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ITT we post chuubas fetishes. Confirmed, rrat, all is welcome.

Gura is CLEARLY into DDLG.

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Ollie's into public sex.

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Do I even need to say it?

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Marine is ABDL or at least DL/watersports

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I'm sure Ina has a hidden femdom fetish, she just needs someone to flip her switch

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Moririn loves DDLG. She's a baby.

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Ina actually wants every human being on this planet to submit fully to her and be her pets

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Isn't gura into vore?

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you just say that because you want her to tie you to a chair and hurt you anon

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When Ina forced the viewer's eyes closed in her outfit reveal, it did things to me.

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She also has a fetish for manlets.

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Suisei - Shounencon
Utako - Shotacon, pegging, reverse rape
Rindou - grooming, femdom

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what is ddlg?

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dogi dogi lideradure glub :-----------DDD

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google it retard

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wtf am i looking at

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I’m too far gone, that kitten in the couch looked like a fat pussy

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Gura's fetishes: feet, mating press, smell, ame

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A-chan is unironically into vore.

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I wasn't thinking more of a certain someone's leaky asshole personally.

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oof, same.
If it's Nikoaco, otherwise no

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A-chan likes vore, mpreg, age differences, inflation and exhibitionism. She's one of the most degenerate members of hololive, but people don't realise because she doesn't talk about it often.

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no, she'll say it herself

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What we know, or are 90% sure of:
- Okayu has a glove fetish and is very open about being a massive masochist, but only verbal and psychological abuse. She likes buff dudes.
- Miko is a self admitted pervert but her fetishes are extremely tame. She thinks vanilla stuff is harcore, she has no clue about anything weird. Very possibly a virgin but mostly because she's a recluse with a baby voice.
- Matsuri thinks 15cm is massive for a dick. She's into getting pissed in the mouth and being forced to swallow, and has encyclopedic knowlege of loli magazines, which probably impacts how much sex she actually has (none).
- Fubuki likes ryona. Getting punched in the stomach, cig burns, blowing smoke in her face.
- Watame enjoys belly buttons and armpits, specifically the part where the armpit joins with the sideboob. She's also into lolis.
- Mori likes manlets.
- Gura likes a hairy chest and manly men.
- Flare spent most of her online career pretending to be a cute shota ikemen and fully internalized the character. Massively into Noefure, you dont even know.
- Marine is into domination, humiliation and overall getting dicked down hard against the wall. What 'humiliation' means for her is expansive enough to cover 'getting fingered by your junior' so she probably gets wet when she gets frisked at the airport.

What we assume:
- Kanata is a closeted lesbian and has frequent sexual fantasies about Coco's cocos.
- Coco obviously knows about Kanata's bisexuality. Having a small japanese girl looking at your tits is her fetish.
- Korone rails Okayu, and not the other way around (Controversial)
- Mori moved to Japan for age of consent reasons (because she likes manlets) and not for height reasons (she likes manlets). She really liked Omori because it features both 15 year olds and manlets.
- Rushia was cheated on and has a "haha men lol as if" attitude towards sex and dating. Mutual parasocial relationship with her chat.
- Noel and Flare are in a commited relationship. This is not allowed in hololive and they will be fired if they're discovered.
- Marine is a virgin at almost 30.
- Kiara has completely no kinks and the most they could get her to do is very loudly yell "CALLI!!!" whenever Mori is on the screen.
- The Shion-Marine sextapes never happened. Shion just sleepgroped marine like you would a pillow. Marine wishes it something would have happened but even back there she knew Shion was asleep and not trying anything. She still masturbates to the thought.
- Achan's biggest dream is being dommed and impregnated by some random idol industry staffer and being branded a massive whore.

Actual rrats:
- The taiwan controversy was actually the extremely messy Aqua-Artia breakup.
- Kiara killed a woman in self defence when she was being mugged exiting a convenience store in rural aomori, she just pushed her to the ground and she hit her head. The woman had a history of street violence and the case was very quickly filed away. Almost no one knows.
- Polka is here.

