more erotic doujins made by English speakers she would be way more popular.

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Mito was right, if they had more erotic doujins made by English speakers she would be way more popular.

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retarded management

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They had one of the biggest viral clips reacted by one of the biggest Youtubers


The main takeaway here is that Cover immediately capitalized on their growing popularity in the West. Anycolor didn't. Not until Cover and VShojo proved that ENVtubers could be successful.

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Here's a good example >>4523933
Clippers dropped mito when they realized she wasn't a lewd bitch who only talks about wanting porn of her, clippers like consistency

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Hololive was blessed by the RNG youtube algorithm gods and then covid kicked in.

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For anyone wondering. No, this not the Nijisanji thread. This is a bait thread.
The real one is over here >>4460243

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They can't even get big on their own homeland during that time.

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Apex isn't really huge in the west.

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YouTube's clip feature is out already?

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All it is is a clip of her singing a song? I wasn't paying attention to vtubers when this happened, did this really go viral?

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Nijifans are lucky. You'll be grateful for that fact months from now.

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Nijisanji doesn't need to pander to clippers the same way hololive did by flanderizing themselves. If EOPs flock to small but dedicated channels because they like something about the members like their covers, their design, their voice, or even the many popular erotic doujins made by fans like Mito initially said, they'll build a small fanbase for themselves from overseas that they can eventually grow by interacting with.

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You tell me

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But they didn't pander to clippers?

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Holos don't pander to clippers either and some like Flare, Gura and Ame go out of their way to call out shitty clippers

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Nijis need to post more Mito lewds

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they wasted that golden opportunity...

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this honestly, reaction channels like that koefficient guy love hololive clips because 'haha funny voices/screams'. When he watched a niji clip that has some sort of a setup for the joke he was all 'where's the funny i want funny now'

I think this is also the reason why Ajasapa's short, out of context niji clips do so much better views than the other clippers even without subs.

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Mito is not the one you should go for if you want lewd content

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It's less to do with Cover and more to do with Fubuki and especially Korone being willing to appeal to EOPs. Meanwhile, Rin is one of the least likely to give a shit about EOPs.

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Roa and Gibara were popular.

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Even if they did appeal to EOPs, most people would still be filtered by virtue of them being Japanese and speaking only Japanese.

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>Meanwhile, Rin is one of the least likely to give a shit about EOPs.
She's trying to appeal to EOPs now though with her automatic TLs on her twitch streams

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And that's why nijisanji isn't popular.

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See >>4523978. That was a big factor. Also, while >>4524555 is true, without trying, they have clippable moments. Regardless, see >>4524950

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It's too late for that

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Being Japanese, only speaking Japanese and making content that mostly appeals to only Japanese people.

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Too bad the ship has sailed long time ago and her FF14 addiction filtered all but the most hardcore gachis

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This. They're basically Joshiraku to Hololive's Lucky Star.

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I've seen it under a few already

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Nijisanji is doing fine, they have Japan(the most profitable country for vtubing) on permanent lockdown and it isn't even close. They don't need to appeal to the west like hololive had to. None of their talents care and many would prefer the status quo. Empty subs and VODs don't fuel the industry.

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/vt/ should know better than anybody that a normalfag is not going to prefer watching a streamer that they don't understand. And Niji content is mostly appealing to normalfags.

Hololive is popular because its type of content attracts a dedicated group of schizos, and those schizos are dedicated in such a way as to maintain interest and activity in English, and this activity is often in English itself thereby making it accessible to normalfag EOPs to bandwagon off of.
Unironically it's the schizos sit on their oshi's twitter waiting to reply the second she posts with a full English translation, the couple dozen people literally learning a completely new language, the ones so obsessed with their oshi that they constantly want to talk about her and make dumb memes and communities around her, etc etc etc that give the Hololive EOP audience bedrock. Or at least, the EOP fans of Hololive JP. Arguably, with the release of Hololive EN, that branch can now serve as a substitute for that original EOP bedrock, simply by interacting with the JP girls. But regardless, Nijisanji never had that bedrock. Because nobody is schizo over Nijisanji, the few gachi any nijis had have either been spiritually and mentally broken by constant cucking into unironically being depressed passive financial cuck consoomers of merch, or have actually killed themselves.

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The bane of having so many SEAnig clippers.

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Do you need medicine?

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Jesus christ, I understand why they passed on that

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Niji doesn't know how to capitalize on yuribaiting like Hololive. Just use your actual lesbo couple, Crossick, and put them being teetee and gay in your midrolls.

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>just searched mito hentai
wtf is wrong with it? huge futa cock fetish. really?

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There’s a difference between kayfabe teetee yuri and actual lesbians that makes it awkward for some people.

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I vaguely remember reading something here about the nips being racist about hskw being half-brit, leading to her downplaying her english from debut, at least until hololive fucking exploded and she has to backtrack.
Could just be rrat.

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>literally no 1 chuuba agency in jp
>capitalize chink chuuba market after holo yeet their cn branch
just for this 2, they have a shit ton of money already, no wonder they playing it late and safe in the west

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I think I threw up a bit

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I believe that rrat. She treats her English heritage how Ina treats her Korean heritage. They seem ashamed of it.

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Virtuarel predates HoloCN by 5 months and they already had like 3 times the memvers even before the holoyab

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How unexpected was the holo explosion? I wonder how it felt for holomems to go from working for just another agency to being actual contenders.

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Why are you like this? Why do you spouting such bullshit without watching Hoshikawa?
>She treats her English heritage how Ina treats her Korean heritage.
Did you miss British pin in her alternate costume? EOP pandering and all English stream? Why Holobronies like this? Please shut up if you know nothing about them.

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Take your meds.
You’re right about needing a dedicated fanbase tho. Without dedicated EOPs, there is nothing for other EOPs to bandwagon off of.

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do you even have to ask why, spreading misinformation is their past time.

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Hoshiwhore bullies Festival. Never forgive.

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Hoshiwhore bullied by Gundostacy. Such is the cycle of life.

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hololive's growth was noticeable and acknowledged. This skit by Ai probably encapsulates what nips thought of the relative size of the two before EN https://youtu.be/UjN7jPehRcw?t=74
It's holoEN that was unexpected

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There's finally enough clippers and someone is rallying them in the shadows, which is why you get a lot more "compilation" stuff that's been performing well like:
There's been a coordinated shilling effort going on in discord, specifically talking about stealing holo clip watcher audience.

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the small image actually looked better. the thighs looked thicker and juicier, and the panties looked tighter against her skin, to be precise

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Are those linchous canon panties?

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>Not enough clips
>25 Hololive TL focus ch
>23 Nijisanji TL focus ch
>16 mixed ch mixed of hololive and nijisanji
>some channels started as Nijisanji TL like CMT, Sushi, One Smile, etc
>b-but not enough clips
and this all during when Nijisanji has more interest than now and hololive are just starting to pander to eops.

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>There's finally enough clippers and someone is rallying them in the shadows
>There's been a coordinated shilling effort going on in discord, specifically talking about stealing holo clip watcher audience.
Is your head ok? Did the ghosts tell you that or was it your Holotulpa? Please seek medical attention

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Not enough normalfag meme moments. Niji gets translations and clips sure but when vtubers were blowing up the content that won was the stuff that had the broadest appeal such as Miko gta5 moments and fbk scat man.

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Hag fox and gamer dog leaned in as hard as possible to the west. No one in nijisanji did that. Why? They didn't need to. The fox is a shareholder so of course she thinks in business terms. I'm not sure why the dog did it, maybe it was an order.

>> No.4527437

They used to have clippers do clips of them in conjunction of hololive clips. Hololive just got lucky and the algorithm recommended the streams back to EOPS. Then the clippers become more Hololive exclusive because that's where the people and the ad revenue was and still is.

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I see the pin but she speaks less English on stream than Sukoya.

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>The fox is a shareholder
I want to belieb but I need proof.

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Hololive had been steadily increasing in stature ever since Coco joined. Gen 5 had absolutely massive debuts and if the Aloe thing hadn't stunted their growth they would probably all be close to 1 mil subs by now.

Nobody was prepared for HoloEN's colossal growth, but they hadn't been nobodies in the Vtuber community for a while by the time they came along.

