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She a good kettle. How do you bully a Japanese girl who rarely goes outside?

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She's done with streaming. you have to move one

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HRT do be crazy yo

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trannies belong in mental asylums

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One what?

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its all kson's fault

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All the trannies who harassed her needs to kill themselves. We all know they're the ones who's going to. Should just do it now and save everyone the headache.

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something about her makes her a bully magnet
I heard she was bullied in japan school or some shit
makes sense that whatever it is can be sniffed by westoids too

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Because of her silence trannys think they've won and will now harass other vtubers. She's a coward who can't stand up to strangers on the internet.

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qrd? what'd they (who??) do to her?

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In Japan people are raised to be selfless for the “greater harmony”. Its not in their nature to start flame wars over western blue haired tranny drama. I agree silence shows weakness but its not in her nature

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She posted she was going to return from vacation by streaming hogwarts on twitter. Trannys attacked and scared her away.

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they doxxed her for that??

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Good, we should get rid of the weak

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Not sure if they doxxed any of her info, but they messaged her saying she was promoting violence to trans and hatred. She apologized. Then deleted the tweet and has gone dark

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yes yes chang is also guilty of the covid that has you locked up

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If only she has talent freedom

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Whoa they weren’t joking about the bots on this board were they?

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There's no one else worth watching

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>Its not in their nature to start flame wars
You’re a goddamn moron if you genuinely believe this

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Why does Pikaschizo always start his threads in seanig hours?

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>How do you bully a Japanese girl who rarely goes outside?
You send her mean messages on the internet.

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So what do you think about the object Trudeau had the US shoot down over Canada? They confirmed it wasn't a spy balloon from China and there were more like it above the continental United States around the same time as well.

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Funniest shit I ever seen.

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She should join Hololive. They'll take care of her.
I'm sure she's regretting her decisions, and not talking about HL. It is still not too late.

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Well I think it's only fair to bully tranny content creators now

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Is there any hope she's coming back?

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Biden shooting down weather balloons to distract from the fact the Ohio river is now toxic.

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Isn't it connected to some major lake or something too? It seems really bad over there. I'd like to say I'm surprised there's no coverage but every major network has been bought and payed for for decades.

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he doesn't even know about the Terrace House suicide

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Nobody will know about your suicide either.

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Did you guys get the word? Trannies are denying the bullying and saying it's a "right wing PSYOP!" What fucking scumbags.

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Why did we just ignore when Ukraine hit a NATO member with a missle? There were casualties.

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May as well forget about her. She was already nearing a month break before this and isn’t (openly) looking at any social media; she’ll come back whenever she feels like it.
I just hope she doesn’t apologize to those fags. I didn’t look at the deleted tweets or stream prechat so I don’t know how bad it was.

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putler is announcing ww3 rn btw, check /pol/

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One week since you looked at me

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>he doesn't like weak, submissive girls
what a fag

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Nobody cares about your trashtuber. Stop making threads.

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The army core of engineers caused irreparable damage to the planet's only everglades.

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I'll just wait for her HoloEN gen 3 debut then

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Corps you dumb shit.

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You don't need to falseflag, you can say you want her for phase.

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corps and corpse don't sound the same anon. get your study books back out.

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She's not boring enough for EN dayo

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She needs to lay low for awhile. Then return with japanese only streams. It's for the best.

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When is VOMS gen 3?

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Pathetic tranies going after a sweet innocent person that cannot impact their lives at all and will not fight back. They lack the balls (lol) to go after the real threat, AKA politicians / religious leaders that actually DO affect them. Fucking pathetic, I was not picking a side, but now I am definitely going to vote for more republicans so these mentally damaged people can be put in their place. Hopefully a mental institution. The icing on the cake is most trans auto unlife themselves anyways.

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Finally a Japanese person can go on vacation and spend the tons of money she earned.

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No retard. They won when HoloEN decided not to play or mention it, while literally all JP did. That set the standard and told the trannys the boycott was working. You can't blame a single streamer, especially pikamee, for bowing to the concentrated autism and deranged tramny hate from twitter.

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loony troons are completely fucking insane
luckily normalfags are all getting a good look at what they're really like now

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she wanted to play the wizard game
she was subsequently harassed so much that she hasn't been heard from since and recently nuked her Twitch channel

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Easy answer, I dont.

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Isn’t she a hafu? That’s always going to make someone a target in JP schools.

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What happened this time, some schizoid trannies bullied Pikamee for not screeching about MUH RIGHTS?

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6 stars if she killed herself in Tokyo Dome.

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a transphobe AND a pedophile?
hope she never comes back

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Lmao, you /pol/ chuds are always saying this.
>Now people will be redpilled about blacks, muslims, women, etc.

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I have no skin in this argument, but I hope every troon hangs themselves. society would genuinely be better without you.

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Society would much rather see you chuds dead than trannies, sorry to break it to you

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>know several gay people who are productive members of society, relatively normal outside of liking dick
>know absolutely no troons that aren't a drain on themselves and everyone around them
Maybe TERF Island was on to something...

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"Chuds" actually have jobs and careers while troons are either unemployed or minimum wagies demanding the government fund the surgery for their smelly axe wounds.
Also as >>43547935 says, every troon is a drain on everyone around them and throws a shit fit over a videogame.
Yeah, it would genuinely be a financial and mental net benefit for society if troons all died.

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what sucks is that pikamee was one of the first major ENGLISH speaking vtubers outside of hololive, and she gets pushed out because of these assholes who don't watch her, and only care for some stupid wizard game that "kills" people that are vile.

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amerimutts never change. hope she goes back to full-japanese streaming. today english, the globohomo shit language, just limits your activities and creations. its like you can only speak chinese.

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Seethe and cope with those dreams in your basement, "chud". You haven't stepped outside in 10 years.

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Your parents will put your real name on your gravestone

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The communists must be exterminated for what they did to Pikamee, dayo!

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these "people" usually end up rotting in dumpsters

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I still don't understand why the Goywarts Legacy game is anti-troon because of a troon character. I thought they would celebrate their muh representation token instead of attacking their own
I keked at this

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it makes jk rowling money and shes the antitroon

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Hey even >>43549198 deserves a proper burial. Where else am I supposed to piss?

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She aite.

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oh ok that makes sense. I thought that was the reason because every article I saw about this game mentioned the trans character and nothing else about it

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based quads of truth

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Because leftists are the children of satan. They create nothing beautiful and they destroy everything good in their path.

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Pika would want her fans to be retards like her

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Bitch aint even really anti-troon. She just supports women shelters that don't accept troons as there's a precedent of troons raping women in shelters. Other than that very minor, technical aspect, Rowling is lefty as fuck - for example, for a theater adaptation about a decade ago, she had a hand in casting a nog as Hermione, and defended her choice loudly on twitter. Not to mention there's a troon in her game that is not treated as a troon, but as a woman, for normalization purposes.
But troons are high on estrogen, and thus their mental capacity is as low as a woman's. Of a schizophrenic woman. So if you only comply 99% with their delusion, they'll try to ruin your life and the life of those that support you even in the most tangential way, because that missing 1% of your support makes you literally a nazi.


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I already wanted her to come back before, but now I want it even more, just to spite you

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they're legally not allowed to if they change their name

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They get cremated and thrown in a dumpster. Deserved really.

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Well then spread the ashes at the Wizarding World at Universal

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You failed to protect her. You guys are at fault for just watching it happen

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She did say she felt like an outsider as a halfu due to her blonde hair and “colored” eyes

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how is she ESL in both languages

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She learned english from the best

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Trans community has made itself more hated and unsafe bullying streamers like kettle than anything Rowling has ever done.