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Love my Indonesian daughder

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good girl, screw that nigger Altrae

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FPBP as usual.

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my PP iches

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>"hmmmm..... this kusugaki...... Ravencl...no, Slytherin no no no....... AH YES AZKABAN!"

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why is she like this

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First post

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can someone translate it, please

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>Skjul Lite!

>Monday 27:-
>Tuesday 28:-
>Wednesday 01: Free Fire w/ Anya 20.00 WIB (GMT+7) -> waiting for confirmation
>Thu 02: (Maybe Melatonin replace here)
>Friday 03: Melatonin 20.00 WIB (GMT+7) / Hogwarts (if PC is correct)
>Sat 04: Human Fall Flat! w/ Holoh3ro 20.00 WIB (GMT+7) -> waiting for confirmation
>Sunday 05: Free Talk 20.00 WIB (GMT+7) / Hogwarts (if PC is correct)

here you go lazy cunt, it literally took less than a minute to Google TL this.

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Arigatou *chuu*

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This should be a ritual post for every /ehe/ thread from now on

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does Kober blue nail cure is part of her og design?

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I don't think so

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we will never know until Ponkan share her design sheet.

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Good lord

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Respect her anon

>> No.44043564

wait, the new PC is still broken?
don't tell me she plays RE dlc in the old PC.

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I respect every inch of her slutty child body

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Reminder that Kobo had these in her room.

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that fat fuck on the right, me

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Fuck Kobo. Have sex with Kobo. Copulate with Kobo. Rape Kobo. Make love with Kobo. Procreate with Kobo. Fuck Kobo’s pussy. Fuck Kobo in the ass. Make Kobo choke on your cock. Rub Kobo’s armpits with your dick. Force Kobo to give a footjob. Kobo eating your cum. Have Kobo give you a rimjob. Make Kobo step on your face. Make Kobo step on your penis. Rimjob Kobo. Lick Kobo’s pussy. Lick Kobo’s feet. Reach orgasm with Kobo. Make Kobo reach orgasm.

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Don't be shocked if we start getting less Ragus collabs in the near future
also she's Hufflepuff, 100%

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I think the PC is already fixed, she just mentioned that she going to stream if nothing happens to the PC in that lite schedule.

>> No.44044943

so it was fixed but not actually fixed?

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it also can be her excuse to not stream if she likes to.

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I want to put C-4 inside one of these.

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dios mio

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>Hates swimming
>still wants to wear swimsuits
Damn brat! stop seducing this old man.

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what a tease

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> normal OP image
> 'normal' 1st post
Business as usual

>> No.44049387

gn gent

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>> No.44050800

what happened?
I don't really following things.

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people here hate the blue dude for no reason, apparently

>> No.44053205

blue faggot is full of himself. worst tempus beside the retarded abo.

>> No.44053265

>first post
>4 hours

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Blue faggot don't want to play hogwarts because he support "the cause"

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I see

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good found anon.

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another one to the collection

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>no reason

>> No.44072481

we need an actual Kobolewd tag without glowie on our tail.

>> No.44074293

Imagine saying this when don't have idea that glowie made this thread

>> No.44076250

damn brat

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not this shit again

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kusoge stream with anyer and yopi today

>> No.44079541

Anya onegai

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Why?!!!?, did she know that J.K is actively campaigning against trans people, donating to organizations that fuck them over, writing an anti-trans manifesto that gets cited by politicians, and etc.
Also the game being super fuckin Antisemitism! Vive la trans!

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Why??! didnt she know that J.K is actively campaigning against trans people, donating to organizations that fuck them over, writing an anti-trans manifesto that gets cited by politicians, and etc.
Also the game being super fuckin Antisemitism! Vive la trans!

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kober streaming in 5 mins

>> No.44087899

This game looks fucking easy. now wonder if it's popular among kiddies.

>> No.44089176

well, yt did some favor.

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Indonesians doesn't care.

>> No.44090464

nobody fucking care. except for the troons themself and some leftist pig.

>> No.44092476

it's easier than it looks and most players are bots in the newbie lobby.

>> No.44093082

bros...... did you hear the news?

>> No.44093113 [DELETED] 

>Indonesians doesn't care.
How? they are like...one of trans-friendly country in SEA
>YouTuber Ferdian Paleka was caught, proof that many people want to be in solidarity with transwomen
Also Dorce, Alegra Wolter, Hendrika mayora, Dena Rachman, Madame X, Kala, Arisan and Bugis people

>> No.44093153

Yeah, but let's not bring it here anon

>> No.44093237

in the week when Kober plays the game.
holy shit.

>> No.44093523

If by friendly you mean mostly ignored them.
Then yeah, Indonesian is friendly.