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Niji is just a more scuffed HL, not as accessible to normies/fencesitters. They also had nothing to compete with Korone and Rushia (which is how I got in the rabbit hole)

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I think it's also that Nijis never really stream like holo does. A vast majority of them stream on times that coincide with JP audience prime time and dont announce schedules (or fucking arrive on stream on time, fucking ago)

>> No.4527750

Nijisanji is too intellectual for EOPs. You have to have a very high IQ to understand Iinchou's sense of humor and jerking off to loli gumi is enlightening.

>> No.4527766

Ngl aside from watching some Gibara streams last year until her graduation and the debuts of the nijiEN girls, I haven't checked the other nijis yet, any recommendations? (I mostly watch Holo and some indies)

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fuck all your arguing, how do i get mito to sit.on my face?

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It's basically the Touhou effect, somehow it became popular and snowballed from there, artists saw other artists making fanart/doujins, game designers saw other game designers making doujin games, other people came across the content and started to get into the rabbit hole, it became more popular because it was popular.

>> No.4527922

Niji = Touhou
Holo = Undertale

>> No.4528000

Rin! used to get a shit ton of EOPs during her old Minecraft streams after the whole Country Roads shit

Also there was that one guy who would throw akasupas every MC stream asking for marriage

>> No.4528021

Nijis are really varied. Really depends on what you want to watch, unless you like watching APEX since a lot of them play it

>> No.4528040

You have to win a fist fight against her girlfriend

>> No.4528104

try asking in the niji vt thread with what content you usually watch. anons there are usually friendly unlike in the jp thread

>> No.4528140

What do you like to watch? If you like karaoke streams I can recommend Chima, she does one every monday and she just got back from being sick https://youtube.com/channel/UCo7TRj3cS-f_1D9ZDmuTsjw

Is there a particular anime or manga trope you like? Shotas, lolis, big sister type.

Is there a particular attitude you want? Genki, degenerate, brat, stupid, cool.

What about videogame genre, or do you have language preferences?

>> No.4528144

Anyone else thinks the name has a percent to do with it? Hololive has a nice ring to it worldwide, Nijisanji sounds like whatever outside of Japan.

>> No.4528219

You migth be just plain autistic

>> No.4528250

are you asking if a japanese name for a japanese company would filter fans of japanese media

>> No.4528291

Marketing is real, not fiction. Cover just happened to pick a luckier name.
Not saying it was a game changer though, just a factor.

It's a completely new genre for a lot of people, you need that extra push compared to anime which is a no-brainer.

>> No.4528354

Guess I'll check Chima, EOP sadly, but I'm doing my JP reps recently and traveled to Japan twice, I usually like zatsudans or something to listen to while doing codemonkey stuff anyways so language or game genre doesn't matter unless it gets repetitive or something boring like the shadow verse streams or the chess streams.

>> No.4528415

>fans of japanese media
Hololive fans on this board come from a variety of places not even tangentially related to japanese culture.

>> No.4528432

this board is the same 300 people circlejerking, they do not matter

>> No.4528449

Lemme answer some from newcomer perspective:
1.the obvious, i already satisfied with hololive,already got all my niche
2.what kind of name is nijisanji lmao,sorry but "hololive" have more appeal,feel more modern.
3.there's nijis clips yes,but most of them have low views,sorry but I'm kinda allergic to low numbers,people not gonna click on it,you need something viral to catch our attention(that Rion genshin clips did that)
4,nijisanji already got labeled as lesser hololive because every youtuber that talk about vtuber craze always brushes them off like"oh this group called nijisanji exist too i guess".
Tldr,there's no strong reason to check out niji i guess,you're not gonna miss out anything.

>> No.4528489

I'd recommend Chima too since I never miss her singing streams.

If you're not allergic to males I find Fuwa and Akina's singing streams nice to listen to

>> No.4528505

pretty much. the only interesting steamer is probably tokyoghoul the apex man i guess.

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Even Mito herself wonders why people love making futacock doujins of her. Her listeners said irs because she's like an old man sometimes. And they're not wrong about that.

>> No.4528530

Fucking zoomer.
But he's right. If you want the EOPs, you have to play like this.

>> No.4528532

Toko, Melissa, Rushen, if their main content is singing then it's likely they're the ones doing zatsudans

>> No.4528539

>what is kemt and rnmt during 2018

>> No.4528598

I forgot to recommend Mikoto too but her voice doubles as fapping material and she rarely streams now

>> No.4528608

you have shitty, garbage taste, anon. but that's okay - you're not in a position to make any decisions, which is for the best. leave it to people who know much better than you.

>> No.4528619

>I usually like zatsudans
Then Inui Toko, Kenmochi Toya, Tsukino Mito.

>> No.4528630

I recommend Mito if you like zatsudans, she's a very calm and eloquent speaker, so not only you get pleasant background noise, you also pick up new weird words and her stories are always interesting.
Her game streams are also disguised zatsudans because she never runs out of things to tell.

>> No.4528666

If you're doing you're reps try watching Mayazumi and Sister claire. They both speak extremely clearly and slowly so it's easy to make out what they're saying, also Mayazumi speaks English since his roommate is a hafu. Sister Claire does daily but short morning videos that you can try and understand, but besides that she gives advice to her viewers and also streams ASMR. She even reads an English bed time story in this latest VOD of hers https://youtube.com/watch?v=kIhvppLZl38 and than she goes on to read the same story in Japanese.


>> No.4528703

Watching 1 streamer is already a big commitment, they stream 2-6 hours almost everyday, then you add multiple vtubers to the mix, dozens even, they all interact with each other, reference each other, grow with each other, isn't that satisfying enough? It's basically a franchise, you're investing time and getting back on double.
If I added Nijisanji to the mix then things would get out of hand, I would feel like I'm always missing out, it's not about understanding a franchise anymore but some shapeless black hole, so I prefer to not even bother, time is a limited resource, nobody with 300 games on Steam is ever going to play all of them.

>> No.4528735

You drastically underestimate how many people browse 4chan only leaving sporadic comments.

>> No.4528751

It's the same with Coco. It just seems right to give them giant futa cocks.

>> No.4528761

What the fuck are you going on about retard?

>> No.4528773

one more shout I would give is Kanda, his solo content might not be the most interesting, but he uses very standard Japanese and more importantly has extremely clear enunciation, to the point that auto caption is almost 100% accurate on his Vods, great vtuber to help Japanese reps.

>> No.4528775

even if it were in the thousands it still doesn't matter because the passers by are not watching streams, they are squatting here gossiping like women about videos they can't understand

>> No.4528783

No clue. You tell me.

>> No.4528802

Anon, I need to know where that image is from? Why are there discord icons on the right?

>> No.4528883

I was actually thinking of recommending him, but the guy has been doing so much Gundam watchalongs that I wasn't sure if that would be a filter or not so I decided not too kek, but Kanda is definitely great for listening reps. His content has just gotten extremely niche.

>> No.4528891

Its in the tens of thousands.
And they're not passers by, they're always here but they just enjoy reading the conversations instead of participating, orthey just participate in certain threads.

>> No.4528956

/hlg/ gets like 500 unique IPs, and that's vastly inflated by samefagging and ban evading

>> No.4528997

And Niji thread posters are inflated by flaseflaggers and trolls

Your point?

>> No.4529001

RIP Deron I'll wipe the floor with your face

>> No.4529011

That's people who post you idiot. I'm talking about people who just read.

>> No.4529064

1% participation rule

>> No.4529138

I don't know that rule. I know Pareto's 80/20 though which seems more likely.
No way there are 99 people just reading for each commenting in 4chan, but four to one is a believable ratio.

>> No.4529239

>discord icons
those are youtube's default icons that show if there's no pfp set

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>Why aren’t they popular in the west
Geez we're gonna need Ame to solve THIS mystery

>> No.4529252

Its from a Mito stream, you can see her stream hashtag on the image and she shows comment pfps on stream.

>> No.4529307

>New Eop asks what livers he should watch
>Nijitards don't even bring up Hayama, Akane, or Haruka. The ones that post all the time asking for overseas to watch and sub to them
You had ONE fucking job you morons. But you tell him to watch fucking Mito?!

>> No.4529311

Weren't promoted by chink clipmakers/game like it was with holo

>> No.4529328

Shizurin stream were hell for a few months

>> No.4529378

Italia having the highest IQ in Europe is an automatic sign that this graph is retarded

>> No.4529387

Why didn't you recommend them to him instead of making a greentext story?

