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She's hinted at this before. And it was something she also inferred in her tweets while she was sick. While she seems hyper, happy and lively when she's streaming, she's very much an introvert and extremely withdrawn when she's not streaming or doing stuff for Hololive. Fat Cat mentioned it before that she doesn't really go outside unless it's to the gym or shopping for essentials and aside from Hololive, she doesn't really talk with people.

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okayu okayu...

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mogu mogu...

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>this will fool eops.

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Post proof Korone has any non-holo friends

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Ogayun isnt her friends, they are best fren

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Fat Cat doesn't correspond Korone's love. Korone always gushes for her while Fat Cat only goes like "oh yeah, whatever you say Korochan"

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Stop calling her fatto catto

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When you're 40's you might look back at your lives, see if you ever really have true friends? Where they gone to?

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it's just banter you lowlife autist

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Shut up Korone

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I still have the holos

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If its just banter how come she consistently acts so jealous in every single one of her collabs and streams non stop?

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Fat cat bros...

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Those Holos are not always going to be there, anon....

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At least she's a millionaire

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Do your reps faggot, shes not fat anymore

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wow she is literally me

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Well that's disappointing to hear

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As if there's any proof for that claim

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Lol, almost all the girls in hololive are hikkis

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Fat Cat probably tweeted "mogu mogu, I'm not fat anymore desu" while chugging on ramen

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There are some things money can't buy...

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Their misery drives their desire to be wanted by us
Our misery drives our desire to be wanted by them

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Only autistic or severely traumatized people can work for Cover, how else can someone withdraw themselves from the real world and pretend to be a character 24/7? Even real life actors take a break during a while, but those girls are their own imaginary character 365 days a year

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>it's a feature that uses your friends list
>oh but i don't have any friends

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Also, real actors have specific schedules, and require multiple takes to get their character right for even a few minutes, and have specialized psychological support, and STILL often talk about the difficulties with separating themselves from their characters.
I'm convinced that a holo that leans into it and likes it for over a year is irreparably fucked.

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Fat Cat has previously mentioned Fit Doog never goes outside other than the gym and the store. Newfag.

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I'd be very offended if I was okayu

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don't forget that holos sometimes have separate personal and work gaming accounts for opsec

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>I'm convinced that a holo that leans into it and likes it for over a year is irreparably fucked.
So basically all the generations prior to the current one are fucked

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Less than 1/4 of them do this

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Why is it such a priority for the ENs?

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Because they're posers

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Wow, how sad, shes just like me..
Better give her 100 dollar donations so she knows i'm there to support her :')

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Whatever lets you sleep at night

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who the fuck has a friend as an adult?

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Projecting hard aren't we?

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hi Marko, I prefer to shower Korone with my cum instead of love

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I'm pretty sure Gura doesn't have friends either

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No, i'm fine with EOP's getting fooled by your rrats

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It's actually the opposite, surprisingly https://youtu.be/EKS5mIbJSqs

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she hath

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I mean, the character they're playing is just a heightened version of themselves under a pseudonym and usually a pitch shift in their voice.
Nor is it a 24/7 act as a previous post stated, it's while they're streaming and some tweets a few days a week.

I'd compare it more to a comedian performing on stage, usually under a heightened, altered version of themselves for comedic effect, multiple nights a week at various comedy clubs.

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based and true

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don't doxx me bro.

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She has a son and an ex-husband. She HAS friends. Don't be retarded anon.

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this, friendship is a meme, just like santa claus or jesus

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Almost 30 already happened. One day you will figure out that 90 percent of your friends are in fact npc's. Why waste time on people who won't ride or die for you l

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>this, friendship is a meme, just like santa claus or jesus

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>Woman goes to doctor. Says she's depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says she feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says, 'Treatment is simple. A vtuber named Korone is doing a Dragon Quest stream tonight. Go watch her. That should pick you up.' Woman bursts into tears. Says, 'But doctor…I am Korone.'

