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Is Riku Baiting Yagoo into giving an actual concert to the EN girls the smartest thing he has done yet??

Imagine being Yagoo and you see NijiEN getting a AR concert and you panic announce a councert for the HoloEN girls. Now if the concert sells out, imagine all the money Hololive is going to lose. Riku I KNEEL!

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Bae T_T

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Remember the numbers they took away from you.

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Previous >>43560359


Hololive sites

Nijisanji sites


Full list athttps://pastebin.com/nCGZL1Lp

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Bae's existence is fucking dire.

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Theoretically, it should be fine unless the wheelbarrow is updated and they found a new youtube loopwhole. The scriptmaker already quit last year.

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>39,796: Okayu (Hololive)
>36,124: Miko (Hololive)
>33,235: Leos (Nijisanji)
>30,555: Pekora (Hololive)
>20,563: Kanata (Hololive)
>18,750: Yashiro (Nijisanji)
>18,391: Okayu (Hololive)
>18,308: Kuzuha (Nijisanji)
>17,373: Koyori (Hololive)
>16,964: Nene (Hololive)
>16,501: Fubuki (Hololive)
>15,525: Koyori (Hololive)
>15,314: Enna (Nijisanji)
>14,141: Botan (Hololive)
>13,146: Lize (Nijisanji)
>11,688: Korone (Hololive)
>11,337: Oliver (Nijisanji)
>11,261: Fauna (Hololive)
>10,011: Choco (Hololive)

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This is why I hate it when non first army won gold
Theres no good lewd posting after it

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qrd? something happened on the chink side?

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According to my exhaustive data sampling I conclude that Zelda CDI games are a buff content

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1) Marine (Hololive) - 48,323 - Drawing stream
2) Pekora (Hololive) - 36,371 - Pebot Minecraft
3) Nijisanji (Nijisanji) - 102,840* - 5th anniversary stream
4) Pekora (Hololive) - 34,140 - The Karaoke
5) Pekora (Hololive) - 45,516 - Minecraft
6) Marine (Hololive) - 41,228 - The Karaoke
7) Mito (Nijisanji) - 72,930 - Tsukino Mito vs Kenmochi Toya
8) Himawari (Nijisanji) - 57,917 - Honhima king collab
9) Pekora (Hololive) - 28,944 - Hogwarts Legacy
10) Miko (Hololive) - 39,954 - HoloCure new update
11) Gaku (Nijisanji) - 45,052 - Pachinko tournament
12) Mio (Hololive) - 55,820 - SMOK One-Block Minecraft
13) Subaru (Hololive) - 93,949 - Oozora Police 2023
14) Choco (Hololive) - 71,876 - 3D birthday live
15) Toya (Nijisanji) - 38,879 - Hogwarts Legacy
16) Lamy (Hololive) - 54,575 - New outfit reveal
17) Toya (Nijisanji) - 73,934* - Announcement stream
18) Marine (Hololive) - 82,391 - PekoMari mocopi totsumachi
19) Ina (Hololive) - 63,181 - 3D showcase
20) Pekora (Hololive) - 44,942 - Minecraft
21) Okayu (Hololive) - 39,796 - SMOK One-Block Minecraft

15x: Hololive
6x: Nijisanji

5x: Pekora
3x: Marine
2x: Toya
1x: Choco, Gaku, Himawari, Ina, Lamy, Miko, Mio, Mito, Nijisanji, Okayu, Subaru

>2023 GOLDS
38x: Hololive
13x: Nijisanji
1x: Indie

19x: Pekora
4x: Marine
3x: Toya
2x: Kuzuha, Nijisanji, Subaru, Towa
1x: Choco, Gaku, Himawari, Hololive, Ina, Koyori, Lamy, Miko, Mio, Mito, Nerumero, Nozomi, Okayu, Polka, Roco, Suisei, Watame, Yashiro

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>Choco on tally
Fucking leech

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What did we learn last thread, anon?

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Yeah they get thousands of people to these things.

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this is being a bit dramatic

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I might be a bit Schizo but I think Kanata inclined a little after singing PekoMiko smack in the middle of Miko and Pekora in the Christmas relay.

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Riku even baits Yagoo into opening an ID branch, now he disbanded the branch while Yagoo stuck with the 2k shitters

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Mori will appear in a 10k venue while Suisei already had a concert in a 10k venue as well.
Why are some people still thinking Enna is better than them?

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That hololive is culled by youtube.

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Nice rrat, but her incline probably came from her relatively long break

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Cover Corp 89 members, 14 quit in some fashion. 15.7% attrition rate.
Nijisanji 291 members, 77 quit in some fashion. 26.5% attrition rate.

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Sasuga rikuchama

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He failed to bait yagoo into opening a KR branch tho. Might be Rikus one failure.

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well that's your first mistake

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Either they can no longer afford it or they got bored. No one really knows why they stopped.

