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I miss the old days. What are some of your favourite memories?

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Miko saying nigger

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Rushia playing Dark Souls.

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>nijifags mass reporting mio until her channel was almost destroyed
>nijifags harassing aloe into graduation because of something she said before she joined hololive
>nijizhangs spamming suisei's chat because she spoke like coco for a few seconds
>nijizhangbots consistently spamming fubuki's chat for over 2 years

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butterfly patapata

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rent free holobronies

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kizuna ai's interactions with pewdiepie

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I don't know, when were the days when they didn't spam fucking minecraft?

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Everything before the incident in September 2020

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That time I thought HoloEN would be like HoloJP, just in English.

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If you want to go further back, when Mirai Akari was in VRChat interacting with fans trying to find a Nero

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You're a tourist, go back retard.
You too

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I hate the old days. All the people hopping on the bandwagon during the pandemic are gone. Things are much better now. At least for me and my chuubas.

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Natsumi Moe and Comdost together

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the problem now is that you have people who hate anime culture and vtuber culture becoming vtubers

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PekoMoona, Pekora MGS, usaken, Korone game choices not being restricted by copyright/IP shit, Project Winter, pre-2022 Suisei, F AMS, good Hologras, sankisei.
old /jp/ anons were right but there was alot of hope initially.
Still love it when she was doing that bartender shit and there was some guy who worked at a factory and was having a tough time.

Remember when they used to announce Holos achievements then newbies kept asking why some Holos weren't included and then they included those Holos and it became a shame as it showed the reason they used to not get mentioned was because they didnt achieve shit. Good times.

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I assume you aren't a Hololive fan then. Things aren't much better now.

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Korone playing obscure famicom shit for 20 fucking hours straight back when permissions weren’t a thing yet instead of AAA garbage

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Befote Riifu I could go to sleep without fapping

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>What are some of your favourite memories?
When /sp/ called Coast to Coast AM.

That was pretty cool. I miss /sp/.


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Discovering hololive right before gen 4 debuted. All of a sudden my feed was full of vtuber streams and clips and everything was new and exciting.
My favorite moment ever is Sora acknowledging me in the chat twice while I was still a grey, and trying to talk to me in english. I was super polite btw because I know EOP's reputation is horrible and they dont even know the basic stream etiquette.

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Yeah, that's what i thought too.
Really disappointed

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>old days
>posts pekora

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You have people in Nijisanji EN that barely even know a thing about Nijisanji JP. The first wave at least were fans. Now you've got imposters that probably don't even know who noraneko is.

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To me it was Myth... My favorite gen, before it all went to shit with clique forming and their lack of friendship got exposed.

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>old days
vtubers as we know them have barely even been around for a decade. what old days???

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>not everyone was there when the first vtuber ever became semi-famous
Get over yourself faggot. Its a silly pastime activity, and not something so important that you HAD to be there at the very start.
Btw. wtf are you even doing here? Shouldnt you be on /jp/ with the rest of the "oldfags" that are now literally maybe 5 people, and the rest came in with holos gen 3 and 4.

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holy mother of seethe

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Wow I bet you've been on 4chan as far back as since 2016.

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>larping oldfags can't even name one of four heavenly kings aside from kizuna AI
my favorite moment Pre 2020 is AI chan collab with Kaguya Luna. Post 2020 best moment is usaken summer fest

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Leddit cancer getting BTFO by chinaGODS

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Comfy Artia streams

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This is /vt/ so most will be Holo. Luna with her frame rate and that dumb nissin ad when she got heat for beating other brands is what I mostly remember her for. Didn't really care for nojaloli but he #relatable for some back in the day. Siro's dolphin laugh. I liked Akari the most when she was still under Eilene. I still have Mirai to Mirai in my phone. Also, old Cocoa is underrated, her covers are fucking great. If you can't find some anymore on yt then go to bilibili.

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I miss that sweet spot in 2021 when NijiEN was CGDCT and HoloEN actually put effort into their streams, and Pippa was still irrelevant without redditors infesting her fanbase. Probably the only good era of ENtubing.

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HoloJP is mostly the same besides permissions and certain girls like Aqua changing entirely. The EN vtubing scene is what changed way more. In the early days most western vtuber fans didn't have loyalty to specific companies, so they would watch anyone who looked interesting or funny.

Since big corpos became more popular, a lot of great indie or smaller corpo chuubas are slightly forgotten because they don't get any promotion or marketing. I think this is changing again though. Since HoloEN is really boring lately and NijiEN is trying to immolate itself, corpos are slowly getting bigger. Hopefully they make a nice return and the EN scene stops being stagnant

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This one was so weird to see during the demonetization times.

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You joke? I am enjoying vtuber better than ever after dropping Hololive and Nijisanji, still check around Kiara Mori and Bae but the rest of Hololive is whatever, hell i havn't even watched any HoloX stream yet (debuts included)

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>Kiara Mori and Bae
Naaaaaaah bro

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This. The chuubas that literally debut and then post their whole body and face on their social medias. Just egirls too lazy to even try to be a character.

