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You have no taste and laugh at a streamer saying 'come in my mouth, haha not like that lmao'. Congrats

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Good for you anon I'm glad that you found an entertainer who clicks with you

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I got into her after Holoshit seethed at her. She's actually very funny and smart.

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Go back election tourist.

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Your kind doesn't belong here.

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>Kiara will never get to tell us about the viscosity of her uterine lining discharge

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Neither do gatekeeping /pol/cels tourists like (You), virgin freak.

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>ywn see a veibae-artia collab in your lifetime

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poopoo vagina guys!

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>virgin as an insult

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That's literally what Reddit Dragon and Reddit Pirate is though.

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Kill yourself

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>unironically getting triggered over a childish incel on four channel
have sex virgin

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>unironically using triggered

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You do you, I personally can't get into her voice and accent

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>filteres burgers

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You could’ve sticked to the VShojo thread, but you decided to create a thread that would attract a bunch of schizos, and surprise. Anyway, enjoy the drama

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>holoshit spam threads are OK but vshojo threads are not
Stop trying to fit in already Holobrony. No one wants you here.

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She's the same fucking "ha ha eat my pussy and ass but in a platonic way XD" tumblr joke holoroast. Degenerate, and unfunny as fuck. Sick of all of them acting like whores, I just want cute girls playing games. This behavior plagues EN vtubers.

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So you're telling me she's like Boxxy? Based!

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Call me an hypocrite, but better to let the schizos run free away from you than attract them. Even then, there’s a Mouse thread and I don’t see it having drama, you know why

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Because it isn't spam. Meanwhile we need to have a needless thread about their fucking cats or something. It's fucking spam and you know it, Holobrony.

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allowing this board to dictate your opinion of vtubers is more retarded than taking video game recommendations from /v/

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So you're saying Reddit tastes in VTubers (i.e. blind bootlicking allegiance to Holoshit) should be tolerated over an open forum of diversity like here?

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And do you want those people in your thread?

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I want Holofags gone from this board and so does the silent majority here. They're a menace to /vyt/, a menace to /jp/, a menace to this board, even a fucking menace to other boards. They are the new bronies. I genuinely hope they get Barneyfagged to their own new board or completely banned from this website as a whole.

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I'm a seanigger, not a burger

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Change Holofags to Vshojofags and you sound exactly like the schizos

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Based. Someone gets it.

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I guess it's cope if you prefer cucking yourself out of enjoying things as trade for a sense of belonging in a retard hive mind
suit yourself

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Her voice is sex.

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4chan is the last place that's a hivemind, newfag.

Please go back to your own hugbox or fuck off

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>4chan is the last place that's a hivemind, newfag.

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It filters anyone with working ears

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I would've forgiven her if she only apologized but she just had to double down. I would do everything in my power to prevent any future collabs from happening.

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And just like this vei won against vt, her name is the bane of the schizo's life, feared by holobronies while she laughs with a stash of cash in one hand and a dick on the other, just the mention of her name is enough to bait all the holofags and start a new thread, congratulations Vei.

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I like her polish stacy voice.

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Go back

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She is simply too based for this world on that alone.

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She has a dick?

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the irony is that you took offense to a comment literally about thinking for oneself

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>Giving a damn about whatever happens in this asylum

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You're trying too hard to fit in. Really, try saying something like "I love trannies" and seeing how many people you get agreeing with you. Really.

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Go back Reddit cancer

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sorry I've been here all summer

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This place is Reddit except you can say nigger. The fact that you don't know this yet clearly means you're yet to have been banned for "racism" or "using a vpn" when the mods don't like anything you say.

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kek the memes write themselves
go back

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>being this new
fucking cancer

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>admitting to using Reddit
kek the memes write themselves
go back

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Trying way, way too fucking hard to fit in.

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Go post more Reddit screencaps in /hlg/ and Global, newcancer

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Why did you write a headcanon about me as if it were fact?

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>I just want cute girls playing games
Maybe you'll appreciate smaller indies in this case

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Don't you have a Reddit screencap to post in /hlg/ or Global, Holocancer?

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I'm a Nijinigger. Nice try though.

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>expecting Holocancer to watch anything that isn't their Reddit black company they consistently bootlick
kek good fucking luck

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Nice deflection, Holocancer. No Nijichad would be complaining in a thread that discusses Veibae.

