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She spent three hundred US dollars for this.

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Lots of people spend $300 on this game

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That doesn't change the fact it's retarded to do so.

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Have you seen what other vtubers burn on gachashit? 300$ isn't even dolphin category among these girls.

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Goddamn I hate gachaniggers, I understand playing chink BOTW for free if you're a poorfag, but for that you could buy the real thing and a Switch lite to play it on

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first gacha?

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Only that?

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Gacha really draws in the superchats. It's a net benefit for them.

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I don't even understand what is going on. I just see generic anime characters on screen. I feel bad for Genshin players

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>Streamers get donations to roll more
>Paypigs get to spend money, but probably less than if they were rolling themselves.
Seems like a symbiotic relationship to be quite honest with you, fampai.

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Why are Nijisanjis so cucked by the Chinese? How the fuck does anyone outside of China justify watching this?

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>I don't even understand what is going on. I just see generic anime characters on screen.

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It's a fun game and I'd still be playing it if it wasn't yet another thing making me grind fucking dailies. Fuck that mechanic in the ASS.

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gachatards are a danger to themselves and society as a whole

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I'm referring to Genshin Impact, not the boring-ass fish, faggot

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Do Holobronies really?

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MiHoYo pays for her rolls, don't kid yourself otherwise.

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more like if it had actual content outside of minigame shit for literal children.

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Go cry in your dedicated subreddit holonigger

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nice bait manjisanji fag

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Does is fucking matter? She's a streamer, she makes that money back in 5 minutes

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Of course the fish has shit taste in games.

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The problem is more that she’s giving that money directly to China

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so? what difference, precisely, does it make that a vtuber whaled in a mobage?
if genshin's money went that directly to "china" you wouldn't have seen the whole "CN players of the dev's other game ragegasmed over a bunnysuit that wasn't on their server and one of them went looking to murder the company founders before committing suicide" thing. the bugs don't fight their masters, so if they went after a CN gamedev it means that dev isn't that tight with pooh.

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Holofags tremble in anger at the mere mention of genshin will always make me laugh

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Its actually a pretty good game

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This is nothing for gachafags.

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And all she got out of it was a temporary high from seeing her viewers skyrocket, and maybe a ton of dead subs who will never watch anything she does since neither her nor dragon coomer will ever touch this game again. They only did it for the temporary gacha number buff.

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Botw 2 soon

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>"I love consuming content spoonfed to me by the Chinese Communist Party, please give me more coronajizz in my mouth Daddy Xi"

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Chairman Xi thanks her for the generous tribute.

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Hololive members also do this shit with horse pussy and many other gacha games, why dont you complain too?

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Artia being the only hololive member ever playing this game is always crack me up

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I would knock her, but im probably going to spend that much on getting Klee to c6
She's at c0 plz don't laugh at my hope

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For me, its yaoyao

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The creation of Genshin Impact justifies everything that Mao and CCP ever did. Long live the PRC!

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they probably do it with other games but can no longer stream it, got knows how much money Suisei gives to anstua

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Why wouldn't she, people were throwing money at her so she would do it
also it's a good view boost

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it's so funny peoples on here talk shit about her play genshin, but probably some of them play game like azur lane or arknights, especially in the past lot of new holo viewer from AL player, i'm glad coco incident happen so holo finally free from CCP chain

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I've seen people blow 500$ of acasupas so I don't think a measly 300$ on a Gacha is mindblowing OP. You should see the Fifa whales.

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lol Genshin is superior to BotW in every way

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lmao the size of Holocope. Hololive was going to get exclusive permission to stream on launch day before reddit dragon yeet'd it.

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pretty much Hololive owns everything it has to chinks. Azure Lane collab made the relevant in Japan and chink clippers made them big overseas

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>he wasn't there when Fubuki, Gibara and Suisei blows more than 1k on idolm@ster.

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I bet you'd let a chink shit in your mouth and tell everyone it was tastier than any meal from a nice restaurant

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Her fault for choosing such a stingy gacha. Pick one that's more F2P friendly, like E7.

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>Hololive owns everything it has to chinks
might be true, but i'm glad YAGOO give middle finger to chink and choose coco instead of chink market, business with chink basically like make a contract with a devils

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he would have picked China if FBK didn't step up and threaten to leave

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no it was because of the number of assblasted redditors. they feared HoloEN might tank

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lol it's a free game and a decent one at that with 40 hrs of free content and new event every 2 weeks that you can all clear even with free units, chinks are bad but generalize everything about them and talk shit about things you don't know makes you about as hivemind as them bug people

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I have no problem with ppl dropping tons of money on gacha, but if they just started playing and don't even know what's going on it's repulsive

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Gachafags are the most embarrassing breed of human.

