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Alright own up, which one of you mad lads did this

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If ever met that sheep poster in real life I'd beat him to death and crush his nuts with a hammer

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did she end up read that?

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Please don't bully Towa.

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That's not very nice.
What would Watame say if she saw this?

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ill report that retard

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She would laugh and say that it is true

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He just tried buying towa by 10000 yen.

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Post timestamp

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why are sheep posters like this

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>blowing 90$ to "bully" someone
Is this what zoomer cyberbullying looks like?

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Yes. Youtube chat allows posting the word "whore".
Fucking retard.

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This is so badly shooped that I can't believe people are falling for it.

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every fucking time

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She won't sleep with you.

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he should kill himself

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I must consult with the counsel of watasheep because this is whorely based.

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I'm curious. Do they actually have a restriction and blocks your comment if you try using some profanity in chat? I don't know how YouTube's chat works

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it was all me, dont believe the sheeposters

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holo jp has deleted and banned dumb comments like this. hope all eop subhumans are purged.

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What stream is this

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Your laughing. Chuubas are having mental breakdowns from the bullying and you are laughing?

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aqua said it in her last stream. the management deals with vile and harassing comments.

theyve started to seriously work on it recently, i think. not to mention chinks were/are always banned in coco streams and probably in others as well.

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congrats, I'm retarded.

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Thank God it's a yen, if ever it's in our denomination, I'll fvckin find that sender, and give him/her more money to superchat

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After Aloe graduation and the EN influx management stopped taking anti shit and started taking the schizos to court for their shit.
>Shion in February personally took antis to court who were doxxing and harassing a girl they thought was Shion
>Delta revealed that a ton of her antis went to court around October
>Aqua has antis being taken to court right now

Honestly any time a talent takes a "break" I assume it is because Cover is hunting down antis and wants the talent to rest while they are taking care of the issue (something Aloe was supposed to do but that situation was complicated by her literally living with her biggest anti).

Honestly I'd be more worried for the antis since once it gets out who they are. It will get out they usually receive 10 times worse harassment. "It only takes one" as those schizos love to point out but it only takes 1 really fucking pissed gachikoi to ruin your life and you don't have the money to defend yourself like holo chuubas do. I'm getting really sick of these faggots anyway. All they do is spend all day trying to ruin someone's life who is just trying to entertain people and in the process ruin the fun for thousands of people.

Like fuck go touch some fucking grass and realize that what game a Chuuba is playing does not impact your life in any fucking way you schizo retards who deserve a bullet.

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pekora always reports harassers to holo management to guillotine them so anyway what i said is true.


"antis" except for chinks are rare in chat, if you arent an eop, you should know it. also most harassers are total anonymous cowards. not green text members.

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Yeah I was just elaborating on it and blowing off some steam at how frustrating the situation is.

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because they're based as fuck

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Are you illiterate? Can you understand what the request "Post timestamp" means?

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Watame would literally cry and have a breakdown if she found out her fans were harassing her coworker.

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Good thing they're not really her fans.

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Damn what I wanna be paid $100 to be called a whore

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imo personally i think every holo chat should be members only. i dont join any chat, only read them, often reports assholes, but to join a chat and comment in it, paying 5 dollars/500 yen a month is pretty fair business. anonymous cowards and schizo harassers just endlessly spawn as hololive gets bigger and more popular.

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You can get paid much more to be called a whore.

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that's being lowballed by quite a bit anon

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Do they have that option to block certain words in youtube chat? I think twitch has that feature so I don't know if youtube does too

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I believe so, a regular streamer I watch once mentioned that Youtube has flags you can set to filter certain words. I think. It's been a few months so maybe my memory is a little off.
Anyway, I believe it also applies to superchats. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, didn't the Haato/Coco situation cause management to add the Taiwan word to that system for everyone?

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So it’s not real (́_̀)

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>breaking containment
Absolute cringe, please end yourself whoever did this.

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why does the sweetest holo have the most toxic idiotic fans here

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thats the most pathetic thing ive seen all day

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Even when I know it's coming...

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>Watamates are chinks

Really makes you think.

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Post timestamp nigger faggot

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I wish Cover would do this outside of Japan so they could get rid of the anti-kiara schizos

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How is a japan corp supposed to bring americans to court? lol

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fuck you I got got

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By using their yakuza connections to kidnap antis and turn them into femboy sex slaves.

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yo wtf I'm an anti now?

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The watame smug face makes it 100 times better

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>watching Watame

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Is not that I don't believe you but sources on this
>Aqua has antis being taken to court right now
And this
>Shion in February personally took antis to court who were doxxing and harassing a girl they thought was Shion
Would be great to have

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I was afraid I was going to read 1000 dollars or euros.

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>open stream
>pay 1000 USD to call your oshi a whore

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Cry more KFP. Orange woman will forever be bad.

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If one autist managed to bring down one of the most influential anime studios ever, I have no doubt a random disgruntled chink or nip could eventually do the same for a major vtuber agency like Cover. Although I guess it's a little harder to bring down a company that mostly operates over the internet, but still

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They don't need to. Americans are, of course, the most civilized of the foreign hololive fanbase (and also most profitable). They need to instead use their yakuza connections to enforce strict punishments for antis in every part of SEA

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there is a manual filter that the holos can use, I recall my name on youtube was filtered in Cocos chat but not elsewhere

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what was your name

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>ruin someone's life who is just trying to entertain people
I know we're all against harassment and doxing but come on now, the purpose of professionally managed vtubers is not to entertain people but to make money.

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He's just making an assumption about Aqua's predicament but you can conclude that about Shion based on her roommate's tweet

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