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What happened, nijisisters? You told me there was no free speech or fair use on Youtube and Niji could removed whatever they want. How are we going to silence people who cover our yabs now? Falseeye's vids are probably going to be back soon too, it's over...

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>Nijisanji 0
>Dramatubers 1
Just in time for them to have a feast when Sayu Okami's PL graduation gets announced and her ungraduation happens as well.

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Baffled by this, maybe Niji forgot to respond to the appeal causing it to automatically succeed and cause the videos to be restored

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Just in time to make a video for Zaion's termination.

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Or you simply could have read the Youtube ToS, which was linked multiple times here and explained very clearly that they will not remove videos unless you can provide Youtube with a reasonable explanation for why claimed videos are not fair use.

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Or they realized that American copyright laws aren't quite as draconian as Japan's and they had no case

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Well now they know niji can't do shit on them anymore.

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>Trannysanji realizing that in American law you can't just bully people into submission because you don't like what they say

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They can say anycolor a black company and they can't do anything.

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How can the avenger of vtubing, the tight knot wholesome chungus family lost to this shit

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Nigga we both know youtube doesn’t give a damn about the TOS and will take down anything for any reason

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Any Color just didn't want negative stories of their talents out there. Tell NijiEN to stop fucking up and they would have nothing to report. US law trumps JP law because YT is based in the U.S.

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I mean, what are they going to do? Suing you for telling the truth is only a thing in Japan.

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I would invite you to look into the numerous highly-publicized Youtube fair use cases, including ones involving Japanese companies. Yes, people abuse the copyright system all the time, but if you fight it and can make enough noise to get Youtube to pay attention, you'll probably win. This is no surprise to anyone who's payed the slightest attention to how fair use works on Youtube.

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Japanese companies can't overrule Fair Use in America. Ethan Klein is a shitbag but at least he helped set precedent for Fair Use in the USA.

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nijisanji just can't stop taking Ls

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Oh nononononono I can’t believe nijicn lost nononono this is the end of vtuber I can’t take this anymore

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>did something good instead of horrible
Well well well, you learn something new every day.

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probably, which method poki used to down the videos of the other youtubers talking about her?

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What probably happened like in other Japanese and YouTube fair use cases, is that the videos are blocked in Japan and that's it.

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Sisters are memoryholing this trauma

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So what actually did AnyColor achieve from this?
>The two dramafags are and will still be free
>More or less sent the signal to dramafags and ddoxfags that you can just fuck with AnyColor / Nijisanji as long as you don't live in Japan
>The community turned against them, too (one of the rare cases in which majority of 4ch, Twitter and Reddit actually agree to some extents upon something)

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NijiEN is managed by chinks and indians, they arent the brightest and thinks this is a signal of strength

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One should keep in mind that, from my understanding, youtube has a policy of strike first, amend later, in addition to the possibility that ANYONE can file copyright claims regardless of whether or not that person is affiliated with the copyright owner.

It's entirely possible that Youtube reviewed the copyright strikes and found the accuser to be unfounded with no legal backing to push forward.

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that's before his podcast days

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india has a hand in niji?

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>the "community"
>a bunch of astroturfing dramaniggers and their orbiters
oh no

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At least one of the vtubers from the Indian branch (that got rebranded to EN and to Indian and then deleted) works as a manager at NijiEN. Pic related it is Noor which is confirmed to have gone to a staff position in Nijisanji EN, such a great fucking model

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The lack of self awareness required for a corporate copyright abuse defender to accuse anyone else of astroturfing.

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There used to be a branch called Nijisanji India but Indians hate anime so even though there are 2 billion of them they only got like 10 viewers per stream and they were all americans. So they rebranded to Nijisanji English but this didn't help them. Then when that branch was graduated, the members of Nijisanji IN were hired to become managers for the new Nijisanji EN which was hiring actual people from english speaking countries and that's where Pogmu and the rest come from.

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fuck off I just don't want to be included in that group

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Anycolor... lost...

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Can't tell if OP is actually a retarded Niji fan that doesn't know hot youtube works, like the fact that Nijisanji either sued them (and lost) or just let it go at this point.
Or an actual Nijisanji anti trying to frame Niji fans as absolute retards.
Or just some asshole that likes to make chaos.

