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Do you guys actually think Zaion wuz a good girl who dindu nuffin or are you just saying that to troll Nijifans?

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If Kyo and Finana are saying she was wrong, I know she was right.

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Take a wild guess, retard.

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Nobody will ever know if she was completely innocent but what I do know is that half the shit they accuse her of doing is ridiculous. It also seems like there's a conceited effort to get people to disown her which is really weird.

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Considering the best example they have of Zaion deserving it, is Finana being upset she got lied to by her, which is ironic considering Finana herself has been repeatedly caught lying to her long time fans and playing with a group of groomers in private after getting bonked by management for doing it and having leaked her Niji audition video to them

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Nijisanji's company response was asking Twitterfags to dogpile on a person. They're in the top 3 of VTubing companies, they should act professionally. Whatever happens between the talents as people doesn't concern me, I'm just shitting on the Company tweet.

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I am against a corporations who abuse copyright systems and punch down on customers, fans and (past) employees, so of focking course I am aiding with Zaion.

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zero proof of her doing anything morally wrong that would justify the level of vitriol coming from twitter
she probably deserved to get fired because of how much she hates copyright law but if being a shitty employee makes you a bad person then that basically makes me hitler because i'm posting on /vt/ when i'm supposed to be working.

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Stop coping and seething and look at reality she is terminated, which means she is a bad person it's as simple as that nigger

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Hail Anon

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i didn't until today with all the damage control.

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No one watched her before she was used as a tool to shit on Niji. No one will watch her once the drama is over.

This is Nux vs Vshojo all over again. I still don’t see where all the dick sucking Nux fan went. Where is their general where they discuss Nux great and very interesting content?

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If she's such a bad person then why Kurosanji demanded such damage control from their employees?

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>Talent shares experience with Zaion
>People call said talent a liar
>More talents come forward to corroborate their story
>"I-it's a lie! Damage control!"
This board just believes whatever the hell it wants to believe.

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>Oh, Covid huh? Alright.

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Yeah. That was another example of the talents telling the truth. Which is who we're talking about here.

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Then maybe don't say NijiEn family and instead defend the one being attacked?
Corpo doesn't care, don't make it about the corpo...

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I hate Niji and will take any chance to shit on them as a whole. I'm with Zaion either way.

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Nobody believe she is blameless, but a company that sends twitter freaks after their own is disgusting no matter how you look at it. Especially after they put up a notice how much they hate antis.

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Mmmm, I don't know. The Nijis doth protest too much and going pretty hard to slime Zaion.

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she sounds based so yes

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It's the same shit as every Holo hater siding with Rushia.

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Are you going to pretend that people on this board actually liked Nux or vshojo before that drama went down? Of course most people who said they supported Nux then were shitposting. People actually liked Zaion here, of course some of them will follow her rm. Nowhere near the number who say they will, but suggesting the goodwill towards Zaion /here/ is fake like it was for Nux (if there even was any) is disingenuous as fuck.

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>People actually liked Zaion here

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>People actually liked Zaion here,
No. This is the exact same situation. Dramafags just want to shitpost Nijisanji. Literally no one cared about her (or anyone from xsoleil for that matter).

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We know it's all bullshit.

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what damage control would even be about? i remember when that happened and that just was a thing that was said when they got permissions to sing english karaoke

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I don't know and I don't care.

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>who said they supported Nux then were shitposting
Why do you assume it was shitposting? Because is didn't follow the narative? Both situations are fucked up in different way and even if you don't follow them closely, being disgusted about corporation strong-arming people who they were fine with before is nothing strange.

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>Talent does one or two yabs within the course of a year
>Zaion does all of these yabs within two months and doesn't cooperate with management when given multiple chances to come back from them
Totally the same thing, guis.

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non-nijien fans didnt give a shit to zaion or xsoleil

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There are rules to protect corpos, and rules to protect men.
As far as they have revealed, the only rules threatened are that of corpos (even that, to a laughable extent), and yet the way they talked about her after termination, you'll think her presence was a personal affront to them or something. That they can't tell the difference is the truly disgusting thing.
The hypocrisy when many of them are as guilty of breaking those same rules is just the icing on the cake.

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>Talent leaks her audition tape
>Talent destroys her income by not listening to management
>Talent causes massive shitstorm because she is too dumb

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Why can't it be both?

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These femcels believe that you must support a company or personality through anything even if they've done something wrong. They don't understand the concept of right or wrong. Just brand loyalty.

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I don't believe in either extremes. But with nijisanji endorsing open season on an ex employee you guys don't look great.

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>It is ok to yab multiple times as long as it is spread out every few months

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I don't care. It's the slandering her when she can't respond that smells of shit to me.
Also>>44895485 fpbp

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>Talent joins a fan discord and plays favorites with her fans
>Is told not to do it
>Does it again
The fact Nijiniggers try to use Finana as a bastion of integrity is laughable.

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Imagine not getting arrested for breaking the law as long as it's one crime per month. This is your brain on corpo dick.

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Yes,and me saying 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre, won't suddenly devastate your social credit score.
Go be chinese else where, lik ed a good npc.

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Don't you get tired of doing damage control all day kyo? Zaion is going to leak all the shit that you did, you're finished when you come back from your break.

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Assuming you're talking about her, Finana actually listens to management and apologizes when necessary. She's also been around for nearly two years. She didn't do all of that within her first two months.
All Zaion needed to do was work with management and she'd still be here. Regardless of her yabs.
Consider suspension probation. Multiple talents have gotten probation. Zaion got probation and continued to violate the law during.

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I stan my nigga Zaion, we totally kin, yo

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You absolutely have to buy a sturdy rope anon

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>Do you guys actually think Zaion wuz a good girl who dindu nuffin

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Nigger, I was using the other guy's metaphor.

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Absolutely retarded defense. Might as well say that Zaion is clearly innocent because she refrained from committing all those yabs within the span of two weeks.

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>Assuming you're talking about her, Finana actually listens to management and apologizes when necessary.
lol, cope. She did far more damage to herself and the brand Zaion ever could. Apologies don't matter. Don't you remember how people laughed at her when Pippa of all people topped her in ccv for whole week after that?

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>She did far more damage to herself and the brand Zaion ever could
Factually wrong, considering Zaion just dragged her entire wave down with her.

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Kill yourself

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Then I might be retarded. Sorry.

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The other livers shouldn't have talked shit about someone who can't defend themselves. Make a statement with an implication to satisfy those asking about Zaion nonstop, but don't pitybait/talk about drama on her grave.

