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Koopa Fortuna thread.


She's streaming Deus Ex right now. Please bear with her, she has problems.

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That pic gave me a chuckle

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and thank you for using my shitty meme as the OP

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This stream has deleted my sides.


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Needs yellow damage on legs to be perfect.

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This week's schedule!

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>Yellow on the head
>Red on chest and shoulder
>Yellow on limbs
Then it'll be accurate

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No amount of augmentation can save my sides from this woman

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We have two threads and I don't like either of them.

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It truly warms my shriveled heart to hear Koopa cackling, happy, and having an enjoyable time.

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Sorry I made the thread first Anon, I didn't save her schedule.

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She's having so much fun this is adorable

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this basically was a giant deus ex shitpost stream kek

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Brb, I am searching for an old lady screaming and laughing sterically inside some community housing.

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What if Koopa was secretly 60 years old the whole time?

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I was too slow, it's okay.

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I hope she picks DX up again later, I'd love to see her get good.

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Great, old women are the future

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Within the week there will be old women running the world!

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No, within six months.

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You won't regret watching this nina stream, she is closer to her actual persona on Simulacra and the stream is literally few hours of shitposting.

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Yeah It's pretty good so far

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Wait a sec, that stream was not archived? Koopa, what the fuck?

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Called it
Chaos stream part 2 electric old men bogaloo

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The game looks SJW. Next stream maybe.

>> No.4510276

her body might be, like how Marine is 45

>> No.4510422

Nina is shitting on all the SJW.. not sure if you were listening

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I know, Nina herself is great. It just doesn't seem like a fun game to watch. I'll leave a tab in focus on another machine though, Nina deserves the numbers.

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As a Ninabro, thanks, but I just wanted to point out that the appeal of this stream is watching ninas shitposting and commentary. The game is objectively shit. Thank you again !

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...is this Damascus' art?

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This, it's fucking great

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I had some other things to do, was really looking forward to watching the VOD. Please don't do this again, Koopa. DON'T

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>he'll never get to see the true koopa DX experience; too dark, both legs broken, and dying from brap fumes and homeless exterminator squads

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My evening is ruined and my disappointment is immeasurable.

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Does anyone have screenshots?

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Of the sneek preview of the new model I mean.

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Ai (forma de Koopa)

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And Ai (forma de Fortuna)

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Don't tell Koopa I showed you this, if she finds out that I did then I'm

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No, Koopa showed us how she wants to make babies so she couldn't archive it.

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DAMINT , I was working and was existed to see the vod after work but I guess its the stream that never happen part 2

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blame twitch for that one.
i also wanted the VOD, FUCK YOU BEZOS

>> No.4519503

Thanks koopa, <3

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File: 810 KB, 897x733, 1622680275803.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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not koopa lol

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Is that Jay Bauman?

>> No.4522504

I'm KOOPA LOVING right now, and no filthy pink can stop me.

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>mommy maid
Koopakami or Kawakwappi?

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Lore drop inbound

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File: 1.62 MB, 1421x1703, 1622690057631.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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With Fortuna, Koopa and "Bloopa"s combined color schemes, you can never be 100% sure that a given screen ISN'T made of innumerable tiny turtle mothers.

Also, she can now form her own sentai team!

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Going to have to roll a full Koopa roster at this rate

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if somehow Fortuna became the dominant personality that'd be a koop d'etat

>> No.4527778

Tits too big.

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>> No.4529784

Mom no...

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>> No.4530126

Eating out that KOOSY!

>> No.4530541

Dear god did she make Koopa's koopas even bigger?!

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trips checked

>> No.4530997

I missed the stream and twitch didn't save the VOD.
All is lost.

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M-mom pls drink in moderation, I don't want to concernfag more than i already do

>> No.4535054

if 3D anon is reading this
how goes progress on the recreation of koopa's room?

>> No.4535192

I wonder if she will be hot blooded just to subvert the blue hair = calm thing. Or maybe just a punk.

>> No.4535550

based and deathroadpilled

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File: 1.52 MB, 960x713, 1622728197381.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait is that a new Koopa Ego Bl-

>> No.4537186

I love this way too much

>> No.4538058

It's going to be 9AM there, and noon where she usually is. I don't think she'll be getting sloshed. She's there to visit family after all.

>> No.4540069

How many Koopas are there

>> No.4540364

A koopa for every color and hue

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Koopa collab https://www.twitch.tv/valravn_ch

>> No.4542413

Literally who?

