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A thread for our lovely succubus Vei

Stream starting today at 11-12 EST, we're continuing with Conker's Bad Fur Day

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Her Conker streams are great. Does she do games like that often? I know she's famous for Apex, but god I hate watching it.

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>famous for apex
I mean she plays it but I would hardly call her "famous" for it... The most recent games she's streamed are Conker's, Apex, RE: Village, Terraria, The BInding of Isaac and Vampire: The Masquerade

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Did she play Conker's bad fur day before? I might check the stream out if she went in blind

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She's done two Conker's streams so far.

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Yeah but did she play the game before prior to streaming it?

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Nice, that's a good selection.
She was pretty shocked at how crude the game actually was, so my guess would be no.

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I don't think she did, she's gotten stuck quite a few times. That could just be the rhubarbation acting up though.

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Cool, thanks, I'll check the streams out then

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No, she didn't have a playstation at the time this game came out.

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Anon, Conker is an N64 game.

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I hope she turns it into a habit of streaming classic old games once in a while. It’s been pretty fun.

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Vshojo girls have been streaming a lot of classic games recently, Nyanners is planning to start a Bully playthrough and Froot did a Simpsons: Hit and Run stream a while ago

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She's live!

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She’s already talking about diarrhoea, just like how I like it

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Would be better if she was a loli succ.

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the 5g entities are here to kidnap vei

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I think she's streamed apex like three times
she mostly just does variety with a mix of recent popular games and old meme ones

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dumb rich zoomer doesn’t know what to do with her money lol

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she's put like $5k in skeb commissions, the donations are in good hands

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at least she's not blowing it away on drugs and partying
if I'd had as much money as her when I was 22 it would have all been gone by the time I turned 24

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>smoke weed every day
>"at least she's not blowing it away on drugs"

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weed is cheap and plentiful, a wise investment

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her dad buys the weed

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Old model > New model

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yes but the new 2d model has cute reactions

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Why are ppl watching this bitch, she's so boring. All she's good for is saying "sex uhh sex cum pussy sex" . If she's not doing even that...

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some may not know but she was pokelawls gf way back

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I doubt her family was actually rich from the beginning, but she definitely is.

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You know the stream is live right now, you don't have to make up what's it's like.

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grim fandango next apparently

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Does this zoomer slut give rimjobs 4 subs

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only bjs for her oil kings


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