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Uhhh.. /vt/bros?

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Of course it's Tennessee.

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Based midwestern tourists.

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godDAMN my state is based

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This is the most american picture ever

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is this real?

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needs a mcdonalds in the background and we may have finally iterated on burgerpunk

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if I ever see that sign i'm turnin' the car 360 degrees around and heading back to nebraska

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>driving in reverse all the way back to Nebraska
I gotta respect the dedication

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>360 degrees

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I always assumed the 360 thing (instead of 180) was all about implying they are driving in rear shift or doing moonwalks.

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Holy cringe

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Stupid fishman, normie never click the link just because there's an anime girl on it

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eslanon, how exactly are people going to click the link on a billboard?

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with their cursor IDIOT

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That place looks depressing, how much of america looks like that?

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Uh hello retard department?

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>doing a sick drift in a 4-lane
dangerously based

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Sick J-turn bro

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b8 or just newfaggots?

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The houses are quite nice, and the nature is as well. The problem is all the space dedicated to cars, and the ads, and the above-ground powerlines.

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Holy crackers!

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Burgerpunk as fuck...

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Holy fuck thats 20 mins from where im at

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Shes famous

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look at this newfag

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>He hasn't seen this

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>What if build our whole everything around cars lmao

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america makes me nauseous

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Only the parts that ban drag shows because no fun allowed.
They're coming after the Babiniku next.

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People pretending that picture is some extreme abomination has been confusing me for over a decade now.

It's a rest stop along a busy highway. They exist everywhere.
Have you people never driven to something more than 10 miles away before?

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why tf do you need that many parking spot in a gas station.

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Take that picture at night and then in photoshop make everything pink and blue.

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Welcome to America, where we actually use cars.

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Where are you going to park your car when you go into that diner? On the road?

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Isn’t this Commiefornia though?

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Southern/Southeastern/Appalachian tourists

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Reminder that this image is leftoid commie anticapitalist propaganda.
It was taken from a scissor lift on an overpass with a supertele lens and everything you see in frame is spaced over about 2 miles. Breezewood is a very tiny town and basically just this one street. It's anti-American propaganda.


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Why advertise a politically incorrect chuuba in the most politically correct nation in the world?

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why all the pictures of the US always look like shit? lol

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Pippa isn't all that extreme. Just a bit of edgy humor and she likes to laugh at stupid things - including herself.

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Vaush called her a nazi

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who hasn't been called a nazi nowadays? that word has lost any power as an insult

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As if that means anything.

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Vaush has also called to lower thr age of consent

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Way too much of america looks like this. Too much free space.

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Why should anyone give a fuck what that fastass thinks or says?

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in case this wasn't a larp, this was a reeaaally old internet famous xbox360 joke

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Try riding on public transportation in America. Do it. Greyhound busses, city busses, monorails, anything.
>belligerent drunks harrassing the driver
>homeless people snoozing all day
>domestic violence
>people playing music on speakerphone
>people making out and groping each other
>people openly doing drugs (the really bad kind)
>harrassment and shifty fuckers sizing you up
>getting shaken down for a couple bucks by beggars (extremely frequent)
>the monorail stops are mini-ghettos in every district
No wonder cars are so prevalent.

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Who? What's with pippafags and their obsession with 3D streamers?

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That basedboy who canonically fucks an ogre has no right to talk shit on anybody
Also, why the fuck is he talking about vtubers? So much for the alternative left, you'd think they'd have better things to do

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This place is full of weebs, we use JP consoles.

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We get it, you love suck mega corporate cock and want them to be in full control of your life.

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People who aren't nazis for starter. Or Republicans trying to make the term devoid of anything because they're nazis.

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They actually cleaned that up because a train derailed from the trash. Blacks and the homeless proceeded to raid those cargo trains again and make everything dirty.


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hilarious if you get it

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In what world is Tennessee the Midwest? It's the South. Not the Deep South, but still South.
t. Hoosier

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Based retard

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>people making out and groping each other

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Yeah but you can get from Boston to NYC for like $20 on a bus

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Nah, I think the point he was trying to make was that it is a severe case of anglefrauding. Here's another photo of the town. It looks almost idyllic

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It's honestly not too bad in regards to that. Mostly just niggers and fat tattooed whores though
What the fuck, unless the east coast has crazily discounted trainfare, that sounds like bullshit. Passenger train tickets are usually just as much a plane tickets, greyhounds are about 1/3 the price of plane tickets

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Oh no, the worst cities in the US of A look as bad as the best cities in anon's third world shithole. How shall I survive with this info.