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15,314: Enna (Nijisanji)
11,261: Fauna (Hololive)
8,676: Mysta (Nijisanji)
7,395: Kiara (Hololive)
6,042: Enna (Nijisanji)
6,011: IRyS (Hololive)

1) Baelz (Hololive) - 11,133 - Kinoko vs Takenoko
2) Baelz (Hololive) - 17,434 - Ministry Host Club
3) Amelia (Hololive) - 7,974 - Fallout New Vegas
4) Ina (Hololive) - 8,350 - Acessories Reveal
5) Baelz (Hololive) - 10,184 - Sausage Legend (w/ Subaru)
6) Mori (Hololive) - 9,020 - CHADcast (w/ Baelz & IRyS)
7) Mori (Hololive) - 31,776 - Outfit Reveal
8) Mumei (Hololive) - 14,044 - Unarchived Karaoke
9) Kronii (Hololive) - 13,735 - Unarchived Karaoke
10) Fauna (Hololive) - 8,880 - Minecraft
11) IRyS (Hololive) - 8,080 - Holocure
12) Gura (Hololive) - 42,601 - Return Stream
13) Amelia (Hololive) - 9,724 - Unarchived Karaoke
14) Mori (Hololive) - 11,194 - Unarchived Karaoke
15) Mori (Hololive) - 31,781 - Myth Offcollab
16) Fauna (Hololive) - 11,754 - Minecraft
17) IRyS (Hololive) - 12,370 - Unarchived Karaoke
18) Gura (Hololive) - 30,174 - Reveal Stream
19) Ina (Hololive) - 63,181 - 3D Showcase
20) Fauna (Hololive) - 6,816 - Hitman
21) Enna (Nijisanji) - 15,314 - Birthday Concert

20x: Hololive
1x: Nijisanji

4x: Mori
3x: Baelz, Fauna
2x: Amelia, IRyS, Gura, Ina
1x: Mumei, Kronii, Enna

>POINTS PER STREAMER (gold = 5pts, silver = 3pts, bronze = 1pt)
25p: Mori
23p: Fauna
21p: Baelz
17p: IRyS, Ina, Amelia
14p: Mumei
10p: Gura
7p: Kronii, Vox
5p: Kiara, Enna
4p: Vesper, Luca
3p: Uki, Magni, Finana
2p: Mysta
1p: Millie

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Why Okayu make my PP hard? And a great voice too. Okayu...

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Korone working hard for that sponsors money

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True, brats should be happy that their zhang chuba even get 2k

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Another indie
Another Slytherin

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Gura gold this week, something tells me it's happening.

>> No.43572097

Different kind of numerical superiority. Enna is making more money than either of them, judging by the venues they're selling out. Or not selling out in Enna's case.

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This video has been stuck in my alogorithm since yesterday, and apparently it's stuck for a lot of other people too because this 8 month old video has gone from sub 100k to where it is now since I first saw it

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People who think enna is better than them are the same people who think cull isn't real
It's just one big cope

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>2023 EN GOLDS

33x: Hololive
17x: Nijisanji
2x: Holostars

5x: Mumei, Amelia, Mori
4x: Baelz, Ina
3x: Mysta, IRyS, Fauna
2x: Vox, Selen, Pomu, Kronii, Gura
1x: Ike, Flayon, Alban, Elira, Finana, Millie, Luca, Regis, Enna

>2023 POINTS PER STREAMER (gold = 5pts, silver = 3pts, bronze = 1pt)
46p: Mumei
43p: Ina
40p: Fauna
35p: Amelia
33p: IRyS
30p: Mori
29p: Baelz
26p: Vox
24p: Mysta
17p: Kronii
15p: Luca
13p: Selen
12p: Kiara
10p: Pomu, Gura
9p: Millie, Enna
8p: Ike, Finana
7p: Regis
5p: Flayon, Alban, Elira
4p: Uki, Vesper
3p: Sonny, Hakka, Magni
1p: Meloco, Shinri, Gavis, Axel

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Too many baits, post numbers

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B...but... yagoo can disband them too!

>> No.43572179

Dod you happen to watch a lot of popsci videos as well?

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Ame cripple gold today!

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A series of events making the little pinkies seething and mad again

>hololive is dead b2 video anti comments are deleted presumably by holo mainland fans spamming reports
>hololive mainland fans set on clearing holo names seeing the tide is slightly turning, call it the day of reckoning.
>hololive is dead video uploader (anime uploader who is a chink living in mutt) responds to the incident saying holowho? I am not afraid of holos and i don't care. Comments pointing out if you don't care you won't be commenting about it.

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Yeah I had to manually block the channel
Somehow I doubt Fauna's got the proper education to explain the string theory

>> No.43572235

Well its pretty well known that selling out a venue for a concert loses shit tons of money. So
Enna > Mori & Suisei combined

>> No.43572244

how so? what's she doing?

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10,011: Choco (Hololive)

1) Baelz (Hololive) - 17,434 - Ministry Host Club - Day 02
2) AZKi (Hololive) - 11,847 - GeoGuessr - Day 16
3) Baelz (Hololive) - 11,133 - Kinoko vs Takenoko - Day 01
4) Baelz (Hololive) - 10,184 - Sausage Lengends (w/ Subaru) - Day 05
5) Choco (Hololive) - 10,011 - Offcollab (w/ Iroha) - Day 21
6) Baelz (Hololive) - 9,930 - Unarchived Karaoke - Day 09
7) Mori (Hololive) - 9,020 - CHADcast - Day 06
8) Baelz (Hololive) - 8,728 - Valentine's Roleplay - Day 14
9) Baelz (Hololive) - 7,109 - Offcollab (w/ IRyS) - Day 08
10) Baelz (Hololive) - 5,695 - Delivering Hope - Day 17
11) Baelz (Hololive) - 5,636 - Holocure - Day 11
12) Baelz (Hololive) - 5,393 - Zatsudan - Day 19
13) Baelz (Hololive) - 5,341 - Holocure - Day 13
14) Baelz (Hololive) - 4,937 - Minecraft (w/ Sora) - Day 03
15) Baelz (Hololive) - 4,502 - Zatsudan - Day 15
16) Baelz (Hololive) - 4,370 - Persona 5 Royal - Day 04
17) Baelz (Hololive) - 4,332 - Zatsudan - Day 05
18) Baelz (Hololive) - 4,303 - Learning Harry Potter Spells - Day 07
19) Baelz (Hololive) - 3,796 - English Duolingo - Day 16
20) Baelz (Hololive) - 3,691 - Persona 5 Royal - Day 10
21) Baelz (Hololive) - 2,882 - Persona 5 Royal - Day 20
22) Baelz (Hololive) - 2,772 - Kureiji Arcade - Day 18




01 -- 02 -- 05 -- 06


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Nope, I don't even watch Fauna or Fauna clips really

>> No.43572290

I really love how her design is so generic that you can draw anyone with blonde hair and blue eyes and just call her debuffson.