>> No.4529390

HLM's impact is vastly overstated, most of the most famous clips came from gachi-run channels like the Matsuri nipple bandaids clip by I*ger

>> No.4529412

It's already too late. That guy won't be coming back.

>> No.4529446

You talking about the EOPs or the FFXIV Arc

>> No.4529449

Niji's appeal and humor is just too japanese to appeal to EOPs. They appeal more to the NND crowd while holos are just CGDCT in streamer form, which is generally easier for the average weeb to get into.

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File: 193 KB, 850x1190, 6C981167-DE81-49A8-8B42-1D73ADA9C2A4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mito makes my peepee hard the most

>> No.4529492

Simple. Hololive has a vision that their trying to sell. Nijisanji does not.
It's easy for someone to recommend hololive because it's appeal is broader than Niji's. Hololive is focused. Niji is too messy. Hololive caters to all their fans. Niji does not.

Holo's 32 shit idol's > Niji's 100+ unfunny livers

The rabbit hole is Hololive. Every hololive fan knows that falling in the rabbit hole is Actually You falling in the hololive hole. Vtuber=hololive. that's a fact. If anything the reason niji is declining so much is because their fans end up watching hololive.

And to the nijibro's complaining about the lack of clips. Stop crying. Hololive has more dedicated fans therefore more clips. More demand means more clips. If you want clips. Be the change you want to see, Stop crying like faggotz.

>> No.4529510

The above are redditor-level
He wanted an anon's opinion, and he got it.

>> No.4529526

damn this is super cringy. alexa play country roads

>> No.4529554

This is 4chan, not reddit.

>> No.4529575

i was almost going to say that but it seemed like a gimme

>> No.4529588 [DELETED] 


>> No.4529600

lmao Niji is not declining. Compared to Hololive, Niji has a lot more viewer retention. Livers with a 300k subs get 7k viewers while idols with 1.2m get 11k. What you get in Hololive is thousands of 12 year old EOPs subscribing because they saw a meme on reddit and never coming back to actually watch.

>> No.4529612 [DELETED] 


>> No.4529615

Stupidest post in this thread goes to this anon

>> No.4529624

XIV only lasted a few months?

>> No.4529636

Nijisanji is pethatic for ignoring the needs of their audience. Atleast Shishiro Botan had the sense to educate her Russian fans to be well behaved.
This nijibitch ignoring her non toxic fans is the reason why Niji is dying.

Holochads deal with this shit all the time, infact this shit is a pretty normal occurance. considering there are many new fans every day.

>> No.4529657

This guy has some recommendations for you >>4529307 >>4529412

Akane does a lot of music covers and she's a part of selejo, Haruka is popular with her ASMR streams, and hayama has a dedicated poster in the niji thread who can do a way better job at shilling that cute genki okinawan dork than I ever could.

>> No.4529689

So is Nijisanji dying or what?
Checking out the other Nip sites gives me a different story.

>> No.4529746

Lack of unity

>> No.4529751

Of course not. It's alive and well in Japan.

Most of the people here are mostly making fun of Nijisanji's laughable attempt in the Western Market dominated by Holo and HoloEN

>> No.4529752

I'm sick of seeing this exact same thread appearing every fucking day on this board so I'm gonna essaypost to hopefully stop this dumb ass posting permanently. I got into this at the end of 2019, start of 2020, when it really started taking off for reference as an EOP.
>Clips and China
Hololive's success can entirely be attributed to the start of 2020 and early clips. I saw the same frequency of Hololive and Nijisanji clips at this beginning stage and enjoyed both of them without really knowing the difference. During this time though, there was a rise of a massive chink subbing group which reached like 250k subs at its peak before Taiwan, more than some Hololive members and the like at the time. This group essentially functioned as massive hub for content with multiple daily uploads but only for Hololive. This in turn caused a massive positive feedback loop for Hololive, due to the ease of checking this channel, when compared to the depths of random subbing channels. Other viral clips like Matsuri's and Miko's got people to look up Hololive and see this massive entity constantly putting out translations.
On the other side of the lane with Nijisanji, the largest channel I saw at the start of 2020 was approximately 20k subs for reference and was not putting out as much videos as HLM was.
>too Japanese
Sure, I'll admit that Nijisanji overall does not appeal to the average random EOP, but it doesn't change the fact that Nijisanji clips in the past reached high view counts, especially with everyone's favorite, Minecraft. However, this "too Japanese" argument is essentially covered in some sense of elitism of JSLs and their more exclusive group. I personally remember searching for Ars Almal over any Holo at the time cause I thought the stuff I saw of her was really entertaining, even being an EOP. However, the effort I needed to put into for finding Ars clips at the time was way harder than I wanted to do for some fun thing like vtubers, so I naturally went to HLM at the time.
>number of streamers
This is probably one of the more fundamental ones that people frequently argue about, and hopefully not up for too much debate. There's a lot of Nijisanji streamers. Is that a bad thing? No, not necessarily, but when most people's introductions at the start are from random clip recommendations, this "issue" really exemplifies itself. When you watch Hololive, you inevitably get more Hololive, same with Nijisanji. However, with Nijisanji, the average viewer is only gonna click on faces they recognize in the thumbnail. Hololive's smaller number makes it so all their faces are easily more noticeable and thus, people are more likely to click on things they already know about.
>Coco and Pandering
Coco alone probably helped ensure EOPs stayed invested in Hololive alone. Asacoco frequently had English subtitles that would give any slightly invested fan 20 minutes worth of content giving an update on the rest of Hololive, which is massive and an amazing funnel for dedicated fans. Coco herself having a knowledge of English also ensured that EOPs had at least a baseline to jump from to other Hololive member streams, as they could get some streamer interaction in often fairly cringe comments for new viewers. On top of this clips at this time of growth for Hololive often encouraged EOP and streamer interactions with the ever so funny boing boing Rushia topic, while comparatively I don't think I ever saw a clip that had a highlight of the streamer talking with EOPs.
>Nijisanji is a failure
No. They're doing just fine with what they're doing regardless of a Western audience which is fine.
At the end of the day, this topic is pointless and I fucking hate seeing this every day on this fucking board. You fuckers just want to start shit every single time when all of you anons got into this as a fun little hobby but now you spend your days talking about Nijisanji sucking compared to Hololive in the west. It's a stupid fucking topic as what's done is done at this point. Vtuber itself has become synonymous with Hololive in the West and there is nothing that can be done about it. Now watch whatever you want to watch, I don't care and neither should any of you fuckers.

>> No.4529758

It's not dying it's just becoming second fiddle and NijiEN was pretty much DoA because Niji is irrelevant in the gobal market

>> No.4529760

Damn. you didn't have to this based anonchama.

>> No.4529775

Still here, Just lurking on other boards
Thanks for the recommendations, will prolly check their channel later.

>> No.4529790


i think some nijis are superb. argueably better than modt holos. unfortunately Niji fails to acknowledge western audiences and many of their talents have forgettable schoolgirl designs. i would have a hard time remembering more than the mvps. also this intentional not an idol ideology might have hurt them long term.

>> No.4529828

>At the end of the day, this topic is pointless and I fucking hate seeing this every day on this fucking board. You fuckers just want to start shit every single time when all of you anons got into this as a fun little hobby but now you spend your days talking about Nijisanji sucking compared to Hololive in the west. It's a stupid fucking topic as what's done is done at this point. Vtuber itself has become synonymous with Hololive in the West and there is nothing that can be done about it. Now watch whatever you want to watch, I don't care and neither should any of you fuckers.

Cope and seethe Nijikek. This is exactly the reason why we need threads like these everyday. To remind you nerds that this is Hololive's world and you're just living in it.

>> No.4529836

I appreciate the effort, anon.
I'll save this post in my hard drive in your honor.

>> No.4529848

Based essayposter

>> No.4529855

What is this cringe falseflag.

>> No.4529876

>also this intentional not an idol ideology might have hurt them long term.
No. If anything not an Idol actually the real reason why Nijisanji is a success in Japan. They fucking tired of Idol culture. Besides Nijisanji also have token Idol Aiba Uiha, Machita Chima and unicorn magnet, Lize Helesta, Suzuhara Lulu, Roa, a cute girl like Hayama Marin, Morinaka, Matsukai Mao, Ririmu, Warabeda Meiji.