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Sorry but aint watch boring shitfest like Fauna or Ina.
gura is not watchable at all, period

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Thats fine. But dude, Kiara Mori and Bae are definitely not it.

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MiKorone A Way Out immediately jumps to mind

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not your problem bitch

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>Last video was 7 months ago
I had no idea he stopped.

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Everything before Gen 4 debut.

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>reddit rabbit
>old days

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You know there is more than just en right?

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>watch JP

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If he wants to just watch EN, just let him.

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I’m not saying he can’t, I just wanted to be sure he actually knows JP exists, which I guess he does

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Nijifags their fuckings calls for raiding aloe are still up on Jap text boards to this fucking day.

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If anyone is wondering why the old days are gone and dead, it's because of people like this anon.

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Nah. Oyabun+4 kings era died the same way old youtubers became less relevant as streamers and newer youtubers rose up, couldn't adapt to the moving times and shit business stuff.

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My old days were watching Korone.
My current days are watching Korone.
Everything is fine.

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Pre-permissions debacle Korone streams were still the best tho.

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This. Spending my Christmas and New Years watching her play Roommania and Nyanpyou are probably my fondest memories.

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Permissions don't matter as much
But when she got really burnt out and only streamed on weekends it was bad
I like that she's streaming more lately

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when pekora and shuba were actually 3 views and they felt like ours, its hard to watch the massive jp girls now with 20-50k viewers a stream.

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People don't find it appealing anymore to sit and watch *incomprehensible noise #23454234"
But these whores are not *incomprehensible noise*

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Hags getting older.

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I think you and I both know how you can fix that issue, anon

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People also don't care about spending months to learn a language they have actual no fucking interest in using besing trying to watch a fucking Dog.png making some funny noise, it's just not worth the effort if thats all you give a shit about, an EN speaking whore is faster to consume and far more appealing to follow

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So, a seething nijinigger?

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>Depressed and overthink they're not gonna renew my contract
>See the thread
>Remember coco graduation
I don't even remember any coco content specifically, but seeing her graduate still haunt me. And this feeling same as when coco graduate

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months is an understatement you are talking about years of actual dedication to get anywhere near being able to really understand them

>> No.45107519

yeah, no one that got to vtubers around the time /vt/ was made for example will ever feel the dedication to get into JP unless they have more just an interest in trying to understand what some chuuba say, clippers exist too

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Ahem, I actually put in the work for my oshi by learning her language

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Sounds like the words of someone who doesn't do their reps
I believe in you anon. You can do it.

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I expected worse so I’m kinda happy with the few gems we got.

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I already told you, i have no interest whatsoever in wasting time learning japanese, i have no use for it

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What cliques? What lack of friendship? Myth seems closer than ever before

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>JP nijikeks call for raiding Aloe to harass her, call her home telephone, tell her to die etc
>EN nijikeks constantly sending hateful messages to Zaion and calls for harassing her, doxxing her and swatting her amongst other things to get her off the internet
Nijikeks really are all the same

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That's what they all say in the beginning.

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Choco pandering hardcore to coomers because Susan still allowed it.

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Coco solo content sucked except for Asacoco. Banger at collabs tho.

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hlg vs jojo

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PekoHina collab

>> No.45109289

Remember back in the day when people thought who is currently Botan was potentially Hinata because people didn't want to accept that she wasn't playing during those FPS vids.

>> No.45109322

There was no shot it was ever gonna happen anon.

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Water in the fire why

>> No.45113766

I wanted to believe... ;_;

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>Ame building PPP for 6.5 hours.
>Saying she almost done 2 hours in.
>Getting tired and frustrated with chat over water physics.
>Getting blown up by creeper.
>Committing suicide by jumping off PPP and ending the stream.

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That's not a question of effort anon. That's a question of your cognitive capacity.

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Like 30 minutes ago when Koyori and Marine squatted into a split in their bikini.

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Pekora playing rat Simulator.
Pekora pranking everyone with her pumpkin house
Pekora MGS Playthrough
Pekora playing Death Stranding
Pekora playing Wii sports resort
Pekomama on stream for the first time
CAMP streams on ARK.

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I miss her

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Checking the newest A.I.Channel videos to see if someone had subtitled them in English so I could escape reality for 10 minutes watching Ai-chan. Haha, it's so cool and novel that someone got MMD working with motion capture and decided to make a youtube channel. Man, I should really learn at least JP so I don't have to wait for someone to translate, haha, right bros?

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No tempiss and niji en

>> No.45115103

>post-gen 3 newfag

>> No.45116151

Pekora warcrime arc

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Zoomers unironically be like "I miss the good old days of two and a half years ago"

>> No.45119635

Everyone misses the time they were 15-20. This board is full of younglings.

>> No.45119791

>Everyone misses the time they were 15-20
speak for yourself

>> No.45119861

Every year feels the same in the Internet age for me

>> No.45120322

The Holo ARK streams to me stopped being as interesting when Fubuki made that explosive tweet about ARK (when it was something relating to her game settings) and then pretty much disappeared from any consequent ARK streams, and then truly stopped being worth watching when fans got mad that one time when Aqua decided to make her own tribe instead of joining the Hologirls tribe to the point where she decided to stop playing ARK as well

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Easy the gta5 steams from the elite gamer it was so good and carefree, just pure unfiltered madness you never knew what would happen next.