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Pretending to be retarded is fun and all but make sure you don't pretend so hard you attract actual retards who think themselves in good company

>> No.43572330

Just because a singer is backed by the industry and big money doesn't make them better than a singer who has to do everything by herself you realize

>> No.43572347

>>43572208 (me)
Forgot cover ipo making the little pinkies mad because cover is prospering outside despite them saying holo is dead without china.

>> No.43572349

That's not Ame that's Fauna's sister
What are you doing

>> No.43572367

People pay to watch suisei concert, the others pay to watch apex tourney. Don't compare Suisei and Whori like that

>> No.43572386

Why are twitch vtuber models so shit.

>> No.43572388

I'm surprised nobody has doxxed him yet

>> No.43572393

that's a more buff watson, ema gets 10k+ for genshit these days

>> No.43572408

>left, second row
oh, good to see Silver is back

>> No.43572417

Enna is backed my NijiSanji, its litterally a billion dollar company. Compare that to Holo that has to open IPO to fund $15 million..........

>> No.43572426

Twitch is the home of low effort streams, why would their streamers and by extension models be any different

>> No.43572471

Proof that Cover is prospering? They barely grew last year and are making less money than Anycolor.

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>What are you doing
Ive fallen in love

>> No.43572526

so we all agree that gundou is the best niji, right?

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>> No.43572558

Nijisanji isn't funding free solo lives for Enna though. NijiEN barely gets any support despite how much they bring to the branch.

>> No.43572585

Are you making a joke?

>> No.43572594

Aloucucks arent people, they are pagpag eater

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Sorry anon, has to be done

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I remember when this is what nijiniggers actually thought

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File: 733 KB, 1819x1822, 1674293353047430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.43572646

Go back chinks

>> No.43572653

The saplings in this thread are disloyal fucks, I always see them posting about indies and Fauna's sisters.

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File: 1.16 MB, 1000x1000, 1656927239717.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im tempted to make her sing

>> No.43572720

Like 90% of chuubas are slytherin

>> No.43572731

Literal whos

>> No.43572748

Pickme is a term used by jealous women to call popular women whores without it coming back to bite them

>> No.43572771

Kaede's tits are way too big

>> No.43572782


>> No.43572847

Not that, that's not an indie

>> No.43572859

Doumo doumo

>> No.43572860

no wonder the term is used a lot in the catalog gura shitposts

>> No.43572881
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That's a bit more expensive than Zoey

>> No.43572885

I've said this a lot of times but for some reason the old NijiJP girls are peak rape material

>> No.43572898

Their revenues increased by 600 percent in the three years since they left chinkland, that's prospering

>> No.43572901

is hololive just a club for hot single/married women?

>> No.43572937

who's the best rabbit

>> No.43572944

He is already doxxed long time ago. He is a pro china activist and disliked by his own university mates. He had some nasty comments about lgbt before using china propaganda so he got cancelled and doxxed.

>> No.43572953

As a general rule anyone who uses the word pickme is either a foid or a tranny

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Forgot pic

>> No.43572992

??? Why?

>> No.43573013

Feels like Zoey's fanbase is just poorer kek

>> No.43573016

I don't watch nijisanji but Mito sex

>> No.43573027

>Implying he's a Sapling
I bet you think the squeeb poster is too when he admitted he doesn't watch streams

>> No.43573039

And he's still alive? Tsk, watamates are slacking

>> No.43573050
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>> No.43573100

this is a thread of middling influence

>> No.43573109

I thought it's because she's a fan of pekora.

>> No.43573140
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I miss Fauna

>> No.43573145

>Peaked in q3 2022 and then reclined for 3 quarters before making a slight gain
Yeah this doesn't look like a company that's growing quickly. If trends repeat themselves the numbers are going to dive after this quarter again. Hololive might actually be dying.

>> No.43573207

The average vtuber fan doesn't watch streams so he's in good company

>> No.43573210
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Fauna isn't my oshi. But I still watch all her streams.

>> No.43573282

I mean if they were actually satisfied with Fauna's streams they wouldn't post here

>> No.43573284

She's behind both Mito and Salami.

>> No.43573324


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File: 24 KB, 345x438, 1673799262665809.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.43573393
File: 969 KB, 851x1059, wow[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fvqz902.mp4].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.43573448

>brings up saplings out of nowhere

>> No.43573460

After the stream yesterday, I'm pretty sure anyone who isnt a schizo was satisfied.

>> No.43573528

This dog is too moe.

>> No.43573538

7k for Rosemi. Not sure Ame can beat this. Can the sock puppet stream do it?

>> No.43573544

Yellow batsoup covered fingers wrote this post

>> No.43573551
File: 1.54 MB, 896x1344, 105324788_p2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If I don't sleep soon i'll miss my girlfriends 3d live, bye losers

>> No.43573585

Thats it, im calling it. NijiEN won the all out war.