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Not at all. You'll be granted more leniency in any workplace if you fuck up and show intent to improve over an extended period of time than if you constantly fuck up in your first few weeks and say "fuck you" to your employers during.

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>Kronii avatar
>defending Zaion
kek. They’re not even hiding it

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Nijien had a megayab every month long before Zaion was a thought. Don't use her as a scapegoat for the branch having a shit reputation and shit numbers.

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Imagine being a dumb cuck who defends management? Are you fucking retarded?

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>Zaion just dragged her entire wave down with her.
Before or after niji's complete failure to handle this situation? The termination notice looks like it was written by a vtweeter.

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>a scapegoat
Kotoka would not be getting harassed right now if Zaion just did her job. This is a fact.

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And whose fault is that? No one even knew anything was amiss until the suspension. If you see an unsightly mole on your leg and promptly blow it off with a shotgun, sure I guess it could be the mole's fault from a certain point of view.

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Kotona and Zaion would not be harassed right now if management did their job. That is the fact.

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She wouldn't be harassed right now if she didnt attempt to throw her under the bus for clique points in discord. This is a fact.

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She isn't an angel, but the smearing campaign NijiEN is trying to pull off is incredibly disgusting and looks more like a personal vendetta than a corporation procedure. It's seriously making them look as pathetic as Wactor.

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The worse she was the more incompetent NijiSanji looks for hiring her, there's no positive here for the company

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Forgive me if I feel less sympathy for a girl who said she'd go to war against her own co-workers and liked comments shitting on them than her wavemate who cried over her and tried her best to befriend her.

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I never trust PR shit from management and I always wait for informal statement from the talent themselves. That’s how I know that Neena and Ocean deserved it and Rushia did some mistakes but was probably okay.

If every talent is just nice with terminated talents when they are actual pieces of shit, then you could never tell when it’s just unfortunate circonstances vs actual shitty people.

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Both. I'll follow Sayun to twitch just to watch her. Also, nijitrannies get the rope.


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The difference is that Kurosanji isn't rebranding themselves... yet.

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They're all shit humans, why would you be upset with a girl for being mean to people who are literally the bottom of the barrel of human civilization?

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> All Zaion needed to do was work with management and she'd still be here. Regardless of her yabs.
You are telling me, she didn't get fired for the yabs. But the real reason she got fired was because she didn't suck the powertripping management's cock. I'm glad we can both agree on that one. They could have just posted that instead of a list filled with padding.

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>having had one of the best designs in vtubing history
>stood by her ideals and deliberately went her own away instead of bending the knee to management or the clique, regardless of what she had to lose
>indicating she will do variety content including playing wizard game
>rrats on how she's going to respond to everything
unironically fuckin hyped, can't wait for a Pippa, Filian, or Neuro collab

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You're still inversing cause and effect. She's not blameless but everything you said happened after the company left her to the dogs.

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They did that themselves.
>Could have gave the tried and true run of the mill "We'll miss having you with us Zaion and Xsoleil will never be the same but we'll push on through it to deliver to the fans, we wish you well in the future, goodbye" instead of "nooooooo we tried to help her :( now i don't even want to wish her well in the future"

Kotako is a piece of shit and she will receive no sympathy from me.

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Enjoy your lying cunt. But then again, if you watch Pippa, that’s probably your type.

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I know nothing about her, I have never even heard her voice, but the fact that she is so intensely disliked by Nijitroons and clearly pissed off the other EN "livers" makes me want to support her

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We call them "nijiniggers" here, sis. "Nijifags" on a particularly good day. Read the notes they gave you in the discord channel again.

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Zaion is a liar who manipulated her co-workers for her own ends and Kotoka is somehow the bad guy here for not wanting to wish her luck.
But who am I kidding, you fags don't believe the former ever happened anyway. The yab machine hag dindu nuffin and it's just a grand conspiracy against her.

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Keep crying. I don't believe a word of what corporate boot lickers say.

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She was a brat who didn't want to learn and a liability.
None of her crimes, even combined remotely warranted the way Both Nijisanji and Nijifans threw her in the mud and shit all over her corpse.
So, I'll continue to mock the Nijis for this shitshow.

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If even your 'enemy' is saying "what the actual fuck dude", then that should be a hint that you're maybe not doing the right thing.

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>Believing known backstabbers like kyo, finana, etc.

>> No.44899481

>Zaion is a great mastermind that manipulated them all in less than 3 months! Oh, no!
Yeah, she totally did.

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I'm defending the talents. Not management. You know that though you disingenuous faggot.

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It doesn't take a keikaku master to lie to people. SEAmonkeys on this board do it all day.

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NijiEN is innocent, I get it, they just a victim of criminal mastermind Zaion LanZa.

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I find this dogpilling actually disgusting and upsetting. The company and everyone is free to blame her and you can never hear her side of the story unless she is brave enough to break nda.

>> No.44899643

This is your take? Really??
Yeah sure, faggots who are dramasurfing to discredit the competition is surely very good advice. I bet hololive really like the very good "advice" from niji fans during the Rushia or even the Aloe situation.
Kronii and Zaion are so much similar, It makes a lot of sense to be fan of both, right?

Dramafags should get the rope, all of them.

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And nobody believes them. Yet they make it sound like they fall for all her lies? "We tried to help her" and "but she lied to us" is prime example of corpo-speak when you want to score points in front of your boss.

They really worked together for about a month. Nobody but management has any reason to get involved, yet both management and talents did it in the worst way possible.

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Since when can't you have multiple oshi's, you dumb tribalistic cunt?
I know hololive has given you permanent PTSD but the vast majority of people aren't loyal to big corpo's, they like the talents regardless of who they're affiliated with.

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I feel this

>> No.44899817

>zaion is a mass manipulator!!
holyshit I thought it was jokes but you bugs really think she was some hellspawn

>> No.44899843

I don't think she is a good girl, but I think it's pretty low to officially and publicly attack her after her graduation. Trying to remove her from *existing* media makes EN management looks petty at best

>> No.44899874

>pippa fan
knew it, go seethe about trans people on twitter and stop bothering normal people

>> No.44899876

Based taste. You're missing Selen though

>> No.44899896

Other than Mito, what kind of shit taste is this?

