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Doppio is a fucking snake and a spineless one at that. He betrayed Zaion like a fucking coward.

>Doppio joins in with Zaion ripping the shit out of Kyo in his own stream in front of everyone and has a gay old time doing it
>Actually bullies Kyo much worse than Zaion did
>Finds out later that Kyo deleted the VOD and shits himself in terror as he realises he genuinely pissed off one of the clique members and Enna's bestie
>Gets scared and immediately apologises to Kyo in Discord or DMs or whatever and begs his forgiveness.
>Kyo forgives Doppio because he got on his hands and knees and licked his boots while saying sorry.
>Zaion did no such thing
>She gets suspended shortly after and Enna conveniently goes on "break"
>A month later Zaion gets terminated and has her life ruined
>Kyo then also conveniently goes on a "break"
>Meanwhile, Doppio doesn't even bother to make a vid about the situation like the rest of Xsoleil
>Just gives out a half-assed tweet that makes him even sound glad she's gone
>All the while doing more collabs with Kyo and other clique members.

Poor fucking Zaion man. She got stabbed in the back by her own genmates, especially Doppio. Fucking rat bastard he is. He avoided Zaion's fate by bowing down to the clique while they destroyed Zaion.

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Not an nijifag, how did Zaion bootyblast Kyo so hard? Anyone got the stream?

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What mental illness do you have

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They just made fun of the word rizz during their Collab which made Kyo irrationally angry for some reason

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Based, fuck zoomerspeak

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpYb0nN-1DQ for the short version

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Since he licked the other clique's boots and is now hanging out with Pomu all the time, that means Pomu is part of the clique too and isn't a good person like retard shills want you to believe
He got so assblated he privated the stream after they kicked his shit for wigger zoomer

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Yes, Zaion got fired because she annoyed some wigger and not because she was inviting potential lawsuits constantly.

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b-but the cliques!

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True, wouldn't want to be sued by Raid: Shadow Legends

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Not a single one of her wavemates defended her. All 5 of them must really be bad people. Couldn't possibly be the other way around.

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nijishills got here quick this time
probably because a male is in the OP

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This but unironically.

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Meanwhile she's cracking jokes and alluding to a war while her genmates have to deal with the blowback of her actions. Based?

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Considering one of them is a creepy groomer, yes.

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Given how Kyo reacted to the racist Enna arc I'd take a guess Kyo thinks "rizz" is AAVE like "bussin'" and making fun of it is racist. Even though I've only seen white girls claim "rizz" is AAVE. Everyone else says its NYC slang that some streamer made popular with zoomers.

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Hi Kyo.

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what the fuck did you just type

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>after over 24 hours trying to collect his thoughts
>posts the most un shitflinging "times are tough but will keep moving, please wish us luck" kind of response
>drama niggers try to twist it into "FUCK THIS BITCH, I'M TEAM WIGGER"

Why are you gays so autistic?

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kek, nobody told me doppio was this based

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He licks those boots nice and clean now.

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I speak woke, pretty sure it stands for African American Vernacular English, more commonly known as Nigganese

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>constantly try to talk sense into self sabotaging coworker
>coworker ignores you and continues to self sabotage
>gets fired
>you tell fans what happened

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He literally didn't even mention Zaion at all. Not to wish her good luck or say goodbye or anything. He just dropped her like trash the second it was convenient for him to do so. He's a fucking rat.

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It was obviously related to it. This argument is incredibly weak.

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>schizos lack object permanence and think everything must be performatively posted in public
this board continues to prove this point

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No shit it was related. That's not the point. If he gave the slightest shit about her he could have at least said goodbye.
Word salads don't make you look smart btw.

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Anon, she got terminated. Why would he give her well wishes and love as she's actively shitting on the company he's working for?

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in the face of logic just copy paste a meme

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Welcome to 4chan. If you want an intellectual conversation this isn't the place for that shit here.

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Wow he really talks like a nigger

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the best part is
>constantly try to talk sense into self sabotaging coworker
you say it like he even tried, when he most probably apologized to kyo like a bitch and let zaion to herself

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cool fanfic

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let me put into perspective for you subhuman sisters
when rushia got terminated for much, much worse, even her genmates felt more remorse than xsoleil did for zaion
rushia broke a fucking NDA
let that sink in

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There will be no amount of mental gymnastics you can make and no cope you can post as long as Hex is part of niji, what he's doing deserves actual scorn, no other member even compares

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thats why i said
>when he most probably
when there is no proof, but it sure looks like it

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Because that's what a friend does. He doesn't have to defend her or agree with her or anything. Just a simple goodbye would suffice.