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Even if this was real, which it isn't (the photoshop's pretty convincing tho), advertising on such a place would make absolutely no sense.
Who's gonna watch a chuuba because he saw her on a highway billboard?

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It is real, you retard. There's video of it too. There was another photo that was intended as a mockup that was photoshopped.

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In my experience, the major cities in the third world can be really nice. Things just fall off into total poverty when you leave them. And your poorer workers line the outskirts and commute.

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>It looks almost idyllic
the absolute state of amerimutts
holy shit

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I never knew Europeans were so triggered by gas stations

>> No.44542884

Because its a liquid not a gas.

Whos stupid now

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Last trip I took from Richmond VA to NYC by train was about $36 dollars. Probably another $40 to get from NYC to Boston via the Acela. If more of the US was like the northeast corridor, we'd probably actually have transit worth taking.
But then again everybody is too busy sending money to U*raine and I*rael to invest in even expanding lines so I can easily see my friends in the Midwest.

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>which it isn't

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Does all that green look like a hellscape to you? Do you live alone in the woods?

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Ukraine and Israel are both important outposts for american agenda. Also, the proxy war with Russia is very cheap when you add the value of each american life we're saving.

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That one was weird, since he wasn't even pretending to know anything about her. He just went "I have no idea who that is, I might have heard that she is a nazi or something".
Pretty low even for his non-existent standards.

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The meidos are getting mad at me, so I'll just say I love Pipkin Pippa and stand with her. Pipipipipi!

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So you're a nazi, nazi

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>Box stores and giant signs everywhere
>Parking lots cover the area
But look, they left all this grass and trees around!

I mean yes, the parts of that town which are not the town look very nice. The actual town looks like shit.

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>Dae know how heckin wholesum trains are?

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As long as I get a large nice house, I'm ok with the places I shop being square shaped.

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Your propaganda was unveiled and now you’re seething in the only way you can with ad hominems without addressing the retort.
Ywnbaw commie swine.

>> No.44544049

Delete this, you heckin' fascist!

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I know this might sound crazy anon, but there are more places in small American towns than the one street where they put all the businesses that drain infinite money from fat people.

>> No.44544186

the joke is supportive of weebs though
>its thhe xbox 360 because when you see it you do a 360 and walk away

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Rural red state America is so depressing.
Damn it feels to be a metropolitan area chad.

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I hope I like Tennessee when I move there this year. I've really liked it every time I've visited.

>> No.44544241

Its a shopping district.

>> No.44544252

imagine paying all that money for used goods 4channer

>> No.44544292

All of the parts in between major city centers and rural farm towns. In short, the suburbs.

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Who the fuck is proud of living in a "metropolitan" area

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Someone who tells lies on the internet for fun

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>not just bikes
I knew someone was gonna post that basedboy in this thread at some point. Some faggot always does.
>cars are le bad and you should ride a bicycle everywhere
Fuck off.

>> No.44544427

because of laws that require minimum numbers of parking spaces

>> No.44544490

Have you considered that shopping districts need not look like dystopian hellscapes?

>> No.44544567

Do you not get out much?

>> No.44544604

>dystopian hellscapes
Is it not possible for you to talk about something without exaggerating like an idiot?

>> No.44544625

A "tiny town basically just this one street" doesn't need a 6 lane highway.

>> No.44544654

Where do you think you are right now?

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File: 240 KB, 750x1000, a-famous-picture-from-a-different-angle-v0-YLWmxsqbz7QXmiRvuKr17MWcg_fbslWoJOWP0wG1gZI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is more square mileage of wilderness and untouched land in the United States than the area of your European country. Hate this image so much it's unreal.

>> No.44544742

Genuinely anon, what the fuck do you want us to do about it? Do you think we made this bed that we're lying in? I haven't even been alive for thirty years. Be grateful that my country's ass is online for you to laugh at while you slump at your computer desk you fucking miserable little bitch.

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No one actually live in that town. Its just an extended rest stop on a highway.

>> No.44544827

That makes it worse lmao

>> No.44544841

So true sister, none of the people working in any of those businesses pictured are actual people. Nobody lives there. I'm the main character.

>> No.44544864

Normal people.

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Burgerland looks so depressing

>> No.44544973

How does the entrance to your nearest city look with bad lightning and an overcast sky? Because Germany, Fance, Luxembourg, Belgium and Austria don't look any different from personal experience.