>> No.44899903

No one actually believes that retard. Besides the easy way to shitpost the absolute state of Nijisanji, this whole situation just shows how horrible Nijifans are, along with the management of Nijisanji itself. From the unprofessional handling of Zaion suspension to the announcement of her termination; all of it was hilariously dogshit. The termination announcement of Zaion reads like it was written by a bitter SJW trying to cancel her exbf for refusing to become an ally to the cause. It's insulting to their own brand. You don't do a bullet point list of problems when firing someone, and even less if you hired such a person less than two months ago.
The comments from former coworkers are even less professional. Imagine if any of the Holos tried to use Rushia as a source of a moralist crusade to make themselves look better morally. "I tried to help her, but she lied to me :c Please buy my merch". The comments from the fan base are just the cherry on top. Zero critical thinking. Might as well become an NPC at that point.

>> No.44899912

>And nobody believes them
You all ate up the clique narrative like it was candy. Yes, yes they do.
Not to mention that several of the talents already dived into non-corpo-speak about Zaion like Kotoka and Finana and they just get called unprofessional dogpilers here. No winning unless you're /vt/'s new wannabe martyr to shit on the Nijiniggers here.

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Of course. Kill yourself, immediately.

>> No.44899935

yup and you just revealed your colors. you are just butthurt by holobronies acting like fags so you have to suck managment dick
you don't care about talents or zaion getting harassed, you care about your culture war on vt

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>> No.44899960

>No winning
literally just say "man that sucks, i wish her the best of luck and please stop harassing her on twitter you weirdos"

hire me for nijiPR paul, i could have saved this situation

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I only hate dramanniggers and cunts who cannot even do the bare minimum to work in a corporate environment.

>> No.44900027

pippa has trans friends desu

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Don't need to, (You) came to seethe here Niji twittertranny

>> No.44900045

I know I just don't like pippa

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I said nothing about trans. Pippa is just a cunt.

>> No.44900092

Gee it's almost as if we just have to take their word for it. Even though they are the ones whose actions are weird as hell breaking convention to shit on a terminated, powerless talent. When they are the ones with all the motive to lie so they can get the fastest path back to business as usual. When even the things they claim she lied about are lame as fuck. AND the 'offenses' that can be independently corroborated are ALSO lame as fuck.
All of that put together? No one is going to buy that shit.

>> No.44900105

Anycolour should be blamed for hiring her in the first place. Trying to wash ur own hands and putting all the blame on your employee to divert attention is petty shit. You take the L to your reputation and let her go. It's that simple.

>> No.44900135

>Everyone who knew her personally says she acted like a piece of shit
>She continues to act like a piece of shit even while suspended
>"WTF why do you Nijichinks think she was a piece of shit??"

>> No.44900168

Stop making threads about this dead vtuber or I will send it.

>> No.44900170

>Anycolour should be blamed for hiring her in the first place
True, but this isn’t the point 99% of dramaniggers are trying to make.

>Trying to wash ur own hands and putting all the blame on your employee to divert attention is petty shit.
If all your colleagues think you are a cunt, then maybe you are a cunt.

>> No.44900180

>A fucking raid shadow legends joke
>Finana incoherently rambling and using gaslight incorrectly
Holy fucking shit all the evidence shows she's basically Hitler 2

>> No.44900217

Yeah, that's what I was referring to, kek. Dumb fucking Zaionigger.

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She didn't do shit.
Her snake co-workers are spewing corporate babble that they've been told to say

>> No.44900226 [DELETED] 

Yes pirate pedophile lying pieces of shit need to be executed

>> No.44900227

If your colleagues fucking spread your doxx, they're probably cunts

>> No.44900243

>>A fucking raid shadow legends joke
>the lesser infringement was a nothingburger that only needs a reminder from her manager.
>this somehow means that everything is fake and she didun do nothin

>> No.44900264

>Everyone is lying besides Zaion because... because they just are, okay!?
Hopeless. The lot of you.

>> No.44900267

>Pirating is immoral
The absolute state of Niji employees

>> No.44900278

>everyone who knew her personally says she acted like a piece of shit
>is surprised when said piece of shit acts like a piece of shit when they hired her
no matter what angle you look at this, nijiEN is at fault here. Why did they even bother to hire her when they already knew this was going to be the result?

>> No.44900279

Coping and Seething The Thread
She didn't do nuttin officer
Fucking kill yourselves and leave my best friends kyo and enna out of this assholes

>> No.44900280

>You all
Really, nigger? "You all"?

>Not to mention that several of the talents already dived into non-corpo-speak about Zaion like Kotoka and Finana and they just get called unprofessional dogpilers here.
None of them said anything of substance and were as vague as the notice itself. Also, see >>44899748
>Nobody but management has any reason to get involved¨

And you're still missing the point. I'm disgusted about how Niji decided to cancel her and how others decided to insert themselves into it. Even Kyo could smell this shit from far away and took a vacation instead.

>> No.44900285

>spread your doxx

>> No.44900322

yes it does. if the only pieces of evidence we have are a rape joke she didn't finish, and a raid shadow legends joke, it speaks to have lame your unspoken shit is
transparency my ass, they haven't actually given anything

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>> No.44900336

>True, but this isn’t the point 99% of dramaniggers are trying to make.
Are you sure?

>> No.44900370

>Are you sure?

>> No.44900390

Kyo liked a doxxpost on Twitter and generally her former coworkers have entirely failed to address the fact that tons of spergs on Twitter are attempting to doxx her. Fortunately it's all fake as far as I can tell, but they still fucking tried to doxx her and kyo still helped spread that

>> No.44900395

What part of calling Kotoka a cunt in her comments puts the blame on Anycolor?

>> No.44900397

She might be a cunt but no normal company or colleagues will dogpile on your colleague on public, do it in private. This is actual twitter behavior from both company and livers.

>> No.44900423 [DELETED] 

Proof zaion is a liar.

>> No.44900436

Kotoka being a cunt is a different matter from Anycolor being shit. Both of them are true.

>> No.44900454

List of "crimes" is not a book that needs a twist at the end. You write them in order from worst first, not leave the important "crimes" unmentioned.

>> No.44900512

I have never even heard her voice but the model is hot

>> No.44900525

A fucking deez nuts joke

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>> No.44900596

There is cum in your mailbox

>> No.44900628

>I didnt change because I know I have beloved paypiggies as Sayu
>finana bad because sekret discord male apex voice channel erotic roleplay

>> No.44900630

I was just really looking forward for the gap moe induced by her wanting to practice singing and dancing more, releasing more covers then a 3D showcase with a mini concert

>> No.44900749

I'm honestly struggling to find any sort of reasonable excuse to shit on your coworker as a public figure talking to thousands of people. Short of her trying to fucking stab your family or something it's such an asshole move. No, "uhhhhh she lied to me" is not a valid excuse.