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Rushia was around for years and was fine up until that point. Zaion was around for a month and caused yabs the entire time she was there.

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Cool, he can do that privately then.

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sorry but even if you combine all of zaion's yabs, it wouldn't even be a hundredth as yab as rushia breaking NDA, even if zaion did all of them in a single fucking week.

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Why not publicly?

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Zaion was only there for a short while and didn't really get close to anyone in that time. It's not comparable to Rushia.
Compare it to Yugo, everyone was really sad about the graduation.

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nice to see nijishills ignoring the fact that they all """""""""""""""supported""""""""""""""" her when the suspension happened

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Time is a thing

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I don't see how her being fired somehow means he can't wish her well on social media.

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Nijinigs once again proving themselves to be friendless subhumans

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I actually think Pio is a genuinely nice person and he felt guilty for roasting Kyo on his own stream and apologised to him sincerely from a good place. Zaion obviously didn't. She never struck me as someone who would feel bad about belittling others.

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This faggot speaks like J-Roc kek

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Based doppio! hopefully he can convince enna and kyo to boot the rest of the wave starting with that scumfuck hex

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If Kyo wants to be able to dish it, he should be able to take it too.

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I am not happy Zaion got canned, but I'm starting to hate that she ever got in because of you dramatic fucks using her in your stupid schizo console wars. Give her PL a general and move on like she did.

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Unfortunately, Niji reputation is down the shitter so it's genuinely impossible to believe anything from anyone working for them

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That's the weird thing, he gets roasted all the time by other livers. Enna shits on him every 5 minutes, he gets bullied in collabs and even Ren has the same "you can't bully me because I'm too much of a retard to understand what you're saying XD" type of humour as Doppio, and through all of it Kyo laughs it off and just banters back. I don't know what it was about that golf stream that made him so upset. What was different?

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Doppio and Zaion are supposed to be below him in the hierarchy. So for them to be blasting him like that is the gravest of insults.

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I thought only Japs cared about that kind of shit.

>> No.44843790

They're co-workers, not friends.

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"Firing practices that would let you sue your employer in most first world countries are good, actually"

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Like a true wigger he can't handle the bants.
It's the same mentality of faggots who spout talk shit get hit because these retards can't come up with a retort or even have a laugh at their own expense.

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You clearly don't watch Kyo, retard. He takes bants all the time. You're probably just another butthurt Aloucreep incel.

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Trying too hard nigger.

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>new group enters
>collabs with them
>they out banter him to the point where he mutes to shit talk them
>they call him out muting to shit talk them
>gets assblasted enough to private the vod and never interact with them again unless it's a huge collab and can't avoid them
>h-h-h-h-he takes bants all the time!

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So yeah, you don't watch him.

>> No.44847584

Kyo was just totally outclassed in the bants.
It's a tragedy he got Zaion fired.

>> No.44847731

wonder how many of them are in this thread lol

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His commitment to his chuuni bit is second only to Luna's commitment to being a baby.

>> No.44848102

>Private VOD
Sister... choose your battles.

>> No.44848453

I wondered what kind of retard would be convinced by that list, now I know

>> No.44848469

>That voice
Holy fuck I am so glad I never got into NijiEN. Why the fuck would they hire that Kyo guy when he sounds like that.

>> No.44848586

This is true. Unfortunately even Kyo knows when to dial things down. Dude had to carefully navigate Enna's depressed drunk state from saying anything dangerous

>> No.44848657

>if bullies gang up on someone they're actually good people
please seek help

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Nice cherry you're picking.

>> No.44848772

Yes, it unironically couldn't possibly be the other way around.

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>It's a tragedy he got Zaion fired.
Is it? I mean, does anyone who isn't a catalognigger even care?

>> No.44848984

Someone finally said it gnome-sayin

>> No.44849022

not one of them denounced the harassment she's recieving from twitter trannies. Her dox has been posted in replies to them hundreds of times, they dont block the people posting it, say it's bad, they tacitly support it. so yes they're bad people and there's something seriously wrong with you if you cant see it

>> No.44849079

yeah cause believing random people with a huge ANTI bias is much better

>> No.44849167

Yeah he's the worst of the lot. Spineless coward.