>> No.44545067

It could genuinely be so much worse. I like it here well enough. And like the other anon said, I've frankly seen much of the same stuff in western Europe with my own eyes.

>> No.44545073

I want you to realize that you CAN do something about it! Europoors don't like to say this but back in the 60s and 70s and 80s most of their cities were just as car-centric as american ones.


>> No.44545102

They literally do not live in that town.

>> No.44545192

>middle of buttfuck nowhere
Still cringe as fuck tho damn

>> No.44545296

I can promise you that the majority of them literally do. The town is not a single street. There is more to the town than what is pictured.

>> No.44545304

>Every single store has a parking lot between it and the road
>No smaller streets with housing behind the commerical plots
>all the workers in the upper picture have to live somewhere else and drive to work there
>No sidewalks, not even in the corner on the left with the small shops and gas station
Anon that's not idyllic that's an asphalt scar in the middle of a green valley

>> No.44545395

I agree with you that it isn't hopeless, but what I really meant is that I'm just sick of people talking shit because we haven't already magically solved all of our country's currently existing problems.

>> No.44545468

How can you retards not see that he is saying that the town is more than the single road with all the fast food businesses on it that's connected to the highway? How are you seriously so fucking stupid and unaware of how the world works anon

>> No.44545507

What device are you currently using to post on 4chan? Who provides your internet. Both are big corporations. I hate retarded hypocrites like this

>> No.44545509

Anon, a shopping district is somewhere where you can hop from store to store effortlessly on foot, not where you have to drive between parking lots in your car.

>> No.44545615

Such civilisation! every nook and cranny hiding a new beautiful and colorful product sign, those roads too, just imagine how many mobility scooters you can fit.

>> No.44545622

Don't like that one here's this one, it's 10 years old now, even predates so yjacks

>> No.44545629

When's the last time you went outside, let alone walked around the local shopping disctrict?

>> No.44545667

There quite literally isn't. Its an unincorporated area that's sole purpose is refueling travelers.

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>> No.44545772

That's literally untrue, anon. That's a part of a town that's mostly designed to sell things to travelers.

>> No.44545776

Have you ever went to a non american shopping district?

>> No.44545804

What the fuck are the jannies doing?

>> No.44545825

Yes. I've been to England, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria. Now answer my question! :)

>> No.44545842

Just as the founding fathers wanted

>> No.44545851

Anon, he's never been out of state.

>> No.44545866

>ITT Europeans confuse rest stops along highways for American towns.

>> No.44545881

Stop ruining the fun dumbass

>> No.44545918

You can just google the town.

>> No.44545926

Yeah huh. I've lived in New York and Oklahoma and have been to both coasts. I've driven to both California and Florida from Oklahoma multiple times.
Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these nerds?

>> No.44546019

That does make this whole thing make more sense.

>> No.44546089

>Proving my point

>> No.44546112

Yeah, check back in on the US in 40 years.

>> No.44546133

I hope you get rapes by a pack of antis

>> No.44546140

That isn't a town you live in. That's a town you die in.

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>This argument

>> No.44546194

in before the rightoids have a schizo meltdown over this image (as is tradition)

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>> No.44546310

I might have agreed with you a couple of years ago, but I don't think that's very respectful of the people who actually live there. I live in a dead-end town myself, and while I know I won't be happy with myself if I end up dying here I do also know that lots of people love the town I live in.
I don't feel comfortable speaking about the lives of strangers in absolutes.

>> No.44546360

>Sucks corporate dick and can only respond with the NPC jargon he was spoonfed

>> No.44546385

Its simple. If you don't like big evil corporations, don't be a hypocrite and use their shit.

>> No.44546450

Do you people see a mall and think people live there too?

>> No.44546472

>Proving the comic's point

>> No.44546495

Anyone have the parody of this where its a slave owner saying he supports abolition?

>> No.44546532

Why do you need Apple™ airpods™ though?

>> No.44546545

What even is the comics point? That its fine to complain about something you won't actually do anything about?

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I go this one.

>> No.44546577

No, I assume they live in the apartment complex roughly a mile from the mall that couldn't fit in the same photograph.

>> No.44546643

The better question is why doesn't apple pay their fair share in taxes and employ sweat shop labor? I'm assuming you're in favor of those practices since you're against it being pointed out and then are going to move the goalposts to have it apply to only certain people pointing it out.