>> No.4529887

Excellent essay, anon. May we leave this thread to die and meet in the next tribalfagging war.

>> No.4529894

I'll give (you) props for the effort post anon, good job.

>> No.4529903 [DELETED] 
File: 2.03 MB, 1512x2016, ihatethisboard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I legit do not care if this is a falseflag or outing myself as a Kenzocuck. I just think absolute dipshits like you who encourage this shitty behavior need to be publicly shamed for being what contributes to this board being so shitty when it's just a fun hobby at the end of the day.

>> No.4529908

What do you think anon? you keep biting the bait so of course they will keep showing up

>> No.4529917

Niji is declining. If you don't see that then something is definitely wrong you. They are stagnating. hololive has been shitting on them across the board on every metric for the past year now. Superchats, Subcount, Live viewer's etc.

Nijisanji used to dominate in all of these numbers. But now they don't. Because their brand is dying. Killed by hololive's existence.

The superior product now runs the market. That's a fact, stop trying to deflect facts with your shitty opinions.

>> No.4529924

Kill yourself dumb ledditor.

>> No.4529930

holt based kenzoku TRIBALNIGGERS BTFO

>> No.4529934

Absolutely based beyond belief, even if that faggot was fishing for (you)s

>> No.4529943

Kizuna Ai became popular overseas first before gaining any traction overseas. The same thing is happening to hololive.

>> No.4529949

L*lu's an idol?
I thought she avoided that shit.

>> No.4529952

Calm down anon, you’re not allowed to be this based

>> No.4529959

Based opinion. Yesterday I saw the exact same thread with the same shit being talked. I thought this thread was the same thread from yesterday and I had to double check but no, schizos, falseflaggers and tribalists keep talking over and over again over the same topics. Honestly, fuck yourselves

>> No.4529964

I'm assuming you meant to type "before gaining any traction domestically".

>> No.4529977

No. She was a former idol. But she is still a unicorn magnet since she rarely collab with male unless it's a mass collaboration or event

>> No.4529982

Based anon. But the Niji decline is definitely real.

>> No.4529988

I'll take note that every Kenzoku is based.
Truly an honorary Niji, thanks for taking care of my KR oshi for me, Twapi.

>> No.4530023

The Niji cope is unreal.

>> No.4530044

Yes. Thank you for catching that anon.

>> No.4530057

Twapi is a good girl who just wants to sing and enjoy fps, her cheering for Astel, Izuru and Aruran during ShibuHal tournament whenever her team got wiped was cute desu.

>> No.4530088

because big corporate Itochu is shit at expanding overseas.
>ITOCHU will be assisting in the expansion of the VTuber business to China and other countries through this capital and business partnership with Ichikara, making use of the ITOCHU Group’s network and expertise. The aim is to support the combined development of merchandise, music, and real-life events relevant to VTubers as a new form of IP that capitalizes on the uniquely Japanese strength in anime culture.

>> No.4530240

Well to asnwer Op questions I'm going to answer from someone who has been mainly into the rabbit hole of Holo and some Indies.

As someone said is pretty much a franchise, like Touhou, Fate, etc, when u see something u like and decide to invest time on it you are going to focus on that, because let's be real, getting to know it is slowly getting to know most of the characters at least by face, Hololive has less characters, pretty much the amount of people in two classrooms, eventually after a couple of months you can definitely know who is who and enjoy their interactions which is important with streamers, if you see people talking about X thing Polka did to Flare you're going to want to know what happened.

As Holo got more traction a lot of people found their oshi, heck they may even not see a lot of streamers but if they found their niche filled why would you search for more? Not to say you find someone and then you always stick with them, heck I've seen clippers that were fixed on Hololive and then ended up with Voms, V-shojo or Nijisanji because they found they liked them better.

Most people won't sit straight to see a long stream, maybe a couple of hours and some clips so if they found someone they liked they're gonna stick with them because they know seeing that streamer is going to make them feel better.

And yes it may be stupid but Hololive has a better ring at least for us westerns than Nijisanji and not only that, a lot of people goes by numbers, if you see low numbers in Niji a lot of people just won't click.

But in the end both companies are doing good, Niji in Japan and Holo in the west just choose whoever streamers feels better to you and support them, heck one indie could make someone's world brighther and most people won't even ever get to know that indie.

>> No.4530544
File: 131 KB, 782x1099, 1600836386812.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sex with Hoshikawa!

>> No.4530546

>japs gooks and Taiwanese are smart

>> No.4530624

How much

>> No.4530815

>Higher viewer retention
Explain to me then why over the course of the last month Hololive had 16 million more video views over Nijisanji despite Niji putting out over 100 more videos/streams? This 16 million advantage was just JP vs. JP too, HoloEN wasn't included.

>> No.4530923

>They can't even get big on their own homeland during that time.
Just like hololive, hololive is more popular overseas than in japan

>> No.4530958

>Nijisanji doesn't need to pander to clippers
Your utako hire clipper on her channel and fail miserably!

>> No.4530975


>> No.4530999

This, yuri is about fantasy and all but some of the nijisanji is real a tranny and gay which turned me off

>> No.4531025

There is reason why they changed the company to anycolor now

>> No.4531045

The gay one is based, while the tranny one is a good singer.
Though, to each their own.

>> No.4531059

They aren't fucking funny.

>> No.4531101

Hiding their past yab like a true black company.

>> No.4531106

How do you know? Do you understand Japanese?

>> No.4531134

Dont call them black company, aloe...

>> No.4531135

It's this. Thanks for saying everything that needed to be said while not being tribalist

>> No.4531235

Shit ton of streamers and takes a bit to settle into who you like watching.

>> No.4531243

The funny thing is, Dedechi never call Nijisanji as a black company either. What she talking about in her video is about a small VA agency and their horrible rules and contracts. And then she mentioned about idols often got stalked and harassed and how scary it is. And then she talking about Chitose graduates from Nijisanji because she was doxxed and stalked by her crazy fans. Although Chitose graduated because she signed to a recording company and the doxx case happened before she joined Niji.

>> No.4531252

No good entry point vtuber too

>> No.4531303

Suzuhara Lulu and Sanbaka are good entry point for Nijis.

>> No.4531316

so aloe was just another retarded holofag spitting baseless narratives?

>> No.4531357

just like in holo you can start with certain "generation" like meifu, smc, sanbaka and then expand from there

>> No.4531389

Aloe was never given the chance to learn more about the industry before being violently doxxed. Her shit wasnt even in her public chuuba persona...

>> No.4531401
File: 969 KB, 480x480, 1621919944237.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4531419

Can someone explain to me why Rin playing FFXIV was a bad thing? I thought the game was really popular and I bet if Ina played it she'd have a lot viewers.

>> No.4531425

MMOs aren't exactly that great streaming material, especially FFXIV which is story-heavy

>> No.4531437

>No good entry point vtuber too
If you're a fan of the "cute anime girl making funny noises" type of vtuber like Korone or Fubuki, give Eli Conifer a try. She has the same kind of appeal.

>> No.4531447

But tons of people watch Asmondgold in WoW.

>> No.4531450

MMORPG is bad streaming game. Majority people don't want to watch somebody grinding

>> No.4531464

No. She was Utafag. Which is thousands time worse. Even she admit in the same video that Utaite are menheras cesspool. That time Kudou Chitose was just graduated and there was no official reason why. So narrative was running rampant and she just parroted it from 5ch.
Also the one who harrassed her was not exactly fan of Nijisanji. To put it simply by three group. Hololive Seisofag who want Cover to be free from slut. Vtubers Antis who just want to stir shit. And Nijifag (Chitosefag to be exact) because she spreading bullshit about Chitose.

>> No.4531468

yet nobody watches xiv despite it having a pretty sizable community

>> No.4531484

I thought XIV was way popular than WoW so I thought there would be more famous streamers and vtubers?

>> No.4531684

I know one clipfag mention this. I forget who since it's been a while since I watched that video and can't remember the name offhand but it boils down to multiple things. Nijisanji livers have interesting stories to tell but for an average clipper, translating it would be a high hurdle because of accent and lot of translation notes to make sure you get the reference which isn't good for clips for both the clipper and the watcher. Also, some don't even say much and just straight play the game so you're not getting reactions to get a good clip out of it. Also, the algorithm favors Cover. They can try to play catch-up but they are too far behind to make an appreciable dent. I think it's best if they just focus on Japan and try to expand further there to help elevate their lesser members more.

