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I don't care what tribalfagging shit you're into, dramatubers are the second biggest issue in the vtubing world (the first being trannies) and if you support them because they're having a feud with a corpo you dislike, you're part of the problem.

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No wonder they went after him considering literally all news coming from Nijisanji is drama, cancelled concerts, meltdowns on stream, and literal cucking. Meanwhile over at Hololive we've got the exact opposite. Too bad for Anycolor they didn't actually have a case, they sure would have loved for him to stop shining a spotlight on the sorry state of their agency.

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i don't see you complain when they are talking about good news.

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>I don't care what tribalfagging shit you're into, dramatubers are the second biggest issue in the vtubing world (the first being trannies)
>and if you support them because they're having a feud with a corpo you dislike, you're part of the problem.

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oh so that's why they've been shitting up /hlgg/ so hard lately

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Well then you need to start reading threads, because I am in every dramatuber thread I see complaining about them.

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The dramatubers are all homobeggars who love Tempiss (the cancer killing hololive)

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I would be ashamed of being a nijisister right now. I feel bad for Selen Pomu and Rosemi having their hard work trashed like this

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>Tribalfag is incapable of comprehending that this has nothing to do with fake company wars
Like clockwork.

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>"News" channel reporting good news about muh favorite corpo
I sleep
>"News" channel reporting bad news about muh-

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Nah, this guys actually pretty good. Knows how to stay neutral, had good coverage of vtuber stuff and doesn't have an inflated sense of is own importance. If anyone was gonna be a self-proclaimed vtuber journalist, it may as well be him. He sets an okay standard, which is pretty rare in this cesspool.

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Stop outing yourselves are newfriends.
I bet you weren't even here when that faggot nigger Kyo was shitting on Hololive with rrats he took from here.

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typical journalist, shill bullshit
these type of dramafag "journalist" they should all be shot

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Literally, unironically kill yourself, False.
Put that in one of your videos, you obese nigger.

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Holy fuckin' kek. He deserves the rope, but Anycolor just can't stop embarrassing themselves.

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I personally dont like this faggot, but objectively he's literally the most milktoast inoffensive channel that just mindlessly recaps shit that happens that week. Don't put him in the same category as dramachads like NaruGODmi

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Anon you are a faggot and the majority of people disagree with you

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>Kyo shitting on hololive
>Kyo shitting on his own corpo on his alt
The guy is just a faggot who has to put everything else down to feel better than it because he's garbage

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>When they are talking about good news
When do dramaniggers ever, literally ever, talk about positive shit?
That doesn't get views. It's "OMG WHAT DID X SAY" clickbait shit ever single video. Nobody would click a "X IS ACTUALLY PRETTY GOOD"

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> multiple tournament, concerts, collabs with big names, several coverage from mainstream media
>literally all news coming from Nijisanji is drama because all I know is NijiEN and nothing else but I still think I know about "NIJISANJI"
Typical dramanigger False viewer, neck yourself.

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Nijibros I thought dramatubers were our allies.

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Lmao, now this faggot's gonna get it.

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so you are just an obsess faggot whose complains i should ignore? got it.

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>multiple tournament, concerts, collabs with big names, several coverage from mainstream media
I literally watch NijiEN and none of this is happening

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Its obvious he's not talking about NijiEN, retard

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>I literally watch NijiEN
That's why you should kill yourself, EOP shitters

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he's saying falseeyed dont cover nijijp and thats why you dont see shit from them and only see nijien news and drama

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I don't give a fuck about dramatubers either way, the second biggest issue after trannies is male vtubers existing

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What? You are a fucking retard. False used to be a Niji shill. 80% of his news was all Niji and it was always first in his videos. He put hololive and other vtubers last in the video. The majority of his stories were positive about NijiEN. NijiEN talents talked to him, no Hololive member does. It's not his fault that NijiEN sometimes fucks up and it gets reported on. Just because it's bad news that doesn't mean it's drama. None of you people who complain about "dramatubere" even watch their content. You just copy what you see here to try and fit in and be cool

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I will always support anyone fucking a corporation up the ass once the latter starts trying to use false copyright claims to silence the former.