>> No.43573639

>Bae still sub-5k

>> No.43573659

I really think Ame has more chances of winning

>> No.43573688

Ame has a thin chance with zero overlap of just getting over that.
I can't see takamori sock puppet doing it unless EOPs flock to it when its the only thing besides Okayu on.

>> No.43573714

NijiEN about to get a 21 - 0 win streak over holokeks

>> No.43573737

holos in this thread
>discusses stream or numbers
nijiniggers in this thread

>> No.43573771

if it was on Mori's channel maybe but
>kiara channel debuff

>> No.43573831

Good, now revived the Azur Lane collab or make Blue Archive collab at the same quality of Azur Lane x Hololive and both country will prosperous from it.

>> No.43573883

well its during a good JP time slot, and 1hr before Okayu live. So maybe if there isnt overlap hell.

>> No.43573921

>Can the sock puppet stream do it?
>kiara's channel
>yuribait buff - kiara debuff - mori debuff - timezone debuff
probably not

>> No.43573982

Tits too fucking big. Jesus man.

>> No.43573985

Making less money but they also has less expenses than Anycolor.
600% profit boosted are still a plus in my book

>> No.43574066

First NijiEN gold for the month, congrats Enna.

>> No.43574082

the tits could be bigger

>> No.43574129

The stream was pure luck. She's a shit entertainer and she got lucky people found poor play good

>> No.43574131
File: 224 KB, 310x385, 1675495637564326.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

JP 7?

>> No.43574190

soon probably, expect 2 hags again

>> No.43574249

4 kusogaki 1 hag

>> No.43574252
File: 8 KB, 346x339, cope.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.43574265

who's the cutie

>> No.43574285

Feel sorry for the hag.

>> No.43574308

So there's really no saving Bae is there

>> No.43574347

patra hnst

>> No.43574408

Why is NijiEN inclining? They're supposed to lose badly this month.

>> No.43574451

meh, there are worse fates.

>> No.43574452

I enjoy her JRPG streams.

>> No.43574508
File: 137 KB, 1265x702, 1650233947096.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's over https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G_426MzMXs

>> No.43574509

is she showing signs of graduation? her ASMR is the only one I use for sleep

>> No.43574551

Nene has enough paypigs to do this.

>> No.43574554

It's a good announcement.

>> No.43574589
File: 756 KB, 1080x1898, emacuteemacute.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Important update

>> No.43574638

Why does Ema get teeth but Fauna doesn't...

>> No.43574709

>So there's really no saving Bae is there
It's more than 18 months since she got into Hololive and she still doesn't have much of an identity. She could have been a zoomer playing retro games and get a bunch of oldfags watching to see her reactions but she doesn't want to do that.

>> No.43574715

Fauna has teeth though

>> No.43574718

fauna only need her gums to chew leaves

>> No.43574728

Fauna is a vegan

>> No.43574770

Herbivores doesn't need teeth

>> No.43574798

Don't tell me your the guy who thinks the Subaru model could actually work with the EN audience.

>> No.43574822

fauna has to be ready for the blowjobs

>> No.43574841

Are kirins ruminants? Does Fauna throw up her partially-digested cud back up into her mouth to re-chew it again?

>> No.43574849

I'm also thinking about Fauna.
Fauna cute.

>> No.43574856

>She could have been a zoomer playing retro games and get a bunch of oldfags watching to see her reactions
god, you wanna debuff her even harder?

>> No.43574870

She's the Mori of Council, music is her identity.

>> No.43574878


>> No.43574880

>. She could have been a zoomer playing retro games
That would be cool! If she was actually into videogames!!! That's the crux of the issue. She does enjoy them, but not to the extent that a person would go back and play old and clunky garbage when she can barely function on newer ones.

>> No.43574881

Has skribble ever been good for numbers? Not a rhetorical question, I'm actually curious

>> No.43574882

we like Ema now?

>> No.43574894

>no one is live

>> No.43574909


>> No.43574919


>> No.43574941

1 whole day since her last stream

>> No.43574954

We love all of Towa's bitches here yes so that's all of VSPO

>> No.43574956

>Grand total of 1 orisong
That'd explain it.

>> No.43574967

It's the autistic but cool girls' club.

>> No.43574980

nigger why don't you give numbers

>> No.43574985

do we also like the MikoFauna new niji?

>> No.43575002

yes, we also love Enna

>> No.43575035

No idea who that is

>> No.43575049


>> No.43575095

Then why is over half of her streams focused on video games

>> No.43575114

No, she spits it into my mouth and then I chew the food for her.

>> No.43575115

Just make her roberu's main partner, people will come for that.

>> No.43575146


>> No.43575165
File: 2 KB, 322x127, 31233123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

are we obsessed?

>> No.43575185

>all of VSPO
Except for Nose. Because Towa is her bitch.

>> No.43575202


>> No.43575205

/#/ - Fauna Gachikoi General

>> No.43575206

Did she still not follow Fauna and Ema?

>> No.43575230
File: 257 KB, 600x600, 1624802095215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.43575234

Bae is in Japan right now Mea would kill her
but maybe that would generate numbers

>> No.43575238

I mean, I could force a Tempus or Kronii timeloop instead if you want

>> No.43575268 [DELETED] 

>People pay to watch suisei concert
>pay to watch suisei concert
>pay to watch suisei
>pay to watch concert
>suisei concert


>> No.43575276
File: 27 KB, 504x367, 7naf4677zc831~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.43575307

I just really miss Fauna bro.

>> No.43575311
File: 2.82 MB, 1820x2964, 1669098053444.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tempiss timeloop
Doubtful at the moment

>> No.43575314

>being a fauna gachikoi
uhhhhhh lol?