>> No.44093610

Yes, i never said that we're full of anti troon. But nobody would lynch Kobo just for playing the wizard game when she literally already openly mocks the lgbt crowd on stream multiple times.

>> No.44093778

Read >>44090464
Indonesia is multicultural. Sure, there are certain "famous" people, but in reality, the public doesn't really care because there is no rabbit movement like in the West.

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>hates Jews
>don't even know the word "Transphobic"
how tf you guys being Based and Cringe at the same time?

>> No.44094514

Indonesians simply let them do their own thing in their own little corner, but unlike in the west, government or big corpos here don't glorify the fuck out of them. The muslim majority boomers and gen Xs will not even let them post trans related posters anywhere on the public.

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nice discussion bros. now back at horny posting and shitting on the blue homo.

>> No.44094933

the board is Zooming.
Hold the line friends, I need to do something

>> No.44095065

Focus on your stream Kobo

>> No.44095121

Night, let's meet again in next thread

>> No.44095168

Anya Doko

>> No.44095867

holy fucking fuck is this game populated with exclusively 5 years old, koobs and co havent lost a single game

>> No.44096364

it's not ranked yet, there are also lots of bot

>> No.44097454

It's mostly populated by bot if you are still newbie

>> No.44098382

>spent much more time on gacha screen than playing the game

these little kids...

>> No.44099575

well, it's free money.

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Please Kobo just don't play that game
Dont be ignorant, reas the room and situation!

>> No.44103575

you wish Regis, the kid is still going to play it and nothing will happen.

>> No.44103938

thanks, mods, if only you keep the porn afloat.

>> No.44104288

dum dum

>> No.44104468

I doubt she even knows or cares about who that is

>> No.44105017

>nothing will happen
Sure, lots of people have jobs without working for open Transphobe. Don't be mad at other people when shitty life decisions finally come back to bite you in the ass.
Kobo gonna ended like pikamee if she play that game

>> No.44105169

Brace yourself, ojisan & obasan.

>> No.44106742

your entire life is a shitty life decision, T

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>koobs and co havent lost a single game
that's the fun part of played children's game, as long as you aren't incredible unlucky, you'll never lose.
She should playe Stumble Guys next

>> No.44108312

0/10, try catalog next time, maybe someone will bite

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>> No.44108457

Can't wait to see how many troons will commit suicide after that stream. Hopefully the blue faggot too.

>> No.44108574

They lost immediately the moment they start playing with decent players tho.

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>> No.44113559

they are playing with brain-dead bots. It's typical for a shooter game geared towards children. The dev needs to get them addicted to win streaks on their first few games

>> No.44116896


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>> No.44125093

>page 10

>> No.44125406

an Indonesian? caring about trannies? kek

>> No.44125856 [DELETED] 

mooner already played it, troon. bending the knee to troony faggots? in indonesia? nah over here we lynch you literal subhumans alive in the name of allah alhamdulilah

>> No.44126953

you don't need to falseflag like that anon

>> No.44127050 [DELETED] 

im indo and i hate troon. fuck you as if this country aint westernized enough

>> No.44129677

that's not what i mean kevin

>> No.44130744

It's Thursday, no news of kobostream yet

>> No.44133313

nope. just hang on until tomorrow I guess

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delete this mod

>> No.44135381

that's not how the brat operates

>> No.44135402

>that face
holy shit, I want to beat the shit out of her.

>> No.44136572

The idea of Kobo having piercings on her body makes me diamond

>> No.44138932

this. piercings on her tiny innocent designt are a great addition.

>> No.44140432


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>tranniggers post
>deleted immidietly
>4-8 hours

>> No.44143247

couldn't be more based than this.

>> No.44144067

this is blue board and Kobo is blue

>> No.44144481
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What news nigga say it

>> No.44146539

I got ligma :(

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>> No.44150386

should have put thin bush down there......

>> No.44152044


>> No.44153262


>> No.44153775

U w U

>> No.44153872

I've purchased my ticket. 65$ sounds ridiculous. but I'll do everything for my daughter.

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>> No.44158567

anon the indogs will shower her with akasupas and big fat sb donos for every roped tranny

>> No.44158598 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.44158926

>Are you sure?
>How about 1$ sociabuzz?

>> No.44158994

yeah big fat donation and that

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Imagine bros... She had multiple piercings on her ears....

So... It's likely that she pierced both of her nipples.

>> No.44160544

what is this Melatonin game?

>> No.44162496

dunno sounds boring

>> No.44163571

It's a rhythm game, and while it was tedious, I found it relaxing and comfortable.

>> No.44165155

who steve jobs?

