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One year ago the historic moment on Niji vent discord happened.
What do you think so far after one year anon?

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Well, they went from having holo live rent free in their heads to having /vt/ live rent free...

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Probably out of context
Or Mumei is a massive cunt behind the scenes

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They should celebrate it with making another /vt/ sitcom

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>how it started
>how it's going

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Honestly one of the most significant watershed moments in vtubing history. Luxiem proved that not only were male vtubers viable, they could be incredibly profitable, even more profitable than female vtubers. It doubled the vtubing market by adding diehard hungry female fans from across the world, east and west. It forced Anycolors rival Cover Corp to respond, leading them to debut not one but two male EN holostar gens. Vtubing would never be the same.

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remember the group cry session they had a few days back about being unjustly persequted?

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It reminds me nijinigs were so powerful and cocky last year. Vox akuma was getting 20k on his best streams, they thought he'd surpass Gura.

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mysta trauma dumping out of no where is still fuckin hilarious

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>Niji fans are the most unity fanbase

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Nijifag and their falseflagger become more schizo.

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Leave us alone Holobronies!

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what the fuck

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leave this
*cums on you*

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Yeah Floptyx didn't do well as they expected.

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You reap what you sow sisters. It wasn't us who planted the seed tho how about you ask Flopgur covid

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Nijisanji EN is the same as HoloEN, they sabotaged themselves until they had reclined massively. Sure, Ina gets 12k when she streams and Vix Vapor Rub gets 7k when he streams, but they used to be so much more before the long holobreaks and the constant nijiyabs.

But they're okay financially I guess, it's just funny to watch people get so complacent and let it all hang out.

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that one works too I suppose

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>Start out barking
>Then playing the victim when getting shat on
What do you call this kind of behaviour

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>Finana and Elira declined
>Luxiem is declining hard
>Noctyx are literal nobodies

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Anon, you might want to check that again, the dude is struggling to get more than 5k nowadays

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Hololive gave them space with their infinite excuse to not stream, Nijisanji are just garbages and can only manufacture dramas for views

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Subhuman containment thread

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The other day he was at 6.5k, which was where pippa was. I remember because
>strongest niji competing with strongest phase connect

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>don't talk about how niji fucked up using the most obvious metric, you have to get real obtuse and use superchats, vox is still the king if you use superchat income!

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We both know pippa is the juggernaut, and the only one that comes close is tenma

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Easy solution: stop your chuubas from doing dumb shit

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Consequences of their own actions or Karma

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Ching chong wing long ling bong

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Oh yeah. His numbers are literally higher on bilibili. Lol.

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Zǎoshang hǎo zhōngguó xiànzài wǒ yǒu BING CHILLING

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The thing is bronies get to huff copium because it's their oshis just abandoning them for weeks on end and then coming back for an ATM withdrawal, and HoloEN merch still sells like hotcakes (well Myth merch anyway), so delusions and numberfagging earnings become a really solid coping mechanism.

Meanwhile if you've been closely following NijiEN it's impossible not to face the facts that a huge group of the talents are just out and out wildly out of touch at best and fucking terrible people at worst. Like for a more or less benign example I'd much rather have had Elira go on a Holo-style tommy-hort silent break as opposed to going 'not your friend' as a prelude to a 2 week off-collab with Luxiem. And she's one of the least offensive, that shit doesn't compare to the absolute snake shit Kyo and Enna have pulled or the menhera meltdowns Vox goes through every other week.

Like when it became evident to me most of HoloEN didn't care I just stopped watching at the time, just didn't really feel like caring back if that was the case. With NijiEN after iluna it's an invasion of the body snatchers horror story where the current branch is some sort of fucked-up skinwalker puppeting the corpse of the 2021-mid 2022 version of itself.

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Look at the monkeys screech and gibber when called out

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So, after one year.
Who won the war?

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Doesn’t Hex mog him in superchats right now?
That tempus clown also iirc

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I hate that most of you fucking children and SEA creatures won't know what I'm talking about, but I'll try my hand at it anyway. Remember in Gundam 079 when Kycilia shoots Gihren at the very start of the battle thinking everybody will blindly follow her as the new leader, but instead the Zeon fleet collapses into a lethal chimpout of infighting because, surprise, humans don't work that way? That's NijiEN right now.

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kfpsisters..... what happened to Mori becoming the runt instead of Kiara?

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holo vs holo
the classic

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>its been one year
Holy shit....

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is it a robot cartoon?

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I dont even hate Nijisanji but seeing Nijifags getting bullied absolutely destroy my sides

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You made zero sense

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Im still at the smug phase

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I havent watched it but i know exactly what you mean since i love history.

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Don't care.
My gyaru ain't a part of it at the time and doesn't partake in any clique shit now.

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>""""""""""""""""" NijiEN """""""""""""""""""

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She's part of the JP clique, consisting of people who leech off NijiJP instead of growing their own content.

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Zeon would've lost either way, all Kycilia did was save Char the trouble of finding and killing Gihren.

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I don't need someone that doesn't watch her streams to tell me what I know she does or doesn't do.
Now kindly get some rope, thanks.

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The Earth Federation naturally!
After all they had the manpower, the industrial output, the resources the ability to have so many butts they didn't have enough suits to put em in.

Of course the Zekes being outmanned, outfactoried, outsmarted and outplanned get BTFO after the Zaku Shock wears off Earthside.