>> No.43575332
File: 348 KB, 800x558, image_2023-02-22_000222616.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.43575340

I watched her truck stream, it was pretty good!

>> No.43575354
File: 36 KB, 639x668, wheel of schizoing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

seems like fauna is popular enough with the schizo to be added to the wheel

>> No.43575394

Why was Kronii there to begin with?

>> No.43575402
File: 2.71 MB, 444x584, pekora.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.43575408

Yes, saplings here are indeed kind of schizophrenic

>> No.43575415

Oh yeah there's a Noctyx anniversary stream tomorrow. 3 NijiEN golds in a row possible?

>> No.43575428


>> No.43575444

She has 1 original, 2 if you count the HOLO27 song

>> No.43575448

At least 8000 people did.

>> No.43575462

She does good work on her covers but frankly when people think about music for council, Mumei is probably what comes to mind for people as the singer of the group.

>> No.43575469

EN3 will save her

>> No.43575479

why wouldn't kronii be, just bring up the idol stuff and boom, thread destroyed


>> No.43575483

Nowadays you can add Fauna and replace Kronii with IRyS.

>> No.43575485

There's at least one poster here obsessed with talking about her. He hasn't been active lately because Kronii has basically disappeared for a while

>> No.43575495

Don't reply to the bait, idiot.

>> No.43575505

Yugo's channel?

>> No.43575533

Because unfortunately SEA culture is a thing

>> No.43575564
File: 143 KB, 1920x1920, gold.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>7pm jst - Miko collab Asphalt 9
>8pm jst - Okayu Concert /w guest
>9pm jst - Pekora&Iroha Cat review

Who will get the Feb Winning Gold for Holo tonight?

>> No.43575597

5k is pretty good, she doesn't need saving unless you're suffering from late stage number rot

>> No.43575602

Fatto Catto will win

>> No.43575618 [DELETED] 

15k would pay for Enna.

>> No.43575629

>Feb Winning Gold

>> No.43575658

It's a bit ridiculous to expect Okayu to slip. She's not Luna y'know.

>> No.43575678
File: 111 KB, 318x177, stop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

actually more than that with 2 streaming services (upto 250k) but anyway...

>> No.43575693

>watch NijiEN Mario Party Collab
>immediately get bored and stop watching
I’ve never seen a group of people that are so painfully boring to me. I would think someone would interest me. Even worse is the dudes somehow make it more awkward. I thought dudes were supposed to be funnier than girls? Why is that not true for NijiEN?

>> No.43575697

Bro don't let Kronii's inactivity recently let you forget the months on timeloops over her and her numbers. This place still turns into a total shitshow whenever she does anything that gets numbers

>> No.43575728

Looks like Uki, "1 year drunk zatsudan with Noctyx"

>> No.43575755 [DELETED] 

Easily Miko, Miko has minimum 110,k viewers per live and she'll get more this time.

>> No.43575756

Evidently not, since her only thing resembling a concert got cancelled.

>> No.43575757

>0 source
Stop posting this shit

>> No.43575792

any hologold at 15 or more are a winning gold

>> No.43575835

honestly higher than what i expected, maybe the cull got fixed

>> No.43575850

The winning gold was decided yesterday anon

>> No.43575853 [DELETED] 

go back to /jp/ jpcel no one likes you here go back to your shithole we only care about english speaking vtubers not subhumans jpcels

>> No.43575885

/#/ - Uuu

>> No.43575894

holy sameface. I thought this was Fauna with an asset on

>> No.43575897
File: 5 KB, 225x225, smugsui.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pleb who didn't watch the concert so he doesn't know the numbers

>> No.43575925 [DELETED] 

Why are nijiniggers like this?

>> No.43575963

>Mori has done more ASMR's than Fauna

>> No.43575967

I dunno anon, Cat review getting a fat funnel is gonna be pretty big, but I guess that will depend on who else puts frames up for that timeslot. Right now, it's just Peko for HoloJP.

>> No.43575969

Retarded shitposter. Go back to spamming about Mega Flygon stealing Luxiem viewers or whatever.

>> No.43575971

It's Fulgur who is deadpan and boring and Dopio who does some kind of chuuni larp thing. I didn't expect that to work so I skipped it anyway. I wish they would do more all-girl or all-guy collabs.

>> No.43575974

It can be more winning, it doesn't hurt anybody (except nijisisters)

>> No.43575987

SPWN and Zaiko has a live viewer count?

>> No.43576009 [DELETED] 

go back to /jp/ or /ringo/ you dont belong here and kys avatarfag

>> No.43576034

Bae has almost 4k during Super chat reading ... Number brain rot is real

>> No.43576037
File: 18 KB, 637x175, seeth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i reply with En's twitter especially for you then

>> No.43576104

There's nothing else fucking on for HoloEN (or JP).
The fact that she couldn't hit 5k under those conditions is SAD.

>> No.43576155

Mori had a niche of weird ASMR early in her career. Some of her RL friends told her it was cringe and stoped doing them

>> No.43576190

Mori tends to label some random things as ASMR so it kind of inflates her number but yes she's done a lot of more or less real ASMR also throughout her time as a Holo.

>> No.43576197

Sauce for this cate
I cant find the artist

>> No.43576226

probably /vtai/

>> No.43576260
File: 102 KB, 322x242, image_2023-02-21_221621716.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not really.

>> No.43576263

An all-male collab implies that NijiEN has any males that are entertaining.

>> No.43576268

And they're of higher quality too.

>> No.43576282

She stopped for a while.

>> No.43576285

I just got back home, but why the hell are shitposters trying to pit Enna against freaking Suisei now? What's next, Enna vs Taylor Swift or something?