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I haven't been complaining at all. I popped my head in, said you were trying too hard to fit in, and that was it.

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Yeah, let holo come to vt, we say nigger and faggot!!!

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The point is this is a Veibae discussion and appreciation thread. Holocancer is spamming the thread with shit to cope with their terminal seething at someone who rightfully exposed their black company they bootlick because their home site (Reddit) told them to. The point is to tell them to fuck off until they're purged entirely. Now go back already, Holocancer.

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Stay in your general and post more Reddit screencaps faggot. You're just making a good excuse for feedback to be against you when you're given GR15.

>> No.4449221

sorry for derailing this quality thread, please resume posting about how much anger the words peepee and poopoo cause you

>> No.4449225

Unlike you I've been here over a decade and am well aware when other people haven't been. How about you fuck off back to school little boy.

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>The point is this is a Veibae discussion and appreciation thread
That's so very very sad. I don't really have any horse in this race so I'll leave you to fight the "Holocancer" by your lonesome now.

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>admitting he's a newfag
kek the memes write themselves
go back

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My fucking hell dude, it's obvious you are not a Vshojofag, or at least you are the same level of the schizo antis of this place. See the screenshot and learn one or two things from your mates

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>getting triggered at toilet humor
>when reddit dragon and horny boomer pirate are the exact same shit
>he says when 4chan hosted boxxy and nyanners for years
>election tourists from reddit (also holocancer) flooded the board 2016-onward
>(You) had to make this post
Go back already, newfag. You're embarrassing yourself.

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Even if I do dislike the content the design is fantastic

>> No.4449298

Apparently I didn't tag

I'll always say it, I don't like the VShojo girls except Mouse and Mel, but all have good fanart

>> No.4449307

VShojo fags don't need to be Chads. They already are.

>> No.4449348

what the fuck are you even talking about dude

>> No.4449352

How cucked are you that you cant even say you love your oshi

>> No.4449369

i like whores too but in my bed not on my screen

>> No.4449372

Any vtuber fan is already far from being a chad

>> No.4449397

The point is Veibae would not be given such a bad image if not for corporatecuck Redditors and election tourists because r/The_Retard sent millions of people to this website to get triggered at anything remotely cutting edge or innovative.

>> No.4449430

Seethe Holocel

>> No.4449434

she should go back to selling nudes for overwatch carries

>> No.4449453

Am i being too retarded or did you just call vei cutting edge and innovative?

>> No.4449477

Go back to Twitter tranny faggot

>> No.4449483

How is she not?

>> No.4449490

we're pretty much in agreement then so I don't know why you're giving me (You)s

>> No.4449527

Anon, i dont know what to tell ya, but please keep believing

>> No.4449597

Are you literally 15 and this is the first time you've seen an ethot talk about dicks on stream?

>> No.4449953

her fake voice is pretty annoying

>> No.4449977

This entire board is insufferable and I hate everyone.

>> No.4449978

What a shit taste you have. Her fake whisper voice is so annoying

>> No.4450277

This thread is an embarrassment. What are (You) all doing with your lives?

>> No.4450321

masturbating almost continuously for 20 or so of the last 33 years

>> No.4450338

At this point the jannies should nuke the thread

>> No.4450391

vtrannies so insecure they need to spam the board with their whores lmao


>> No.4450404

Decided to check her out because of the good looking model, is her entire schtick just being a horny woman?

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Back to raddit with you vshitter, based Holochads run this board, and if you cant stay on your containment threads, you'll be run out of the board altogether.

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No you don't understand the clips take her out of context she's only a vocal whore 98% of the time

>> No.4451002

>say you like Vei
>100 guaranteed replies and counting
Nothing triggers this board quite like her.

>> No.4451028

She's a whoreslut, but she can be funny, rarely

>> No.4451202

She was really funny when her and Nyanners played AI dungeon. She's kind of based because you can tell she's not woke at all

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I like Veibae too!

I don't know what it is, but something about the her expression in pic related is a bit mesmerizing.
She is MEGA cute, her eyes are beautiful and I love when she wiggles her eyebrows.

Normally I wouldn't either but look at how fucking cute she is. The voice grows into it.

I still need to watch that. I loved the VShonen Apex collab.

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I doubt she'd go that far in that direction, but I feel you.

>> No.4451812

You and me both.
Pity some incels here can't process it like that.