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This thread reeks like SEAniggers and zhangs.

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Speak for yourself, mutt.

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why are teamates like this?

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I've spent like $10 on this game so I can save my paypig orbs for Klee, it's the only gacha I've played. I had some fun exploring in the beginning but I can't understand whales. What do you need a C6 5* for? There's not much endgame content anyway.

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delusional faggot. Hololive would have not only played Genshin as a FOTM game like many members had planned but would still be doing Bilibili streams if it wasn't Coco

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Why do people play this game when it has some of the worst ads on youtube? I don't think I've ever hated a game more before even playing it when most of the ads I've seen for it is aimless character walking with terrible anime dub voice and some e-celeb like SSSniper Wolf telling me how lucky her gacha rolls were. It actively makes me prefer playing Apex.

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>not having adblock

>> No.4335590

>he sees ads

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Would you rather have coco stay or for cover to get genshin perms? I'd personally pick the latter seeing how many upcoming AAA games have ties to chinese companies

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It's hilarious that Mihoyo clearly hates being stuck in China, and Chinese people fucking hate Mihoyo.

>> No.4335688

>Mihoyo clearly hates being stuck in China
Cope holobronies. Cover's going to miss out on a lot of games because of jap mickey mouse

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>Mihoyo clearly hates being stuck in China
I don't blame them, being around people willing to kill you over some stupid shit.

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What does hololive have to do with Mihoyo and China?

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What I REALLY would have wanted was for MacArthur to go through with his plans for China.

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How can 1 (one) anon be this based?

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People trying to build a narrative about how chinese game devs hate china are holofans still salty that they're never going to get permission to play any game that involves china.

>> No.4335820

>watching ads

>> No.4335889

yeah I wonder how can game devs who loses money because censorship hates china.

>> No.4335899

>holo finally free from CCP chain
why do you say that? its pretty obvious a lot of their own personal earnings go into china games off stream

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lol why do you write like this lol

>> No.4335940

Have you read how they treat the China expy in Genshin? Massively greedy, hate filled narcissistic people, crippling bureaucracy that neglects anyone not in a position of power. The only nice people you find are in a remote mountain village that's dying off because the bureaucracy ignores them, ironically allowing them to not fester with corruption.
It's not even a veiled statement. It's practically a cry for help.

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yostar games ads much worse than genshit

>> No.4336174

would she suck you off for gacha money? I think yes

>> No.4336233

Yes and? Fubuki has had whale streams. And Suisei has done it before too.

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they play Uma now anon, nips have superiority complex, they would play their own games rather than chinkshit games

>> No.4336754

>There are people who actually believe they stop playing the chink games

>> No.4336828

>sparing the Holos from chinkshit three button spam game
Based orange woman.

>> No.4336988

>implying uma isnt the same shit


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learn new words chang

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War on Terror 9/11 Larry Silverstein Mikhail Gorbachev The Westington House Scandal Latin American Puppet Dictators Operation Condor Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein CIA Agents The Clinton Chronicles Waco Siege Kinder Egg Surprise The Clinton Blowjob Scandal Nixon Watergate Scandal The Fake Tibetan Protest of 2008 Staged Coup of Colombia Kandahar massacre War on Terror Patriot Act PRISM Edward Snowden The Guantanamo Bay Illegal Occupation CIA black sites Human Rights NSA mass surveillance Warrantless Wiretapping 4th Amendment violations Julian Assange whistle-blower manhunt Ecuadorian embassy refuge Corporate interests worker's rights healthcare rights free education Police militarization incarceration rate fake weapons of mass destruction Petrodollar warfare Israel "special" relationship ban on boycott Free Palestine USS Liberty attack by IDF Mossad cover up false anti-semitism accusations depleted uranium mutinions war crime ignoring the Geneva Convention Agent Orange My Lai Massacre Contras 1973 Chile coup CIA backing puppet dictators Illegal Occupation 1954 Guatemalan coup d'état United Fruit Company Cuban Missile Crisis and the Turkish Missile Crisis Bay of Pigs Iran Contra Operation Northwoods Area51 Saudi lobby American Cover-Up of Trials of Unit 731 Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse MKUltra Tuskegee syphilis experiment Suspension of Habeas Corpus Sedition Acts civil rights Martin Luther King murder Cointelpro Bombing of Libya Bombing of Yemen Bombing of Syria Intervention in Yugoslavia Philippine Genocide of 1900 Choctaw Trail of Tears Andrew Jackson illegal Overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii the Illegal Colonialism of American Samoa Guam and other Pacific Islands the Economic Embargo on Mexico haole invasion the rape of Okinawa Jarhead rapists migrant caravan ICE children in cages Russian puppet president
>Kinder surprise