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Wtf I called them based for that, but why start shit if you are going to back out?

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If you can't immediately tell that OP is mocking nijis from the first 3 words alone then you really need to lurk moar.

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Free speech bros, we won.

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Yooo, fuck Nijisanij, they did my nigga Zaion dirty.

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>Vox btfo
>Enna btfo
>Noor btfo
>Paul Li btfo
>Riku btfo
>China btfo

How can one man have all that power holosisters?

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As much as I hate dramatubers, I'm glad Nijisanji was humbled. This is a win for free speech.

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they knew it wasn't going to work. This was an intimidation tactic to keep niji out of his fucking mouth if it's not completely positive unless he wants them to come after him.

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He better shit on them twice as hard or he will lose all respect

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has anyone actually mentioned her being around beyond the original auditions for the first waves?

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What about FalseEyed? Him too?

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Explained already, nijisanji has no legal grounds, so they didn’t follow up with the lawsuit.

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nijinigs status?

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Ziaon is a money grubbing hoe.

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management in EN is japanese, retard

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So, niji is kneeling to some literal who dramatuber now?

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you can definitely do that in america

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they didn't fight the counter claims for some reason
This shit still feels dumb as fuck, it's like some employee did this on their own
cause Youtube JP also has their dramatubers but no news about that

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finana outright said she was interviewed by noor prior to obysidia debut
which was clearly a women moment to reveal that
also Uki had a pre-debut reharsal stream that showed up on nijimado and people heard her voice and there was other indian names in the chat

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I'm not. I'm disappointed with Anycolor. All that talk about lawsuits and they cant even take a video down. What a fucking embarrassment

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We told you retards not to fuck with news channels, united states law says they can post whatever the fuck they want as long as it's a public figure that is newsworthy

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Who? That blue guy thats dating enna?

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>Paul Li is a Japanese name now

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Based. These bros have earned their honorary holo status. Welcome to the fold.

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That's Kyo. Khyo is the bunny guy dramafag

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Whats the difference?

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The dramafag has more views on average

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>Niji management strikes drama channels
>Streisand effect kicks in, drama channels come back bigger than before
>Just in time for Zaion's termination
How fucking retarded is NijiEN

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Paul Li isnt a manager, moron. He's a staff responsible for events and sponsorship, it literally is on his name in that discord leak and its also on his linkedin
they can only do that in japan

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they didnt come back bigger than before. Khyo and False have less views than usual after the strike. youtube is limiting their reach

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Time to shill my channel

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You can do that on twitter

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false is regularly getting 6 digit views now when he usually hovers in the 70k range before, what are you talking about?

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just what the hell is nijiEN doing? instead of fixing their own company they are wasting their time giving free PR boost to these drama clickbait faggots

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Probably because of the drama with wactor, silver, and now pikamee all happening close to each other. Not to mention other drama stuff, plus Hololive having 3D's.

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The bunny guy drama faggot speaks English like a normal human being.

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The one time the world rooted for the nijjers and they still couldn't get it done.

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This is why you never put your faith in nijisanji

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it didn't matter who won, I was gonna be happy to laugh at whoever lost regardless

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Next week, zaion "graduation" just wait

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I hope that all the dumb fucks that said this wouldn't happen will take some time to self reflect before killing themselves. You can't just remove stuff that's clearly fair use in the U.S. Get fucked.

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Good. A win for free speech over censorship.

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I'm not even a Nijifan and even I'm surprised by this. Are they seriously this incompetent? How do you go from the gold standard to not being able to stamp out people who are clearly making up lies about you for their own personal grift?

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Because they tried to claim videos on the basis of images of the talents being used in thumbnails.
Anyone with half a braincell could see that was never going to hold up.
>not being able to stamp out people who are clearly making up lies about you
I always forget there are people here retarded enough to think Japanese libel laws are a good thing.

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Wait, so Niji's lawyers didn't use snippets of the video that contained evidence of lies/defamation and just the headlining images? Oh shit nigger how the fuck do you blow your chance to remove these drama tumors so badly?

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>there are people so new they don't even know about this

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I want these dramatubers to succeed just because /vt/ hates them so blindly

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You keep saying there lies and defamation but I've never seen the proof.

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