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wow, thank you for telling us that smoking is harmful for you! good thing our idols dont partake in this sort of unhealthy behavior

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what is a manzaishi in japanese comedy?

oh sorry thought it was jepardy

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Damn when did Ame get her 3D?

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long-time smokers usually don't want to see other people become smokers

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towa is one of the few jp holos with some common sense

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I know that HoloGra tries to mix popular and unpopular members and carry the latter.
But the problem is that Towa's voice isn't suitable for anime at all.
Most of the members of Hololive have anime voices, so hearing her voice is very uncomfortable.

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I've introduced about 5 friends into smoking

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enjoy this (you) from me, gay

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I donta smoka

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>voice doesnt suit anime
>he thinks anine voices must be children voice
>he thinks there is a thing as "anime voice"
please, please kill yourself. all your family and peers are ashamed of you

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The unhealthy aspects of smoking are greatly exaggerated by the federal government.

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I just want you to know you are completely right. Towa does not belong in anime. Imagine hearing tokoyami towa's voice in k-on. It would never happen.

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just means you haven't smoked long enough or just that trash of a person

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they also make mad cash by taxing cigs, and you pay up like a good boy

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found the faggot, no (you) from me because the other guy gave you one

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damn, should have done that instead of giving him the (You)

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it's funny because towa's current voice is different from her debut smoker voice because she had to change it because everyone was calling her a smoker

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I've only just smoked for about 3 years, smoking is good for your soul

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That is the most retarded shit I've ever heard. Consider taking your own life

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And what do you gain as a positive from smoking?
Nicotine addiction and smelling like a hobo

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Based smoker

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double 11s by the smokers...

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Fuck off.
Of course someone who smokes knows it's fucking bad but don't act like you care about others without even knowing them, I smoke with my friends, they offer me cigs and I offer them when I have too, you don't know how good is to chat with some friends while having a smoke, you have no idea how fucking comfy is to ride with someone else and park somewhere with a nice view of the city at night while drinking some beer and lighting some cigs outside the car.
Damn I miss highschool.

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no u, you are the most retarded shit

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t. Suisei

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You sound very gay anon. She's actually the highlight of every Hologra she is involved in.

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t. big Tabaco

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you could literally do the exact same thing without the smokes, the smokes are literally not necessary.
instead of exchanging smokes with your bros exchange hugs.

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Mori smokes cigars right? Kinda based.

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yeah, she mentioned it, though it's not really a habit for her.
i think she said once or twice a year during a special occasion.
you can't really smoke cigars on the regular desu, not to mention i doubt she could afford the good shit before and there's not point in smoking the cheap shit.

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>no point smoking cheap shit
you've never had backwoods?

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Please understand that smoking is bad for children.

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It's bad for everyone involved

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>imagine being poor and not affording fine handrolled cubans

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which chubas are smokers? kind of weird most of them are open to drinking alcohol on stream but never mention smoking. i thought nippon was tobaccopilled

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Ayame smokes pole.

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just answer the question

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I mean smoking aint good for the throat and several has problems with it already, unless you want to do a rrat with these

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why is the kusogaki voice different when she's on these clips?

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Towa's voice was a little deeper in this today, I wonder if it's because she was playing the Watson-kun role.

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>instead of exchanging smokes with your bros exchange hugs.
based and non-homo

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>Consider taking your own life
But he already said he's smoking

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Because the character Cover wants her to play for HoloGra is very different from her real self. She’s also just not that good at voice acting.

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You can do the same with literally any other consumable item, anon.
Also, don't pretend that you (A): have friends; and (B ): go outside

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Typical Shion, can't take her mouth off the pipe.

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you can do the same without smoking. If you really need a reason to meet with friends, then pick up something actually worth while. In high school I exchanged mixtapes of "legally downloaded" music with my friends, and still do it today. There are literally tons upon tons of things you could be doing with you friends that don't make you and everywhere within a 15ft. radius of you stink like shit, many of which are also great conversation starters.

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meteor smokes?

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entertainers aren't supposed to promote unhealthy activities. do reps newchama

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Based and cancer-pilled

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I meant a more humane and faster approach.
you can also chat someone besides a beer, no need ciggy for that to "be good for your soul"

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My grandpa chain smoked and lived to be 90. My cousin was a health nut who died before he hit 40. Yeah, I'm thinking I'll keep smoking.

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>Anecdotal evidence
Kill yourself, retard

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How are either of those connected?

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No one acted like they cared about you. You just really badly wanted a reason to validate yourself.

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Towa's voice is the miracle of the universe.

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K-on is fucking trash,

Also towas voice would fit perfectly in anime, like with yohane

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>this is the type of people who think the earth is flag

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my dad died at 60 because of smoking. Yeah, I'm thinking I'm never smoking.

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Love live is for faggots. K-on will ALWAYS be better.

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