And Darcia's going to have enough support to start a civil war (that the Republic will win) if it came to it especially if the patricide comes out the public. No one likes a man who'd assassinate the leader of a state to take power, even if he was the leader's son

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disgusting nijiniggers deserve worse

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Now scroll down and look at all the Ark she spammed in order to get in bed with JP senpais.

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Is it my turn to ask you to rope yourself?

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A Baoa Qu was destined to fail, killing Gihren was pretty much deserved as he literally vaporized not only a beloved federation commander but their chance of having an actual negotiation. Even without a third of the original fleet, the federation still achieved overwhelming victory, not a chance of them winning

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>Ark with JPs on server
>Ark with JPs on server
>Ark with JP directly
>Ark with JPs on server
>Mahjong with JPs
>Mahjong with JPs
Thanks for proving my point

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Proving my point

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>ARK on JP shared server
>Participating in JP tournament
Congrats, I do not care. Kindly kys. I'll go back to watching my oshi's next stream.

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Did anyone fucking save him?
I just know some fucking woman posted that whiny shit. Good fucking riddance.

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sooo, you're saying Zaion will graduate?

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She will re-debut as Neo Zaion, Zieg Zaion!

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Although the forces at A Baoa Qu would have required a longer rest, resupply and reinforce period then after Solomon as they probably had a predicted value needed for a Side 3 or Granada push and losing all those forces to Solar Ray may have pushed them under the limit.
Also Daily reminder that Gato did nothing of value during the One Year War and no amount of cocksucking Rebellion did for him will change the fact he's a second or third rate ace.

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Go back to /jp/ then

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>Niji fans are the most unity fanbase
lmao even

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this is my new favorite image to use when a nijinigger starts stupid shit

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use this one instead>>44379475, it's not tied to numbers the same way the original one is

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karma is a bitch huh

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Niji's fighting spirit so high they beat their own 3d live to death

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>The amount of actual drama for a 30-something person group is actually fairly small
This makes me laugh. I was surrounded by normies in high school but niji has way more drama than any group of mixed sex I've seen. Compared to a group of only high school girls then of course it would be nothing in comparison.

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>SEA hours
This thread 'll reach 500 posts huh

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1 year anniversary of NijiEN living rent-free in your head.

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Oh look the nijiniggers found the thread.

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Hey its not like were the one who did a whole stream dedicated to larping as /vt/ trying to own /vt/ only to get backlash , and a signal that they do come here, thus our efforts are more appreciated, cope all you want but your Oshit and all of NijiEN have read posts of us call them niggers, and they all know they're laughing stocks.

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Rent. Fucking. Free. In. Your. Head.

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I think they're all trannies

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All the based niji bros left for greener pastures.

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No no no, that's now how it works Anon, it's not our fault that they came here, they're the ones obsessed enough that they couldn't even think about a single downside to such idea. even r/vyt whose mods are Nijiniggers agreed that it was a bad idea. and why they're laughing stocks, it's also your fault for not defending enough

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So, since nothing happened because of it outside of this board, can you really call it historic anything? People that were already assholes being assholes for another reason doesn't make them any less pathetic. I do feel bad if some fans did get their feelings hurt, but it's obvious that the groups involved don't bear a grudge.

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you underestimate how influential this board is in the fandom
of course the talents/livers don't care + Kiara doused that fire imediately, but you'd be surprised just how many holo/niji fans went in full "us vs them" mentality after this incident

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Go back >>>/LGBT/

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Mori unfollowed them a bit when that happened, and then followed again houes later, im sure you know what happened. it was some top zozzle moment, everyone was rattled from from that.

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stop making me want to save them...

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You are right in that I don't think it's very influential, but it's true there are parts I don't see. But every mention of cross company talent that I see in chat gets a pretty positive reaction, so it seems like there was no visible long term damage.

Yeah, I guess you are right that the unfollow/follow thing happened, but since she seemed to get over it so quickly I couldn't really see that as very consequential.

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yeah, most of the reply here are either from Millie or Luca

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Please stop posting here already, Enna

Where is your virginity update, btw

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oh it's very influential
half the memes that populate the vtuber community come from here
there's an entire subreddit and multiple twitter accounts with thousands of follows dedicated to spreading posts from here to the outside world
they do it in a "haha, look at these freaks" ironic kind of way, but wouldn't you know whatever bullshit narrative they post ends up spreading and eventually being taken seriously

then there's Pippa, who has exploded in popularity exclusively thanks to her appealing to this board, and half the Niji talents that have more or less directly admitted to coming here

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bronies are better than holobronies

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yeah just erase EN there and stick to CN and just accept it, it isn't bad thing to fully pander to china you know as long they bring money to the game

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Ling long wala bing bong chong qing

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>don't care

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Nobody will watch holoCN1 and CN2, or [happas], [wiggers]
[EN] is safe choice

>> No.44387213

>ATM schizo was a nijifag all along
Oh I'm keking

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>"a-at least I'm not as b-b-bad as them"
you both deserve a good bath with a toaster

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- Yononaka Seiya (VR): 2022/11/29
- Axia Krone (JP): 2022/11/30
- Karu (VR): 2022/12/08
- Yugo Asuma (EN): 2022/12/14

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-Zaion LanZa (EN) 2023/03/**

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- Kiyora (VR): 2022/10/14
- Plus (VR): 2022/10/30
- Roi Eineberg (VR): 2022/11/11
- Miyu Ottavia (EX-ID): 2022/11/27

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I love the irony.
nijiniggers complained about SEAfags, yet they watch SEAthots.

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Bump for Nijisister