>> No.43576305

I posted it last thread or one before that

>> No.43576336

Imagine unironically comparing a mid failed idol with an anime girl avatar to fucking tay swizzle.

>> No.43576339


>> No.43576340

They only have to be entertaining to women. It's a different standard. It's like catfood doesn't have to taste good to you, it has to taste good to cats.

>> No.43576347


>> No.43576350 [DELETED] 

I'm ready to grudgepost for 24 hours straight when Pekora wins gold and all your irrelevant-who-fags get shut up.

>> No.43576416

What did Enna do to you?

>> No.43576422

There WAS a very long gap in her ASMRs, but I'm pretty sure the RL friend bit is just a rrat. I wouldn't watch her enough to say one way or the other.

>> No.43576432

If holoniggers don't want the sex rat then I, as the representative of nijichads, accept her as a niji.

>> No.43576462

What's the appeal of Sonny Brisko? For a post Luxiem hire he has okay numbers but I literally hear nothing about him outside his color pallete hurting my eyes and looking like a office highlighter.

>> No.43576471

If you consider coombaiting entertainment.

>> No.43576501

>30k Holocure
Yeah Pekora has reclined

>> No.43576513

Go ask in /NijiEN/ or something.

>> No.43576515

This thread is so fucking depressing, it’s the same fuckers looping on about EN corpo ccv gold. It’s not even about the numbers it’s a dick measuring contest

>> No.43576531

But everyone here calls JP peak entertainment and that's basically all they do...

>> No.43576546
File: 406 KB, 428x635, 1671281925177585.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shit up beech

>> No.43576562

>what is the appeal of NijiEn
You have to be a zoomer to understand this.

>> No.43576568

He has the most schizo fans in Noctyx

>> No.43576600

It's essentially the same. Enna is nowhere near Suisei, just like she is nowhere near Taylor Swift.
Enna's birthday karaoke yesterday lost to even Irys's last birthday karaoke. What's the point of pitting her against someone way stronger than Irys?
I could've missed it, but usually it's Enna vs Irys (or occasionally, Mori)

>> No.43576646

You think anyone here has watched him? When I'm in NijiEN thread his fans are always spamming in there. "oooooo sonny posted on twitter" "what if sony kissed ike omg". They're retarded babyfags on the level of Axia's fans. Maybe ask on NijiMen if you're really curious what his content is.

>> No.43576648

Enna vs IRyS came after Enna vs Suisei

>> No.43576655
File: 163 KB, 480x480, 1676721135558639.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.43576670

You could’ve just said you were a clipwatcher and convey the exact same meaning as what you just posted.

>> No.43576692

And what next?
Enna vs Calli?

>> No.43576717 [DELETED] 

>sub 20k holocure on second stream like pekora
Yeah Miko has declined

>> No.43576793

kys nijifag
tell your buddies at youtube to uncull hololive and then let's talk

>> No.43576803

I watched some of his previous life’s stuff because people kept saying he faked his death. And all I can say is I don’t get it. But I’m not a zoomer. It’s pretty much the same type of people that find the Logan brothers and anitubers entertaining.

>> No.43576811

>grudgeposting for a Pekora gold
Wow, truly the lowest effort grudgeposting one can imagine.

>> No.43576834 [DELETED] 

>Instantly deflecta to Miko for no reason
Ah it's the noupagpag again. Welcome back.

>> No.43576854

No, after Enna vs IRyS they tried to change it a little bit with Meloco vs IRyS. It didn't work since Meloco doesn't perform that well so they return back to Enna vs IRyS.

>> No.43576874

He would know more from watching clips
this is just a thread skimmer

>> No.43576906

If you seriously think that's the case, maybe you should spend more time watching streams (EN and JP included)

>> No.43576952

When's the next NijiEN wave?

>> No.43576989

I see. I feel like those might be two entirely different things though. I'm not a zoomer and I used to watch some of those Gigguk/Anime Man videos back when I was still watching anime. There's no way I could even watch 5 minutes of Logan Paul based on the little bit of his content I saw when he was filming that corpse, it's obnoxious "it's just a prank bro" shit.

>> No.43576992

We get enough Mori vs Suisei as is I don't want anything else

>> No.43577022

She just needed to play minecraft. It's not fucking hard.

>> No.43577023

I can’t think of a single female vtuber, both inside and outside of Japan, that coombaits harder than the NijiEN males. I’m not even sure Vshoujo is this bad.

>> No.43577037

Gamers should be soon. Imo this month or next month for sure.

>> No.43577079

Kys cuckbeat

>> No.43577118

* FINAL 24HRS VOD TALLY FOR 02/20/2023 *
(View growth after 1 hour at end of each line)
>389,435 Usada Pekora (COVER) (55.4%)
>282,916 Amane Kanata (COVER) (58.2%)
>211,797 Sakamata Chloe (COVER) (39.1%)
>188,913 Shirogane Noel (COVER) (44.5%)
>172,361 Yakumo Beni (Brave Group) (24.7%)
>167,830 Inui Toko (ANYCOLOR) (854.7%)
>158,759 Shishiro Botan (COVER) (194.9%)
>152,010 Nekomata Okayu (COVER) (36.7%)
>150,317 NeruMero (Indie) (110.0%)

>> No.43577128

AI art looks amazing now

>> No.43577136

Is gura not streaming until she gets back to america?

