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Get a life losers! You're all a bunch of right wingers pedos!

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Pink cunt will NEVER win against blue autistic

>> No.4299279

Gura lite

>> No.4299312

All of this is true except I like really oversized fake looking tits on lolis. And I'll never get a life you filthy pink cat hypocrite.

>> No.4299317

Blue autist has a much better opportunity - doesn't have to pander so heavily to coomers and edgelords just by virtue of being Holo and not VShojo

Gura's mental health has only improved

>> No.4299320

But Nyanners, you are one yourself

>> No.4299325

I'm not right wing

>> No.4299327

Make me!

>> No.4299368

Both of them exist long before vtuber blow up , and pink cunt still lag behind HER

>> No.4299386


you soon will be. if you dont drink bidens cum you will be branded one.

>> No.4299398

Going back through their old content, Nyanner's is good, but it isn't quite as inspired as Gura's

>> No.4299412

but anon biden is right wing

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>> No.4299467

As someone said, Gura always suffered from success. Why else do you think the Ok boomer song became a thing?

>> No.4299482

but I'm left...

>> No.4299503

He's a neo-liberal which means right wing on militarism and big business but "progressive" on economic and social policy. Literally the most subversive and destructive political persuasion there is. You don't even recognize an actual right winger.

>> No.4299557

he's right wing in the only thing that matters , not implementing any progressive policies that actually take money and effort.
Only retards care about people fucking whatever sex or taking hormones or using nice words instead of being autistic.
That trumptards are extra retarded doesn't make biden not right wing.

>> No.4299612

>not implementing any progressive policies that actually take money
He just set a 6 trillion dollar budget, anon.
Just because biden didn't turn the US into your communist utopia overnight doesn't make him right wing.

>> No.4299684

don't argue with communists, to them if you're right of their position you're right wing.

>> No.4299695

Yes and?

>> No.4299710

It's the first time I hear someone's calling Gura an autist

>> No.4299739

>muh Biden is left/right
He's a shabbos goy, faggots.
Everything he does and will do is for the benefit of Israel at the expense of burgers.
The same goes for Trump, but since he isn't a farm-bred golem, they aren't willing tot trust him.
US politics isn't rocket science.

>> No.4299741

Right wing by my country's standard for sure. Americans would call me a commie though.

>> No.4299780

Derpy low functioning retard sort of autist

>> No.4299809

Silly-billy, you need both wings to fly. No wonder humans are still grounded!

>> No.4299866

The election tourists fear the cat

>> No.4299899

>everyone arguing about being right wing
>no one arguing about being called a pedo
Never change /vt/.

>> No.4299903

I can't be the one only one who see nyanners like this, right? Its irked me ever since I first saw her design before I knew who it even belonged it. It just looks like her hair is fucking floating there and her forehead is disgustingly big.

>> No.4299945

Atleast someone gets it

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Our daddy taught us not to be ashamed of our foreheads. Especially since they're such good size and all.

>> No.4300012

nigga got a 5 head

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