>> No.44901242

deade vtuber

>> No.44901296

Everyone makes mistakes. It's the frequency and how you follow it up that's important. Zaion was shit at both.

>> No.44901346

real obvious how we get a bunch of spiteful bitch comments about zaion making money and them refusing to say her liver name lol. bet this thread was linked over there

>> No.44901377

She was clearly treated unfairly compared to the ever-growing list of yabs from the rest of nijien, and niji eng straight up lying about the raid shadow legends thing proves they were out to get her.
I hope she succeeds as an indie so she can forget about this shitty black company

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>> No.44901513

nice cope zaion. rapid yabs with no effort to apologize or change anything gets you fired dumbass

>> No.44901536

No, it's the damage that matters and how many times you were warned not to do it before you did. The neutral baseline has been established by Finana's fuckups.

>> No.44901552

>directed a Zaion
>he hasnt seen the clip

>> No.44901765

I think something stinks about the whole thing. The others said they tried to help her, but she doubled down. Why? She just obnoxious like that or did someone piss her off? It sounds more like she wanted to get out of there than "indie can't conform to corpo gig." Also I think having other talents talk about how she was a liar and stuff, but being vague about it looks bad on them. Either say specifically what it was about or fuck off.

>> No.44901777

>Everyone who knew her personally says she acted like a piece of shit
And yet not a single person who knew her personally from her indie career has ever said anything like the way they portray her. She had a squeaky clean record going in.

>> No.44901819

every time I see Rion, she has a 1000 yard stare in her eyes

>> No.44901895

I refuse to believe whatever she has done behind the scenes justifies all this vitriol, both from nijisanji fans and talents. I will concede that she may have deserved the termination for not adjusting to the ideal niji wants for their vtubers, but she doesn't deserve the harassment. (and no, the raid shadow legends joke/mods mention/PL account use/rape joke towards a fictional character doesn't make her deserving of harassment either). From Kotoka herself, her problem is constant disagreement with management about her content (that they tried to help her with but she supposedly refused to accept), but the other members/the company act like she killed their parents in front of them. Not even a "please don't harass her" from any of them. If she was a pos to coworkers/management behind the scenes like Oceane supposedly is, they would've just said that and even Zaion's fans would understand, but that's not what Kotoka, nor the termination notice said. I understand that if you smell shit everywhere you go, you probably need to look under your shoe, but I also believe in trusting what I see, and what I have seen during her streams does not merit ruining her career in vtubing (or her career anywhere for that matter since she was doxxed during her suspension).

>> No.44901902

Half of the list was week 1

>> No.44901954

Weren't most of the yabs on the list from before her first suspension and the rest of them from AFTER the indefinite suspension?

>> No.44901953

>Everyone who knew her personally says she acted like a piece of shit
This is bullshit, it's just Enna's "friends" trying to kiss her chink ass by repeating this shit to try and succeed. they're a bunch of corporate chink bootlickers

>> No.44902176

KEK true.

>> No.44902212

>The others said they tried to help her, but she doubled down
It's Lulu situation all over again. They told her to suck it up and be glad she is a part of a big corpo. She knew it will inevitably make her work harder and wanted the management to do their job. They didn't, so she told them to fuck off and they got assblasted over it like a proper twitter-driven company they are.

>> No.44902325
File: 775 KB, 600x800, under_the_sea.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44902435

The difference is that i like both rushia and the remaining holomem
I hate the remaining nijimem beside 2 or 3 girls

>> No.44902664

It suits their narrative, so ofcourse they'll use her. Until it's her turn under the bus. Integrity doesn't mean anything to Nijifans, clearly, otherwise they wouldn't support Kyo, Hex or Enna either.

>> No.44902940

NijiEN has been acting like fucking snakes for actual months, but yeah, let's keep trusting them instead of the newbie outsider. Seems reasonable.

>> No.44902955


>> No.44903002

I always disliked her. Shitty gacha addict. But the way this whole ordeal played out doesn't sit right with me and I dislike the other NijiEN members even more so I'm on her side on this one.

>> No.44903145

Empty threats from a fucking pussy. Go back to twitter, transfag. Maybe you can catch Vox's cum dripping out of Reimu's asshole if you skitter off fast enough.

>> No.44903197

And like, the worst they could even say is "she lied to me about this one thing" or "she argued with management". Those crimes are NOT fucking deserving of the response their fans are having with all the harassment and doxxing, which they all know is going on since literally every single twitter thread talking about her is filled with it. A simple "she didn't mesh with us, leave the girl alone and let's be positive" would have gone a long way at any point. That or just don't say anything at all.

>> No.44903253

this makes me actually uncomfortable.

>> No.44903303
File: 1005 KB, 1600x900, engjoierjgosdf123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think she just didn't like working as a corpo chuuba
>gets accepted into ninisani
>shortly learns that there are too many policies/doesn't vibe with others
>wants to get out, so she stops giving a fuck
>other chuubas try to help and reason with her to stay
>she wants out, so she ignores all of it
>other chuubas get annoyed, the hostility rises
>the conflict reaches the boiling point, she gets kicked out
I think she's better of as an indie, she already has an audience and she is a talented content creator.
The thing that bother me, is that 'I'm going to war' comment on her twitch. It will not help either side, niji gets more needless drama, Zaion might get sued for breaking NDA, no one wins (well except for drama retards here, hope you all get testicular cancer)

>> No.44903343

Well someone posted doxx. On a moral level, the side against zaion is completely impossible to defend. They are objectively evil. At first, this was just an issue of me being annoyed at a bad bureaucratic decision from an out of touch company, but now it's a moral issue

>> No.44903458

Literally since her suspension they've been spamming her doxx and harassing her. Half the charges in the termination came after she started getting harassed from the first notice. Can you really blame her for wanting out?

>> No.44903511

even if that was the case how do you explain the massive hateboner nijiEN management has for her?
Not only did they list every infraction (even the minor ones) they also NEVER addressed the doxxing/harassment she was getting from outraged fans and their own talent.

>> No.44903517

I just want to string up and kill every doxtard kpop stan who won't leave her the hell alone. We all agree she's better off indie, but this harassment is blood-boiling.

>> No.44903530

she did something and got fired for it, but you don't bash on somebody like NijiEN members when that somebody can't defend herself due to NDA.

>> No.44903551

amazing how every reply to this is ESL as fuck

>> No.44903580

>other chuubas get annoyed
and that justifies
>I dont know if I can wish her good luck anymore
I'm not sold. Like that anon above you said, a simple "she didn't mesh with us, leave the girl alone and let's be positive" would suffice if they were just pissed she didn't listed to reason.