>> No.4531689

Simple. They don't have someone like Coco who can bridge that gap.

>> No.4531836
File: 691 KB, 823x823, 1617540853103.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I thought XIV was way popular than WoW

>> No.4531846

I know which clip you’re talking about.
The translator said the Japanese the nijis use is way more complex and the usage of slang is is very high. Add to that accents/dialect and it makes it a pain to translate.
In contrast, Hololivers tends to use a standard Tokyo accent and use a simpler vocabulary which makes it easier to translate and easier for Japanese language learners to follow.

>> No.4531854

>Hololive Seisofag who want Cover to be free from slut.

I hate these fags so much, they target the wrong person. I wish i was in correct timeline, instead of dedechi its kiara

>> No.4532036

This. Westerners will latch on to whatever is popular. The quality doesn't matter.

>> No.4532065 [DELETED] 

Kind of like how Gura uses simple English?

>> No.4532558


I'll say this until the day I die but males are the reason Nijisanji is reclining. People don't want to see their favorite cute chuubas interacting with males. It's why Nijisanji will never catch on in the west and it's also why they are reclining hard in Japan.

Male vtubers only appeal to gay men and absolutely repulse everybody else. They are killing their market unless you are a fag.

>> No.4532595

Who is the most famous streamer in the world, incel?

>> No.4532895


>> No.4532949

I kneel...

>> No.4533118

This is the first time I've ever seen anyone recommend oyoyo as an entry vtuber. Maybe if you're big into rhythm games

>> No.4533135

i don't think the vast majority of the fanbase is unicorns.
especially in the west.

>> No.4533190

Niji doesn’t appeal the same way Holo does to western audiences. Quite a few of them do feel like Nippon version of regular twitch streamers we already have but with a live2D. The idol culture is strong.

>> No.4533417
File: 61 KB, 1106x223, 1622478828342 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A gay, incel, right-wing Trump-supporting American professor and a Nazi was teaching a class on YAGOO, known scam artist.

”Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship YAGOO and accept that he's the most highly-evolved being the world has ever known, even greater than Jesus Christ!”

At this moment, a brave, patriotic, Southeast Asian Nijisanji fan who had done Japanese reps for 1500 hours and understood that you can actually become Japanese by the sheer force of will stood up and said:
”Do you believe Hololive is free from Western degeneracy?”

The arrogant professor smirked quite whiteoidly and smugly replied “Of course it is. They're nothing like your Nijiwhores, Stupid Nijinigger!”

”Then how do you explain this clip of Kiryu Coco?”

The professor was visibly shaken, and dropped his chalk and Korone dakimakura. He stormed out of the room crying those crocodile tears. The same tears aloecucks cry for the “poor Aloe” (who today lives in such luxury that can afford dildo made out of sashimi). There is no doubt that at this point our professor, wished he had pulled himself up by his bootstraps and become more than an EOP redditor. He wished so much that he had a gun to shoot himself from embarrassment.
The students applauded and all subbed to Tsukino Mito that day and accepted Tazumi as their god. Debidebi Debiru then ran into the room and perched atop the Rainbow Flag(not the gay kind) and shed poop on the flag. "NIHON BANZAI" was shouted several times, and Shinzo Abe himself showed up enacted a ban on condoms to increase birthrates.

The professor lost his tenure and was fired the next day. He died of the gay plague AIDS caused by watching endless yuribait and was tossed into the lake of fire for all eternity.

>> No.4533459

Unicorn schizos are a minority. Most popular streamers in the world are male simply because they're funnier and better at games

>> No.4535691

Didn't this chick get outed for living with her boyfriend? God imagine being a nijicuck.

>> No.4535771

I'm sorry your oshi is menhera loser who don't have any boyfriend just like you. I guess she will die alone like a loser she is.

>> No.4535905

>Are those linchous canon panties?
No. Mito's official panties are a pink shimapan. Just watch her 3D debut on Nico Nico Douga

>> No.4536025 [DELETED] 


>> No.4536206

you're hanging around weebs anon what game's community do you think you're being exposed to?

>> No.4537282

Why are you faggots always asking this question? Can you not?

>> No.4537327

People who don't give a shit about the moe factor just watch Jun or Jerma and call vtuberfag incels. There is a reason why even for Nijisanji top male streamers are pretty fujo bait boys and not funny competent oji-sans.

>> No.4537440

While I don't know much about XIV, I'd have figured the fun could potentially stem from being able to party with the streamer/V-Tuber in question. Grinding could work as a backdrop for some casual talk, too.
But yeah, maybe not very interesting on its own.

>> No.4537779

Because the niji fans always bragged about the superiority of the livers above all the fad. It was like that in /jp/. They always bragged about how Mito and the JK Gumi destroyed Kizuna Ai and the 4 heavenly Kings.

>> No.4537882

Honestly I wish she did, she's living in a wasteland of a place these days and only cleans up when friends come over and she's been having insomnia for around 2 months now. Her life might unironicallt be better if she did live with a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend.

>> No.4537974
File: 345 KB, 500x500, 1575282642079.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You must be new here.

>> No.4538018

Yashikizu is pretty up there in popularity though.

>> No.4538299

No, it seems you're the new kid in this case. Remember the "it was her cat" defense by a chance?

>> No.4538590

the people who think nijisanji is dying are the same ones who think kancolle is dead. Already says enough

>> No.4538712


>> No.4538832

Yeah, and Gwel, Maimoto and Chaika are doing fine too. The top is Chronoir and Meshers though.
My point isn't that males can't succeed at all. It's that people who watch vtubers likely want something more than funny dude plays videogames somewhat good experience. Anime avatar needs to be leveraged, otherwise it's just a debuff to facecam streaming because there are plenty of people who would watch a funny dude otherwise but think that anime is fucking gay. "Most popular streamers are sweaty dudes playing WoW or Minecraft therefore vtubers don't need gachikoi" is a bad argument. It's about as valid as saying that anime doesn't need to pander to otaku buying BDs because latest Hollywood capeshit makes bank.

>> No.4538933

In which parallel universe?

>> No.4538953

Go look at the archives. Numberfagging was something it was done before the arrival of Fubuki

>> No.4539229

looked at the archives and it was the holospammer so i was asking you to prove otherwise

>> No.4539278

so is linchou a virgin or not

>> No.4539323

>the holospammer
Go back, like 2 years

>> No.4539370

Nah, that goblin is a practice girl

>> No.4539426

>JK Gumi Kizuna
3x replies
>Mito Kizuna
~110 replies

>> No.4540018

search about the count0 incident

>> No.4540030

A reminder that nijifags bragged about how Hololive was reaching to the cancerous EOPs because they were being mogged by them and how Nijisanji would NEVER need to bow to gaijins.
And now look at >>4524954 and >>4529307. Oh how times change.

>> No.4540341
File: 137 KB, 1920x1080, ダウンロード (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why the fuck would you want the western audience filled with their paranoid mother fuckers

>> No.4540387

Cover is a private company, Yagoo owns it 100 percent, if FBK had any shares than any of us could have gotten a piece of that pie.

>> No.4540426

You think sponsors don’t care about number?

>> No.4540427

They want it because it's big. China gives you great money, but good luck getting a good part of it out of China. Any real expansion is to the overseas market. But that means that the talents need to be able to tardwrangle the newfags, which requires effort. See >>4529636

>> No.4540474

people keep repeating this narrative but never post proof

>> No.4540494

Also to note; If Cover was a public company, I don't think the talent would be able to say many of the things they say on air.

>> No.4540600

It doesn't need to be publicly traded to have shares. Literally any company that has more than one owner (business partners) has ownership shares.

>> No.4540653

You really think a reason was necessary when this exists?
HoloEN was a joke until debut.

>> No.4540751

Both Hololive and Nijisanji dodged a bullet with this bitch.

>> No.4540842

what does this have to do with anything? Why did you make me watch that?

>> No.4540855

So you're saying that FBK is the Triple H of Hololive?

