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The mods have put together a great little celebration over at /LGBT/. In line with their desire to celebrate pride month on 4chan, what are your favorite LGBTQ v-tubers?
Are there any ones you really like?

I personally love Inuyama Tamaki. She's such a strong energy with her sexual exploration.

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Also to see the celebration:

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Sexuality is nothing to be proud of, you degenerate
t. asexual

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But Tamaki isn't LGBTQ. She is a straight girl playing a gay trans. Or something. I don't know how people draw the lines nowadays.

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Gotta be Tomoe, only one I know of that regularly talks about LGBT-related topics, has a great voice and is very entertaining.


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She's clearly experimented with the gender wall more than 'normal' people would.

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Idk. Identity stuff is dumb imo. I don't even think this "normal" really exists. It's all constructs. Be based and fuck who you want. That's my motto.

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So you're telling me there's gay nazis now?

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My favourite LGBTQ v-tuber is Takanashi Kiara

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Tamaki is a straight girl with a fetish to see cute boys feminized in girl's clothes. Basically a subset of fujo. Not really lgbtq

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literally always has been
they got kinda shafted after the nazis took power though. but you can debate on what happened behind closed doors and whether it was purposefully looking the other way or not.

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Lol gay

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sounds pretty gay to me

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Aren't most femboys nazis or some shit? I remember reading something like that, also the actual nazis had some gay soldiers and some of them were pretty high ranking

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Yotsuba says trans rights!

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Being gay isn't a personality trait, just accept that you're all boring people who happen to be gay

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Based fellow asexual chad.

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If China takes world hegemony, you will never have faggot month ever again

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Yotsuba is trans!

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Could’ve sworn we had faggot month already.

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Yotsuba says trans women are real women!

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There are nazbois fishing for a hatesex bf and then there are nazbois who started with fashion and got pulled by the edginess.

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your mom lol

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That Yotsuba image is old as shit but it has nothing to do with LGBT faggotry

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mods disagree incel
chew dirt

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there always has been gay nazis

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4chan is an old site. Mods are newfags.

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Gays stole the rainbow, anon. They don't realize what they're taking from us, yet they ask for so much more in return.

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There's even something better.

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Isn't Tamaki VA married?

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Sexuality isn't a personality you idiot.

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Here is the shit I was worried about with all the new people coming in with HoloEN. Can never just enjoy a thing, they need to also make that thing about who they want to fuck.

Also, lol that superchat.

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Tamaki is the Japanese Bungotaiga

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Get the fuck off this site 2016 /pol/ twitter immigrant.

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If I bang one dude and 20 chicks am I gay? I don't like dudes or nothing but that bussy was just calling me one day. I think it was a one time thing. I consider myself straight. I'm gettimg married to my cousin though next week. She is pretty nice. We used to play together alot when we were young. She dresses like a man though. But Its not like she has a dick or nothing. Yup, definitely straight. Thank you all for your time. Wait, what am I again?

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who cares, as long as youre happy

not that anon, but this is furry-tier "insert your sexuality into everything you do" behaviour and should not be encouraged.

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Been on this site longer than you retard. We used to actually be able to talk about shit before all the coomers came. Then LGBTQ fad kicked off with the Zoomers and none of you can shut up about how super special you are because you fit into some neat box. Fuck off and be an individual and not just the group you want to belong to.

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This is actually the more accepting mindset. If only"woke" people could figure that out instead of segregating people.

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You're bi idiot. To this day i don't get how almost no one thinks of bis, only gays and lesbos.

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Gays and lesbos are so 2015. It is all about being trans now. The only time we talk about the gays and lesbos is when it is time to call them bigots for not wanting to be with trans.

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i know somebody trans and honestly? it's fine as long as they don't get surgery for the bottom. that shit is fucked and i'd probably actually curl up into a ball and just go comatose for awhile if they did that.

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Whatever, don't really need to prove myself to you. Just know that one day most of your generation will wake up and realize they don't care as much about sex any more and have no idea what to base their identity on into their 30s.

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The gay stuff is just acting to trick gachikois

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have sex

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Yeah and that is fine for bi people like you or I but there is a big movement to push people into situations that would make them uncomfortable because a small percent of the "community" don't like to be told no.

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Jesus christ fucking kill yourself faggot

Gay vtubers are the absolute limit and even then that is absolutely disgusting and theyre obviously mentally ill

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yeah but im straight though

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How about you stop being a faggot

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Pound dirt chud.

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I am strong willed, passionate, aloof, fun, goofy, loving, vindictive, air-headed, resilient, and mellow. I did it guys. I found a personality. I am no longer gay!!! Wait....

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Why do you all assume when people tell you to get a personality you think they don't want you to be gay? Or right because everything in your life HAS to be about that. Be as gay as you want anon but realize some people don't want to hear about it and don't want you trying to turn every character into some flavor of LGBTQ. It wasn't enjoy able when the furries did it, or the bronies, or /pol/tards.

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Grow up.

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Rather fullfill my naturally given healthy genetic code and pound a female unlike you you deranged cretaure

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No you

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I agree. I was just making a mockery of how stupid everything is. Bad habit of mine. My bad. Got ya to exposit more info for the masses though so that's good I guess. It's kind of funny that the ultimate goal would be to annoy people so much with their "identity" that it becomes normalized and people just accept it and tell them to fuck off. But we'll always be bickering about something. Ah, the beauty of humanity. Trapped in the zeitgeist always trying to back free. Ah, the chokehold of my existence is so frightening. Must struggle. Must escape. Dies. I love you all.

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I hate it anon. I just want to talk about anime and vtubers with people, like I used to be able to. But now it is all the people around me talk about. At work it is anti and friends it is all straights patting themselves on the back for how accepting they are. And here... I know it was never good, but not EVERY thread used to be about trolling each other. I cannot even talk on here anymore without getting an asshole tone any more. I hate the world anon, I hate it.

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I already used it >>4481787

I win this round anon.

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I feel you. I get that way too sometimes.

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Choke on shit

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but not every thread is about trolling
for fucks sake did you look at the thread you walked into? it's pride month

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Please, any lgbt thread outside of /lgbt/ is clearly bait because retards cannot help but come in and scream about "DEGENERATES"

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actually it's white boy summer, faggot

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no shit
again, look at what thread you walked into before you start moping -- i'm trying to have a laugh here

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I'm tired of you niggers ruining everything with your shitty coom-stained hands. Get the FUCK away from my chuubas

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you're literally on the wrong side of history

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Good job with the gatekeeping, fuckers

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artemis will never be a real shark

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Yotsuba literally has a gay father you dumbfuck. I'd say go back to twitter but they kicked you out of there too, Only place willing to put up with your shit is here.

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This thread is a perfect example of why people don't like homosexuals.

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But no one here is actually homosexual.

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Shut up.

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nice headcanon

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