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>no proof
Nijinigger lying as always
>All drama about Niji is not even rrats

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Why would he cover NijiJP? Nobody in the west watches them

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of course its Nijinigger larping as hololive as always because
Hololive dont really give a fuck because they dont have obvious drama like Nijisanji

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Nijitards just can't stop losing

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>a Niji shill
>ignore 99% of NijiJP news that even a casual viewer would know
This narrative never failed to make me giggle every time
Then you shouldn't pretend you know NIJISANJI when all your knowledge is from a EOP nigger and a EOP board, I repeat, kill yourself

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>fall for said clickbaits
>ignore whole video
>dramavtuber bad
funny how you Nijifags only started screaming after wave of Niji bad news, but stay quiet and even endorsed it when it was Hololive.

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More like only NijiEN cause drama, LMAO

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Nijisisters BTFO

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because hes a vtuber news and because he does it for holo jp.

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>turn on the news
>American news channel reports the news in America, not Ching Chong Cheech Mong Land

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He was a Niji shill. The majority of his news stories were Nijisanji before they struck him. If you watched then you would already know this

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>American news channel reports the news in America, not Ching Chong Cheech Mong Land

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If Niji would just stop making fucking drama all the time guys like this would have no content. This is all (you)r oshi's fault, Nijicucks.

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Westerners actually watch HoloJP though. There are maybe 3 people total outside of Japan who watch Mito, for example.

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This guy is fine, Nijisanji wants to do some deeply chilling bullshit.

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>Knows and cares anything about NijiJP
its so funny because NijiEN fan cant even named 10% of NijiJP livers

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This person is correct.

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lol, his video from today is 90% Nijisanji news. He is back to his old self

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He is a Niji shill retard. Now he is back to reporting on NijiEN and its 90% of his latest video. He's back to his old self

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>Randomly clicked on his one video before the struck. More than half of his "news" was people interacting on Twitter, and even had a guy literally reading up Holo ID and JP's tweet.

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All the time.

>> No.44570660

yep which is the funniest part of Niji striking both dramafags. They were literally on Niji's side, they just had to reign in their own fucking livers that were yabbing over and over.

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How did I miss that wtf

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more like "ching billing" bullshit

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DramaGODS, we beat China

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I pity the intern that's going to comb through every upload from these faggots from now on trying to find and shred of misinformation to pull the trigger again.

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>nijien can't even win against dramatubers
Oh nyo

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Did he mention that Riku's now a billionaire with a yacht while his employees are fighting for table scraps?

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I didn't even know this was a nijithread. Shit, Guess dramatubers are based or something?

Doesn't change the fact that people who live entirely to make drama are cancer.

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Kek nijisanji more like Nijifaggots keep taking the L

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This nigger is a blatant holoshill
It's not a Nijishill if his stories were all negative press.
Specially when all the nijianti were featured as clickbait thumbnails

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It's always funny to watch /vt/ of all places seethe about other people peddling drama. As other anon said, I think it might just be some tribals upset these youtubers are reporting negative stories about their company oshi.

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>NijiJP news that even a casual
Your generals barely know anyone in NijiJP >>>casual

>> No.44571685

What the fuck do we do nijisisters?

>> No.44571714

Dramatuber VS Black Company
CIVIL WAR of people who need to fuck themselves.

>> No.44571756

It's over. Time to cut ourselves for Hex again.

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Anons dtill can't decide if he's a Nijishill or not. Very bizzare.

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This is what being terminally online looks like.
Something has this much of an effect on you that has nothing to do with you that you feel your opinion matters.

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That general talked about tournament more than False will ever do, retard

>> No.44572492

>Reports news when convenient
>Clickbaits drama when convenient
He's a fucking leech just like any unaffiliated vtuber related channel, but he got anycolor on himself when made like 6 clickbait Nijidrama videos in a row then he magically started posting good news about Hololive while omitting niji entirely, which is what might caused anycolor to send the strikes.

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I care about free speech more than hating dramatubers

>> No.44572628

>It's not a Nijishill if his stories were all negative press.
I mean it's not his fault that's the only thing coming out of niji

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just don't have drama lol it's not hard

>> No.44572741

kek what a black company

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There's enough bad blood between fan bases to fuel the flames even without dramatubers. Nothing will heal as long as faggots and women watch vtubers.