>> No.4540861

Didn't she rent a sex doll or something? I really doubt she's a virgin

>> No.4541226

Literally too japanese for EOPs.
Niji is based for ignoring EOP audience that has low IQ "haha do the funny thing again" comments only and instead pander to their JP fans who actually follow the rules and interact with the chat properly.

>> No.4541298

Okay bait, but you can do better anon!

>> No.4541409

Niji decline isn't real because they aren't declining. Just not growing as fast as holoniggers.

>> No.4541578

You really think someone as curious as her haven't tried 30 different sex positions already?

>> No.4541748

idk what anon is smoking because meschers are nowhere near chronoir level but it's worth noting fuwa's fangirls like to flex their wallets. same with kagami hayato.

>> No.4542006

It's not like minecraft where you can just jump into the stream with only basic knowlege and enjoy it. It's not hard to understand "green thing blows up" or "lava burns"
FFXIV requires a lot more game knowledge for when things go to shit. It's not obvious that the tank didn't draw enough aggro and the healer got hit by a long ranged attack and it caused a wipe.
Because of that, it's only fans of the game that can really dig in and enjoy the streams properly.

>> No.4542091

Hololive is only popular because haachama streams censored porn images of herself

>> No.4542213


>> No.4543211
File: 32 KB, 720x1260, 1591514615781.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I didn't say they are on the same level as Chronoir. I said that pretty boys like Chronoir and Meshers are more popular than funny competent dudes like Yashiro and Maimoto. Yashikizu himself is an exception but most of the rest of top male chuubas in the company are not there thanks entirely to being "funnier and better at games".

>> No.4543397

Hololive honestly made more interested in Niji, Holo is way to limited in what it can do and most of their talents play the same shit constantly, at least with Niji's sheer amount of streamers you can always find someone that isn't always streaming the same shit as everyone else.

>> No.4543480

ESL, learn English before you start baiting!

>> No.4544524

Good job, Sierra Leone.

>> No.4545014
File: 379 KB, 1920x1080, E2dr4FSVkAEWmVZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is he gonna fucking transform like a Kamen Rider?

>> No.4545086

Japanese live viewers are the most important figure. Nijisanji is ahead on that.

>> No.4546624

i'm waking up early for this crap so he fucking better

>> No.4547582

Asmon himself stated that his gameplay on stream is pretty basic compared to other hardcore streamers with multiple windows, metrics on the screens to play. His content also revolves more about the things an outsider could just get in and enjoy like the Mount competition. Also reaction channel...

>> No.4548043

Isn't this just history repeating itself? You brought up some instances of falseflaggers spamming threads after threads to celebrate Niji superiority in the past, to justify doing the same thing. After Kizuna then Nijisanji then Hololive. There will be the time when Hololive won't be growing as fast anymore or can't compete with the next big thing. Of course, I haven't lurked here long enough to witness all the braggings from nijifags, but I sure will be doomposting if some holofags whine about why Pekora only gets 20k concurrent viewers in the future.

>> No.4548823

Go ahead.

>> No.4549096

> I sure will be doomposting
Kek, oh no whatever we gonna do with this anon joining chinks spammer, nijikeks, kiara antis in doomposting the end of hololive

>> No.4550009

Good job convincing all the lurker holofags to start doomposting on niji. Give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it!.

>> No.4550137

>performing well
>first video has 7000 views


>> No.4550592

Half of the time I open the stream she seems to be just AFKing like everyone who plays this shit

>> No.4550656

How is it bait?
I watch both, I'm simply thankful to Holo for making me wannas branch out.

>> No.4551929

Based essayposter.

>> No.4552733

Redpill me on this one chief

>> No.4552825

Just retarded anituber bullshit.
She's Digibro's ex-girlfriend. She's now with some retard who is somehow worse than Digi.

>> No.4553037

She still streams it for hours on end.

>> No.4553681

Real talk no baits and rrats: Niji tends to be somewhat low energy in comparison, it's easier to follow Hololivers because they tend to make noises all the time, also more of them stream proffesionally and can do the grind that livers with a dayjob couldn't compete with.

Also Hololive feels more like a team, they effectively promote each other all the time so if you get into one idol by accident there is a high chance you will find others that are perhaps more to your liking or stream in better timezones etc. while niji livers don't even have each other in recomended channels, I've seen it described more as a "platform" than a group and branches outside of JP feel extremely disposable with multiple graduations in KR or entire IN.

>> No.4553953

But so was Hololive for the most part other than the reddit dragon that mostly speaks Japanese and haato who hates the language because it reminds her of bullying and isolation, niji had Sara and Hana Macchia it's no excuse.

>> No.4553990

I'm pretty sure their like 50/50 at this point while outside of nihon Holo dominates without question.

>> No.4554060 [DELETED] 

Rin is streaming on twitch some strategy game called Going Medieval

>> No.4554100

I mean she's more lewd than Sora...

>> No.4554143

Meanwhile management took over niji twitter and livers promote themselves to EOPs almost every day

>> No.4554223

Nijisanji has gotten worst after Iwanaga left the company.

>> No.4554331

>None of their talents care
See >>4529307. You are who >>4529752 was talking about with the retarded elitists.

>> No.4554481

People come up with lots of bullshit like "they are too Japanese" or "they don't pander" to justify it but with Hololive being the point of entry for a lot of foreigners, if they end up being invested in several of them most people won't even bother checking out Nijisanji, other companies or even indies regardless if some of those talents are the level of the top members of Hololive. There is only enough time of the day.

>> No.4554656


>> No.4555031

Apart from a couple of people like Yashiro who do their own thing, most of them play the same shit as holos, be it Apex, Minecraft, Ark, horse pussy or the current FOTM.

>> No.4559506

There's a Nijisanji hate campaign going on reddit, twitter and 4chan.

>> No.4559525

Mito's legs are popular with my dick

>> No.4559672

Imagine actually believing in this shit, holy fuck. Even if all of what you said is true, none of this means anything about nijisanji dying. It's retarded, like saying that Microsoft is dead because Sony always beat them.

>> No.4559813

Exactly. It's just a question of them getting popular. There's only so much hours and space for agencies.

And youtube as well.

>> No.4559932


>> No.4559999

Yes, she's living with me and she often invites hololive girls to our house to have a orgy party

>> No.4560059

fuck off 2Dhater

>> No.4560131

i actually noticed an increase of compilation videos and translations for nijisanji since EN dropped. how are things on the JP side?

>> No.4560522

>it's a group of individuals working in the same place, nothing special.
>The top streamers don't support the smaller ones.
>The company doesn't incetive the collab and support between their members.
>The streamers are too diferent between each other, the frequency of streaming and content are all over the place.
>The company has allowed bad practices in the past like bullying and harrasment form their "fans" or other member to their own livers.
>Because of the previous, the company has a bad reputation.
>Those who are in the top could be just indies, the involvement with the rest is minimum or non existent.
The only ones that would defend Nijisanji are a tiny group of hipsters, because in all aspects they are inferior to hololive.

>> No.4560616

>The company doesn't incetive the collab and support between their members.
elaborate. incentives?

>> No.4560707

>The top streamers don't support the smaller ones.
my oshi is a vtuber, not a charity

>> No.4560944

They don't embrace memes.

>> No.4560999

which niji is based, dope, and suprelit? i'll watch them

>> No.4561148

>my oshi is a vtuber, not a charity
this is the nijisanji fan, this the kind of people they reflect, that's why they are going inevitable to the bottom, being selfish is all they share, both fans and livers.

>> No.4561189

Nijisanji always had translations. The thing is that you actively need to look for them. There's a playlist with over 3k clips translated.

But NijiEN itself got their own clips, made by nijisanji fans and holofags who became nijien fans.

>> No.4561256

Is it really surprising when niji fans only care about the livers they watch and no one else?

>> No.4561275

Japanese niji livers want no part of these new niji fans.

>> No.4561277

Please, you say that while the entire holostars is ignored by the girls and fans.

>> No.4561311

I watch hololive and I only care for the ones I watch. Don't give a fuck about holostars, roboco, sora and other random.

>> No.4561378

yeah yeah anyway, still not a charity. if someone does collab with my oshi and they seem cool i will check them out, but nobody is obligated to collab with anyone even if they are under the same company.
why would i care about someone i don't watch? subbing out of pity is cringe and achieves nothing. and i will not force myself to keep up with hundreds of streamers, there are only 24 hours in one day so i will pick the ones that are interesting to me.