>> No.44903611

She's no saint. Neither are the people who threw her under the bus and encouraged doxxing and harassment. One side is an idiot who was rightfully removed, the other is actively malicious and presents an existential threat to the company and the people I care about.

>> No.44903646

What she says in the video
>What you mean 10 boys like my basement?
>10 boys oh my lord
>As much as I'd like 10 boys that doesn't make me any money (pedo line)
>He just sounded like he was dying all the time and like coughing up blood and that's hot it's cause I like seeing strong guys suffer
Timestamp: 0:50 - 1:30, 2:00 - 3:00

>> No.44903661

they are disgusting femcels. they live their life with anxiety 24/7

>> No.44903663
File: 24 KB, 587x180, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The fucking hypocrisy of these fucking Nijistans, good god. So fucking high on their own moral outrage, they're completely fucking blind to what they're in the middle of.

>> No.44903744

Didn’t watch her lmao. BUT anons, nijisanji, by deleting her channel, would give all fans no context and the “reality” would be whatever nijisanji presents you. Because nobody would know :))))

>> No.44903790

You gonna post this in every single thread, sister?
Again, you really don't want to push this line.

>> No.44903798

Didn’t they doxx her already lmao?

>> No.44903802

shut the fuck up enna
we know your clique exists

>> No.44903861

Yes. You can still find her dox being spammed even at this time on twitter. Every time one of the accounts gets deleted they just make a new one. I wonder if that person in the post ever denounced the fact that she is actively getting doxxed nonstop right now.

>> No.44903878

they doxxed her like a month ago and just started ramping up the doxxspam on twitter and elsewhere after she got terminated, there were people talking about swatting her on the doxxsite

>> No.44903970

Yes, a month ago, and the company who put a statement out about harassment against livers is nowhere to be seen.

>> No.44904188

I want her to redebut so I can finally go back to dunking on cuckbeats in catalog

>> No.44904283

>Alleged 4chan board post
Did he mix it up with the doxsite? Nijitroons are really out of touch with reality.

>> No.44904410

lmao. Imagine belonging to a fanbase so absolutely horrible, even 4CH of all fucking places has legitimate moral objections. Fucking hell.

>> No.44904610

Is there a tldr of what this girl did to get fired? I'm so ootl I don't even know what wave she's a part of

>> No.44904671

Made a raid shadow legends joke and the guy who pretends to be black didn't like her

>> No.44904682

I don't think we're really disagreeing; it could have been handled like Rushia's termination, where you could tell how the livers felt without them being blunt about it. When you have nothing nice to say say it indirectly at least, and don't make it about yourself.

>> No.44904751

>lied to management
>lied to her colleagues
>lied to management again
>numerous problematic behavior toward copyright law
>made a rape joke
>management tried to have a talk with her but she refuses to change

>> No.44904879

the statement unironically includes a raids shadow legends joke as one of the reason mentioned roms in one of her streams and cut herself off before finishing a rape joke. they also say she lied but don't mention about what, because the less transparent they are the more they get away with

>> No.44904893
File: 167 KB, 3072x1728, 1651673162423453.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44904974

Zaion basically acted too much like an indie while being part of a corpo, and it wasn’t a good fit.
The yab comes from the fact that instead of just saying that it couldn’t work, Anycolor is jumping through hoops to make Zaion look like some uniquely evil and terrible cancer they had to get rid of so they don’t look bad to their twitter-brained fans. In the weeks leading up to her suspension, she made a few jokes that were cancelable (but they’re the nothingburger kind, not the containment breaking retard kind). The way Nijisanji worded her crimes in their announcement is really misleading and encouraged the twitter mob to shit on her for those jokes, as if simping for some shota gacha game character was even the reason she got fired (it wasn’t)

>> No.44905062

I don't think it's a hateboner, more like 'well you don't want to be with us, so now it's your problem, not ours'. And I don't think you can pin the dox on niji itself, there are a lot of retards with a lot of free time.
I guess by the time the whole doxx thing happened, they were already on bad terms, so there was no point for the company to help her. Was it morally right? no it's not, but from business perspective what's the point to do it if you're gonna fire her in a few weeks. The list is whatever, people would be mad either way, with list or without.

>> No.44905077

>You gonna post this in every single thread, sister?

>> No.44905084

>her 4chan posts
>when niji livers and their twitter troon fans are obsessed with coming to /vt/ to seethe

>> No.44905136

Heh... I like that offense.
Will he using that.

>> No.44905154

if a raid shadow legends joke is one of the "justification" to fire her, yeah, im more towards her side

>> No.44905156

True, zaion is already gone and being erased to every part of niji and all the talents have to do is shut their mouth never speak her name and move on like what most people do to graduated/terminated members but I guess drama really is in their dna so they can't stop talking about it.

>> No.44905166

Tribalism is the only thing that anon knows since his whole fandom is based on hating Hololive and being a hipster

>> No.44905327

The livers dog whistling harassment towards her are justified by the way

>> No.44905561

I don't think a JP corpo and her were a good match. She might work in Poach Connect but IDK

If you're worried about anyone worry about Hex that MF is actually a danger to others

>> No.44905671

She did all that in 3 months? Also she seems too new to even have a defense squad like that

>> No.44905770

This is the Nux Taku defense squad. They will 100% all watch her redebut and she’ll have the fasted general thread on the board.
Surely they’re not just a bunch of drama-surfing niggers.

>> No.44905899

>bitch who will throw social outcast under a bus if given opportunity
Top tier RP right here

>> No.44905951

Oh, for her it's too new, but if it's Hex or Doppio it seems a reasonable amount of time?

>> No.44905970

Nijisanji has the moral high ground. Rape jokes deserves harassment

>> No.44906049


>> No.44906078

she deserved to get terminated
Nijisanji as a company and all their livers dogpiling her publicly AFTER termination while she can't respond is vile as shit

>> No.44906257
File: 2.83 MB, 1280x720, enna rape joke[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fa8ik9i.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Glad we feel the same way. Get to it then, Nijistan. Go and bark up Enna's tree too.

>> No.44906280

Anyone rational can agree with this. My only problem with this whole mess is this unceremonious desecration of a corpse. You'd think she killed someone or at least did shit like doxxing her coworkers like Oceane.

>> No.44906394

Zaion is fucking nasty
Remember that time she showed a moldy ass cup that she says she still uses?
That alone was the first red flag, nijisanji probably warned her about that and the talents were visibly upset by it
Then she started doubling down even more
It's obvious that nobody liked her, not one person.
She's very likely a shitty person to be around, that's obvious when you consider that not even an hour after she got fired she was doing her best to make it seem like she did nothing wrong.
Enna may be shitty but she still is better than Zaion.