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hilarious seeing faggots saying hes a niji shill when most of the news are hololive in all branches while he always ignores nijijp even though faggots on his discord always put news from the branch in there

>> No.44572964

Imagine anyone on this board calling out drama, when 99% of it comes from here. We're the dog, they're the tail.

>> No.44572969

your company' shit management that keeps lettings its talent feed drama to the dramatubers in the first place is the biggest issue

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Do you have trouble reading, or are you genuinely retarded?

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you fucking retard, NIJISANJI is NijiJP, their main branch. NijiEN is just one branch. thats what he means. NijiEN ont represent the entire of the agency

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Based king, going all out shit on them

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Say that in /jp/ Niji thread see what they think of you.

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Fucking NIji, you had one job, it's to fucking keep these dramafags' bait thumbnails out of catalog and you can't even do it.

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so how exactly did he win? I aint gonna watch his 24 min vid

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>didn't cover about Suo Sango who literally made into multiple national television and mainstream media.
>didn't cover about revival of Gameru gameshow channel.
>didn't cover about Nornis.
>didn't cover about Proseka and various tourney.
>he is gudboi, he is actually nijishill but niji backstab him. He dindu nuffin.
What kind of nigger behavior is this?

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>> No.44575247

He could be a full time Niji news reporter and not be able to fit half that shit in there

>> No.44575280

>cover it
nijifag seethe
>don't cover it
nijifag seethe


>> No.44575322

False reported on that stuff

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>> No.44575599

Nigger, I checked it. He fucking didn't.

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>> No.44575687

>that stuff
No. He didn't even mention the Kanae 1st live next week. And literally ignore the whole Sango collab even when it is one of the most board Japanese mainstream reports a Vtuber gets ever period.

>> No.44575864

How do you expect a EN drama channel to cover nijiJP when even talents in every single branch have talents that have no idea what the fuck is happening anywhere else or who the fuck is that other niji member, nijiEN is already turning into a clusterfuck with 7 waves

>> No.44575992

I think anybody who uses false copyright strikes should be kicked off YouTube and taken to court. I like some Niji streamers but that shit sets a bad precedent

>> No.44575998

I don't like dramatubers as much as you do but I hate copyright abusers more than dramatubers ever will, and what niji did is a low blow for all content creators out there and I'd support everyone victimized by that

>> No.44576093

Trannies behavior. are Nijiniggers and Trannies the same?

>> No.44576120

Then why the fuck does he covers HoloJP and HoloID?
Everyone knows he needs to pander to his mainly holofag audience, but it's still enough to call out retarded that think all his coverage is all the news in the industry.
Cover did that on Venti, mind you.

>> No.44576132

kys False
don't think just deleting the Gura trombone section from your videos would cause people to forget that you "covered" that you fucking parasite

>> No.44576161

holy based

>> No.44576222

Holonigger and tranny do behave exactly the same.

>> No.44576299

>Cover did that on Venti, mind you.
Nta but they did? I thought that's holofags fighting back, not cover

>> No.44576306

holonigger, nijiniger and tranny is are all the same

>> No.44576307

Yeah that shit is shady regardless of who's doing it. You can fuck off with your corpo dick sucking, this isn't the console war Era.

>> No.44576327

it's fun watching dramafags and nijinigggers shitting on each other.
it's a race to the bottom.

>> No.44576395

HoloJP is way more famous to English speakers, and has nowhere near the members that nijisanji does.

>> No.44576403

Nijinigger did that more often tho.

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>> No.44576485

Holy based.
I kneel.

>> No.44576574

Also he would obsessively report about every single time Cover announced that a Holo talent got covid, while ignoring Niji.

>> No.44576620

HoloJP has 35 members, I'm betting they cover news about 10-15 of them at most
HoloID is 9 members, with only 3 of them being discussed at all ever.
NijiEN alone has 30, Niji as a whole is 150+.
Now you can use your brain and guess why

>> No.44576783

Don't try to be dumb nigger. He can just cover every big event, live or gameshow from Nijisanji. No need to cover every livers.

>> No.44576786

Ok I’ll give him a sub

>> No.44576834

>holoshitters now like dramatubers
No surprise here.

