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How does she get such high numbers? I barely see anyone talking about her at all. She routinely pulls better Moona and Reine.

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shes cute

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Out of everyone in ID only she makes the language sound pleasant.

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she is made for white dick

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Iofi does too sometimes, at least to my ears. Not sure why or what accent she has though, but she's very pleasant tot listen to sometimes.

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(ex)Lamy buff

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her voice is soothing and her English is cute. and out off spotlight really makes her special. stay away from her, dramanig.

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She's literally ID FauFau.
>Similar design
>Very high, very fem voice
>Has experience so knows how to give excellent GFE when she drops it

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>JP3 is breakout gen for HoloJP
>ID3 is breakout gen for HoloID
Just release EN3 already Yagoo you fucking faggot

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ASMR and she litteraly pulls the "people hate me just because i'm natural beauty (sexy voice)." card. Trilingualism also helps.

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yes so the no delivery bitch can finally get BTFO'D and replaced.

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ID3, Holos magic number.

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gray cat cute

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Gray cat SEGGGS

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dont care, her design and voice are sex.

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shes cute

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>collabs with males

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She's cute and basically an extra EN, if she dropped the male collabs she'd be perfect

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It's her voice and schedule. Plus I think a lot of Moona fans moved over to her.

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Voice very cute

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Her voice is one of the most pleasant girl voices I ever heard in my life.

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Id3 was a huge success after all

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Voice is perferct, simple as

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Collabing with Male just make me want to fuck her more, I need more Male collab with Axel

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>/Become/ image
And just like that, unicorns are all mentally ill trannies

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Zeta is far superior to Fauna. Do not compare them.

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>could have been ID Chloe
>ruins it by collabing with males
Hololive IDs are all trash for cucks.

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Not really. You are just probably a biased SEA creature who thinks that everything that came from that part of the world is the best shit ever.
Fauna is better at zatsus, better at games, better at asmr.

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she's a very cute cat

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>Fauna is better at zatsus
I disagree

>better at games, better at asmr.

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Her voice is so astonishingly femme and distinct it pops out in group covers and contaminate every verses she's in

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from SEA
don't even give a shit abt this? ID zeta?
honestly i don't give a shit about ID apart from Kaela

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>implying people with no experience like Suisei doesn't give good GFE material

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Part of it is the holoid3 box
Part of it is she's the only holo with her niche in ID.

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Zeta is better at drawing and singing, better at Japanese, and better at collabs since Fauna is very quiet when there are more than 2 people.

Fauna is better than Zeta in gaming and has better sense of humor, but for ASMR and zatsu it comes to personal preference.

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I wish she did more ASMR... her voice is so soothing

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holy bases

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Obviously, troons are well known to be obsessed with anime girls.

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Not really. You are just probably a biased westoid creature who thinks that everything that came from that part of the world is the best shit ever.

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The last few days, if not weeks, have certainly proven this.

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S tier voice

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But if he did EN3, how would Omega make room for holohomos gen 7?

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Fauna has better gaming and humor sense because Zeta is a dumb zoomer just like Kobo (unless zoomer gaming and humor are your thing I guess), but Zeta is far more extroverted and somewhat multitalented (drawing, singing, japanese). Also one thing about her that people will not know about her without watching her much, is how much of a brat she is, which starkly contrast her soft voice.

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Imagine being so insecure that even in your wildest parasocial fantasies, you view every platonic interraction with a male as a deathblow to any shot you have. You guys can't even pathetic fantasy right.

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Now wait a second this is a blue board anon

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This, both Zeta and Kobo are kusogakis.
Actually, all of ID3 are kusogakis if you include Ckia (Kaela).

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Zeta has always been tangential to the council of Lamies.

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>great voice
>great design
>strong gen
Honestly, the guys who did the ID3 scouting deserve a raise.

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Cute voice, cute model, bratty and playful personality. I really liked her first asmr - as someone isn't really big on it in general, the low soft talking vibe was really soothing.

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Good voice, sex design. She has an argument of being the 3rd best ID behind Kobo and Kaela and if you put her in either ID1 or ID2 she would be the Ace of those gens. She unfortunately (or fortunately) got put in HoloID's version of the golden generation so she gets overshadowed by her 2 other star genmates.

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Gray Lamy buff

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Funny you say that because before they debuted people thought that Zeta would be the ace of ID3. Then Kobo exploded in popularity.
And then people started dropping Zeta because she refuses to do GFE and she keeps roasting her viewers.
Meanwhile Kaela's channel has grown naturally and has gathered loyal viewers.

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>Funny you say that because before they debuted people thought that Zeta would be the ace of ID3. Then Kobo exploded in popularity.
To be fair those people were, in typical /vt/ fashion, completely retarded. Some were even arguing that Kobo would flop because her design was "bad".

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Kaela streams must be comfy, a literal architecht in a block game.

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Not every chuuba is a Lamy clone

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Name one feminine chuuba who is not also a brat.

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She's like the ID version of JP streams. I thought that she won't play into the whole "Zeta is a cat" thing as she persistently refused but she did eventually. She knows her audience well to play around with it.

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>High numbers.
>Sub 3k on a return stream.
>Less than what Kaela get on her normal streams.
Nice one, Axel.

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kaela is my surrogate ina - so yea shes comfy
t. takodachi

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proof next thread?

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I don't know, has to be a zatsu stream since i don't remember a gaming screen. She talked how how soft voice is natural and some girls went "oh she is so fake" behind her back. Ask someone who actually watches her they might know.

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oh here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM7j1QAgjgo

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She really hit genetic lottery with her voice. Even if it gets lower or higher depending on her mood it is still hot.

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She can imitate Fauna

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let him cook, anon

let yagoo cook