>> No.4561449

there's no chink's sweatshop subs group who translated every walking moments they did on stream like hololive, people will get bored eventually when they don't understand what on stream, be it niji or 774, vspo or indies. And most of normalfags want to be in the trendy stuff/group, hololive is trendy thing

>> No.4561553

that is normal people do, supporting everything in the same group is idolfag's mentality, it called "box pushing"

>> No.4561626

>collab and support between their members
main channel scheduling collabs with members that don't interact much between each other, this helps mixing the fans of each other and aid fans to get to know other holos.

>> No.4561728

says the hololive fan who follows EN only

>> No.4561760
File: 47 KB, 326x327, 1619276024623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good one anon

>> No.4561843

Westerners seem to dislike JKs for some reason

>> No.4561890

I wonder if Nijifans are ever puzzled by how much everyone but the japanese love hololive.

>> No.4561936

>box pushing
and that is the success of hololive and why they have 10+ and golden shields, while nijisanji have 0.
Until 2020 Nijisanji used to market themselves as the N° 1 vtuber company in the world, now they changed to just as one of the tops.
And don't worry anon for being selfish, it's actually the most common, normal and natural thing to do, you are not alone, in reality being selfless is the exception and minority, you may think there is a lot of fags like that because of hololive but it's nothing compared to the world.

>> No.4561959

No anon i don't watch HoloEN, i stick with HoloJP

>> No.4562015

what a selfish prick! why don't you watch them all, EN, JP, ID, and the stars?

>> No.4562350
File: 144 KB, 1157x731, C205840.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i never liked anime dubbed, so i never was interested in english anime/vtuber content, and i actually support Oga and Aruran, and other 20 shubas, Nijisanji fans instead only supports their selfish ass and one of the top harworkers liver like Honma only had 3k subs in a month, way less than a Star.

>> No.4562486

new development in holofaggot theory: being selfish means not forcing yourself to watch shit you don't genuinely like

>> No.4562746

anon, i work almost all day, i don't have time to watch even my oshi, yet i want to support her andt her closest friends, and the least thing i can do, and doesn't cost me anything is suscribing to their channels, nobody here told you to watch them all, maybe this is the least thing you could do for nijisanji instead of shiting on hololive everytime you can.

>> No.4562816

this post would be a lot more impressive if it weren't for the fact you have shown the fact you are angered about deliberate shitposting and therefore are giving them the attention they seek

>> No.4562842

your oshi would be disgusted by the fact you don't know when to end a sentence

>> No.4562925

that culture difference is why hololive managed to harness its boost and niji didn't

niji is exclusionary and elitist and attracts fans who like that kind of environment, so they have small "comfy" streams

hololive is warm and welcoming and so pulls in a snowballing, rowdy fanbase even though they started way behind

>> No.4562935

it doesn't cost you anything to sub to them yes, but if you sub and don't watch what is the point?
even outside of vtubers, i am only subscribed to channels i actually watch (live or VOD, whichever), and that is because just like you i also work almost all day. i don't want to clog my feed with content i can't or won't watch. is that really what "selfish" means to you? genuine question.
believe it or not, it doesn't matter to me how much better or worse hololive does compared to nijisanji. subscriber milestones are cool yes, big numbers are impressive yes, but let's not lose our minds here.

>> No.4563134

dead subs need not speak about being selfish

>> No.4563190

This is a lie, so many of your holowhores have several million subscribers yet only fubuki "regularly" collabs with holostars if you can call once every 3-5 months regularly. Why don't the guys from holostars all have 200k-300k subscribers? I thought you were all a big family that supported each other? How come Gura is so alone and never does collabs outside her branch? Why isn't she regularly bringing on the girls from ID every week on her channel to give them exposure? Where's the love and familial bonding?

>inb4 gura the pot smoking drunk is just too shy.

It's funny how all of the big streamers who regularly get such high views are just so shy isn't it? Pekora, Aqua, Gura, they're just so shy to do collabs and definitely aren't protecting their brand from within their own company by isolating themselves from others.

>> No.4563312

>what is the point?
just support, is up to the one supported evaluate it as pity like Kiara or be always thankful like Aki, and it's not about what i consider, the definitions are clear in the dictionary

>> No.4563380

Nijisanji is one company, hololive and holostar are separated, you can't understand that, and that's another key for there success

>> No.4563495
File: 164 KB, 512x362, C 214029.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4563508

we will obviously never see eye to eye on this so have fun supporting chuubas you don't watch, anon. i'll stay selfish and stick to actually watching the ones i know i enjoy, and see if i discover any new ones in the process.

>> No.4563526

Nijisanji is dying garbage. Go fucking watch your garbage considering You're a piece of human garbage. There's no saving niji and their dying brand. While you cling on to whatever hope you have left of them making a comeback. Me and the holochads will throw a party over their dead corpse. You will not hear the end of it when niji finally collapses. Nijifaggot.

>> No.4563684

i will enjoy and celebrate the 30th chuba achieving golden shield, while nijisanji will mourn the 20th graduation

>> No.4563715

There's that familial bond that holobronies love to talk about! notice how you completely ignored my point about how gura should be forced by management to shill the IDs if they're such a great family? Why doesn't she do regular weekly collabs with the girls from ID? They're so much smaller in subscriber count, but it's ok because hololive is a family isn't it? That must mean that you should all subscribe to and watch every single Vtuber in the company, the fact that Gura is almost at 3 million subscribers at and some of the ID girls aren't at 400k means that Gura is being a bad family member correct? This is the narrative that you're trying to sell?

>anon, i work almost all day, i don't have time to watch even my oshi, yet i want to support her andt her closest friends, and the least thing i can do, and doesn't cost me anything is suscribing to their channels, nobody here told you to watch them all, maybe this is the least thing you could do for nijisanji instead of shiting on hololive everytime you can.

>> No.4563822

>fans should watch things they don't enjoy
>chuubas shouldn't quit even if they don't enjoy streaming
so this is the mind of a holofaggot

>> No.4563837

>Pekora, Aqua, Gura, they're just so shy to do collabs
>Pekora collabing with Towa and Moona when they were at the very bottom
>Aqua collabing with the 5th Gen in the Akukin relay
>Gura collabing with Anya
This is something you will never see in Nijisanji, and you are full of shit anon.

>> No.4563916

pls andastand holobronies only experience with graduation is with them harassing their own oshi for having sex https://youtube.com/watch?v=SVhSRmoGehg

they don't know what graduating on your own terms is like.

>> No.4563961

This. Niji fans are too full of themselves. Elitists who can't even fully support the agency they themselves consider to be the best. I get Not wanting to fully invest yourself in your preferred agency but that's precisely the reason why niji is failing. They only support a few and that's based on the sub growth rate which has been piss poor. Even homostars grow Way Faster than Most Nijilivers.

They can't even grasp the simple fact that the culture hololive is building is all about unity. Every hololive member is growing. Whether you like it or not, majority of them will be over a million subs. And no amount amount of pitiful nijicope will deter from the facts.

Go support your Nijisanji instead of crying about what hololive is doing.

>> No.4563999
File: 1.15 MB, 1300x1132, ce76edb6af61ace4cfb2094bcf826ed36eef7842.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>gura should be forced by management to shill the ID
anon this rrat is dead, try better next time

>> No.4564003

>unity unity
>meanwhile holostars

>> No.4564059

that's so nijisanji

>> No.4564132
File: 34 KB, 190x191, 928.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so true anon remember all those times kuzuha got outviewed by roberu

>> No.4564151

>nijisanji will mourn the 20th graduation

>> No.4564182

can't mourn someone i never watched, anon. that's another advantage of not pretending to give a shit to make yourself feel like a better person.

>> No.4564191

>homostars grow Way Faster than Most Nijilivers.

>> No.4564196

mourn? they'll sweep it under the rug like they did gibara and the IN branch on their official reddit lol

>> No.4564214

You picked out single events, I can too like how Kanae did the international among us collab in English to introduce his EOP fans to the ID, KR, VR and IN branches, or how sukoya who also has a bunch of dedicated clippers also did a collab with Hana Macchia, Noor and Adya. I could also point out how out how ID, KR, and IN were invited to the nijiyanji relay along with a bunch of other small time JP members that saw them get them an increase in subscribers and viewership.