>> No.44576953

>calling out retarded that thinks he covered all the news from the industry
>h-he can't do that because of reasons!
Are you bootlicking fags genuinely retarded?
He is a stupid EOP, and everyone knows that. And lots of things I listed often being something related to many talents or even widely regarded as something major in Vtuber industry in Japan. How is "meh too many members" anywhere an excuse for him to ignore that?

>> No.44577134

Or he could just cover NijiEN and be done there

>> No.44577210

>coco as kson destoryed a doxxfag channel
>anycolor can even deal with a dramatuber

>> No.44577459

>they have to cover nijiJP because of reasons
What's next, he has to cover about 772, Noriopro, VSPO and react?
He covers holoJP because it's 100 times bigger than every other jp company combined in the west, I know you're seething about this but you just have to accept reality

>> No.44577467

>no one supports false censorship in the west
What did u fucking expect anon?

>> No.44577694

Fuck, you must have serious trouble reading.
I fuckin called out brainlet thinking all False covered was all the news on NIJISANJI because it just fucking isn't, even bootlicking retarded like you admitted it.
And I don't fucking care if all his underage SEA audience knows about NijiJP or not because it's a fact that his coverage is far from everything that happened in the industry.

>> No.44577903

>seething this hard because he didn't add an EN to nijisanji
Do you pop a vessel daily? Whenever this board says anything about hololive or nijisanji it's always about EN, it should be obvious

>> No.44577958

You need to let it go anon, you don't need to seethe this hard over a tagline

>> No.44578129

You mad they exposed the dirty shit going on in your corpo to everyone else?

>> No.44578212

He also did it to Hololive, mind you.

>> No.44578344

>no one supports false censorship

>> No.44578402

"Newsvtubers" are the most useless things in this fandom, you already have
>The vtubers social medias
>All the corpos have ways to announce news
>Normal clippers that at least just copypaste what the girls say
>Multiple places that have fan groups around vtubers that have ping system about news
Anything else left is just drama, these channels just create drama comment sections that are no different from /vt/ filled with tourists thinking they have better morals than this place


>> No.44579545

Nijifags can't stop taking Ls

>> No.44579767

The guy you called out said, more or less, that nijiJP is way too big to bother with. Not that false covers all vtubing news

>> No.44580279

You don't "beat" an agency if the agency does nothing.

>> No.44580341

Now that you mentioned, did he even talk about Vsaikyo 5?

>> No.44580353

They tried to copystrike his channel. That's something

>> No.44580367

>Niji fails to delete this cringe nigga
You had ONE job, Nijisanji.

>> No.44580394

FalseEyed, oshi of /#/

>> No.44580438
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>> No.44580514

and holoniggers will still call him a nijishill

>> No.44580609

And thank goodness it fails, that's not how to tackle dramafags, if anything it only emboldens them to shit more on you

>> No.44582144

Based he should do it to both.

>> No.44582484

He was. Guess it's not a good idea to shit on your shill just because he strayed away a little bit from the path, eh?
(Or, for that matter, failing to deliver the killing blow and having a big part of the community turning against you)

>> No.44582610

now say EXACTLY that during the next holo yab. you won’t.

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File: 72 KB, 1080x329, 20230308_002603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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He clearly means Niji JP you fucking mongoloid. Nobody gives a shit about Nijisanji EN.

>> No.44582756

Didn't kfp just notify Pippa's tard wranglers? Filing false copyright strikes is just breaking the law. Phase connect was within their rights to tell Pippa to not ruin their companies reputation

>> No.44584699

not your personal army and people laughed at Niji losing to dramafag because it's funny, why you act like laughing at Niji retardation = supporting dramafag and that people need to defend your corpo esp when they are dogshit and their member are dramanigger themselves, bet you're just seething Niji bootlicker

>> No.44585140

Pippa retweeted this stream. I wonder what Zaion told her.

>> No.44585284


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File: 126 KB, 712x423, 1669580195496272.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44585923

he never has been if you are an actual nijisanji fan and not just a retard who think covering nijien and ignoring nijijp means hes a nijishill
in the same video he says they had record revenue, retards

>> No.44585964

You say that like any of us herr actually watch him and aren't just cheering him on as he kicks nijisanji down a peg

>> No.44585997

yes, he should. he's obviously a fucking eop who dont know anything about JP industry
youre not wrong, at least big events, milestone, merchandise he could do

>> No.44586027

he don't even cover shit from nijijp twitte, which is the easiest shit. the bare minimum he dont make.