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Fubuki: Furry

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For whatever reason whenever I see the term 'rrat' this video comes to mind
We had some really great rrat themed copypastas for a while.

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who is into ntr?

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this bitch

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Fubuki is also a furry

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>I'd change your Diaper
- Gawr Gura

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Phoenix, scat

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Memes aside Rindou doesn't seem to be into femdom. Only thing she's mentioned is cherry hunting.

Ange is into basically every degen M thing ever, especially if it has a corruption aspect.

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don't forget that she's a footfag too

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I wonder what the fuck did nene actually meant with liking when guys scowl at her. Does she like delinquent-like characters? But if she also enjoys men in suits and nice shoes, she is not... wait, gangsters?
Because it is not that nene is M, she flatly denied it and more than once. Does she even has sexual urges? is she even aroused by things?? all the waki sweat stuff is just a joke after all. What is her endgame... nene please don't be a virgin in your thirties...

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Is korone a gurofag?

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Specifically, she's into being the loving housewife who loses to the dick

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sora said she likes macho (muscular men)

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Oh boy do I have a bridge to sell you.

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>gura likes manly men and hairy chests
So what you are saying is, I've gotta lift?

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She's the only normalfag in a sea of menhera

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>Remembering Sora's words about her type of man helps me stay motivated in order to work out every single day
In the end, it seems like the rabbit hole turned out to be more like a ladder in my life

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Regardless of if she likes it or not, you gotta lift brah.

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She legit will only bring it up on a non-Holomem channel. A-chan, Matsuri, and Marine are the biggest degens fetish wise in Hololive. The ones that I think are holding back hoe truly disgusting they can be are Luna and Nenechi.

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-Flare is also into lolis and actually mentioned she doesn't like shota voices even though she does one. Gura was instantly her favorite because she's a loli.
-Coco has alluded to liking butt stuff and seeing what's in people's assholes(Watame beign one example)
-Kiara is majorly into scat. Has more nearly a dozen refrences on streams to being pooped on or becoming poop, and even eating shit.
-Polka is an extreme M and channels her depression and self loathing into a fetish. She loves being degraded and treated like a subhuman.
-Shion is also into loli and follows several loli H artists on Twitter.

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Ria is really into rockets.

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I think Ina is into femdom.

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Pomu is into anal you heard it here first

>> No.4510747

I mean Germans and Austrians are known for scat films so Kiara being into that is no surprise.

>> No.4510773

what the actual fuck

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Any rrats on her drawing lewds of her avatar?

>> No.4512426

All of them like Japanese and Korean men because anime/kpop fries their brains.

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Sora's into CNC

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post clip

>> No.4512532

As a top or bottom?

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source or rrat

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Kiara has a rape fetish

>> No.4512757

>Matsuri thinks 15cm is massive for a dick
>tfw 17cm
She would reject me...

>> No.4512850

Holy shit I NEED a Matsuri gf

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Same, itdoesn't help that the part of the thumbnail right above cat looks like a mosaic filter.

>> No.4513563

This would be gura, in the fish tank stream she called plushies stuffies which is near exclusively used by ddlg women

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Please give me sauce

>> No.4517459

>A-chan's sexual awakening was corrupted King Dedede in Kirby 64
Jesas, she wanted the DedeDick.

>> No.4517531

>all those masochists
Is this normal for vtubers, or just a women thing?

>> No.4518213

its a weeb thing
it comes from the fact that bullying is the only attention they ever got growing up

>> No.4518423

Marine and Fubuki had a fetish segment on their radio show and I remember Polka going on and revealing she likes the “sick voice” of people, especially when they are usually proud and strong.

>> No.4518465

>channels her depression and self loathing into a fetish.
that sounds like an absolutely horrible idea desu

>> No.4518525

women are masochist by default

>> No.4518678

watching some more clips from their show, I’m surprised this hasn’t come up more often in the thread already. Subaru dropping she likes dark skinned characters in anime and such feels like something that would get memed about a lot more

>> No.4519871

Don't forget she masturbated to Yoshi laying eggs in Smash Bros.