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Nobody has mentioned the marriage/divorce for a while so I just forgot

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deep story

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this is why you should have kids
too bad that she lost the custody of her child though

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Covid do wreak their relationship , man
If it was covid , we might see Miko, Subaru or even Okayu frequency visited them in the time of need.

But with this isolation if they themselves didn't tell so the other woundn't even know what happened.

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>Where they gone to?

Hopefully dead. Everyone I grew up around sucked. I only knew 'friends' existed once I got online.

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she literally means her FRIENDS LIST for her vtuber playstation account is empty you baiting retard

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Because it's a retarded rrat.

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I have a theory that compliments yours: ever notice that holo's second outfits are almost always shit that looks straight out of japanese fashion magazines rather than something that supports their character's overall style or setting? That is because they think of their character as an extension of themselves more than a character they voice act.

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Because comedians are paragons of mental health. Many of them just play an exaggerated version of themselves while trying to be funny. Sound familiar?

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Wow dude, so your theory is that the avatar these people use to represent themselves on stream, that they may grow to see those avatars as projection of themselves, a kind of representation? I hope you did not hurt yourself thinking so deep.

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Not a great rebuttal.

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>Sound familiar?
Yes, because that's basically what I typed? My point was just that creating the narrative that these people are undergoing some kind of mental duress because they're constantly having to maintain the illusion of being a different person is a real stretch.
The mental defects you see in vtubers are probably gonna be on par with just about anyone that has a drive for fame in any capacity, I don't think the job requires anymore psychological abnormality than someone trying to be an actor or comedian or noted author or whatever.

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I wasn't trying to say your post was wrong, just remarkably shallow.

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But I put forth evidence.

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this tbdesu!

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Don't ignore the first point, many comedians are loons with tons of personal demons.

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that's her boyfriend

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>he lacks critical informtion

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thats me
im her boyfriend

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>be Korone's son
>go through your parents' divorce
>your father wins custody because your mother has no job, just streams on NND
>you learn that your mother is now grooming young women amongst her NND friends, turns out she's a lesbian and probably hated your conception
>your mom becomes a holo
>suddenly rich and internet famous
>releases an oppai mousepad & lewd bodypillow
>whenever you search for your mom's alter ego online, lewds everywhere
>your friends don't know
>they talk about lewding Korone
>talk about lewding your mom
>"Stop lewding my mom!"
>your friends stare at you
>"Korone's your mom?"
>"That's so hot!"
>"She's a total MILF!"
>"Wanna see my porn folder of her?"
>"Gonna superchatto her even harder!"
>"Wow! Jerking off to her and smearing my spunk all over her body pillow feels even hotter now!"
>run away and cry

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Would probably kill himself in a year or two after people finding out about his mom and ridiculed him for it.

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doesn't she have like 12 kids

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>Probably means no friends in her friendlist on her stream account
>Everybody thinks she means irl friends

Mogu Mogu begs to differ....

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No. She ate a couple of them.

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>2019+2 years
>fuckers STILL believe this entry-level bullshit

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I thought Subaru now basically lives with the cat?

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Love my divorced hag dog

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>tfw your name is Jay
feels good bros, i'm friends with my oshi, how does it feel to know that?

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>he still think it's fake
Do your reps anonchama

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Some of her 3D antics reveal a level of ability that is very rare for a fat person. Not proof, but maybe a piece of evidence that she lost weight.

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Yeah I expect no less from the newfag containment board.

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Thanks for ruining my weekend. Fat cat isn't fat... What's the world coming to?

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Fine. Catto Fatto it is.

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And yet she has Okayu.

No matter what you believe about the size of Mr Koro’s social circle, the clip in the OP is misleading and is actually only about her friends list.

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Now that's the life. I'm jealous of Korone's son.

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Who would want a deadbeat divorced bully that smokes, lives with her grandma to avoid paying rent and lost custody of her kid as a friend.

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We already knew

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