>> No.4542445

So i was just gonna post this

>> No.4542507

>5 people collab
I kinda don't care about other 4

>> No.4542543

That little black guy us fucking tiny

>> No.4542710

>da rulez
I read that shit as
da jews

>> No.4542809

Carmine makes me cringe

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>> No.4543160

How's the collab going? I can't listen in because I've shit to do.

>> No.4543186

>i will never eat the bug
Based Carmine

>> No.4543201

Carmine cringe

>> No.4543214

just take your phone to the bathroom
fucking retarded pinkos I swear

>> No.4543232

Random shit like bugs and anime

>> No.4543326

Sparkling water IS shit, thank you Veleck

>> No.4543362

Koopa bullying Carmine is cute

>> No.4543434

Fucking Shady is so tiny whenever he lights up to speak i laugh wtf

>> No.4543547

>beating up her cousins as a kid and standing on top of them
I'm now imagining tiny Koopa standing on top of unconscious bodies of troopas

>> No.4543622

When tf did she talk about her adopted sister trying to kill her I don't remember that, JESAS Kwappi, glad you survived that

>> No.4543630

>I shouldn't talk about this
>proceeds to talk about it
That's our koopa...

>> No.4543695

I don't remember her saying that on stream at all

>> No.4543737

I think she didn't but she thinks she did, Kawasaki...

>> No.4543751

She hasn't mentioned it before

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>Just realized Koopa's youtube PFP isn't centered
How the fuck do Troopas let her get away with shit like this? I'm a fucking Koopa anti now.

>> No.4543799


>> No.4543815

Shh, you might noticed that her pfp on Twitch is sideways, too.

>> No.4543840

Her hair isn't even symmetrical in the very beginning... dropped

>> No.4543901

i can't believe koopas's been off lately...

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It was Fortuna but Koopa killed her in self defense and as the last act of desperation Fortuna cast a spell to move to Koopa's body

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>> No.4544154

Vel is pretty based

>> No.4544405

the slight difference in volume between them are jarring

>> No.4544406

Koopa teach your damn son, Carmine, how to make a sandwich! Kot just sandwich mogged him

>> No.4544541

Veleck is marriage material, damn

>> No.4544580

The Sandwich Question

>> No.4544602

I'd make Koopa a sandwich

>> No.4544841

What are scons

>> No.4544937

Join her discord and it could happen

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It's like a mix between cake and bread, it is british cuisine.

>> No.4545226

You know, out of all the "literally who" Collabs, this one is actually enjoyable.

>> No.4545263

it's fun listening to people ramble about random shit instead of awkwardly play some dumb game together. It's why podcasts are so successful.

>> No.4545269

I fucking love Koopa rants

>> No.4545301

Yeah I'm having fun although i was like this at the start >>4542507

>> No.4545737

>Corpse spotted
She's everywhere.

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File: 458 KB, 1109x1389, koopa fumo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.4546059

Smug piece of shit

>> No.4546151

A good tell is to always check if carmine is streaming, corpse almost never misses a carmine stream its very cute

>> No.4546303


>> No.4546304

Koopa butt
Vel butt
Valravn butt

>> No.4546336

artfags, I need a picture of all 3 bent over exposing their bare asses, thanks.

>> No.4546339

I want

>> No.4546413

But Val is a lesbian.

>> No.4546422

Yes, and?

>> No.4546499

Just in case they need more information.

>> No.4546711

>Koopa is L*veL*ve schum
I need to go find a new mom.

>> No.4546755

Hey at least it's not [email protected]

>> No.4546799

Kwappi is too horny to collab...

>> No.4546822

Drunk horny hag...

>> No.4546843

vel sounding like bootleg melody

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File: 83 KB, 212x207, 1619390701182.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i was told to try to hit on val to make her flustered my dude
i gotta do it for the viewer

>> No.4546943

Vels feet

>> No.4547289

I take it back Carmine is alright

>> No.4547323

Always was

>> No.4547532

Kwappi and Vel are so cute together....

>> No.4547661

Bros... I can't handle this stream... the cuteness is too much for me...

>> No.4547674

They've got to the point where you get drunk and tell everyone you love them

>> No.4547812

P4 > P3 > P5. All the spinoffs are worthless, and all updated versions except FES/P3P is terrible.