>> No.4520563

Ayame's probably into DDLG too, she's used a lot of fanart of her with pacifiers and toys and her posts on twitter give off that vibe too
A personal rrat I've just developed is that Flare has a bit of self-loathing or insecurity (not uncommon for a vtuber but whatever) because she really seems to like cutesy girl stuff but she has a deep ikemen voice and is perceived as cool by most, thus the lolicon

>> No.4520642

Liking tan anime people isnt the same as liking niggers, don't tempt fate and potential schizos.

>> No.4520740

Where does somewhat normal cock fit here? Asking for a friend

>> No.4521001

wonder if Matsuri would enjoy my 13cm penetrating her insides for 5 hours nonstop

>> No.4521131

This bear is something else and I love her

>> No.4521186

>small cocks

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Here you go, a rare S

>> No.4521619

Holy based. I didn't know she put this much detail into the outfit.

>> No.4521745


I fucking love this fish.

>> No.4522093

>tfw dick not big enough to break Risu's furchoker
Why God

>> No.4523106

Cherry what

>> No.4523262

My guess is specifically fucking virgins.

>> No.4523616

Bug chaser haachama! Yes!

>> No.4523802

Kanata's ideal man is Abe Hiroshi.

>> No.4524148

Subaru likes tan big tiddy onee-sans. Like Flare.

>> No.4524259

She wants to live a degen lifestyle, not be dominated. She wishes she were a yakuza wife

>> No.4524735

What is it with eggs and fake rape stuff with Kiara?

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>> No.4524920

She is probably insecure with being the lowest subbed in 3rd Gen. And as you said, her naturally deep voice is not liked by Nip males as it intimidates them. I respect that she doesn't try to use a cutesy voice like so many other chuubas.

>> No.4525023

>Gura like hairy and manly man
As expected of a country bumpkin
Btw how do you grow hair

>> No.4525106

not a chuubas are numberfags like you anon

>> No.4525136

This is pretty standard for most girls. Typical submissive female.
Also, where's vomit under fluids?

>> No.4525236

>reverse rape
How do you un-rape someone? Or reverse rape is just consensual sex?

>> No.4525264

>reverse rape is just consensual sex?
Or like about to rape then get rape instead

>> No.4525318

female on male I think

>> No.4525325

She specifically mentions not tanned but dark skinned. Cope harder.

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Does this mean A-chan is into Fat Ugly Bastard?

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Look up Amazonian Mating Press or Leg Locks to understand it.

>> No.4525689

Coco is into watching creampie compilations on xvideos. Feet compilations, not so much.

>> No.4525799

That's just snusnu baka

>> No.4525836

>This is not allowed in hololive and they will be fired if they're discovered.
Why do people think Hololive bans relationships?

>> No.4525950


Did you even watch? she clearly talked about vore.

>> No.4525984




>> No.4526024

Reverse rape is when the female is doing the raping.

>> No.4526053

That's just regular rape. That's like saying reverse racism.

>> No.4526098


I'm going to reverse murder someone
>impregnates woman

>> No.4526202


>> No.4526404

Lotta normalfags in this thread.

>> No.4526450

Mori is far too into femdom to sleep with one, They're too alpha to play into the masochist role.

>> No.4526654

I thought Calli wanted to be dommed

>> No.4526742

Then why does she like manlets and live in japan retardchama?

>> No.4526744


DoloDive Lobal General?

>> No.4526872


>> No.4527113

Damn, Kiara has no chill

>> No.4527202

Sickening isn't it?

>> No.4527429

Japanese people are into proffessionalism, and in any proffesional enviorement, relationships are not allowed, lawyer-client, doctor-nurse, teacher-teacher, teacher student.
Of course, that doesn't stop them from happening, but they have to be secretive.

>> No.4527450

testosterno and good genes.

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Men consume more porn, but women consume more violent pornography.
They also comission the sickest fucking shit.
You haven't understood them just yet, and honestly, nobody has.

>> No.4527621

Duby dubo loompa goop

>> No.4527862

>check her videos
>Thumbnails featuring, I KNEEL, and rrat
did you faggots groom another indie?

