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Wouldn't it be just terrible if Hololive management saw this utterly disgusting yab from Veibae before her big collab with Kiara?

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Collab isn't happening anymore

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Yeah man not like people have been spamming it to their Twitter forever now and the collab has already been called off

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Veibae is a serial liar and her fans are terminally in denial

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>utterly disgusting
Speak for yourself faggot. I would gladly scarf down Vei's period diarrhea and pleasure myself to it. Unlike you fucks, I actually accept EVERYTHING from my oshi, especially their holy waste.

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Too late bro, already called off...although this video made me feel happy that it was...jesus fuck dude

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I like several Vshojo members but that's legitimately disgusting.

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fuck off retard

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Her "stories" always sound so fake.

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Vei and Kiara are going to compare their uterine linings on stream and there is literally nothing (You) can do about it

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My Vshojo ratings after a month of watching them.
They're alright: Melody, Mousey
They're okay, but I don't trust them: Nyanners, Froot
They're okay, but not interesting to watch: Silvervale, Hime, Zen
Actually dislike: Vei

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Too many details, Vei. At least leave some stuff out to keep us wondering…

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just read the archives instead of posting this shit for the millionth time, you dumb slug

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>Ny*nners, Froot
>not in bottom tier

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what the heal is froots appeal? just for artfags? I unironically cant think of one time she made me laugh or even think "ha ha" in my mind.

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NTR. Still hilarious that she cucked her fiance when he was in the military. Must have really pissed her off when it turned out he didn’t get shipped to iraq and die.

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that is pretty based actually, her streams are still boring but I like her more now that I know that. I love the abuse women do to the militarycucks

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You guys said Veibae was supposed to be one of the good ones?

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Why are women so outwardly gross like this? This is not incel cope, I'm being fucking serious here, they openly love to talk about their fucking periods and vomit and diareah and junk.

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Women aren't funny so they just imitate things they pick up on from men.

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Yeah, dudes never talk about boners or farts or anything like that.

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Not saying men never talk about that stuff but that is leagues less gross than talking about your blood diarrhea and yeast infections

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At least watch a full stream of hers, not just clips. She’s a cute tsundere and a very good entertainer.

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I watched her Demons Souls PS5 stream and I think I watched her reaction to the PCGamingShow at E3 like a year or two ago

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used to watch her since 2018 until like late 2020, she went from normal streams + ocassional dirty joke to a full fucking spergbait, anyone trying to defend her is a newfag

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>"Stop trying to ruin the collab"
>"I was talking about Cover, not the talents"
>Leaves out the part of the rant where she was bashing the "cringey roleplay"

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>somewhat tolerable
Froot, Silvervale, Melody
Nyanners, Zen
>complete garbage
Vei, Hime

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its a feminist thing. literally like the south park episode. im not even joking, my bitch sister who is a sjw feminist keeps making period jokes or similar things and being like "haha does it gross you out? all women have periods, sorry if biology that every women goes through monthly grosses you out sweaty x"

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Okay, that was legit disgusting. There's a certain line you shouldn't cross when you stream and this ain't it. She crossed another 100m after the line.

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Jesus fucking christ

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