>> No.4547915

These nerds

>> No.4547982

Honestly i like this collab a lot, mom is having fun

>> No.4548022

>I think that racism...
Don't get cancelled!

>> No.4548037

Fucking BASED Kot

>> No.4548113

This is why I would be instantly banned if I ever became m*le chuuba

>> No.4548318

I might consider that as a commission

>> No.4548438

Vacation Bible School sure was something

>> No.4548563

Kot is drunk

>> No.4548624

Is this what having friends is like?

>> No.4548640

Raping Valravn!

>> No.4548680

Ponytail Koopa.... Wah

>> No.4548687

>high ponytail sleeping
Jesus 100% cute

>> No.4548814

Koopa got partnered!

>> No.4548817


>> No.4548819


>> No.4548838


>> No.4548852


>> No.4548861


>> No.4548873

Wasn't planning on drinking but fuck it, let's break out the Vodka

>> No.4548903

>Mom crying on stream
She's too cute.

>> No.4548960


>> No.4548962

What happened to Koopa?? She got partnereded??

>> No.4548987

Well, at least she has that checkmark

>> No.4549003

Yes it literally just happened

>> No.4549014

Yeah, she got the partner email live on stream. She made it!

>> No.4549035


>> No.4549079

I really like this group, really nice

>> No.4549102

Wtf this collab has been kino

>> No.4549419

Koopa got partnered! I love Koopa!

>> No.4549539

Reminder that being partnered means Koopa now makes a substantially better cut on Subscriptions, so sub bomb her and resub with confidence knowing your support is doing more than ever now

>> No.4550831

Watching the VOD now and that collab is freaking great. It's like a fun podcast. Good interaction, cool stories. Veleck is a treasure. HAG LOVE

>> No.4551462

You're alright, troopabro.

>> No.4553331

She gets only a better cut on T2 (60/40) and T3 (70/30)
Source: I'm a partnered chuuba

>> No.4553602

Oh there are partner tiers? That's some bullshit

>> No.4553719

No no, I just listed the tier subs. You get better cuts on higher tiers. So to support koopa best, you unironically have to sub T2/T3. I'm not joking..

>> No.4553775

sub bombs are fucking retarded, just use streamlabs if you really want to support her financially

>> No.4554124
File: 752 KB, 600x768, l2dkoopa_angwy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4554639

Very proud of mom!


>> No.4554891


>> No.4555069

Oh, I'm founder now. Koopa Love!

>> No.4555205

Kamon Koopa, you're doing great!

>> No.4555492

>She's streaming Deus Ex right now
Fuck, I missed it and I can't find the vod. Deus Ex is my favorite game.

>> No.4555566

It looks like the VOD didn't archive. I only got to catch a small portion, but it seemed like a really fun chaos stream.

>> No.4555601

FUCK, I'm not and I was only like a half day late.

>> No.4559755


>> No.4560285

Now that Koopa is a Partner I can drop her for good

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File: 6 KB, 400x400, Pink .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A Pink Troopa, here. My fellow Troopas, I will be partaking on a most grueling 33-hour drive from PA all the way to the Grand Canyon starting Friday night. I wish for Koopa and Troopa love to keep me going through this trial.

>> No.4561154

But why?

>> No.4561187

Family vacation and my mom can't handle flying for medical reasons.

>> No.4561328

Oh, take care Anon. Remember to rest well and that caffeine is not a substitute for sleep.

>> No.4561401

oh shit, I got mine too

I barely watch her due to her stream times, but she's great

>> No.4561508

Take care fellow pinkbro

>> No.4561706

>oh shit, I got mine too

>> No.4561809

Thank you, brothers

>> No.4561838

Good luck P.Troopa. I hope the journey goes well.

>> No.4562215

Best of luck Pinky

>> No.4562283

Who are you going to groom/save next?

>> No.4563988


>> No.4567825

Congratulations Kwappi!

>> No.4574455

Kipper to the moon!

>> No.4574587

Oh shit, I'm sorry

>> No.4575875

Sorry for what?

>> No.4575994

Do you think that Koopa will wait till marriage to have her first time?

>> No.4576376

She is already a mom so its your first time not hers.

>> No.4576602

>wait til marriage

>> No.4576658

I'm a long time Koopa watcher. Now that she's a partner, I must become a Koopa anti so that she can make it even further. Koopa HATE.