>> No.44586885

So you can't be a Niji shill if you only shill NijiEN and not NijiJP? Does the same apply to being a fan, too?

>> No.44587254

He did cover shits like they forgot to add Karute's 3D debut to their yearly calendar.
Which is more hilarious as none of his viewers will buy the Niji achieve anyway. He clearly just covered it for it being a minor "drama" while ignoring something like a concert next week that can be found by literally scrolling down one tweet.
And /here/ will still push the narrative of him being Nijishill, funny as fuck

>> No.44587437

Not him, but you're both fucktards if you can't tell how potentially bad someone in his position could be.

>> No.44587440

France anon...

>> No.44587609


>> No.44587972

It's even more sad to see retards like you think this retard >has standards and think you're the one who has good taste, you're so braindead that you starting to gaslight your self into thinking >oh yea this is the good shit because you consume so much garbage RUMAOO kys fag

>> No.44588059

he's so petty. is he enna's friend?

>> No.44588283

nijisis, not like this...

>> No.44588464

yes, NijiEN fans are all shit

>> No.44588521


>> No.44588687

more like Tempussynigger who are the same trash as Nijinigger

>> No.44588844

>Shitting on NijiEN daily
Sounds like typical NijiEN fan

>> No.44588907

>ignoring nijijp
the same as 100% of NijiEN fan on this board

>> No.44588992

To be fair, NijiJP has minimal presence in the West, so it's understandable that a Western news channel wouldn't cover them

>> No.44589147

dramatubers are annoying but striking false DMCA takedowns is evil and illegal

>> No.44589626

I exclusively watch his contents because I don't have time to watch Vtuber anymore as they're all the same and fucking boring. your problem, my solution. get fuck

>> No.44590791

Nijisanji learned their lesson?

>> No.44591928
File: 86 KB, 1395x691, comments.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AIIIEEEE Nijisisters our PR!!!

>> No.44591962

human organ?

>> No.44592005


>> No.44592069


>> No.44592166

imagine committing a potential criminal activity just becauae some dumb content farm nigger on youtube talked about your talents. Nijisanji is run by dumbfucks

>> No.44592187
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>> No.44592272

>Cover did it against Britany “VTuber fans are pedo” Venti
>Cheered on by everyone
>AnyColor did it against False “Korekore-lite” EyeD
>Got shat on by a big part of the community, including their own fans

>> No.44592309

It's okay when Holo does it, but unironically.

>> No.44592316

Their fans are major part of his audience

>> No.44592324
File: 294 KB, 261x250, 1641679978185.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

(You) are so Angry right now.

>> No.44592666

You lost britany, let it go

>> No.44593460

Why would he cover nijiJP? Nobody watch them.

>> No.44593552

Only Luxiem was flown out. Are they retarded?

>> No.44595056

literally who gives a shit about nijiJP

>> No.44595158

>Can't even beat the fag bunny and the purple guy
It's unironically over for NijiEN

>> No.44595164

because britany was attacking Gura for clout while Falseyed was doing his own thing until Nijisanji decided they want to swing their weight around, and couldn't even succeed at doing that

>> No.44595281

>Cover did it against Britany “VTuber fans are pedo” Venti
Cover did nothing, she just self-destruct on her own

>> No.44599027

Britanny said Cover striked her. Are you gonna believe Britanny fucking Venti?

>> No.44599440

He's so pissed lmao

>> No.44599591

I've always hated falseeyed and khyo because they're a bunch of retarded virtue signalers and are lower forms of normies.
But i will support them over niji because its so fucking obvious that niji is trying to cover up the actions of their retarded livers. Niji needs to tardwrangle their talents.

>> No.44600135

This. Fuck Anycolor and Susan or whoever the fuck it is now

>> No.44600310

Actual slander vs. drama I didn't like

>> No.44600399

unfathomably based

>> No.44603638

speaking of did they announce her graduation yet?

>> No.44604713

lots more people than the dead dying en branch, that's for sure