>> No.44546651

You fucking imbecile. It's because your shitty country is revolving around cars you can't have normal walkways and everything that any civilized country has for a pedestrians.
Imagine just walking for a couple of minutes to a store. Oh wait you can't you need to drive for an hour and then spend another hour or two in a giant Target store. And don't forget to refuel you car on the way back home or you wouldn't get to your job tomorrow.

>> No.44546661

Oh, ahem... can you pass on my apologies when you see them...

>> No.44546699

You want Americans to walk?

>> No.44546722

Why do you need Apple™ products?

>> No.44546755

You're retarded.

>> No.44546770

Women joining the workforce with equal pay is a big factor that destroyed wages in the following years, and it was something that was pushed for by big corporations because an oversaturated job market heavily favors them and let them hire new people at lower cost. It was workers who were against it, not corporations.

>> No.44546780

takes a special kind of retard to not get the joke

>> No.44546779

>It looks almost idyllic

>> No.44546795

Okay anon, different guy here, but what is even your goal here? Do you really think we're too stupid to see the problems in our own country, a place where we live?
Did you actually want to accomplish anything here other than talking down to someone? Do you actually care about my country being walkable in any capacity? I hope you do and that you're not just an undersocialized asshole on the internet looking to argue pointlessly about something he has no real investment in.

>> No.44546832

>driving an hour to a Target

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Well /vt/, which one?

>> No.44546874

To counter that, the market after the pandemic should have greatly favored workers due to a glut of openings and no one wanting to apply because the pay and policies were shit. However corporations conspired to rise prices and blame workers for it in response to that rather than follow the market.

>> No.44546880

No need. I get why you feel sorry for them. I did too, but I've actually come to find it pretty admirable of those people to be able to find solace in their friends and loved ones even if their only career prospects are in a small town with a factory, a bunch of fast food restaurants and gas stations.

>> No.44546899

35°58'36.3"N 83°36'23.7"W

>> No.44546903

Or, now just hear me out, you can be against those practices AND not financially support them at the same time. There are plenty of other competitors on the market.

>> No.44546902

Euros forget their entire country is the size of like Maine then get angry about a service area meant to refuel interstate commercial truckers.

>> No.44546917

First of all fuck off. Second that anon >>44539431 thinks that cars are the answer to a bad conditions and not the source. Now return to the first point and never speak to me ever again faggot.

>> No.44546947

These people genuinely know nothing about the United States. Nobody who shops at Target is driving more than like twenty minutes to get there.

>> No.44546956

Would you support them if they didn't engage in those practices?

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File: 57 KB, 1300x1000, Holy Shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.44547002

Nah, I'm actually your boyfriend now. I'm proposing to you and your mascara is running in public, thinking about our happy future later. You're gonna suck my dick when we get home later!

>> No.44547084
File: 529 KB, 1080x1080, 1658611640904972.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You're gonna suck my dick when we get home later!
You gonna fight for that right anon.

>> No.44547125

You replied to me a second time because you are literally in love with me and want to be my wife.

>> No.44547143

You mean the market that was going through inflation driven by flooding the economy with newly printed money and rising oil prices thanks to a combination of Russian oil boycotts causing a rise in competition for the other markets and dumbasses in government throwing new regulations onto domestic oil production? Companies certainly took advantage of it but when oil shoots up the cost of everything rises to match it, especially in the US.

>> No.44547165

No, I'm not addicted to brands.

>> No.44547326

I think you mean the market that was hit inflation caused by market manipulation by oil and gas companies price gouging and crippling the supply chains while they enjoyed record profits, and the proper solution would have been to nationalize the oil industry and make corporate cocksuckers cry that the country would becoming Venezuela because they are no longer allowed to price gouge?

>> No.44547327

These places are just like expanded version of a rest stop with a Sbarro, Starbucks, place to piss, and gas station in one building. Why is it so hard for people to process?

>> No.44547463

>starbucks girls have NO CHOICE but to buy the funny 1200$ status symbol brand
>a suggestion is the same as whining to others about taking accountability without doing so yourself
>peasants shackled to their lord are the same as Jaxen Starrail going into debt after willingly taking a major in the booming polynesian pottery art history sector

>> No.44547481

Because grrr, America bad! Arf arf! They have the exact same shit all over Europe.

>> No.44547529

Thank you for being the first person I've read online to articulate my exact opinion about this comic.

>> No.44547617

The worst thing about that type of EU poster is that they usually know a lot less about their own country than they do about the US.