>> No.4577605

She already has sex with bayes/spacer

>> No.4579373

She's a femanon neet she probably experimented with toys

>> No.4579469

Toys don't count Anon. Just because you fucked a fleshlight, doesn't mean that you're no longer a wizard.

>> No.4579578

>Just because you fucked a fleshlight, doesn't mean that you're no longer a wizard.
Why must you attack me personally like this

>> No.4579610

Because you tried to attack Koopas purity.

>> No.4579694

Koopa aint pure and never acted like it or claimed to be.

>> No.4579726

Koopa is pure! PURE!

>> No.4580220

Youre wrong! WRONG!

>> No.4581429

Dawn of the Final Day
the 'watchalong' discord server approaches

>> No.4582020

>Koopa making a discord
Get ready everyone, schizos are gonna flip

>> No.4582386

Gonna make myself three accounts that will be Green Troopa, Pink Troopa and an Anti account

>> No.4588134


>> No.4588371

I will join the discord!
I will talk with koopa!
I will become popular!

>> No.4588374

Love me greens
Love me pinks
Love me blues
Hate me blacks
Simple as

>> No.4588824

So how much and where would you get that made

>> No.4590229

I will attack Koopa's purity with my little pink troopa!

>> No.4591736


Koopa doing her prep reps

>> No.4592795
File: 930 KB, 820x882, 1534543513.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's already doing better than my oshi

>> No.4592861


>> No.4593251

>when she could have either done 15 minutes of pre-stream prep or just fucking listened when everyone said Cuphead would not work with the IRL distance between her and Gura
I fucking hate how much I fucking love this idiot.

>> No.4593434

There is an uncomfortable amount of pain radiating from this image

>> No.4594027

Can't believe Koopa doxxed herself

>> No.4594072

wtf where did she get that picture of me

>> No.4594428

Literally me.

>> No.4594469

I know this is old, but I really can't get over how clever it is that the Troopas wear literal shells. That's just such a brilliant little mascot design for a gunbunny turtle chuuba.

>> No.4594485

Nina is being very cute and giggly today and since mom isn't live might as well share it
Kwappi pls dont dox me like that

>> No.4594926

But isn't that a tortoise?

>> No.4594983

Is Koopa aquatic?

>> No.4595001

Her Info says that she's a turtle.

>> No.4595004

Of course not. Koopa can't swim because even the slightest water current would rip her limbs off.

>> No.4595034

Yes, but for all we know that's just part of the scuff.

>> No.4595049

With Koopa, everything is part of the scuff, as well as lore.

>> No.4595286

>Are you threatening me, Master Comcast?
>>The scuff will decide your fate.

>> No.4595505

Did you know that in 2014, as well as 2010, Comcast got the "Worst American Company" award, as well as being the silver/bronze medalist since 2008? The 2014 was the last award given by The Consumerist so it was their parting gift to us.

>> No.4595585

That's a fun fact, but it doesn't surprise me at all!

>> No.4595586

OH HEY LOOK AT THIS! https://twitter.com/gematsucom/status/1400869636447498243

>> No.4595615

If you mod Heavenly Star back into the game, Henry shows up to assassinate you in real life.

>> No.4596176

Turtle is used as a catch-all term for all testudines

>> No.4596228

Koopa will dine on my testus.

>> No.4596311


>> No.4596428

Can confirm that they are the worst company in America. They charge me an additional $30 just to be able to use more than 1 TB of bandwidth every month, so I make sure to seed several popular torrents in addition to watching multiple streams at highest quality purely out of spite.

>> No.4596998

Fuck you, but thanks.

>> No.4597534

>Um, all the black Troopas, or n-
What did Koopa mean by this, and why did Carmine cut her off?

>> No.4597985

This never happened. Because if it did, based Chadmine would've finished off the sentence for her.

>> No.4598278

CHADmine the Undefeated, beater of women, Based God of CBT, is a legend we don't deserve to have in our presence.

>> No.4598574

>t. Carmine and Shady

>> No.4598695


I just really really hope that the 360° are a joke.

>> No.4599499
File: 317 KB, 1109x1389, E2-aFb9WUAUuuXo11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Koopa (forma de humana)

>> No.4599546

More like forma de cutie!

>> No.4599565
File: 338 KB, 1109x1389, E2-aFb9WUAUuuXo111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fortuna (forma de gyaru)

>> No.4599570

Don't end up like those German tourists Koopa!