>> No.44906447
File: 210 KB, 850x1202, 1595062295024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NIGGER NIGGER------------------NIGGER
NIGGER------------------NIGGER NIGGER



------------NIGGER NIGGER
NIGGER ------------------------NIGGER
------------NIGGER NIGGER

------------NIGGER NIGGER
NIGGER ------------------------NIGGER
------------NIGGER NIGGER


NIGGER --------------------NIGGER


>> No.44906462
File: 950 KB, 1200x1500, 1622601332569.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44906466

They don't do a deep scout, they release waves too often for that.
And so stuff like this happens.
Shit, it happened to me, I just "showed enough improvement" so I didn't have to do training and then they never complained about me again. They even ended up offering me a promotion.

>> No.44906964

No, Zaion is, in fact, pretty shitty, but Niji is simultaneously revealing how shitty they can be, discrediting people is something you read that an executive with more money than brains does, not a talent to an ex-coworker, listing stuff that other talents do regularly only to make a list longer is also shitty, giving scripts to talents that can barely act to make the terminated person worse is, once more, super shitty
Like, at least Wactor just doxxes you and has no shame on being shitty, but Niji acts as if they aren't the black company they are

>> No.44907534

Well I dont think she did anything worth being fired over anyway
I think what niji are doing and have done is pretty disgusting.
Most of the issues just revolve around well maybe it could be seen as bad by some people maybe and hearsay

>> No.44907703

she did a couple of things worth having a talk with her about, she didnt do anything that would justify graduating her, removing her credits from things she worked on, damaging her future career prospects with a padded list trying to make the most minor things seem like huge problems
Only seething twitter trannies think she did anything that bad

>> No.44907705

The infractions that make up the notice got her suspended, but her later standing up to management and wanting to leave got her terminated

>> No.44907806

plus it doesn't even benefit them
all they're doing is fanning the flames of drama, and damaging their image as a company further
it's fucking crazy, i can't tell if they're doing out of spite or sheer stupidity

>> No.44907815

kek based

>> No.44907816

She didn't graduate, she was terminated.
Because she didn't want to comply with company management.
No org keeps someone belligerent.

>> No.44907822

Maybe she was genuinely a shitty person behind the scenes and now they feel free to comment on it, and only reason they didn't before was for the sake of not siring shit.
And what's stopping her from responding as an independent now?

>> No.44907868

thanks for the breather from all the negativity anon, made me laugh

>> No.44907931

>And what's stopping her from responding as an indie now?
Being wrong and she knows it.
You idiots act like Anykara doesn't have an army of lawyers who produce their statements.
She lost.

>> No.44907930

well at least you admit they were lying when they pretended they were supporting her during the suspension. what a bunch of evil women, can't wait to bring up this statement everytime they make any small yab lol

>> No.44907965


>> No.44908073

>She lost.
Look at you, taking glee in a multi billion dollar corporation beating a single woman.

>> No.44908077

>for the sake of not siring shit
Guess what? They did. whichever manager thought this is the proper way is either retarded or want the branch to die.

>> No.44908129

Her PL was nothing like that, so I can say everything came out of your bleeding gash

>> No.44908183

You gotta learn to play the game.

>> No.44908208

ok simp

remember to share a screenie of your post with her discord and maybe she'll fuck you!

>> No.44908210

No one claimed she dindu nuffin. She most likely deserved to get fired. The problem is how Nijisanji and some of its talents conducted themselves like children after the termination. Throwing filth at her now, and only now that she can no longer defend herself, meanwhile they kept acting like >muh happy family while she was suspended. Also how some of the other members have done many of the things she got fired for and haven't gotten in trouble for it.
I understand why she got fired, what I don't understand is how such a large corporation, one of the big 3s found it acceptable to behave so unprofessionally and how the fans didn't question any of it, just because they like the company.

>> No.44908458

Unironically yes.
Everyone else bent the knee to management despite their yabs and stayed.
Zaion was the only one that didn't and got the boot.
Whether or not you think she made the right decision, I do not care, because I do not care about zaion in herself.
I only care that management is a bunch of incompetent retards in EN and I worry about my gyaru oshi's future since she has nothing to do with a certain clique.
She'll either one day come under the ire of said clique, or join them, and I hate both options, but will drop her if the second option comes to pass.

>> No.44908627

>You gotta learn to play the game.
I cringed my pants

>> No.44908681

bro she's literally plain pinay tier
that's probably why she's a cuckquean
no one actually likes this bitch, she's just another pawn for keyboard warriors

>> No.44908720

by gyaru oshi I assume you mean kotoka, in which case hasn't she already bent the knee, now that she went out of her way to badmouth zaion? she's not dumb and I'm pretty sure she would have stayed silent about the matter if it wasn't for management telling her to do it, but that's just speculation on my part and unlike nijisanji i don't expect my claims to be accepted without proof

>> No.44908729

it's entirely possible for a situation to not have a "good" side. On one hand you've got someone that either signed on to be a corpo not realizing how many leashes they'd be put on as a result or deliberately wore those leashes as an attempt to speedrun termination as a quick boost to her previous account, and on the other you've got a company that has proven incompetent at best when it comes to handling their talent (both in the sense of making sure they weren't hiring a walking scandal and in having the rest of their now former co-workers act professional on the matter). Nobody looks good here, unless you're one of those "stick it to the man" types that supports Zaion specifically out of spite for Niji.

>> No.44908782

This, there's definitely something suspicious about all this.

>> No.44908901

so she has a naked 3d boy on her phone I guess

>> No.44908910

Agreed, there is no good side both parties are wrong, but the problem is its only Zaion who is getting harassed en masse and doxxed by an army of nutcases, while NijiEN is sitting in their ivory tower badmouthing someone who can't give their side of the story

>> No.44908929

She explained herself far better in the Japanese portion of her vod but basically when she said she liked niji she didn't mean the corpo, but the talents in there (jp senpai and whatever else)
I'm not gonna make excuses for her, her badmouthing zaion was kinda low blow. But I'm willing to give it a chance to see how she is in the future.
If she turns out to be a waste of time in the end, I still have the JP gyaru and vspo gyaru (yeah I like gyaru vtubers), and I'm waiting for Holo to eventually get its own gyaru (flare and polka are sadly not gyarus)

>> No.44908951

Who should I unfollow? Finana for sure. I will unfollow her again until she begs for forgiveness again. Who else?