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Which one has a diaper fetish?

>> No.4528139


>> No.4528433

She's grooming us.

>> No.4529281

Women thing. It's more like masochism is just a tiny step away from the default normie woman taste.

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Which ones DOESN'T she have?

>> No.4529425

they all say that

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Supposedly she is into femdom

>> No.4529500

it's a japanese term. 逆レイプ.

>> No.4529551

Also Nene said that she loves being verbally abused, and that she'd love a man to click his tongue at her. She also has a thing for man with big feet and Walt Disney. Yes, that Walt Disney, I'm not shitting you

>> No.4529552

GDI or Nod?

>> No.4529603

Fucking Walt. Goddamit that's such a fucking Nene thing to do I'm losing it.

>> No.4529605

>Got one eye on the meat and one on the streets

>> No.4529681

Actually, I'm pretty sure it's just all meat to her.
Fantasy rrat: Gura kills you via a punctured jugular during the afterglow of having sex with her and then proceeds to eat your numby little toes like Mcnuggets first and foremost because despite being a maneater she still thinks it's cute to play with her food.

>> No.4529757

More of this?

>> No.4529933

Hololive instituted a clause banning relationships between staff and talents after Mel was harassed by a staff member. Relationships between staff only, talents only are still fine.

>> No.4530074

Not niche enough to be a fetish. Always fine, don’t worry.

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>> No.4532426

Is Gura into vore? She brought it up several times, and I'm pretty sure it's not even a word anyone normally uses outside of the fetish context.

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>Kiara is majorly into scat
why are krauts always obsessed with scat?

>> No.4532544

/d/ meme

>> No.4532559


>> No.4532631

No she's into fucking vore which is the bottom tier of fetishes reserved for furfags/

>> No.4532720

She watched too Much “the hand maids tale”

>> No.4533798

Does it mean she likes it when you divorce her

>> No.4534953

Marine is into aphrodisiacs/love drugs, although I suspect its more a 2D thing.
Matsuri has admitted to smelling Susei's feet, although that doesn't make her a foot fetishist. Speaking of feet, no one has mentioned Haachama, is her feet thing not considered real around here?

>> No.4535706

Ame is also into hands. In her previous life she said that when she got her first camera, she secretly took a photo of her classmates hands because she thought they were sexy, even though she never talked to him (and didn't afterwards).

>> No.4535791

So has this ever been confirmed as real?

>> No.4535908

Ame and Kiara have definitely taken the most dick out of the EN girls

>> No.4536071


>> No.4536353

Age of consent in every japanese province is 18+ tho, the 13 is a meme.
Should've moved to germany if she wants to bang teens.

>> No.4536444

Roru roru

>> No.4536677

Few others you missed:
- A-chan awakened sexually to the concept of vore through video games, like Kirby. The concept of being absorbed by a bara BBM excites her, but only if its noncon. She hasn't really explored it as an adult and considers herself a more general M now, as you stated.
- Gura specifically likes being chased by the type of man you listed. She's heavily into the bratty/teasing sort of loli RP, where she forces an otherwise reasonable man to snap and overpower her. This may be why she likes Shion so much. She's also comfortable with appreciating the female body, and may also want to be smothered with huge breasts as above.
- Coco likes bimbofication as a subset of corruption, and frequently tries to emphasize the sluttiness or physical vulgarity of her body and other Holos, as a way to get veiwers to look down on them. Her first avatar was a crackwhore for a reason.
- Matsuri enjoys piss as a humiliation or edging fetish, but isn't into the diaper or babyplay elements that Marine likes to explore.
- Marine's favorite doujin elements has been stated to be gangbangs with ahegao and mindbreak. As you said though, she's fine with most standard hentai scenarios, like tentacles, hypnotism, drugs, yuri, etc. She's also the biggest fujo and shotacon in Hololive.
- Like her ID genmates, Risu isn't really comfortable with being made into fap fodder, but is internet savvy/HER enough to recognize such works as inevitable. She has requested that artists try to limit her pictures to solo pinups or toy play, if possible.