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>4chan is the last place that's a hivemind, newfag

>> No.4452133

that's a shame

>> No.4452189

>so I was sucking a big black cock and he came sooo hard down my throat that I threw up his hot cum all over my tits and shit myself but I was also on my period so the shit was mixed with period blood then two other guys came and fucked my ass until I pissed all over their cocks xD xD
yes excellent content

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Well I don't. The only thing I like from her is her design.

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File: 151 KB, 849x1200, __vei_vshojo_drawn_by_mino_minosura27__d28a04c65a0b36222c195b8fa06e275d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's cool, I like Vei too

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Post me some veibae mp4 lewds. I need them.

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Was her hololive comment actually 5d chess? outside of hardcore hololive fans no one cares about it, but suddenly after epople started talking about it everyone forgot that she used to date other streamers to gain popularity, then leave them, or send people nudes for boosts in overwatch

>> No.4453494

i love vei

>> No.4453551

no collab lol

>> No.4453590

> Was her hololive comment actually 5d chess? outside of hardcore hololive fans no one cares about it
5d chess to step out of the collab?
but suddenly after epople started talking about it everyone forgot that she used to date other streamers to gain popularity, then leave them, or send people nudes for boosts in overwatch
Show proof or it’s a rrat

>> No.4453607

Fucking mobile keyboard

>> No.4453668

>nudes for boosts in overwatch
Of all the things to send nudes for, I think I'd have more respect for someone who literally just sent nudes for money.

>> No.4453716

search the archives

>> No.4453736

I don’t have many experience, which ones?

>> No.4453794

Don't worry about it, "search the archives" is just what you're supposed to say when someone questions your unsubstantiated rrats

>> No.4453844


>> No.4453860

>nudes for boosts in overwatch
this rrrrat has to be fake
nobody can have this little self worth.

>> No.4453880

Thank you for spoonfeeding me
Nevermind, at least I found about Overwatch, dweebs gonna simp for thots I guess

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I assume he's talking about this

>> No.4454021

since shes associated with nyanners its an immediate into the trash for me

>> No.4454028

poopoo peepee

So innovative

>> No.4454268

Just a misinformed comment, nothing more. I'd say I pretty much had the same idea when I was barely getting into holos in August. I googled couple of times briefly about the company, read the stuff that happened with Mel, Chris, Towa. After that I saw partially that Aloe shit, but I wasn't in these threads, I only saw what was said in YT comments here and there so my perception was pretty much the same at first. I also though before delving deeper that the RPing is kind of weird, so it's not that surprising of a first impression for someone who's never ever consumed that type of comment.
When that clip of her saying RPing is weird etc first surfaced in global thread (Nov I think, when Kiara first mentioned this indie), almost no one disagreed with the clip. Locals may have disagreed, but no one blew it out of proportion, because it's a nothingburger. Only now complete newfags and shitposters from /vpol/ and twitterschizos pretending like they know everything are outraged by all that. Same retards arguing in YT comments, twitter etc about "happenings". From what i've read here and there, the JPs have collabed with far worse people. Doesn't help that likely the same retards are usually sperging out about Kiara and this potential collab was another thing to whine about. I know nothing about Vei, but it's a shame she decided to back down. If there's a way to respond to screeching kids, it's to keep doing whatever you set out to do and just ignore. It's a shame

>> No.4454395

Sounds like some made up shit. Who would be horny and retarded enough to believe that?

>> No.4454440

It's fine to be a retard. Hell, most chuubas are. But a dishonest retard is crossing a line for me.

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>> No.4454921

Its kiara bit not that loud and obnoxious

>> No.4454968

Tell me about Vei, why is she loved by the nips?

>> No.4455004

Vei is actually cute. You guys just don’t watch her. You should also check out her friend anny.

>> No.4455005


some Japanese guy made videos about her back when western vtubers wernt well known in japan and she catered to them till she got a western audience

>> No.4455094

But her videos still get tons of Japanese comments and they're all have Japanese subtitles, and her Discord had a channel full of Japanese people that's basically as active as the English channel, and her Twitch channel has rules and an introduction in Japanese

>> No.4455098

Because they couldn't understand her.
Good thing schizos on this board subbed some of the most stupid shit she said.