>> No.44849174

people arent looking at ANTIs, they're looking at the actions of niji and the other members and they have behaved like scumbags

>> No.44849565

I like how Hex intially tweeted support then deleted the message 5 minutes later because his audience of Twitter Freaks started ripping into it

>> No.44849598

Holy shit, can't believe they fired her to keep Kyo. Also I still can't get over how he hasn't been canceled yet for pretending to black. It's so cringe hearing that voice come out of that face, and knowing that he's white as snow.

>> No.44849690

>Potential lawsuits


>> No.44849760

I can believe it. Look at how many shitty people work at that company. And Hex is literally going to get someone killed. But no one at Niji cares, because MONEY

>> No.44849842

seriously? I wonder what the venn diagram of people who wanted Zaion gone and people harassing pikamee/silvervale is?

>> No.44849962

remember that time when hex told his lovely and very normal fans a story about how he was assraped as a child and therefore he understands their pain when the evil vtuber zaion said the unforgivable r-pe joke

>> No.44849988

Why should anyone feel guilty for roasting Kyo? Plus he was trying to go in on both of them the whole time too. He just wasn't funny and they were. Sorry. Cry about it, Kyo.

>> No.44850092

Company is in full damage control mode. The termination notice was filled with laughable offenses like "Made a Raid: Shadow Legends joke" and "Criticized a game she was playing". Just to pad it so it looks worse to twitter tards who will only look at the length and not bother reading the list of so-called infractions.

The short talking streams from her wavemates had gems like "I can't wish her well for the future", "She hurt the people I love", and Hex claiming he was raped as a child and was ever so hurt by her insensitive remarks. Conveniently ignoring the fact that the Kotoka literally taught Mysta a rape joke on stream, and then Mysta retold said joke to Riku Tazumi, the CEO of the company. Mysta reported "It was like the hardest I've seen Tazumi-san laugh". The difference? That joke was made about a REAL rape case. I guess that's why Hex didn't find it so bad.

Of course nobody who still works at the company is going to support her. They want to keep their fucking jobs. Please apply some actual critical thinking instead of following the herd. They do still teach critical thinking at school right?

>> No.44850120

He's the one who deleted the vod and cried like a bitch

>> No.44850187

Enna literally made a pedophilia joke today
This kind of thing is commonplace for her, and yet she's never been punished.

>> No.44850243

They padded it out just so it wasnt as obvious they banned her for making twitter mad with a joke. She got Colin Moriarty'd

>> No.44850457

Do people actually like that twink? I geuinely don't understand his appeal, but maybe i'm just not the target audience

>> No.44850674

That's not surprising. She's a genuine pedophile. Listen to the reactions from the rest of the group when she shares a picture of a child she has saved on her phone. https://youtu.be/Nv-7Jzz6mos?t=8871

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most nijifans didnt even have time to fall in love cuz she was barely around a month. she did 2 or 3 collabs outside her wavemate required ones. 1 where she was bratty with doppio and was good, and then 1 where she played shogi for 5 hours with finana and sucked.
she was a perpetual 3view who didn't stand out. personally, i liked her cuz she called the switch a slow and buggy pos and the new FE shit, but that's what ended up getting her fired

its 99.99% tribalism catalog spammers, i dunno how many are genuine or not tho

>> No.44851243

I care, not because I watched her nor because I'm a tribalfag, but purely because she was bullied out by her coworkers and management because twitter trannies were made at her and that's shitty.

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Kyo antis are so funny. Trying to live vicariously through Lolisex to seethe at him but in the end he got the last laugh on both of those pricks.

>> No.44851715

Why are you people like this?
I miss when rrats were light hearted
Now you all just want to tar and feather anyone.

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>Memoryholes Vox RAPE rp
>Memoryholes Mysta being proud of telling a rape joke to the CEO and laughing together
I love you nijisisters, you're all so full of denial.

>> No.44851939

This place is ironically a horseshoe of Twitter

>> No.44852597

>''What happened to you guys??? why are you making fun of my favorite corpo??? you changed
Disingenuous faggot, KEK

>> No.44854023

Doppio is in the Pomu/Selen clique, he's protected.

>> No.44854068

ive only seen him on others channels for collabs but all the ones ive seen he acts the same way, like a manchild who gets butthurt too easily, find someone better to watch

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>> No.44859139

>find someone better to watch
Like who? Zaion? Oh wait. Lmao.