>> No.4536811
File: 278 KB, 640x642, 7837009e1a682bf3e0f0b8fd520bedd3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Fubuki likes ryona. Getting punched in the stomach, cig burns, blowing smoke in her face.

>> No.4536961

Luna is pretty clearly living out her princess baby fantasies.

>> No.4537179

Thanks bro

>> No.4537246

>Matsuri smelled Suisei's feet

>> No.4537324
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Do these girls want to be choked? I'm somewhat motivated to increase my grip and forearm strength to choke women

>> No.4537377

Holy fuck i think I found my new oshi

>> No.4537570

Gura's DDLG fetish is pretty much confirmed. I wonder if she's into spanking

>> No.4537591

nigger fucker ew

>> No.4537729

We talk a lot about the most degenerate vtubers, but which chuuba is the most vanilla?

>> No.4537808

Out of this thread Sora seems pretty vanilla

>> No.4537831

nearly all girls are into spanking, moona likes big white guys

>> No.4537839

my favorite niji has a choking fetish

>> No.4537914

God I want to betray my superior race with this subhuman indog

>> No.4538133

>Do these girls want to be choked?
Almost every woman likes to be choked a bit

>> No.4538366
File: 22 KB, 561x266, takodachis rejoice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>nobody has mentioned this yet
Not like i'm not surprised or anything. Apparently it's her favourite fetish

>> No.4538761

add to the moderately possible rrats

>kiara and mori were both sex trafficked to japan for Japanese businessmen to use. this is how they met, and how hololive found them.

>> No.4538791

you better be packing a big cock

>> No.4538815

testosterone makes you hairy and manly, stop eating onions and work out.

>> No.4539505

They weren't like this pre Weimar. The Jews ruined them.

>> No.4539645
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Im going to do my forearm reps, i will chokeslam my oshi

>> No.4539984

She's also been one of the straightest Holos. She and Pekora are about tied.

>> No.4540037

Aki is too ecchi to have just one

>> No.4540048


>> No.4540073

>stop eating onions
I thought onions raised test levels. You're probably right though. I hate onions and I'm a big, hairy fucker.

>> No.4540552 [DELETED] 
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Dubs has to post it. Roll.

>> No.4540935

Onions is a code word for onions. On /fit/ it has a word filter that changes "onions" to "onions".

>> No.4541001

onions=s o y

>> No.4541007
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Well what do ya know it's here too. Good luck working out what I meant I guess.

>> No.4541139

based beyond belief

>> No.4541270

I think it’s just you, buddy.

>> No.4541331


>> No.4541466
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>> No.4541581

>Like receiving anal sex
>Okay for receiving rimming

>> No.4541587

Marine and Matsuri are into Omorashi/wetting themselves. This is not even a rrat, Matsuri has even done that tetris stream where she intentionally held it for as long as possible

>> No.4541668

Routinely sets fire to her farts to launch herself into space, then?

>> No.4541822

It's not just Tetris. Matsuri also pissed herself on stream, drank her piss as a teenager (despite having an infection), begged Hoshikawa to pee in her mouth and ended up in the hospital twice with UTIs from holding it too long.

>> No.4542141

you dont need to have a super strong grip to choke, but you need to do it right
dont crush the windpipe, thats only pain, you have to squeeze the sides of the neck to compress the carotid artery (the sleeper hold)
thats what gives you the euphoric oxygen deprivation feeling

>> No.4543067


>> No.4544321

I remember this was years ago. Geez, the mods really hated the s0yb0y and onions memes.

>> No.4544388

yo onions

>> No.4545562


No, Yuri.

>> No.4545886

baka desu senpai

>> No.4546013

So, if this thread is right, Mori's ideal man would be
>A black Japanese Manlet switch.

They got more bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep than they'll have the likes of that.

>> No.4547314

Yet bruh never got filtered.

>> No.4552041

So you're saying I have a chance?

>> No.4555240

>- Matsuri thinks 15cm is massive for a dick.
I need art of Matsuri using a ruler to measure 15 cm from her pussy

>> No.4555598


>> No.4555747

Which holo shaves he least?