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sorry chang, isnt the same. Americans dont get instantly banned and have their internet cut for seeing things associated with their tragedies. However you will have to go to reeducation camp, im not sorry you chink bug fucker

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interesting there's lot of zhang in this thread

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Single handedly saving all of Hololive from the AIDS-tier scam gacha, I kneel.

>> No.4339556

Based orange woman saving us from having to watch this boring ass game.

>> No.4339654

It's nice of you to still consider them human beings

>> No.4340275

Some of this shits are probably made into movies already.

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vtubers and gacha suffering is nothing new
ask pikamee


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He's not wrong.

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At least she got something out of it. 300$ in superchats gives you what exactly?

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very cute fish

>> No.4342282

It's unironically one of the most popular games in history. 3/4 of my normie friends who don't even watch anime play it.

Hololive would be playing it religiously just like Monster Hunter if not for the china bullshit.

>> No.4342314

but he is, chang

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As opposed to giving it to american companies so they can make more trash games with ugly women and politics?

At least Genshit has things like this.

>> No.4342354

Oh yes, let's watch more MC and Apex instead. So much better.

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Faggot if you really think this game is only liked by chinks you are fucking retarded.

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Did someone said APEX?

>> No.4342460

You realize Genshit is consistently one of the highest grossing apps in USA too right? If anything it's the game that opened USA to gachashit. Thankfully EU still seems rather resistant to gacha. People play it here a lot but not many whale.

>> No.4342488

She's the only apex streamer I can stomach.

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Why do Finana anti threads always derail so badly?

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Because faggots can only find retarded reasons to hate on cute lewd fish.

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Not many people watch the fish so it's harder to create narratives.

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I don't know why chinks still play this absolutely Jewish game like Lineage. It's not even a good game.

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Is this really true, Hololive cannot streaming Genshin because of Coco and Taiwan #1?

>> No.4342755

You mean Koreans. Koreans are addicted to grinding in video games.

>> No.4342774

Yes and Muse Dash too

>> No.4342784

Yes. Genshin, Arknights, Muse Dash and everything Chinese companies control. List will only keep growing.

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Yes Kiara, Lofi and Ollie have all talked about the game. Kiara being the one to confirm that they can't play.
Though since they banned saying "Kiryu Coco" in chat, I doubt cover would allow them to play even if they got permissions.

>> No.4342823

Imagine creating a franchise 50% bigger than fucking Pokemon out of nothing. And they started as 6 dudes making Evangelion fangames.

>> No.4342867

Mihoyo don't really give a fuck but if they allowed them to play they would get attacked by ultra nationalistic drones so it's not worth it. Same with Yostar. At least they still allow Ina to design characters for them.

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It's annoying because game is only growing. And from now on we will be seeing more and more big Chinese games they won't be allowed to play. Like that incoming Monkey King game.

Seriously if Cover didn't go full retard and punish Chama and Coco for big fucking nothing this retarded issue wouldn't even explode like it did. Idiots gave haters fuel and in a country of 1.5 billion people you will find a lot of haters.

>> No.4343096

Enjoy your censored chat faggot.

>> No.4343108

Are you implying burger games don't do the same thing?

>> No.4343227

How long until Tencent buys Minecraft and forces Holos to nuke their archives and servers?

>> No.4343311

>not waiting for Ayaka
This fish is so fucking retarded. I hate it.

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China has lost respect worldwide.

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File: 192 KB, 718x509, 1610235483584.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>in a country of 1.5 billion people
chinks aren't people

>> No.4343455 [DELETED] 

Meds, you're delusional if this shit is preventable

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>> No.4343542

I love Coco and hate the chinese pig heads. I plus I don't like gacha shit, anyways.

>> No.4343587

Ice mommy can crank serious numbers with C0, so long as you have her sword

>> No.4343696

True, but Ayaka will likely be cracked and I only have room for one more cryo in my party atm. I’ll probably run Ganyu as support once Ayaka comes out.