>> No.44860316

literally anyone, you dont have to look far to find someone better and more popular than Kyo

>> No.44860649

You don't have to look for to find someone better than Zaion either because she's fucking dead lmao

>> No.44860990

and still more popular than Kyo will ever be

>> No.44861944

Nothing is gonna happen to him if he continues to receive as many superchat he does now

>> No.44862337

She had less than half his subs and no one gave a shit about her before this. Keep coping tho.

>> No.44864016

cool ccv of a trailcam bro

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Why does he talk like a black woman? This is a level beyond wigger, he talks like a sassy lashawnda stereotype.

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Calling them Kyo antis would imply that Kyo actually has fans.

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>Of course nobody who still works at the company is going to support her. They want to keep their fucking jobs. Please apply some actual critical thinking instead of following the herd. They do still teach critical thinking at school right?
Yes anon, thats why they all have been shitting on Yugo all the time! because they have fear they will lose their job.

>> No.44869291

Is that Niji EN average numbers? I know several vsinger who are even more niche than that averaging better and sell out their merch and EP albums. What's the point? unless they were legitimate 1-2 views and this is an upgrade.

>> No.44869884

Wtf are you talking about, this place is full of nijisanji antis that defend someone they've never watch just for hate, since debut Zaion was privating stream after stream, it was pretty obvious she wasn't made for corpo vtuber, not that anyone here cares

>> No.44870150

He has more fans than Zaion kek.

>> No.44871138

Literally what you all want her genmates to do, the irony

>> No.44871988

Today you learned the difference between a graduation and a termination. Congratulations.

>> No.44874284

Damn, you're going after Pio-chan now? You Zaion schizos know no shame huh? Just going after everyone who didn't agree with her shit actions.

>> No.44874670

Back to your containment general

>> No.44876757

You're a true piece of shit, you know that? I'm sure zaion would love that you're the one defending her honor.

>> No.44876805

will rape joke incident go on my termination notice

>> No.44877176

Doubt you're in any place of employment, so I don't think it would matter.

>> No.44877271

calm down hex your asshurt is showing. wouldn’t want it to bleed again now would we?

>> No.44877498

Edgy. I'm sure your mother is proud of you right now.

>> No.44877571

Hey Hex, you should complain about Mysta and Tazumi too. Since Mysta told Tazumi a rape joke, under direct guidance from a manager, and Tazumi laughed his ass off at it. I guess complaining about your CEO might get you fired though. Gotta pick your battles, right?

>> No.44877676

JFC Nijisanji sucks so much, "Family" my ass, BLACK COMPANY DIEE

>> No.44877693

You never watched any of his streams huh? Hex makes those same kind of sex jokes, but at least he knows his limits. Something Zaion didn't have apparently.

>> No.44877766

Did I mention that Mysta's joke was about a real-life rape case tied to a forced abortion? Where are your limits now?

>> No.44877801

Just to let you guys know you're on the right track about the clique.

>> No.44877834

Is there even a difference when it comes to livestreamers?

>> No.44878015

not as proud as your uncle was of you! seems he trained you well, eh?

>> No.44878023

Doppio Dropsythe is such a retarded name. Whoever made it up must be mentally 12

>> No.44878555

Seems to me whatever Zaion said was a lot more severe and broke whatever respect he had for her.

>> No.44878747

They are a family. A family of wolves in a dog eat dog world. Everyone for themselves.

>> No.44878978

>everyone's at fault except for me!!!
You walk into someone's home, you're expected to follow the rules and not start shit! She has no one to blame but herself.

>> No.44879112

>Whoever made it up must be mentally 12
Chūnibyō (中二病) is a Japanese colloquial term typically used to describe early teens who have grandiose delusions, who desperately want to stand out, and who have convinced themselves that they have hidden knowledge or secret powers. It translates to "second year syndrome" (i.e., middle-school second-year). It is sometimes called "eighth-grader syndrome"

Doppio is 13 mentally to be more exact

>> No.44879243

Luv me first two niji waves
'ate every other wave
Simple as

>> No.44879422

Wait you don't actually know what she said? Damn sis, let me spoonfeed you just this once. https://files.catbox.moe/l2oq8v.mp4

You tell me if this is worse than a joke about a man impregnating a woman, forcing her to get an abortion and then, because she was running late, forcing her into anal sex as punishment. The story made national news in Japan too, so don't kid yourself believing nobody knew what it was about.