>> No.4600857

I just caught some pink fuck lurking in the bushes outside mine and Koopa's love shack. Next time I see you little fucks, you're getting a face-full of birdshot, got it?

>> No.4600905

Good luck greenie, i have my pinkbois with me

>> No.4601205


>> No.4605295

>tfw born in time to witness Kwappi ascendance

>> No.4605930
File: 164 KB, 341x307, 1612802208628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4605990

>I can cry-wank for the entire day

>> No.4606010
File: 150 KB, 654x336, 1freeintermission.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rest well and feel better, Koopa

>> No.4606257


>> No.4606300

She never even said what the watchalong was

>> No.4606384

Oh right, the poll ended on the "???" right?

>> No.4606593

Thunderbolt Fantasy and Sealab

>> No.4606752

man when was the last Koopa solo stream

>> No.4606764

Dangerously cheesy

>> No.4606871

What are Koopa Solo Streams?

>> No.4606888

You are posting in a thread that was created during the latest solo stream my dude

>> No.4606927

The special limited-time-only Deus Ex stream a couple days back.

>> No.4607207

Mario Koops 3-on-3...

>> No.4608677

Koopa now has to redo the Deus Ex stream to the letter. Everyone that was there is required to rechat what they said as well. Together we will bring back that VOD.

>> No.4611808

I don't think any attempt will be able to recreate the exact level of scuff displayed at the beginning of that stream.

>> No.4612325

I'm broken that I missed it. Do we know why the VOD got nuked?

>> No.4612487

Twitch glitch.

>> No.4612608

I haven't the slightest clue, the only thing other than Kwappi or Deus Ex gameplay footage that appeared was when she pulled up on Youtube Deus Ex: The Recut Remastered.

>> No.4613155

so who's going to sacrifice disk space to archive all koopa streams and collabs in case another twitch glitch happens again

>> No.4613727


>> No.4613805

It's me, John Twitch. I refuse to release the VOD. I will auction it off one day for LINK coins.

>> No.4614200

It was so scuffed that twitch euthanized it themselves.

>> No.4614638

Vtuber should store their own offline copy of their streams, obs literally has a record option to auto record every stream locally while streaming

>> No.4614707

If Koopa tried that, I firmly believe OBS would explode and do something silly like overwrite her own model. Koopa's scuff aura is powerful.

>> No.4614775

Koopa is just bad with technology in general

>> No.4615046

No...she is TOO POWERFUL

>> No.4618983

if mom was a small island nation under embargo by the united states she'd be kuba

>> No.4622126


>> No.4624252

Pink troopa who is traveling to the grand canyon here. We are currently in ohio and i cant seem to sleep in the car.

>> No.4624272


>> No.4624467

Troopas does your oshi have the balls to play this?

>> No.4625434


>> No.4626751

>Tries to recreate the stream
>Gives up ten minutes in and proceeds to go even more off the rails

>> No.4626788

What's the story with her heart? Is she dying?

>> No.4626842

Basically if you can think of a medical condition then Koopa probably has it

>> No.4626883


>> No.4627138


>> No.4627616

I seriously believe doing streams in the morning is for the best as the streamer is active, has that wake-up energy and opens up numerous timezones for viewing the streams.

>> No.4627670

Americans doing morning streams:
can view streams at reasonable times for the people likely to watch this content
Americans doing evening streams:

>> No.4628236

>Koopa forgot her anniversary
Oh no no no lads

>> No.4630209

But that's what today's karaoke is for

>> No.4632751
File: 329 KB, 1000x1000, koopachama.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Karaoke in twenty minutes
>No sign of Koopa since yesterday
Looks like it's time concern

>> No.4632779

Kwappi is sick...

>> No.4632797

she's on twitch right now
testing chat

>> No.4632920

Okay, so why should I stop watching the rabbit and start watching this green hair fuck?

>> No.4633012

>enter thread of /home/ indie
>bring up rabbit, assumably pekora
>green hair fuck
try again next thread

>> No.4633172

>koopa doing karaoke stream
>i'm stuck watching hockey

>> No.4633194

Finnish troopa?

>> No.4633202


>> No.4633266
File: 63 KB, 994x1022, Cutepa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Karaoke is delayed by 15 minutes, but Koopa is alive

>> No.4633464

New thread please

>> No.4633630

New thread made >>4633600
I know it's usually not good form to do so before the last thread falls off, but this is a special case.
Expect things to get busy.

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