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Best vtuber dancers? Pic related.

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God just imagine how utterly immobile and stiff ina would be during sex, its so fucking hot
I bet she doesn't even have enough bodily energy to clamp down during orgasm

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why is everyone so racist against white people now?

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Racism is fun and it's the only socially acceptable form of racism.

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What about gypsies?

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In fairness to IRyS, she thought gypsies were mythological.

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Enna will complete this gif kek

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>all the minorities banded together to make white people a sole mockable minority
crazy how nature do dat

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Ina and Pomu are seaNIGGERS

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Most of the people making fun of white people are...white people.

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Holy shit lmao.

Did she address this on stream?

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Who dis? Why is the tracking so good

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i swear these people were literally the bulk of the people who died in the holocaust. and to this day i hear people around me and europeans snobbily joke about treating them as subhumans.
i dont know what lifestyle these people have but it shouldn't warrant this much hate.

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Later, on a member stream. An actual Roma sent her a superchat in Romanian Leu and IRyS said something like "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know gypsies were actually real".

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I still don't know what the correct term is supposed to be if I ever had to use the word gypsy in english.

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Not really, it's mostly just wypipo shitting on their own race because their mentally ill

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I actually got an official notice from the company I work for, a big store with billions in sales and a whole diversity and inclusion corporate department, that "gypsies were known to have come into town" and to make sure they didn't steal too much stuff from the store.

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kson('s background dancer)

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>chat actually seething about it

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atleast type correctly when you're trying to crap on your superiors, shitskin

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minorities hate white people.
white people hate white people. really makes you think.

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According to americans it's "romani" but I've never heard a euro use the term.

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They are literal subhumans sewer rats completely disconnected from normal society. Like they're not even registered by the government. They don't work either. It's completely incomparable to anything in US society. The way they get anything material is by raiding a market/shop/etc as a group and just taking everything.

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funniest thing is that the gypsy part isn't even the most viewed part of the VOD. nobody cares, retards from this place and retards from twitter are just that loud.

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That should tell you just how bad they are, like blacks in the US contribute more to society than gypsies do in europe.

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It is odd how racism against gypsies became a thing on twitter, like it's mostly americans who probably have never met one.

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3D rat is gonna be too powerful at the concert.

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She got dem towa hips.

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God, I can't wait!

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Gypsies are swindlers and thieves. That's the only lifestyle they have.
It's 'Romani'. Romanians are a different group of people altogether.

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Ina carried that live

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real dancer vs paid dancer. Not fair. How does Pomu even balance herself when she's missing one tit?

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>he actually believes the shitposts

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anything in US society? You've just described black gang members. Specifically black because they're the only group gullible enough to do stupid petty crime like that

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>I didn't know gypsies were actually real

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Caucasians are the only race in human history that actively *wants* to get extinct. They deserve to get mocked.

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No need to, you retards shit on your own. No one hates white people more than other whites.

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im romanian and i still call them gypsies
even gypsies call themselves gypsies

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I mean it when I say 'go white girl go', this board's obsession with yellow fever mystifies me

t. white girl enjoyer

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Yeah and nobody hates Asians more than other Asians, nobody hates South Americans more than other South Americans, same for Africans.

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How is it racist? Pomu herself thought it was funny https://twitter.com/PomuRainpuff/status/1622070225272176640?lang=en

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God, Towa dances so well and seductively while seeming innocent about it, and her outfit is perfect for it. It's so hot.

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Oh and jews hate whites with a passion too, i guess

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Funny because this move was from a choreography made by a Japanese girl

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>"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know gypsies were actually real".

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Maimoto, no contest

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Why is most of the thread either fragile crackers whining about racism, or Towa

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the two choices on /vt/

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want to cum in towap

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As a shock video enjoyer I can tell you they're animals.
From gypsy hags shitting in their hands and throwing it at each other (that's how they fight, literal monkeys) to a gypsy fag beating his own sister to a pulp for dating someone outside of their gang and right in front of their mother (who didn't try to stop him because that's their 'culture' I guess), there's just no civilizing them.
And of course, all the stealing and murder.

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it will never be topped

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Anyone else I would have said they were just trying to cover their tracks but Irys is enough of a baka for me to believe she actually thought a gypsy was like some type of gnome or goblin or something.

Hmm yes funny how (((nature))) did that

Clearly you've never met a gypo they're like nog jew hybrids, criminal like a black but crafty and cheap like a jew although not quite as manipulative.

They're not even Romanian though I've been to Romania and people there are nothing like gypsies in either appearance or action. Gypsies were nomadic tribes originally from northern India.

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i will post another towa

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no, you were correct the first time. Should be "their".

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Pomu is a self hating white who wishes she was Asian.

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Subaru is pretty great

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White people who want to curry up to the minorities to be part of their special clubs, instead of reminding minorities why they are called that. The whites should be whipping them back to the cotton and rice fields.