>> No.44879639


>> No.44879695

This but with the exception of Noctyx

>> No.44879951

>Doppi is actually sensible enough to apologize for ragging on Kyo for a bit even when he shouldn't have to
>Zaion is too much of a retard post-wall roastie to control herself from doing/saying stupid shit
>"Damn doppio is such a fucking snake for not doing damage control on her behalf!"
Genuinely, why are you so retarded? That uninhibited woman-child will never love you.

>> No.44880296

Did you just say Doppio shouldn't have to do something and then blame Zaion for not doing it?
>Genuinely, why are you so retarded?

>> No.44880838

Apparently yes. Something so hideous, it was one of the reasons she was canned, broken the trust between Kotoka and Hex, and blacklisted on their streams.

>> No.44880845

You're being daft on purpose ignoring what I wrote. I'm not blaming Zaion for not apologizing but for everything else. OP is a neanderthal for thinking Doppi apologizing constitutes a betrayal or something when it's Zaion's own lack of judgement regarding everything else that fucked her. Why should anyone give a fuck about some 3view that couldnt last for more than a few weeks?

>> No.44881273

he's funnier than she ever was so does it really matter

>> No.44881286

Lmfao absolutely BTFO'D

>> No.44881311

You just copied this from the other thread from this afternoon

>> No.44881468

What do you expect him to do when he gets a reply?

>> No.44881588

I watched some of her VODs before they got nuked, she was pretty good with bantering with her chat.
I'd call her a much more aggressive Kronii, AND she won't take shit and immediately do what she thinks is right.

>> No.44881690

Then a month passed and during that time feelings soured
We don’t know what happened between them in the end

>> No.44881784

He was off that whole collab

>> No.44881825

He collabed with Doppio afterwards

>> No.44881851
File: 169 KB, 900x1269, 20230118_122503.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based Doppio as always

>> No.44881927
File: 1.18 MB, 1122x751, KLIQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44882012

People on Twitter didn’t know she existed until the suspension went live then people started talking about the jokes and then a retarted narrative that “it was the jokes!!!1!1!” got spread like wildfire
The hate mob didn’t exist until after the Nijisanji notice

>> No.44882207

Nah he has fans, they think of him as the “funny guy” and the guy with the clippable moments
He’s treated more as a regular streamer who happens to have a model than a corpo vtuber

>> No.44882634

I see a lot of talk about cliques but who even are in the cliques and whose cliques are they

>> No.44883448

Is that guy black? If not it's extremely cringe the way he speaks.

>> No.44885211

Zoomers are almost categorically subhuman scum, the most sludge brained golem generation in history.

>> No.44885934

More intellectual than plebbit and twatter for sure

>> No.44886154

Troons invaded this board like it's a subreddit.

>> No.44886343

I'm genuinely curious what those 'racist remarks' from Finana were.

>> No.44887295

NijiEN unironically needs to burn. I'll be waiting to smoke a cigar on their downfall.

>> No.44887521


>> No.44887650

He is white.

>> No.44887845

> i liked her cuz she called the switch a slow and buggy pos and the new FE shit
Unless she's one of those fags that thinks Thracia 776 is good, my opinion of her has dropped.

>> No.44888044
File: 199 KB, 1200x675, FqZkbDPX0AIwi3g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Doppio and Zaion are supposed to be below him in the hierarchy
You say that but Doppio seems to have better relations with Kyo, even when pio was in the same collab as him.

>> No.44888461

Pomu posted her tits and bare pussy on b anyone who thinks she's a good person is an idiot. Vtubbers can't be a good person. A good person wouldn't take advantage of a bunch mentally ill incels transcels and femcels for their money, or sell you hope.

>> No.44888520

Hes pale as shit and crippled too and terminally /here/ I know you'll read this, fuck you Kyo, you will never be as good as Zaion.

>> No.44888737

I don't follow how the proposition in your first statement leads to its supposition.

>> No.44888770

>Everyone was sad when whogo got axed
Literally no one cared except for flopgur (for about 1 day) and went on like normal. Niggersanji truly is a family

>> No.44889025

Whores can't be good people.
Those are facts dilate now please.

>> No.44889136

She's not a whore, she's a slut, get your terminology right.

>> No.44889167

>Name literally references a JJBA character with a split personality who pretends to be nice while letting his "bad side" take over for all the dirty work.

And you are surprised he is a cunt?

>> No.44889316

>"His stage name is a heckin villain character reference from one of my chinese cartoons therefore he is a bad person"
You aren't worth the oxygen you inhaled today.