>> No.4555832

One of the animal holos, probably Mio or Botan. They've gone beyond a bush and grew a full jungle.

>> No.4555992
File: 334 KB, 461x418, 1615563668569.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4557184

I drew Aki getting fucked by Tentacles several times because of this

>> No.4557218

Coco has hairy legs but a spotless vagina.

>> No.4558879

The majority of millennial and zoomer women are into ddlg to varying degrees.
Similar to how men in that age range are weirdly into mommydom shit.

>> No.4559151


>> No.4559300 [DELETED] 

Amelia Watson.

>> No.4559341

wheres the teirlist

>> No.4559886
File: 56 KB, 680x369, yoshi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>A-chan was the /v/ Yoshi-poster all along.

Either that or there's two spergs with this highly-specific fetish. Kek.

>> No.4560219

So A-chan is into vore? Guess i got something to do next now.

You folks think she'd like being pred or prey?

>> No.4560367

I see, a rear naked choke should get the job done

>> No.4561058
File: 27 KB, 400x400, zonbko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic rel retweets hard guro

The idea of some fat autist running up to his oshi after recognizing her by just her voice and doing this while making that face sent me into a laughing fit

>> No.4561072

Noel has a smell fetish. Fubuki has a glasses fetish. Noel likes to smell her hamster's butt.

>> No.4561133

prease undastahn anon that Noel is massively autistic

>> No.4561968
File: 628 KB, 1144x490, 1601161235050.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4563377

I wanna get lost in botan's jungle

>> No.4563543


>> No.4563582


>> No.4564041

She said she shaves

>> No.4564109

Stubble is the worse. Either get something to quickly trim it or make it smooth.

>> No.4565422

You're fucking insane in the head if you think Shion does any sort of personal hygiene. She showers to go out with people exclusively. If she doesnt go hang out for a week she doesnt shower in a week.
Her house probably smells like something between mold and an old locker room.

>> No.4565890

Shion's room is pink, cute and tidy, she definitely take cares of herself

>> No.4567092


>> No.4567808

I wonder what other Holos/vtubers are into omorashi.

>> No.4568081

Shion's room is pink and cute because she likes pink but is only tidy when she has people over or when she has to take a picture for twitter. She's a self admitted filthy hikki, she doesnt clean and she doesnt shower.
Aqua is the only one honest about the usual state of her room.

>> No.4568467

Kiara Isnt into scat but German humour use the world shit a Lot. I Guess it's a languague thing. In Arg we Say "go to shit" to insult someone and it's sounds more rude in spanish

>> No.4568599

Literally the South of Japan looks like heavely tanned japs 24/7 they are two groups of the same race.

>> No.4571920

>ywn tame the brat by forcefully washing her every nook and cranny
>ywn shampoo her oiled hair eight times before it actually becomes slightly clean
>ywn shave her mammoth armpits

im getting the fucking rope bros i cant cope

>> No.4572484

>Flare spent most of her online career pretending to be a cute shot
Just a reminder that ||Ina|| was a shota vtuber before holo

>> No.4572758

>discord spoiler

shit aside, ina is based, if your info is true, do you have any links or info so i can see/hear this degeneracy

>> No.4572863

Gura also said that she would change Amelia's diaper when the topic of adult babies came up.

>> No.4572974

Your name is outdated now

>> No.4572999

I suspect hand fetishes are more common with women than men.
Yaoi hands are a thing for a reason.

>> No.4574246

The word filter has been here for years yet seeing these kind of posts always gives me a good chortle.

>> No.4574270

You didnt bother listening she very clearly mentions types that are foreign to Japan

>> No.4576573

do the people in threads like this even watch her? holy shit.

>> No.4578135

Was Nagu really a shota or just a reverse trap?

>> No.4580589

Did you not watch the podcast with Ame and Gura?

>> No.4580983

im unimaginably big according to matsuri

>> No.4582743

I need you to cope. Kiara is aroused by feces.