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Someone post that Haachama webm.
You know which one.

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Unironically Filian.
She'd put a Holo in the hospital in a dance-off.

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Isn´t Akirose a literal profesional dancer?

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We have yet to see Bae dance live so I'm waiting on that.

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gypsies have a similar status to jews in that it's both an ethnicity and a culture (and they kind of have their own religion as well): this means that the people recognized as gypsies are the ones 'in' the culture that typically features crime, very hierarchical conservative culture and all manner of antisocial behaviour - they're generally a nuisance but a threat mostly to other members of the community with clan feuds and honour killings
the ones that assimilate to society aren't generally very visible but get their fair share of discrimination anyway
its like knowing only new yorker hasidic jews and concluding that all jews are undereducated, retarded neets who do menial labour or read holy books all day

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>post vtubers dancing
>half the thread is about white racism and gypsies
I fucking have this drama board

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Dog's always been a solid dancer.

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>this board's obsession with yellow fever mystifies me
Yes it is a confusing thing that a board dedicated to a Japanese type of entertainment featuring a large number japanese girls, likes japanese girls.

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Unironically really cool.

It's ok the thread is starting to get better now.

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You want to fix it? Post more Towa.

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I will reserve my judgment until we see Bae in full effort studio mode because this is not particularly impressive its just wiggling her hips to the beat.

From what we've heard it seems like Gura, Kiara and Bae are top 3 and Ina and Ame are the worst in EN.

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Looking at most of the replies I'm not sure if I'm supposed to post a good dancer or a shitty one. Anyway, Kanade MiMi is good.

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funny thing is that ina and pomu are not even white

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Aiba Uiha

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>Kiara - tried to be an irl idol
>Bae - was in a dance group with friends
>Goob - MLP Yt channel??

>> No.45135845

/b/omu reps.

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She didn't say that.

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Uiha is simply too powerful

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that anon is right

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We talking hired professional dancer... Or?

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LMAO no way

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File: 2.61 MB, 800x450, DarlingDance[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fj9s142.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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holy shit this guy's my new oshi now

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kson is a retarded whore but at least her theme is cool.

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I only like weeaboo white girls with ADD.

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>Own a store in Ireland. Man walks in with a dozen little runts kicking and screaming, running around your store knocking shit over and stealing things. Man just grabs something from the counter non chalantly and walks back out with screaming runts in tow, not paying a dime.

At least amerimutts don't leave your store in shambles.

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bomu is a mutt. She’s neither white nor asian, she’s in between, a mutt

>> No.45138829

She got a bit of a pawg thing going on (I see why luca says it so much) but her skins pretty white to me.

>> No.45138913

Because sometimes us white people dance a bit goofy and it's fun to laugh and smile

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Yes but those worst of the worst gangbanger types are (mostly) contained to inner city ghettos. Imagine if those people had free range to fuck about across the country victimizing small towns

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She's a happa

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No she's said before she's mostly self taught, she was just always interested in belly dancing

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Uiha Aiba is the perfect example of a vtuber idol.

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I would use her shit as toothpaste

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File: 1.43 MB, 640x360, botan[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F8uc8kg.m4a].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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I want to breed Korone and build a happy, loving and nurturing relationship with her goddamn

>> No.45140086

Stiffer than my dick what a challenge

>> No.45140113

I've never seen another vtuber inspire so many "uuungghhhh sssseeexx" comments as consistently and easily as Towa.

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holy crap look at him go

>> No.45141218

Yeah, and Jews like cracking jokes about Jewish people.

>> No.45141316

a single day in any random place in europe will convince you that gypsies deserve all the hate they get.

>> No.45141442

>i dont know what lifestyle these people have
>but it shouldn't warrant this much hate.
if you have never been close to one then stfu thinking every human is good natured you mega faggot

>> No.45141450

>those hips


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>> No.45141833

stop that

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>Blanqueamiento, branqueamento, or whitening, is a social, political, and economic practice used in many post-colonial countries in the Americas and Oceania to "improve the race" (mejorar la raza)[1] towards a supposed ideal of whiteness.[2] The term blanqueamiento is rooted in Latin America and is used more or less synonymously with racial whitening. However, blanqueamiento can be considered in both the symbolic and biological sense.[3] Symbolically, blanqueamiento represents an ideology that emerged from legacies of European colonialism, described by Anibal Quijano's theory of coloniality of power, which caters to white dominance in social hierarchies.[4] Biologically, blanqueamiento is the process of whitening by marrying a lighter-skinned individual to produce lighter-skinned offspring.[4]

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People say that goblins are jews because haha funny nose, but their really gypsies. They set up camp outside your town and just keep sneaking in to steal shit until you get sick of them and threaten them enough to make them leave and find a new town.

In England, "Traveller" is what i heard growing up norf. Well, mostly "Gyppo bastard/cunt" but traveller was used sometimes.