But those are just one time events like yours anon, hololive is supposed to be a family that supports each other isnt it? So tell me why doesn't Gura do weekly streams with the smaller members? Once is an anomaly, to truly be a family you have to be there constantly for each other correct?

>> No.4564257
File: 336 KB, 2315x2265, de4f3e0f996f51cc4b91ab7ad500a40474baeff5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a-anon that's so sad, so nijisanji

>> No.4564426
File: 602 KB, 4096x2916, E2nmKbOVUAA4Dmy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4564501

I don't expect a nijifaggot such as yourself to possess any brain power to comprehend why hololive is dominating. elitist scum like you are the biggest reason why no westerner will ever go near Nijisanji. The fanbase is too full of themselves, too unwelcoming and too toxic.
The more you continue with your elitist trabilisism bullshit, the more unapproachable niji becomes.

>> No.4564530

>Kanae did the international among us collab in English to introduce his EOP fans to the ID, KR, VR and IN branches, or how sukoya who also (blah blah..) Hana Macchia, Noor and Adya. (more blah) nijiyanji relay along with a bunch of other small time JP members that saw them get them an increase in subscribers and viewership.
anon, nijifaggots are so egotistycal, they only care about their oshis, that's why nobody knows about all of this shit, their fans only know about bitterness and jealousy, that's why all they do is shit on holos everytime they can

>> No.4564545
File: 302 KB, 612x1684, Screenshot_20210603-230412_Samsung Internet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>They can't even grasp the simple fact that the culture hololive is building is all about unity
Yeah I can totally feel the unity that you all share together. It's definitely a thing that exists and totally not something you faggots don't just make up to cope when you start numberfagging within your own camp.

>> No.4564615

reading comprehension reps, hololive fans cherrypick collabs that happened months and even years ago as proof of their 'unity'

>> No.4564627

lol i would tell you to go watch your chuubas or something but it's already been established you faggots don't actually watch anything. what DO you do, anon?

>> No.4564719

he admitted he doesn't even have time to watch his oshi, he just sits on his hands and shitposts all night

>> No.4564749

I don't know about that anon, those are still pretty decent numbers. I thought the top 30 superchats were mostly from hololive and that's like over half of them right?

>> No.4564854

They're good numbers but they're not equal like some people in this thread delude themselves into thinking. Some are very obviously doing better than others. But shitposters only point out this occurrence happening in Nijisanji and that it's a bad company because some are at the top while others get shit numbers.

>> No.4564898

Don't you think choco, azki and the ID girls are lacking on some of that unity? i thought you were all a family? family always supports each other, why is rushia and coco not supporting their family? It's very selfish of them.

>> No.4564902
File: 60 KB, 771x785, 8fe4b41593353f1fa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mourn the 20th graduation
this is too much... just close the thread already

>> No.4564990

Who??? don't lump us all into the same basket. we all have our own opinions here anonchama. I don't have an oshi and I don't have a favorite either. I just watch whoever has the most interesting stream. I treat my streamers like cable. If the stream content sucks then I'm not watching it.

>> No.4565087

>implying this board isn't just two schizos arguing back and forth pretending to be different people
come on now

>> No.4565134

>calls people elitist scum
>uh please dont paint us all with the same brush, U-UNITY!!

>> No.4565255
File: 164 KB, 359x351, 1617799119824.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4565544

I envy you Holochads and your enthusiasm. Genuine happyness to celebrate your favorite chuuba. Nijibros only know how to suffer and dispare. Our favorite chuuba contracts are expiring soon and we're anxious if the they would ever renew. I thought that niji was supposed to be a comedian agency but all I feel now is severe pain and pure envy.

>> No.4565795

unity? theres no unity, theyre just under the same brand. you cant tell me that coca cola zero or diet would be in unity with coca cola standard if they werent named coca cola.

the hololivers all have a vested interest in promoting the brand especially if that means they get more validation through money, experiences or views.
nijisanji isnt immune to this either btw

>> No.4565849
File: 1.26 MB, 1945x1939, E1W5jYWUcAMBwHg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not if the chuuba is already too brain damaged to properly go back to human society.
i sleep soundly at night knowing picrelated will be keeping at his usual autistic occupations for a good few more years.

>> No.4565930

No. You are supposed to be happy for our graduated chuuba and wish them success. Wishing Yuya to succeed in her study, wishing Gibara to succeed in her soon to be VA career, wishing all Niji In success in whatever they do. Noor is probably one of En staff. Wishing Chitose to succeed in her singing career. Other Livers who peacefully graduated. Except Meiro and Raito because fuck those cunts with spiky dildos.

>> No.4566037
File: 21 KB, 421x421, 1621082247710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i don't want to clog my feed
you don't want to support because of such a gay and pussy argument, anon that's embarrasing and disgusting

>> No.4566097
File: 106 KB, 674x379, d679g2melyh51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Except Meiro and Raito because fuck those cunts
this is

>> No.4566386

>dead sub

>> No.4566560
File: 298 KB, 584x584, 1621182543725.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>while nijisanji will mourn the 20th graduation
20 vs 11. Hololive has a higher graduation rate per capita.

>> No.4566631
File: 43 KB, 603x407, 8405206.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i don't want to clog my feed with content i can't or won't watch

>> No.4566680
File: 120 KB, 381x832, C230758.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4566851

I used to watch Gibara clips before holoen came out. I didn't know she retired, damn that sucks. I hope she's doing better with whatever she decided to do instead.

>> No.4567210

she is going to be in the new [email protected]

>> No.4567321
File: 2.57 MB, 1600x993, y1970147.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In other words, the project of being a vtuber for them in nijisanji was a failure and they can't feed themselves, because of that they are forced to look for a job elsewhere, well that sucks.
In a way, Luna was the luckiest investor of all of them, quitting nijisanji when it was at it's top, and entering hololive when it was still below them.
i feel bad for this cutie.

>> No.4567359

Do you fuckin expect people to superchat and member every single chuba or something?

>> No.4567395

>she is going to be in the new [email protected]
isn't that a step back? wasn't Nene a seiyuu before?

>> No.4567498

>Do you fuckin expect people to superchat and member every single chuba or something?
so where's this unity and supportive family you holobronies is praising?

>> No.4567555

15 members over a million. With more on the way.

>> No.4567619

United hololive > divided niggersanji

>> No.4567623

Their models look generic as shit

Hololive posseses a big DESIGN POWER GAP

>> No.4567629

>Do you fuckin expect people to superchat and member every single chuba or something?
>They only support a few and that's based on the sub growth rate which has been piss poor. Even homostars grow Way Faster than Most Nijilivers.

>> No.4567644

>In other words, the project of being a vtuber for them in nijisanji was a failure and they can't feed themselves
No, it's not because of that. It's because a lot of the Nijis that join are pretty young and not sure what to do with their lives and they end up following a different career in the longrun. Hololive's members are all washed up hags joining the company out of desperation in comparison.

>> No.4567705

You sidestepped the question. What do you expect people to do? Drop $1040 month superchatting all 52 talents $20?

>> No.4567779

Not the same guy. Regardless, as I see it it's common to support a cluster of Hololive talents since they overlap more and there's less of them. With nijsanji, you usually just pick a couple individual livers you like and keep it at that. That's how I do things at least.

>> No.4567833

again in other words, YAGOO hired experienced streamers instead of inexperienced experiments and wasting investment in 2.0 models, and then he shifted the strategy of the agency to an idol one, bannig collabs with males, and now he is drowning on money because of that, meanwhile Nijisanji was wasting his money, shooting bullets to the void, yeah experienced people really make a difference.

>> No.4567905

if you're not the same guy why have you inserted yourself into this reply chain replying for him

>> No.4567931

I'm not replying for him, I'm replying to you. Is this your first conversation on this site or something?

>> No.4567948

In other words; hololive is a retirement home for washed up female streamers who can't make their simpbucks normally anymore due to their looks deteriorating.

>> No.4568128
File: 86 KB, 227x222, 3584f54b341b081fecd4acbeb640bf81bdd0a44b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i see, so you can't deny it, has to be because numbers are facts, and time is proving YAGOO right, and that's how you cope.
Still, don't have anything against the livers, but you nijiniggers deserve all the pain.

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