>> No.4343758

She wanted Eula badly but I agree, saving for Ayaka is better.

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Whenever gacha spending is discussed I think of something this fat fatso said once.


>> No.4344365

Speak for yourself, mutt.

>> No.4352642

good eula is so fucking hot

>> No.4353490

If anything the Genshit community should relate most to the hololive community with how fucked up the Chinese servers have acted. The Azur Lane community probably could too but that's a lot smaller.

>> No.4355786

seethe chang
it's the only thing you can do in the face of truth

>> No.4356574

I'm sure Cover will eventually go back to bilibili once things settle down.
Or maybe they won't, considering how rabid the antis there are. Coco still has spambots after all this time.

>> No.4356805

With the new restrictions bilibili is putting on vtubers it's questionable whether the ones currently on it will even stay or fuck off to one of the dozen other Chinese streaming services.

>> No.4356903

I noticed her art hashtag #桐生ココ still gets spammed too. Seems like the bots aren't leaving for a long while.

>> No.4362838

They barely even streamed there and flat out laid off their entire chinese branch. If they came back to Bilibili it'd get immediately burned to the ground

>> No.4363827

They literally never had any respect. Maybe from Europeans who haven't gotten their job market ass fucked by chinks for the past 30 years.

>> No.4364394

How much of china's GDP comes from fubuki

>> No.4364576

Yeah american games definitely don't censor anything, i love how i can freely criticize their holy cows like niggers and trannies and just get away with it!

>> No.4364623

Its really fun to see /v/tards seethe at gacha games they really cant fanthom people playing casual games everything must be
>haha i only play real games lol xD

>> No.4364631

the black saint graphs fubuki tweeted are the most disgusting thing i've ever seen her tweet and that includes the recent furry stuff

>> No.4364670

Ayaka's design is shit tho.

>> No.4364819

Are you seriously comparing voluntary self-censorship to state mandated, drag-you-and-your-family-into-the-street-at-three-in-the-morning-and-beat-you-to-death-if-you-refuse censorship? The cancel mob needs to tie themselves to a tree at the first available opportunity, but if you think there's any comparison between them and the CCP, then you're either phenomenally stupid or purposely misrepresenting things.

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>Mihoyo could hire the JP VA's to be their characters as Vtubers
>They would rake in money on a level not seen since HoloMyth's costume reveals
Give me Noelle, and ill give you my dosh

>> No.4364909

I've only spent $5/month on the game and I have gotten five 5 star characters and I have multiple 4 star characters at C6. The game is starting to feel boring now because it's too easy and Mihoyo refuses to release Inazuma because they want to milk the game as much as they can before they release it.

>> No.4364950

Shit I actually have six 5 star character I forgot about Childe.

>> No.4365030

Ah yes, "voluntary", it's not like app stores will blacklist you if you don't moderate your product to their standards or anything.
It's not like the jewish "free press" will slander your product 24/7.
It's not like payment processors and DDOS protection services will refuse to work with you.
It's not like the US government incentivizes diversity hires with the explicit intent of transforming corporate culture to be more leftist.
But hey, even if all of this wasn't happening, fact of the matter is that your game chats are still censored severely, whether it's the government doing it directly or just corporatist kikes is irrelevant.

>> No.4365629


both are horrible get lost in grassfield simulators and I will never understand why people like them so much, give some condensed yet good 5 ~ 8 games like metal gear rising any day over them.

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I got Eula for free

>> No.4370737

As a mobile game it is hella impressive. It may not be as complex as other games in it's genre but it is way ahead of what other mobile games have to offer.

>> No.4371211

I'm high as shit wtf does any of that mean.

>> No.4371321


Disagree but based post.

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Thinking back on it, that was probably one of the dozen factors as to why Kiara fell into last place in terms of subs. Even with a shit mic, annoying voice, and nonstop yuribait, she could've kept up if she at least had a buff game under her belt, since none of the other ENs showed that same level of interest in JRPGs.