>> No.44165443

>Kobo is super smart
>learning the violin
>is a kusogaki IRL too
>has a super expressive face
>Kiara loves her
Kiaras comments

>> No.44165469
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>rain shaman
>doesn't like swimming
what the fuck?

>> No.44166773 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.44173034

don't forget
>big eyes

>> No.44175274

no melatonin stream today

>> No.44178765


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>> No.44192627


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>> No.44194687

She is RAIN shaman, not SEA,mind the pun, shaman

>> No.44195596

And yes i can imagine

>> No.44196440
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Imagining as hard as I can with my ding dong

>> No.44196588
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>> No.44198017

I love this OC

>> No.44201916

>Kobo when she open /ehe/

>> No.44208419
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>> No.44213660

Kobo lurks /here/ that's why she's been cunny baiting for the past few streams

>> No.44216742

wrong. she's going to shlick that cunny of her when she open this thread.

>> No.44218632

T u T

>> No.44220891


>> No.44223376
File: 106 KB, 700x700, Iam andar wata[sound=a.pomf.cat%2Fmsdqjg.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.44224626
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>> No.44224782

what have you done to her.

>> No.44225567
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>> No.44227540


>> No.44229747


>> No.44230573


>> No.44232519
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>> No.44234399
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>> No.44234471



>> No.44234726

did she get scammed or just being a lil dingus as usual?

>> No.44235268


>> No.44235580

dude, most indonesian don't care about that flagshit as long they not doing it in real life / start doing movement online / irl.
they just think it as "funny new magic game" that's it.

>> No.44236166

from the looks of it, either she got scammed by a shaddy/uncompetent PC service (not quite uncommon in indogland), or she thought the motherboard was the issue with her PC, told the service guy to simply replace it, it run just fine for them, but apparently still couldnt run properly in her studio for whatever reason.

>> No.44236475

Seems it's the usual valo stream (with old pc) tonight, but there's also chance for an unboxing handcam stream

>> No.44237319

It's the same gift that some people get from Riot, and they got it two months ago. I know Cover wants to be safe, but they probably have to ship to Japan first considering the time and the fact that Cover doesn't have an office in Indonesia. This is extremely autistic and limits the opportunity for sponsorship so much.

>> No.44238063


>> No.44238494
File: 1.05 MB, 680x608, Kobo cute and funny[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fci0dcc.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44239153

Seems like they want to avoid paying taxes in Indonesia

>> No.44239223

that doesn't make sense. it's just for security reason just like how Kobo can't accept the costume PC.

>> No.44239277

>costume PC
custom i mean

>> No.44240062

is this the most animated clip in whole hololive? i legit seen dozen of animation about this single clip

>> No.44240088

maybe there'll be another yab

>> No.44240206

Well, most other holos don't have ID and CN animators on top of JP and EN like Kobo, so it's not a surprise it has so many animated clips.

>> No.44240243

It's not even her most animated clip, that would be the Jerry clips

>> No.44240299

remember that Anya is somehow even smaller than Kobo. I hope Yagoo keeps this trend and bring more cunny(s) for ID4

>> No.44240360

Anya is just shorter, but I'm pretty sure that Kobo is thinner

>> No.44241657

I'm not watching Valo, tell me when the hand cam is on.

>> No.44242044

>I love your mom

>> No.44242412

>Fire in the asshole

>> No.44242596


>> No.44242730

Nice new setup

>> No.44242824

That's a long finger Kobo

>> No.44242827

A tako?

>> No.44242973

goofy ahh gloves......

>> No.44243018

>Harbor is drinking something blue hmmmmmm..mmmm like me hehe..
Why is she so horny for ojisan, bros?

>> No.44243132

typical cunny behavior

>> No.44243171

yeah, shit looks uncomfortable

>> No.44243259

>continuing the game in the middle of unboxing
What the fuck Kobo?

>> No.44243275 [SPOILER] 
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Kobo Doll

>> No.44243347

she's numberfagging (also hoping to get higher rank)

>> No.44244538
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>> No.44245013


>> No.44245784

so it was fucking nothing. dammit kiddo

>> No.44246859

dumb brat

>> No.44246928

Anya: shortstack
Kobo: shortstick
Wanna taste both, lemao

>> No.44249835


>> No.44250867

Kobo need to sleep, i feel like she gonna pass out.

>> No.44253103

>Anya: shortstack
It's been dead for more than a year now anon, please accept the reality.

>> No.44256042


>> No.44258340

I'm going to predict that the illustrator for her next original song is biittertaste or diyokama, or maybe both since she said that she commissioned 2 illustration but they have clashing artsyle, or maybe she already revoked both.

>> No.44263030


>> No.44265608


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