>> No.43577145
File: 414 KB, 463x635, 1667337996699.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.43577193

lol she's not streaming until her baby goes to nursery school

>> No.43577232
File: 15 KB, 233x195, 1656606677034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.43577245


>> No.43577253

I don’t know, anon. All I know is that as far as universal hatred for Youtubers is concerned, three things stand out: drama tubers, Logan brothers, and anitubers. And this is from every forum, twitter, discord of every political spectrum imaginable. It’s actually kind of amazing, especially how reviled anitubers are.

>> No.43577268

don't worry about it

>> No.43577272

When's EN3?

>> No.43577299

I didn't know that those kind of posts can be successfully report.

>> No.43577357 [DELETED] 
File: 1.96 MB, 274x250, you will have nothing and you will rike it [sound=https2F2Foc7f1w.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.43577375

I've never even seen anyone care about anitubers until I started coming here but yeah the other two I saw people hating everywhere. Maybe anitubers have become more annoying since they started that podcast? Also Nuxtako being a thing.

>> No.43577380

Trash Taste is thriving though

>> No.43577396


>> No.43577410 [DELETED] 

It's the sapkeks. This is why I BTFO them so hard last night. Mfers don't know when to shut up

>> No.43577424

>another 6k cripple gold
this is embarrassing

>> No.43577434

Yep, play minecraft, interact with JP members and describe the conversations to her EOP chat. That's the way for Bae to actually become worth watching.

>> No.43577451

Not even in the running

>> No.43577456

Rosemi Gold?

>> No.43577503

Any interesting news today?

>> No.43577534

Believe in midnight New Vegas stream anon.

>> No.43577538

Yeah, with 7.1k as the number to beat

>> No.43577561

they spawned and amplified the le ironically enjoying things that runs rampant these days

>> No.43577605

Can NijiEN do their own end-of-the-month streak to dab on HoloEN?
The 3D showcases has nothing on NijiEN buff content.

>> No.43577634

I will fight Fungus if he doesn't stay away from my pomu

>> No.43577637

So are the Logan brothers and people like Keemstar. Doesn’t mean they aren’t reviled.
But specifically anitubers, I’ve been to places where talking about them is specifically banned. Might be that some of them openly (and hypocritically) lolicon material. Or the fact that many of them got caught supporting a scam a few years ago.

>> No.43577678

I trust in Kiara's sock puppet off-collab

>> No.43577728 [SPOILER] 
File: 11 KB, 346x339, 1670618919452041.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.43577733

Ame could get that with no overlap. She could also fail to get it. Either way it's kind of sad.

>> No.43577741
File: 1.96 MB, 274x250, you will have nothing and you will rike it [sound=files.catbox.moe%2Foc7f1w.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>43577357 (me)
not sure what went wrong with the encoding there

>> No.43577744

As someone who enjoys B-movie schlock, what they’re doing isn’t even close to enjoying ‘bad things’. They’re more like the people that enjoy garbage like Sharknado or the recent Venom movies.

>> No.43577782

He comes to her streams fairly often. As much as I don't like him from the discord leak, he's far less annoying and intrusive than Luca at least. He just types in chat.

>> No.43577815

One word to you: Enna 15K gold and she has the most watched envtuber stream in february with those 15k too

>> No.43577820

Bae's birthday is on 28th, so nunless NijiEN is going to do another outfit reveal, no
(Her last birthday got almost 20k and if she will still be in Japan by then, she can make it an off-collab party with other EN girls if she loves number)

>> No.43577850

There's more than 1 Venom movie?

>> No.43577882

Err gura 40k normal zatsudan?

>> No.43577892

I don't care about numbers anymore.. I just want my moom..

>> No.43577912

Pomu's doing an outfit reveal soon but I don't know which day. Late Feb or early March.

>> No.43577941
File: 2.01 MB, 1849x895, numbers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's back

>> No.43577950

>she has the most watched envtuber stream in february with those 15k too
Why does this sister lie?

>> No.43577953

Being hated is the exact reason they're thriving. That is one of the most viable and easiest ways to get fame provided you can withstand the heat and it doesn't escalate to real world shit.

>> No.43577957 [DELETED] 

Is it true that Luca offpako'd with Kiara in Japan?

>> No.43577976

I am so sorry you have to find out about that.

>> No.43578067

I meant that it feels like nothing that those subhumans spew out comes out as genuine because they ran with that layers of irony bullshit to the ground

>> No.43578081
File: 11 KB, 346x339, 1676683227604989.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>some literal who that pretends to be an anime boy
keep dreaming sis

>> No.43578120

Her birthday is the 29th though.

>> No.43578126

>streams atomic heart

>> No.43578149

It's not. Kiara has been on quest to offpako every girl across the world.

>> No.43578154

My favorite vtuber, XQC.

>> No.43578205

Is there any squid games event going on? Seen it a lot on twitter

>> No.43578252
File: 467 KB, 1080x1111, rosemi 7k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can anybody explain this Rosemi hump?

>> No.43578271

what are the catalog shitsposting chances?

>> No.43578350

Seeing that it was just a small bump, you need to watch streams to do that

>> No.43578354

troons seething

>> No.43578409

Already since a while ago.

>> No.43578513

sorry ghost gura 4view is for grown up corpos

>> No.43578534


>> No.43578662

ehh, you just know they will try to deflect to whatever or even burry this shit; silver is also very spineless/non-confrontational

>> No.43578726

Which is why it was so weird she thought it was a good idea to take on her own lefty fanbase by playing Harry Potter. Very out of character for her.

>> No.43578748

>just in time to deflect ot gura
like pottery
>also posted froot's patch thing

>> No.43578777

So they’re like the anime equivalent to those Marvel/DC/Star Wars shill podcasts?

>> No.43578821

We shilling low tier indies now?

