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Paul Li turned them into a Wactor tier branch.

They're not even worthy of the HoloEN comparisons now.

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Sad what NijiEN has become.

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Before the Zaion fans continue to get upset at the livers and Nijisanji, please just watch this clip.

It's what Finana said about her lying, now after watching this, do you truly believe she needed to stay in the company?


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>They're not even worthy of the HoloEN comparisons now.
They were Vshojo tier for a while and managed to become even shittier than them.

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Paul Li is the sponsorship manager

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Replying to an epic /#/ falseflag

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>We investigated ourselves and found we did nothing wrong

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I don't give a shit about Zaion. Some of the EN members are actually fine, it's the culture that's developed around them. Some of them are legit nerds that would be fun to watch but the audience forces them to watch on eggshells, starts drama over every little fucking thing and harasses people on social media regularly and the problem is the management let that kind of culture foster instead of squashing it out early. The talents aren't perfect either but a lot of it just comes down to poor moderation that eroded the vtubing culture for nijiEN, they might as well just be normal streamers using an anime avatar at this point.

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Jesus Christ this gotta be a schizo bait, there's no way Niji interns are this retarded right?

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walk on eggshells*

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3viewsanji will soon be Shit connect contender

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NijiEN Gamers soon

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>there was a minor miscommunication between me and zaion that she apologized for
>basically she abused me... i don't think i can trust again
bravo noor this narrative is even better than hex's child rape story

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kys bootlicker

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>SEAniggers are incapable of watching and understanding a clip
Sad how far their country has fallen....

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don't worry intern-kun i'm sure someone will fall for it

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Fall for what exactly?
That pagpag is a delicious meal or something? Sorry SEAnig but I don't think anyone is falling for that

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Finana has zero credibility. She leaked her own fucking audition to her secret Discord, dude.

No one likes or trusts her for shit except making them cum from lewd ASMR.

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I'm wondering how you haven't been fucking banned yet since this is borderline spam now.

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lol. kys you actual nijinigger

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its amazing how they just saw a chinese name and think hes a manager when the guy is just involved in sponsorships and event shit kek

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Kys chink.

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I didn't realize SEA was a country.

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Pagpag is MRE survival food, but for Filipino college students. You don't know true adulthood if you haven't sat at a shitty wooden bench, eating crumbs and rice on a plate, with only enough pocket change to get you 3 km near your home.

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Nice spam nijimanagement.

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hi paul li. hows tazumi’s boot taste like?

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imagine just how fucked you are when finana talking for 5 minutes but ultimately saying a whole load of nothing turns out to be your ace in the hole LMAO

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I'm still trying to figure out who the fuck are these people.

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me too man

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> into a Wactor tier branch
Let's not get carried away here. Has NijiEN management doxxed their talents, including country of birth and SSN? Have several ex-talents been suicide-baiting on Twitter?