>> No.4455430

weird accent that sits in a triangle centered between American ditz, posh English, and the Polish affect from her mail order bride mother. The model is super well rigged, and she makes very good use of her emotes and expresses well nonverbally. Usually at least passable at most games she plays. Panders to me effectively and reliably.
Once you accept that this english-polish ethot is just successfully flirting with you, it’s a comfy ride just watching her be cute and talk about stuff. She has some actual opinions whether you agree or not, and that makes her a lot more enjoyable to listen to than a comparatively sanitized corporate idol
Rest of vshojo is hot garbage, but easy enough to avoid. her voice filters people hard and fast. I like her weird internet call girl aesthetic, which somehow makes me feel like it isnt cringe like some of hololive necessarily is

>> No.4455702

>Rest of vshojo is hot garbage
I really don't know how you can like Veibae while disliking everyone else, they all have a pretty similar sense of humor.

>> No.4455805

she cute

>> No.4456292

I dont know how to explain it except that when mouse, nyanners, silver or lizard say some stupid shit about sucking dicks or nutting, I cringe at their puerile humor and lack of genuine entertaining ability. When Vei does it it’s expected, acceptable, and quickly forgotten when she moves on, usually without belaboring the joke. They’re juvenile and embarrassing, she’s vulgar and strangely appealing. I dont understand why these things are anon, just that they are

>> No.4456494

I get you anon. When the other girls do it it’s like they can’t think of anything else to talk about. It’s blatantly obvious they’re falling back on a conversation failsafe. It might be the same for Vei but she can at least hide it a little bit.

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Ive tried to watch her
She seems fun in colabs, but every time I watch a stream of hers Im so put off
Like I enjoy trash, Nyanners and Snuffy is great, but Vei just pushes it too far

>> No.4457367

because no one cared about it before that either
only the lolcows on /vt/ are obsessed with years old rrats

>> No.4457407

and I like scatporn, but I dont go saying it out loud

>> No.4457412

For the same reasons that puritans here hate her

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go back

>> No.4460985

The fuck? I thought her accent was too chinky sounding to be anything european related. Do polish accents really sound like chinks?

>> No.4462155


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The "step on me" fags are at it again.

>> No.4462948

>Do polish accents really sound like chinks?
No. Polish accents sounds like Russian accent. She's likely a chinksect.

>> No.4463149
File: 905 KB, 2757x4096, 1622395454774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to hatefuck this little slut

>> No.4464127

Anon...chikim groomed a cosplayer to have twitter DM sex with her,
Whe she is horny she, SHE IS HORNY, And she already said Veibae's voice makes her wet.

>> No.4464413

You've got some weird ears, bruv.

>> No.4464480

Go back to your shithole, reddit niggers.

>> No.4464782

Horny retards would

>> No.4464904


>> No.4464921
File: 1.17 MB, 1272x1067, 1622273857476.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>t. r/hololive

>> No.4465033

If she wouldn't lied and spread misinformation and then pretend to be the victim

>> No.4465379

I'm curious:
Why is she so horny?

>> No.4466354

all girls are horny

>> No.4466509

you have to be to get all those cumbux.

>> No.4466541

>EN vtubers.
more like twitch vtubers, they have to compete with "just chatting" section and bathtub streamers.

>> No.4466680

/vt/ was a fucking mistake

>> No.4466790

/vt/ delenda est

>> No.4468298

die clipfag

>> No.4480407

Good for you anon

>> No.4481841

>formulating opinions based on YT comments
>blaming others for a mess made by no one else
>citing shit without anything to back it up
Go back Vei

>> No.4482417
File: 718 KB, 1022x936, 1599505160814.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.4482648

This model was better than the one she uses now desu.

>> No.4487306

To be precise russians and east slavs tends to keep their native intonation and soften some syllables, while polish is more stern sounding. As a polish fag I wouldn't recognize her by her accent.
She was most likely raised in UK and she struggles with correct polish pronunciation. That's the case for most "polish" kids in the UK. Anons keep mentioning that she's good with grammar, but there isn't much to back it up. And I'm not gonna search for it, because I find her annoying.

>> No.4491450

She has 300k followers on twitch so you are not alone. Sexy voice and funny. A good gamer as well.

>> No.4491526

pretty sad that you have to bump this thread every 3h

>> No.4491637

Leave Veibaechama alone, even a bait thread couldn't reach limit in a day. The hate has reached the point where people just ignore her.

>> No.4494861

She is nice but she needs more 3d model streams.

>> No.4500016


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