>> No.44908989

The thing is though, Zaion has every right to sue for defamation and slander if any of it is wrong, or even if it's correct.
She's a Japanese girl, living in Japan, so she's within her rights to make use of Japan's upside-down laws regarding slander.

>> No.44909054

that's a reasonable take, lets hope she can avoid further venom from this ridiculous agency's management
>i like gyaru vtubers
a man of culture, i respect that

>> No.44909165

I think so far everything on the list we have access to has proven true but so utterly ridiculous that it undermines the whole thing. I've yet to see anything that warranted termination. You'd think she was a child rapist the way everyone acts.

>> No.44909194
File: 827 KB, 5006x3822, 76t31wdr93u21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Offensive remarks regarding discrimination and sexual assault
Wow. The agency that allows PEEPEE POOPOO jokes thinks it has standards now

>> No.44909201

Its one girl against a full blown company, she can certainly try, but what are the odds of her actually winning? Even if she does win, that will take years, in which time she has to pay lawyers out of her own pocket. Its not as simple as you'd think. Not to mention we have no idea what kind of contract she signed, which is on her, but still might complicate things further for her

>> No.44909232

Kyo you're not allowed to say that word

>> No.44909277

What's funny is these are the same people who say, muh capitalism bad, muh corporations are evil, muh rules are meant to be broken. Haven't seen such blatant hypocrisy for quite a while.

>> No.44909286

Fair points.
I dunno how it is in Japan, whether or not you can just defer lawyer payments until you win your case (if you win).

>> No.44909303

She's too entertaining not to get a bounce on her return as an indie

>> No.44909415

It's even stupider if you remember vox has done literal rape ASMR.

>> No.44909462
File: 29 KB, 400x400, 1677249469214186.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

uncontrollably based

>> No.44909487

I'm feeling she is like the people in /v/ go in a multiplayer online game, accepts the terms and service, and start shouting nigger in voice chat, gets banned and then creates threads shitting on the game kek

>> No.44909515

It only counts because she was being difficult with management, otherwise it would be fine

>> No.44909531


If you want more gyarus.

>> No.44909605

She's a rebellious brat but I like that and hate corporations so I automatically side with her

>> No.44909654

The fact her colleagues dog piled on her at her worst shows their character more than hers.

>> No.44909660

>I'm feeling she is like this completely unrelated scenario where someone does something she didn't kek
Stop reading /v/ so much

>> No.44909694
File: 237 KB, 1916x945, 1652713005049.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44909805

I've seen the first but didn't know her channel, and haven't seen the second one, will definitely be giving these a look. Much thanks anon.

>> No.44910172

>And what's stopping her from responding as an independent now?
NDA you fucking retard
do you see former nijis/holos going around being explicit about their experience in the corpo?
do you think that's a coincidence?

they're kicking a corpse, they're doing what they were too cowardly to do openly now that they have an uncontested upper hand
it's honestly pretty disgusting

>> No.44910177

>go in a multiplayer online game, accepts the terms and service, gets banned, server message pops up that she shouted nigger in voice chat, trust me bro and then the admins and gms start slandering her in game so she can't defend herself and then they send their playerbase to harass and doxx her
ftfy /v/ermin

>> No.44910934

Didn't Rushia go over her shit as mikeneko a few times? I have no horse in this race, and I may be retarded and remembering wrong / believing into falseflags, but I do remember a couple tweets that got deleted later from mike the cat.

>> No.44911047
File: 699 KB, 1200x675, 1678593315493237.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44911122

always EXTREMELY vague and as you say, immediately deleted
Zaion can't defend herself in any substantial way without getting literally fucking sued

>> No.44911166

nobody liked zaion

>> No.44911183

>Zaion wuz a good girl who dindu nuffin
she wasn't, and that's why we like her

>> No.44911226

She could have gotten sued, guess Cover showed mercy, or didn't think it was worth the trouble.
She shut the fuck up about it after having a talk with Kson.

>> No.44911250

contrarians and based right wingers
sounds about right

>> No.44911255

Zaion supports trannies, she isn't worth anyone's time

>> No.44911294

its always politics with you weirdo incels

>> No.44911322

that Enna AI? nice

>> No.44911372
File: 623 KB, 666x937, war.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon I like NijiEN and the only ones that brought them down were themselves for fucking leaking discord all the damn time

>> No.44911502

It's always invading hobbies for you trannies

>> No.44911618

touch grass and stop watching me

>> No.44911661

the only thing wrong she did was getting married

>> No.44911764
File: 473 KB, 896x492, 1650281027667224.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do people know Filian is unironically very wholesome and hangs out with with Vshojo girls and their buddies alot, especially Melody?

>> No.44911864

The fact that it was bad enough that Millie told her to delete has me concerned

>> No.44912524

I don't need to. You fucking shout it out for everyone to see like an attention whoring piece of shit.
Dog piling on someone that can't defend themselves are the only things that trannies do because you will never have any validation in your life.
You're a genetic dead end that tries to impose it on everyone, especially kids, because you can never reproduce.
Your kind are literal cancer.

>> No.44912716

No i could understand her getting in trouble for pulling off a few too much edgy jokes but the other list of stuff thats tacked on the list seems and just wants to make her look like an crazy villain to appease the crazy twitter mob like her saying she was sponsored when everyone knew she was joking. shes probably going to have trouble making friends with a few vtubers now when she returns to streaming as her PL like shes hollywood blacklisted which i find retarded

side note: I wonder if she got into an argument with members over her openly liking shotas. i know elira likes them but she isnt as based as zion was to say it out loud

>> No.44912906

Kiseki chad

>> No.44913161

thank goodness selen doesnt like twitter i think shes the sanest one

>> No.44913505

anon its not hard finding out how most of them are right wingers, believe me i was one

>> No.44913566

you are doing the same thing they do, shame

>> No.44913681

Every time the right plays nice in the name of optics or turning the other cheek all that did for us was get our asses reamed over by a bunch of faggots that took it a million miles.
I'm done being charitable and tolerant.

>> No.44913883

I've been watching nijisanji since 2019
I was there when everyone turned against Roa and the company when Meiro was fired and I stood with them because I knew Roa was the victim in that story. I can't stand with them (more accurately, with EN's management) now because I also know Zaion is the victim here.
I won't stop watching nijisanji over this, but I did stop watching EN.

>> No.44913970

I think she just had a complete fallout with the management and this entire thing is way overblown by dramafags. People are too used to managers being cute mascots so every time they do their job you get "OMG SISTERS HOW DARE THEY".
Reminder that managers are the chuubas' superiors, not the other way around.