>> No.43578870

Otsuka Rei is special

>> No.43578876

I mean, "the faces of western anime" are literally bankrolled by Kadokawa

>> No.43578884

newfag doesn't know about the single mother?

>> No.43578887


>> No.43578958

welp, getting nuked for sure

>> No.43579061
File: 719 KB, 1141x576, 3748584758.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's a pretty good comparison.
Connor and the """anime man"""" don't even do anime content anymore that's how you know they aren't worth shit

>> No.43579073

Listen, just because she's getting groomed by a lesbian anon doesn't mean she's a number

>> No.43579102

Now I understand why hatred for weebs has increased among normies in the past few years.

>> No.43579135

you guys really tried to memory the whole him admitting to being a troon thing

>> No.43579139

She always does stuff to farm pity so I think she jumped right in. Her menhera breakdowns are very known by her community.

>> No.43579155
File: 1.40 MB, 4500x1500, jkgumi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

very interesting

>> No.43579173

I don't remember anon mentioning that.

>> No.43579174 [DELETED] 

Holos for this feel?

>> No.43579262

Well it's in the screepcap of the thread so if someone has it you can read for yourself

>> No.43579305

Yeah just looks like generic youtube content. Like Mr Beast or any of that other shit. Decent views for it though, so I guess it works.

>> No.43579316

tho she is also dumb as fuck, so I wouldn't think she accounted for the amount of shit she'd get nor one of her own coworkers throwing her under the bus for clout

>> No.43579336

nijiniggers has no shame.

>> No.43579356 [SPOILER] 
File: 674 KB, 768x768, kihihihi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.43579412

xQc reclining? only 56k how do we save him

>> No.43579565

They basically stopped talking about anime and just do Vlogs about Japan stuff. Garnt is the only one who actually does anime related content nowadays and typically it's recaps of currently airing anime or the occasional analysis.

>> No.43579669

jesas its grim. no holos and 4 stars streaming at the same time....

>> No.43579698

Gawr "Holo Cast" Gura
Gawr "Men are more intelligent than women" Gura

>> No.43579851

Why don't we all go the Zentreya route and rake in the simp bucks?

>> No.43579852

to some extent, it's impressive, because they undoubtedly really blew up over the last couple years through the podcast. I think all of them are at the peak of their popularity now which is impressive since they were already popular to begin with

On the other hand they're a bunch of sell outs who dropped the thing that made them big in the first place once they started getting bankrolled, and part of their incline involved leeching off of Holos and other vtubers

Gigguk and his wife are the only ones that still do anime/manga related content anymore and even then when typing this comment I look up his wife's channel and I see a fucking vlog with notMori. It's hard not to see them as shameless.

>> No.43579945

What's the number for okayu's live last year?

>> No.43579947

20x combo breaker DORYA
but seriously, cripple gets a gold locked in with cripple numbers some 12 hours ahead?

>> No.43580016
File: 2.94 MB, 480x360, 1673851690196561.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holos for this feel?

>> No.43580029

Now they’re ‘abroad in’ Youtubers? Was being anitubers not bad enough that they now want to be associated with sexpats?

>> No.43580093


>> No.43580186

That's basically their circle over there, isn't it? My only exposure to them was an episode where they featured noriyaro after the drift stuff they did and the whole thing was about him basically

>> No.43580207

Yeah they are copying Chris' content now

>> No.43580235

any decent vtuber singer will unironically compared to Suisei

>> No.43580280


>> No.43580303

Their close friends with Chris (Abroad in Japan) yes.

>> No.43580322

ncp > stellar stellar

>> No.43580323

They're doing an RV trip stream now, to illustrate how far removed they are from their original content. Getting pretty good numbers desu

>> No.43580364

Uh I don't think you finished your sentence.

>> No.43580401

well she can sing

>> No.43580494

>shit taste

>> No.43580500

Who is the most successful aussie vtuber?

>> No.43580519

if that's the minimum requirement for decent category then yeah. Every vtuber who has a singing stream is decent then.

>> No.43580524

in a way, he's right
stellar stellar is better thematically, but NCP is a better song

>> No.43580554


>> No.43580564


>> No.43580591

I pity the Aussies

>> No.43580613


>> No.43580618

Well, Mori should probably stear clear unless she wants to get caught up in the inevitable police sting.

>> No.43580630


>> No.43580658

soiree > ncp

>> No.43580692

If only Luto was healthy and got recruited Hololive.

>> No.43580711


Power Gap

Ban Hada?
Sara Nagare

Sure there are some other minor ones. Ren Zotto lives in Australia but he's American. Haachama lived there but she's Japanese.

>> No.43580712

ok but palette > everything else in hololive

>> No.43580736

The true answer here

>> No.43580830

Well, getting represented by Luca and Bae...

>> No.43580857

Aussie have a lot of good ytbers though. Why are their chuuba so shit?

>> No.43580876

Isn't Sonny also an aussie? or is he a kiwi?

>> No.43580905

If they're good, they won't resort to vtubing

>> No.43580911

No they don't.

>> No.43580954

obviously the best

>> No.43580969

>Aussie have a lot of good ytbers
Such as?

>> No.43580975

Neither of them is really even Australian either. Filipino and Chinese. Sana was Malaysian or Singaporean or something like that. Ban Hada is Korean. IDK what Sara is though.

>> No.43581026 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.43581086

I Did A Thing

>> No.43581094

They live there and most likely have citizenship, they are aussie regardless of etnicity.

>> No.43581110
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>> No.43581126

It was the end of the first map they played, and the bonus stars made it a close final result, so people probably shifted their focus back to the stream tab.