>> No.44547645

>Record profits

When you actually compare their net profit year over year and factor in inflation they made roughly the same percentage of gross to net profit they always do.

>> No.44547646

I think some Europeans don't realize how fucking massive America is. I live on the easy coast, and the distance from me to my parents home is 950km. The distance from the west border of Germany to Berlin is around 600km. Just driving from top to bottom of the east coast is like driving from the west point of France to part of Poland.
It's almost impossible for every single part to be developed as well as a metro area, but those metro areas and cheap mass transport should be improved in the USA for sure.

>> No.44547666

Why the fuck is America still so rural? Where are my promised skyscraper megacities spanning continents?

>> No.44547800

People might fall for this argument, if their profits didn't double a the same time their debt got cut in half and investors saw 3 times the returns.

>> No.44547872

Because our cities developed near coasts and rivers to support ships and rail transport, which were subsequently neglected and then cities were flooded with citizens who were a net negative, as well as the increase in car infrastructure decreasing available land for living, commerical business, and city tax revenue, and they've been barely surviving on jacked up costs and attracting tech/service industries for 30 years now.
A regular family home even outside of a city costs about 250% more after inflation than it did 30 years ago, and even higher inside a city.

>> No.44547939

Because America is fucking huge and there's plenty of land to spread out because we haven't had a millenia of population growth and housing construction to fill it all yet like over-developed European countries. Also because most people are too depended on living in or near coastal cities to move out to and populate middle america.

>> No.44547990

Texas alone is big enough to fit the entirety of Texas into it. Think about that.

>> No.44548054

If more regions had affordable train transport, there'd probably be no issue with living "nowhere". I live in a small town that has a railroad crossing right through it, but nobody uses it for passenger rail.
If it connected to major Amtrak lines, I could literally walk 10 minutes down to a train station and be in NYC by the end of the day.

>> No.44548143

>and they've been barely surviving on jacked up costs and attracting tech/service industries for 30 years now

Most american cities actually operate on a deficit and reguire the state and federal government to basically bail them out every few years.

>> No.44548174

People not getting the joke is part of the routine

>> No.44548424

Yes, it's honestly a little embarrassing to read.

>> No.44548479

Sometimes I think about how big Alaska is.

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File: 161 KB, 900x651, EU-US.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I live in one of the smallest states (Maryland). I need to drive over an hour to visit my mom who also lives in maryland. If I want to visit the beach (also maryland) it takes over 2 hours. This is also one of the oldest and most developed and densely populated states and there is still a crap ton of open countryside and rural areas, especially on the eastern half of the bay. The US is big.

>> No.44548763

Hello fellow Mid-Atlantic bro

>> No.44548969

>hang at home on your massive plot of land
>go to the strip if you wanna hang out with the rest of the townies, have a wide range of selections and spots to chill and you can walk to everything
>spend rest of the time frollicking about in the green forests, hunting, camping fishing, playing airsoft

>> No.44549061

Retarded women and
DUDE i just LOVE the hustle and bustle of the big city, it’s so DYNAMIC and makes me feel like i’m in one of my favorite TV SHOWS. you should totally come on down to my studio apartment, it’s got EXPOSED RED BRICK walls and everything, we can crack open a nice hoppy ipa or three and get crazy watching some cartoons on adult swim! and dude, dude, DUDE, we have GOTTA go down to the barcade- listen here, right, it’s a BAR where us ADULTS who do ADULTING can go DRINK. BUT!!!! it’s also an ARCADE like when we were kids, so we can play awesome VIDEO GAMES, without dumb kids bothering us. speaking of which megan and i have finally decided to tie the knot- literally -we’re both getting snipped tomorrow at the hospital, that way we can save money to spent more on ourselves and our FURBABIES. i’m fuckin JACKED man, i’m gonna SLAM this craft beer and pop open another one!!!

>> No.44549114

>No sidewalk

Are Europeans seriously this sissy? Do you need a sidewalk everywhere you go? Just walk on the side or along the curb.

>> No.44549196
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How's that working out for them?

>> No.44549298

what a waste of money

>> No.44549311

>No smaller streets with housing behind the commerical plots
Holy fuck I feel sorry sorry for you. You are truly suburbrained. You think humans were meant to live like cornered-in ants.
>all the workers in the upper picture have to live somewhere else and drive to work there
They live on their own property like free men
>No sidewalks, not even in the corner on the left with the small shops and gas station
Walk through the parking lots