>> No.4588122

literally begging for cock

>> No.4592868

Moona has higher standards, 15cm won't be enough for her.

>> No.4594857

Which is a topic that Gura brought up in the first place. If thats not confirmed then I don't know what is.

>> No.4595262

I don't think she's mentioned vore on stream.

>> No.4595320

How does she feel about the Mona Lisa?

>> No.4595395

> Mori getting shagged by anyone but critical
Meds anon

>> No.4595874

I thought she was into stealing someone else's man.

>> No.4595969

Do you think Marine got off to everyone bullying her chest size in the Mario Party collab?

>> No.4596403

If You have difficulties recognizing jokes You may have unironically autism

>> No.4596534

I drew A-Chan vore today, would it be fine to post a link to twitter to show it?

>> No.4596882

Who's gonna stop you?

>> No.4596944

A-Chan, Matsuri and Aqua follow this loli hentai artist.
I think Aqua also follows some guy that draws TS hentai, but I forgot his name.

>> No.4596982

pretty normalfag-tier lolicon artist. He even has a regular non-h publicated manga.

>> No.4597007

She has big tits for an asian and she considers herself attractive. Even if a majority of hololive has way above average breats, Marine is 30 and knows what tits small enough to make fun of look like and its definetly not hers.
Its a bit like Matsuri where she has to remember she's playing a character with no tits. There's no way there's no mental clash when someone calls her a cutting board and has to remember "oh right thats me when the camera is rolling."

>> No.4597065

same with Pekora whose model has pretty small breasts but is actually a titty beast for an asian.
ironically I think Rushia is one of the only ones who actually matches her avatar somewhat in breast size. Think she had B cups at most.

>> No.4597393

No she's pretty average too, not flat but not titty monster either.

>> No.4597401
File: 112 KB, 570x499, 1545526736285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do I need to do to get a bunch of subs in my chat that appreciate a woman stepping all over their ego.

Loli fuckers need not apply.

>> No.4597580

Make sure to include the Japanese word for it in your post so she knows where to get more.

>> No.4597704

Just in case.

I posted it via Pixiv + twitter so she is gonna know where to see more.


Here it is, if anyone curious. Debating if to actually tidy it up more and color it or leave it there.

>> No.4597815

look up nagu

>> No.4598146
File: 28 KB, 828x453, j7gwah4lcub61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.4598207

Doki Doki Literature Glub

>> No.4601137

Personally I prefer coloured pics over anything so I'd suggest colouring it, but it's fine as a sketch, too. One thing that I would say is that maybe it would be good to make her thighs/ass smaller, A-chan is more of a stick rather than thick, though this might be your preference so

>> No.4601231

And for good reason. Look at all of the shitty soijak posters

>> No.4602719

Those are probably the only two holos but there are a few indies who are.

>> No.4602733
File: 100 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Korone likes Ojisans, which in short is basically men her own age like her ex husband who took the kids

>> No.4602924

I Dunno anon she was the one that came here demanding a meeting with Gook moot

>> No.4604244

Hmm, thanks for the advice on the thighs.
Admittedly it was more or less just a quick thing to do on the spot to kill some time rather than a well thought drawing. Consider it an appetizer, because i may do more in the future, with another angle and more detail.

>> No.4605500


>> No.4606167

Correction, I typed her name into YouTube and a clip about vore was the first thing that came up. Expected no less from her.

>> No.4606233
File: 2.71 MB, 320x180, dc4ab87c577653bdf83903f976931c485bb01ceb_hq.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The further I watch into this video the more cursed? Powerful? it gets...
So this is the power of female degeneracy... I will never under estimate a woman in this area ever again

>> No.4607787

Haluaisin lunasdaa ilmaisen spurdon :DDD

>> No.4608054

Take notes, fuckers. This is how you make proper rrats

>> No.4608697


>> No.4608775

Noel legit wants to fuck her brother or atleast scare away every women that gets close to him

>> No.4609385

One doesn't continually bring up excrement out of nowhere repeatedly unless they have more than a passing interest in shit.

>> No.4610155

When cute aggression becomes a fetish. I wonder how she feels about Luna-nora?