>> No.44889374

Same shit. Except being a whore currently fits her.
She went from exposing her 15 year old naked body for free on a Mongolian basket weaving site to charging retards in exchange of her affection.

>> No.44889456

>Memoryholes Mysta being proud of telling a rape joke to the CEO and laughing together
Anybody have the clip/timestamp?

>> No.44889483

>complaining about vtubers being vtubers on a vtuber board
Why are you even here?

>> No.44889550

Maybe if all you fags defending Zaion actually tuned into her streams she wouldn't have been such a 3view with ZERO bargaining power with management.

>> No.44889598

So basically, if any vtuber has superchats, streamlabs, memberships, or even ads enabled on their videos, they are whores. Got it, thanks for defining that for us.

>> No.44889662

What the FUCK was Niji management thinking hiring this niggerbitch of a pasty fuck to voice this faggy-ass character?

>> No.44889720
File: 436 KB, 700x700, 1647098285165895.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Official suspension notice
>Kotoka and the others: This is really sad but I can't wait for Zaion to come back, we're with you girl!
>Official termination notice
>Kotoka and the others; Naw that bitch was ratchet as fuck, I refuse to even wish her well in her future endeavors she was so NASTY
I want to know what happened between the official suspension to the official graduation because the tone shift was straight up whiplash inducing.

>> No.44889797

he really does talk like a parody of a gay black guy, does twiitter really not get pissy about this?

>> No.44889835

>Livers try to help teach her the rules
>She throws temper tantrums, runs back to her PL and restarts merch production, changes her Genshin profile to say she'll be back, changes her Twitter to say she'll be back, starts liking comments antiing NijiEN/talents, says she's "ready for war" in her twitch chat, all before the termination notice went out.

>> No.44889864

They did. What is he supposed to do? Change his accent? He grew up around black people.

>> No.44889871

Based. Fuck nigger company

>> No.44889895

I refuse to believe that is his real voice and speech pattern. I've seen more convincing minstrel shows.

>> No.44889923

It's corporate information control at it's finest. They are coached on what to say, depending on the situation, ie is she part of the company or not.

>> No.44889936

I mean Kyo straight up ran to his PL too and started dissing the fuck out of Zaion as soon as she got suspended and she probably wanted to take no shit from that. Wouldn't surprise me if Kyo's actually an annoying piece of shit behind the scenes.

>> No.44889951

I heard he has a hidden blackface option on his model.

>> No.44890001

The PL merch restart, Genshin profile change, and Twitter profile change all happened before Kyo's comment, indicating that she had no intention of learning the rules.
But yes, fuck Kyo, hope he gets into trouble and terminated soon too.

>> No.44890428

how the fuck she is even on the internet after that?

>> No.44891338

they wear slippers durring surgery ???

>> No.44891967

Yes because they're chinks. Like Nijiniggers

>> No.44892498

I'm pretty sure all these happened precisely because the termination announcement went out already. Can I see the dates when these happened?

>> No.44893221


>> No.44893884


>> No.44893966

Well it is. Get over it.

>> No.44895347

wtf is xsoleil? who the fuck is doppio??

>> No.44896826

Why are you here?

>> No.44898998

>People on Twitter didn’t know she existed until the suspension went live
wow just like /vt/! kek

>> No.44899583

Look, I try not to get political here, since god knows plenty of other people do, but this is NijiEN. Do we seriously think anyone in the company is gonna publicly shit on Yugo’s menhera ass, with that fanbase? Anyone talks about his crazy ass and how difficult dealing with his menhera is, and all of NijiEN’s fans are going to assume they hate Yugo because he’s a troon and not because he’s menhera.
And also, what the other anon said: they called Yugo’s firing a “graduation”, they actually used the word “termination” for Zaion.

>> No.44899913
File: 1.02 MB, 498x498, 1678617299823420.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's disgusting, where?

>> No.44901424

never mind, found the warosu archive

>> No.44901832

>>Meanwhile, Doppio doesn't even bother to make a vid about the situation like the rest of Xsoleil
>>Just gives out a half-assed tweet that makes him even sound glad she's gone
>>All the while doing more collabs with Kyo and other clique members.
Yes, he's moving on from a bad situation that's already finished.
>Poor fucking Zaion man
Yeah poor her. She was a shit person who couldn't get along with anyone while her genmate is hanging out with big leagues. Wonder how she felt when he was streaming with Vox?

>> No.44902918

If anything, Doppio has been the least snakey of his wave about the situation.