>> No.4371976
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Liyue Lantern Festival
>everyone's working to build some big-ass float, no one actually celebrating anything
>the second the float gets launched, the event ends
>almost no story characters from Liyue show up (no Zhongli, no Xiangling, no Beidou, etc.), just literal-who NPCs
>only guy who does is the edgy manlet getting shilled on the banner, who you take out on a fake date, and he never even actually goes into Liyue by the end
>nothing but chores and an okay tower defense minigame to do
Mondstadt Windblume Festival
>everyone's relaxing and not taking things too seriously
>tons of Mondstadt characters show up (Benny, Kaeya, Barbara, and more), and the shilled banner character is an established character that has a prominent role in the event
>3 main minigames + a fall guys-style dungeon with even more minigames in it, showing off how people are actually having fun instead of just working
It's honestly amazing how poorly not-China is portrayed in this game. Hell, the god of not-China was a warmonger who has multiple quests dealing with old gods trying to get revenge on him, and was literally willing to let his city get flooded by one of those old gods just because he was tired of protecting his people and wanted to retire. Liyuans are fucking psychopaths.

>> No.4372081
File: 1.49 MB, 1920x1080, 1611457455432.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They did it once with Barbs and not nearly enough imo

>> No.4372234

Thats cringe as fuck, its exactly what a good vtuber isn't. Completely fake.

>> No.4372301
File: 669 KB, 833x1000, 1614333529177.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>its exactly what a good vtuber isn't. Completely fake.

>> No.4372521

I know what I said and I said what I meant. Good vtubers aren't just reading off a script or acting in a strict role, they put a lot of themselves into their character and thats what so many people latch on to.

>> No.4372592
File: 206 KB, 2883x1620, Kizuna-AI-cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And yet dai-dai-senpai of all V-tubers was exactly that: reading off a script and acting. If all you want from Vtuber is for them to "be themselves", then what's even the point of the anime avatar?

>> No.4372772

(you) didn't even try

>> No.4373262

Yeah and where is she now? A pile of dead subs and the viewership of mid tier niji. She even tried to turn it around and now does live streams but its too late for her.

>> No.4373364

v-tubers make that back in 10 minutes

>> No.4373470

I wish Kiara got to stream Genshin.

>> No.4377277

hehehe amogus hehe penis

>> No.4377288


>> No.4377301

Who is this? Is it from that game?

>> No.4383033

different strokes for different folks anon

>> No.4383223


Streamers spending hundreds of dollars on a shitty game makes sense to me since for them it's just a business expense.

But it's inexcusable for any non-streamer to do the same.

>> No.4383459

Both of the games are very similar on the surface, but they're not really the same at all. Genshin is really just an action RPG with combat at its core.

>> No.4383512

Who the fuck uses the chat?

>> No.4383628

hell yeah, getting rich off of chinks and cutting them off when you don't need them anymore is absolutely based

>> No.4383727 [DELETED] 

Here's what you do
You get yourself a cracked copy of Adobe InDesign.
You go to the internet and get a template for InDesign that you like.
You make a few fake magazine pages about the game you want.
You contact the developers claiming to be a small gaming publication (eg. a University's gaming magazine) and sending the fake pages as proof.
Enjoy your press account.

>> No.4385142

So irrelevant she can't even get antis...how sad

>> No.4387855

t. retard

>> No.4387985

>But it's inexcusable for any non-streamer to do the same.
Why the fuck do you care what someone else does with their money?
I spend 5$ per month and I'm good enough. if someone else feels the need to spend 200$ per month then sure, no problem, I may think it's weird but it's their decision, at least they keep funding the game for other players.

>> No.4388184

Keep in mind most players play on PC since this game is crap on mobile. And this 1B $ is from mobile only. It reality it probably made like 3. This is unironically biggest video game launch in history. 2077 had the chance to beat it but fucked up.

>> No.4388258

I spent 0$ and have five 5*. Also haven't played in two months.

>> No.4388272

Thats rookies numbers, you are screeching like a poorfag where three hundred is a lot of money

>> No.4388500

Mihoyo are ultra weebs they really don't give a fuck about chink nationalism. The problem is some of their players would raise a shitstorm if they ignored it completely so they pretend to care. Chink god being complete trash on release and only getting buffed after months of tears was hilarious.

>> No.4388944

>thread about Genshin Impact and a Nijisanji streamer
>Zhang briagde out cope posting over Hololive in full force
Go figure

>> No.4388981

Why? It is fun.

>> No.4389092
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Looks like the art of Rustle and his Little Girl series.

>> No.4391797

>shitting on this gacha-clueless fish for spending that much
>Not realising she was egged on by the gachadragon who spent $150 on a fresh account while constantly going on about having another account already
She's naive and got pushed to keep rolling by both fans and peers.