>> No.4610245

Are there any girls that aren't completely ruined? Like is there a single vtuber that's just like "I fantasize about getting fucked" or is it all just "I want to get gang raped by a pack of kindergarten age morbidly obese shapeshifting werewolf women with futa cocks"?

>> No.4610430

As far as we know so far sora likes fit men. She is best friends with a chan though.

>> No.4610594

Wait until you figure out she's talking about arab/indian types. Americans are obsessed with niggers to the point where if they think of anyone with brown skin, their mind just defaults to niggers. Hispanics, vietnamese, egyptians...all brown. But the USAbrain just goes "subaru wants the bbc just like in muh pornhub ads!!!!"

>> No.4611004

Roboco definitely has a landing strip

>> No.4611192

I do. I joke about poop all the time but when my girlfriend takes a dump I recoil heavily from the smell. No interest at all in feces aside from the comical aspect of it.

>> No.4611464
File: 205 KB, 1340x1920, E227L--X0AEMTka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i fucking love this bear

>> No.4611489

A-chan admitted to jerking off to Yoshi

>> No.4611548

wait really? that's fucking based. do you have a link to the thread? it's like she, in all her years of internet experience, knew exactly where to go to launch her vtubing campaign. i wonder why she stopped doing jp streams?

>> No.4611657

>Kiara killed a woman in self defence when she was being mugged exiting a convenience store in rural aomori, she just pushed her to the ground and she hit her head. The woman had a history of street violence and the case was very quickly filed away. Almost no one knows.
>kiara and mori were both sex trafficked to japan for Japanese businessmen to use. this is how they met, and how hololive found them.

how do people know this? are there any sources for these

>> No.4611790

They ARE the Japanese businessmen Anon.

>> No.4611900

Sora isn't nearly as seiso as everyone assumes she is. When your best friend is a complete degenerate, it's gonna rub off on you.

>> No.4611929
File: 78 KB, 1000x1400, jiangxulei_unsplash-1000x1400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4612131
File: 3.20 MB, 5000x7500, adorable and enjoyable 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's a summary

>> No.4612173

It's good to be new

>> No.4612261

i hate that this is true
see, the twitter furor over Nagatoro being "black"

>> No.4612395

women are the true degenerates anon

>> No.4612734
File: 133 KB, 497x379, Marik Ishtar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Expanding further
>b-but she mentioned guys that wear gold jewelry like how rappers wear chains!!
Pic related is what she's talking about. This is a pretty typical look for 'ethnic' characters in anime. There's even a Niji that embodies this niche (Ibrahim)

>> No.4612898

leafs and strayans eventually shut up if you ignore their shitposts
but americans are >not pretending and will never stop ruining whatever community they're a part of

>> No.4613184

serious question: what does "rrat" mean?

>> No.4613265


>> No.4613723

you have succeeded in making me laugh, but i still don't know what it means in the context of this thread.

>> No.4613865

ogey = okay
rrat = no / schizo delusion

>> No.4613940

its short for narrative which was a gay thing that hlg started saying back in the prehistoric times

>> No.4613952

you got a narrative take out the letters that spell naive and your left with rrat

>> No.4613999

>Out of nowhere
>1st clip is a joke about being a baby and doing some clasic action that all babies do
>2nd Gura's character get shat on by a pigeon and they make a joke about Kiara being a bird
>Two jokes with scat humour that is widely know for being something used on German Jokes a lot
I dont know. Doesnt seems like its out of nowhere

>> No.4616387

I was well aware she's talking about middle eastern/indian people and not black. You're not really educating anyone here. We all know niggers on twitter just spout that shit for attention.

>> No.4616481

Your precious chicken has a coprophilia, friend.

>> No.4617637
File: 172 KB, 740x740, 1473645928649.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hlg used the clip for funposting
hlgg invented the "I'm a retard" signal

>> No.4622842

No one has used the word vore on it's own outside of a fetish context since the Latin language died. Doesn't necessarily mean she's into it, just that she's deep enough into the weird fetish iceberg to know what it is.

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