>> No.44914111

Trannies. Or tranny sympathizers

>> No.44914211

>putting up a notice written by a vtweeter
>ignoring their ex-talent getting doxed in revenge
Can you really call this doing their job?

>> No.44914251

You mean Zaion? I knew she was the one stirring shit here

>> No.44914315

Yeah, sure. Not the countless twitter troons calling for her head and doxxing her, hoping someone would harass her at her house.

>> No.44914345

Ah, gotcha.

>> No.44914377

Troons love to turn on their own for wrongthink

>> No.44914430

This: >>44895485
If the "why don't you guys educate yourselves" bitch is against her, then she is completely in the right.

>> No.44914458

How is she a troon?

>> No.44914521

Go to her Twitch About page and take a look at the Twitch group she is a part of. Click the name and read their group statement. She is a tranny supporter.

>> No.44914538

This, if they shut the fuck up and did nothing I wouldnt think as badly of them

>> No.44914542

I don’t think Zaion is an innocent saint, and she absolutely wasn’t meant for the corporate life compared to being an indie. But I don’t trust NijiEN management or talents 100% either, they absolutely danced around the truth in the past.
These interactions with Zaion seem so out of place and ridiculous, if she really interacted with people that really wanted to help her, she wouldn’t have been in this position.

>> No.44914558
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>> No.44914593

Lesson learned. The hard way. Around trans, never relax.

>> No.44914696

>"I-I promise I'm not a tranny supporter! Look, I played the funny meme game!"
Too late for her

>> No.44914778

No it isn't. If Silvervale of all people learned how to denounce the troon menace, someone like Zaion would find out very quickly and come to the right side.

>> No.44914821

And yet, she's still part of the twitch tranny support group after all this time. If she hasn't learned her lesson by now, she never will.

>> No.44914869

sis do your twitter friends know you're spreading transphobia on 4channel.org

>> No.44914971

>no argument
I accept your concession

>> No.44915005

>she's still part of the twitch tranny support group after all this time
My only response for this is to wait. Shits going down right now with nijisanji and in due time she'll address the Twitter freaks.

>> No.44915118

She wasn't a good girl but NijiEN members sperging out and letting people rip into after she got the boot is even worse. "Enemy of an enemy" you know the saying. Fuck NijiEN (cept for like 3 of them).

>> No.44915213

You say that like trannies weren't heinous before this whole incident. She supported their previous actions, showing that she is not a good person.

>> No.44915264

I like how this is an obvious samefag to get out of an argument. You're not subtle.

>> No.44915270
File: 39 KB, 656x679, 3443121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"If Kyo and Finana are saying she was wrong, I know she was right."


>> No.44915325

I don't know. Trannies got a lot of people fooled everywhere, but you know who's behind them.

>> No.44915430


>> No.44915461

>If Kyo and Finana are saying she was wrong, I know she was right.
Sieg Zion!

>> No.44915509

First of all, I'm not condoning doxing and I hate trannies
>a notice written by a vtweeter
While I kinda agree and I would've wrote something more neutral like "after consideration we decided that Zaion is unfit to continue her activities as a niji", going full "they tarred and feathered her" is too much.
People act like the her infractions are small and not enough to be fired over, but if you keep the whole timelime of events in mind you'll realize that she went through full verbal reprimand to punishment to termination pipeline.
She broke the rules. Some of those rules are dumb (offending copyfags lmao, offensive jokes lmao), but people forget that corpo vtubers are a product first and foremost, and it's reasonable to expect that your voice will be stifled while you're in a corpo. Hobby !=work.
From her twitch screencaps she doesn't seem that sad either tbqh. Imo in the end she just hated management, hated her contract and decided to bail. I wonder how will Riku sell the nijifamily brand now though

>> No.44915562

Based and true. I was having doubts but Finana shitting on her confirmed in my mind that Zaion was in the right.

>> No.44915594

ok I may be asking much but it would be kino if one of her VIPs would start some drama

>> No.44916114

Ooh. I like how you think.

>> No.44916304

now put zaion face on all 7 offenses

>> No.44916538

>It sounds more like she wanted to get out of there than "indie can't conform to corpo gig."
she probably did all the lying
but the reason to leave is clearly money x numbers
She was already down to 1k watching after the break(now revealed to be suspension), prior to graduation her PL have 500~700 average according to twitchtracker

Doesn't take a genius to notice she wanted out, she thought she would become the next selen/pomu/enna
it failed and the restrictions was not worthy anymore

>> No.44916678

>1k watching after the break(now revealed to be suspension), prior to graduation her PL have 500~700
Considering the company cut, youtube tax, at this point it seems much better to be an indie than to be another rushed Niji gen.
Specially since they hire people who already have numbers beforehand. It's a net loss.

>> No.44916747

>And yet not a single person who knew her personally from her indie career has ever said anything like the way they portray her
So does alot of other indies, until one day dozens come out of the woods with DMs after one person blast the door open

>> No.44916873

>but the other members/the company act like she killed their parents in front of them.
the member only said to be disappointed
the parents that got killed was the company, anycolor invested and she wanted to leave. So whoever in management made the final decision wanted zaion on the twitter cross

>> No.44916896

Proof next thread?

>> No.44917314

proof of what you retard?
just pointing out dozens of "good vtubers" got outed at some point, 2022 Catalog was the year of random indie twitter drama threads
Indie vtubers seem to live in a Schrödinger cancellation status, never know who's next in the twitlonger chopping block

>> No.44917579

This is actually true.
Fuck, do you remember how many people dogpiled on nux when vshojo was attacking him even though he was literally in the right to post the video? We had countless people posting shit like
>I never liked him anyways!!!
Or that one frenchy chick who took a piss on stream once saurei or whatever
She had a ton of people who were like
>"She's such a cunt for this art contest BLABLABLA"
I wanna say there was someone else too that got "cancelled" like commander something or something like that.
Indies are always out for blood.

>> No.44917903

the chain effect was
>Saruei art contest drama
>and "dozens come out of the woods with DMs" about her being an asshole
>Bunny something vague tweet about respecting artists for the Saruei drama
>Lazar... leyna? layna? has shit on her and mentions generalbahroo
>General bahroo shit on the goth lazar girl
>and "dozens come out of the woods with DMs" about him

>> No.44918084

Her timeline is marginally shorter than Finana, who had similar, more severe, infractions. And the time frame argument falls apart when bullet points on her termination list are from AFTER she was indefinitely, publicly, suspended.