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Could the restrictive part of EN management be making it’s way over to JP management?


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what did coco say?

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Is it over for Coco?

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Anon, I linked the video so you can see for yourself.

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>22 may. 2021

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Ok, but can we hear it from someone who isn't ESL?

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who cares?

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Those might just be the worst subs i have ever seen.
This too.
Awful thread
Are you retarded buddy? clearly you do otherwise you wouldn't reply.
Think before posting retardchama!

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>the restrictive part of EN management be making it’s way over to JP management?
This makes no sense at all
Also it became more restrictive around april-may 2020, much before HoloEN

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>Could the restrictive part of EN management be making it’s way over to JP management?
It's always been there

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To think Collabs with Sio was possible

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> need more money to live

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>It's always been there
Actually Coco said it has gotten worse. Why?

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Coco is gonna quit because of how restrictive Cover and HoloPro are on her
Screenshot this

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Because they have more proficient middlemen who can filter her english contents.

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More exposure
Growing bigger means more and more having to watch your every word
Hololive got really much bigger around february to may, which coincide with Asacoco being toned down a lot.

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Wouldn’t Haachama be the first to quit?

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Retard why would she quit when she's making a 100k+ in superchats a month alone.
The bigger you get the more people try to ruin you.

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>Could the restrictive part of EN management be making it’s way over to JP management?
Possibly. America ruined the Playstation brand that way.

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>Growing bigger means more and more having to watch your every word
But her older content doesn’t break any rules. That’s why she’s confused.

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Kill yourself "Iroha Translation"

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>The bigger you get the more you need to censor yourself.
Not really.

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You can comparing both Hololive and Nijisanji in this case

Hololive got banned on live too many time just because cleavage of chuuba has been shown.
meanwhile Nijisanji's 3D stream with shaking boob are doing just fine.

The different of both stream is the size of the viewership and how big name of the company is in western hemisphere.

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That’s incorrect. You don’t get banned for cleavage on YouTube. Even big channels have cleavage. A ban has to be overtly sexual with sexual noises, and then it’s more likely a strike, rather than ban.

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Haven't been paying much attention but when was the last time a holo was shadowbanned? The most I've seen recently is Haachama get her video taken down for using hentai images of herself.
Mel and Choco don't seem to get banned on sight anymore.

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Pretty sure it's just because hololive has more haters and thus more people looking to report troll

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>don’t link any video proving your point, they can believe you on faith.

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Fuck I really do miss Asacoco. It was extremely YAB by jap standards. Drug references and whatnot are a big no-no, so I'm surprised she even got to do it for as long as she did. I think what happened was Zhangs were using that as an example of why Hololive shouldn't have sponsorships or something, so Cover had to forbid it completely. Which I guess its a fair trade if we still get to keep Coco so Zhangs and seethe for eternity.

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Coco needs to be whipped into shape

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Good, if i want to watch whoretuber, i'd watch Vshoujo, if i want to watch Coco spitting reddit-tier jokes, i'd go to reddit, unless Coco and/or another holos can create interesting non-sexual adult-themed content, i side with Cover

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Leave the company then Dragon Bitch

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Did the JP Holos make any loli, shota, shounen comments these past 6 months?

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