>> No.45142222

What the fuck is Pomfy doing(i literally forgot her name)

>> No.45142323

Never trust claim about hired pro dancer. Search Vivid bad squad live if you want to look at actual pro and you will see

>> No.45142551

Kek. Wtf. Why are Holo's so racist man

>> No.45144092

That's not real, retards. Someone would've posted the timestamp since then

>> No.45144148

>Say some Nijinigger is dissing your oshi, just give 'em one of these-

>> No.45144167

She's pretty good.

>> No.45144393

Korone can do anything.

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>> No.45144700

Uiha is cheating, then again so is Lulu since they are actual idols IRL. Mikoto is pretty good at it

>> No.45144791

Is he supposed to be a background dancer? Yo what the fuck.

>> No.45144863


Forgot my link

>> No.45144866

A mutt I'd dick down on the living room carpet.

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>> No.45145088

For anyone that cares, the creator of this dance killed someone in cold blood with an axe

>> No.45145122

That's probably less racist than knowing gypsies are real and their reputation desu

>> No.45145716

Cool fact

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>> No.45148231

How are Okayu and Mio moving like that? They are so fat. Not to mention Mio is an old woman too.

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Gypsies deserve it, Americans have no idea.

>> No.45148618

Post mio sexy dance

>> No.45148627

Finana is some kind of Asian but I'm pretty sure Pomu is white. Everyone already know Ina is Korean but doesn't speak Korean. Only Jap and Eng, which is funny.

>> No.45149039

Holy fucking shit, my new oshi

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IRyS didn't realize she had missed some.

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Remember what they took from you.

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Actually having the training to do the thing you're doing isn't training. Just means these corpos need to hire more accomplished idols.

>> No.45151377

>Actually having the training to do the thing you're doing isn't training.

>> No.45151390

>>45151330 (me)
Doing* not second training. I'm braindead.

>> No.45151392

wasn't she bedridden or something

>> No.45151448

You tell me, nigger.

>> No.45151854

Why does Kronii hate having boobs?

>> No.45152501

It’s always hilarious hearing Euros talk about how disgusting rhe racism of other countries is and they’re above such things only to turn into frothing at the mouth, would make the KKK think it’s a bit much racists when gypsies come up.

>> No.45153747

>no Nene
Gypsies are basically Jews but dumb as bricks and poor, so all the downsides and no positives.
They didn't specify it, but I'm fairly certain that this clip is about a gypsy encounter. https://youtu.be/xPs-ngZCObc

>> No.45156509

Pulling off a shuffle while wearing the VR helmet and without completely destroying her shed was more impressive IMO. It's clear she can do footwork, but her current hardware severely limits her.

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File: 2.96 MB, 1280x720, 1662012413610575.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

because she's a prude

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>> No.45157188

Woah that's like, idol moves right there.

>> No.45161260

Unironically Towa

>> No.45161324


>> No.45161464

It's not Towa, despite what this thread would make you think. Towa just dances a lot and without prompting, but she's not really good at it.

>> No.45162190

Swift movements, like a samurai sword.

>> No.45163120

Post that Aki webm, you know which one

>> No.45164282

White people think making fun of themselves is funny. You could call Pomu a dumb white bitch to her face and she probably go "haha such a kidder, how funny". White people have actual negative in group bias, the only group that actively don't like each other.

>> No.45164742

The only thing this thread would make anyone think is that vtubers can't dance. This thread has convinced me that any Holo who claims to have taken even a single dancing lesson in their entire lives is lying through their teeth.

>> No.45164909

surely it has nothing to do with decades of media and education and the shit we all see smeared across social media, clearly they hated themselves when they built their countries from nothing!

>> No.45165002 [DELETED] 

Don't care, you brought blacks into the americas. Literally black free and whites brought them in by the millions. Imagine that, crossing the ocean and the first thing you think is "ummm his place needs more black people"

Fuxk you
Go suck black dick since you like it so much

>> No.45168085

What the fuck is wrong with women? How do you be in a situation like that and not have the urge to tell them to fuck off?

>> No.45168235 [DELETED] 

Based. The janny will come down on you but the truth is this continent and all its inhabitants both Native and European have been paying for the Eternal A*glo's bizarre love of blacks for the past 400 years. Truly Angl*s are the most perfidious enemy mankind has ever faced.

>> No.45168464

How I enjoy the nonsensical cry of my geographical inferiors in the morning
>sips tea-and-biscuits flavoured tea
I do so enjoy the cries of the peasantry with my fruit toast

>> No.45170108

In truth calling someone white just simply isn't an insult by itself.

>> No.45170163 [DELETED] 
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>> No.45170332 [DELETED] 
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stop reminding me. literally the only good chink and they couldnt keep her

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>Casually improvs 70% of his choreography and mogs the shit out of everyone else

>> No.45170524

i wont watch a man dance that is mega gay

>> No.45170563

shuba is pretty good