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It's the lowest kind of "human" being.

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Honestly ever since COVID hit it feels like maybe a year has passed since then but it's been 3.....

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Saaaaaaameeee loooooool
i remember waiting patiently for them to finally get into the swing of things only for them to become even worse then they were at debut and just dropping holoEN altogether after 4 months of hopium

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are you the same autistic retard from yesterdays numbers thread who cried like a bitch that he cant watch a stream when it's in japanese?

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I'm very fond for those goofy MAD videos Haachama made around the mid 2020's. Everything was so goofy back then, no one took it seriously. Youtube wasn't so autistic with censorship either so creative girls could still bother being creative. On hindsight everything has been downhill since then. Money and fame corrupts everything nice and innocent, and leaves just a cynical shell like what we have today. I'll probably never get as involved with a large online community as I was with Hololive again. I prefer to treasure the small things I actually can have an impact on.

>> No.45122702

the kizuna ai and kaguya luna reign... ;_;

>> No.45122737

well holoboard it is. but even within hololive, I'm kinda nostalgic about Akushio wars, Hololive resistance, Old swimsuits (subaru ones was my favorite) and usaken fest. nowdays most of holomem either playing same game or shilling products.

>> No.45123005

pre 2020 vtubing really different than today. Hopefully Kaguya Luna would return someday

>> No.45123083

SNOT clique
Chad clique
>Myth seems closer than ever before
No they don't, Gura disappeared in her cave. Doesn't even hang out with them anymore.

>> No.45123414

She still posts as Pmaru-sama, I think the company she was with back then was trying to fuck her over... glad to hear her songs now, just miss the Luna craziness but i guess she's happy with where she is with her career right now.

>> No.45123432

2017-2019 before EOPs fucked this hobby up.

>> No.45123469

getting kicked out of /jp/ because I said touhou music sucks

>> No.45123528

yeah, I'm enjoy pmaru songs but still I'm miss her antics as Kaguya Luna. Well good day to you fellow oldanon

>> No.45123918

I couldn't understand shit for like 18 months doing reps and all of a sudden it got pretty easy to comprehend most of it. Weird how that works.

>> No.45124017

I wouldn't be surprised if there was some drama behind the scenes .
But I had always heard that she just got burned out of playing the character, I still also enjoy her as Pmaru and hope that she's happy

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When risu actually streamed regularly and didn't go discount gura

>> No.45125226

I didn't know about that
It really shows shitposters don't care about ID

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Same man same

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came here to post this

>> No.45130678

>What are some of your favourite memories?
AkuPeko first Micra interaction. We'll never get something as kino as that.

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I watch Generation 5. I've never been let down and I miss nothing. My girls has wonder chemistry and are each uniquely interesting.

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I miss the good old days when vtubers didn't stream, but instead made highly edited videos with English subs. The skit comedy and edited gameplay vods were the best. We had more things translated back then than we do now. And even when the streaming shit came about, subbed clips were everywhere. With EN chuubas, that doesn't happen nearly as much. It's now actually harder to get into JP chuubas than it used to be. Fuck streams and fuck EN. It was way more fun back then.

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>> No.45131957

Before myth and the blowup of vtubers for normies

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Anything with the green hair necromancer

>> No.45132178

I miss the lack of tourists, schizophrenics, unicorn LARPers, and general shitters on this board.
Lots of trash these days. Wish they'd all fuck off or something.

>> No.45132234

Sadly, most people here won't remember a time before streams. I don't know why I'm here at all when I don't get the appeal of streaming on a fundamental level. It's just too much of a zoomer thing for me.

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Neuro-sama feels like the only good thing since Kizuna, and the e-girl side of vtubing has just been nothing but hell and garbage.

>> No.45132402

When Gura streamed....

>> No.45132497

Looking back on it I feel stupid for thinking the average western woman could ever come close to people like Suisei or Roboco.

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>this was so fun! i can't wait to do more scenarios in the future!

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anything before perms hell
everything was more hopeful...

>> No.45132805

boohoo nigger

>> No.45132931

I miss when everyone generally just hyped up streams and enjoyed talking about the girls in the single thread on the board.

>> No.45133074

I miss the old Lulu endurance streams... She was always so calm while constantly getting clapped in games for hours. Misumi is still good but its just not the same for some reason...

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>> No.45133495

Ame’s Outer Wilds playthrough was pure sovl

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loved watching Lulu play games

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I miss Tambourine Kulabu

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>mfw remember how the short 1 minute long clips of vtubers making a dumb noise killed off actual 8-10 minute long clips with decent translations

>> No.45136183


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Being a teenager and playing halo 2 on xbox live with my friend.

>> No.45137061

Fuck off normalfaggot. You are now 30. Go get a job.

>> No.45137132

I miss Ebola-chan. And that shitpotster vtuber.

>> No.45137280

>normalfag zoomers changing normalfag to mean "people who play videogames"

>> No.45137376

Is that even English seanigger. Yes videogames are mainstream now,for normalfaggots.