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All of our lovely HoloEN girls are now at 1,000,000 subscribers.

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i see that your hate for that particular hen is flowing through you

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where’s my chimken?

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Where's our Tenchou?

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You actually have to hit 1m to be included

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If Kiara isn't lovely, what is she?

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Perhaps you should take those meds, anonchama.

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It was all a dream, anon.

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One of my Girls still falling behind. But she will get there soon.

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That’s mean op

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On stream being cute as usual. Go watch her.

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Wow, I can't believe they all finally managed to get to a million, really happy everyone made it and is accounted for here

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but he said

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I'm not a Kiara fag, I don't even remember the last time I've watched her, but you people are acting as if she had 500.000 subs. She's less than 7.000 subs away from hitting the goal, I wouldn't call it a defeat

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sssh, using brain is not allowed on this board

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rent free

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Living in the heads of many

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>actually making wojak OC that will be obsolete in two days
i've never been more disgusted

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Living rent free on her antis brains.

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Calli and Ame can piss off but I am happy for Gura and Ina.
Hope Gen2 will not have so much cancer.

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She said she was going to play WoW.

So of course Assmongol is gonna do a reaction video "ANIME GIRL PLAYING WARCRAFT?"

looking forward to the chat growing into more of a cesspool

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Who could have possibly seen a post like this coming?

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Strong, independent, and career-oriented CEO.

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She will reach 1 million subscriber soon, thanks to her pathetic begging stream, don't worry. This is a thread for the members who managed to reach it naturally.

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Kiara antis are pathetic feggots

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missed one, retard.

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Kiara fans are pathetic feggots

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Kiaras are pathetic feggots

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Notice how no one is taking your bait, notice it and change the way you post. Absolute retard

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Road to 1 Million!

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good luck on getting there Kiara! I hope your Sunday marathon doesn't have to last 12 hours to catch up to Ina, it would be a shame to lose your lovely voice tee hee
this post wasn't paid for in any way shape or form

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They deserve it. Love these girls!

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annoying orange mixed with robot chicken and hitler.

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go chicken go

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Very lovely

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That’s got to hurt being last to 1mil

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Crazy yet fuckable

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>Notice how no one is taking your bait, notice it and change the way you post. Absolute retard

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The joke was that she's not lovely, anon. OP is either a Kiara anti or aimless shitposter.

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Tell that to the JP branch, they have members who've been at it for far longer and aren't even close to that milestone yet.

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Calli did the exact same thing.

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This bait is too obvious, but it did manage to get one response so have another (You) for free.

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i kill you scum

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Aimless shitposter. I don't even watch holoen.

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It probably hurts a bit, but she'll reach 1M either tomorrow or on Sunday, so I don't think Kiara really minds too much. I mean, it could always be worse.

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Thats just unfair to have to compete against.

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I'm going to be happy when Kiara hits 1m so this place can get some different material to work with

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worst Hololive

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I don't understand how is Flare so low in numbers, she's great. By far more entertaining than Noel at least.

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>still seething at Mori
She is the most seiso out of ENs.

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I don't understand appeal of Pekora, especially over Marine.

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My wife

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I can respect that.

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Because she doesn't have a gimmick, and restrains herself to avoid creating drama. Also, she filtered EOPs during the boom. Her video watch numbers and SCs are great though. I'm surprised YT doesn't try to force her numbers up due to the SC count.

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Best comedian in Hololive by far. Arguably the Holo with the most personality besides Coco and Miko.

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she's just extremely entertaining

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she is cute and funny

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You are not erasing Kiara from Hololive no matter how much you hate her

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Really? Seems pretty low effort to me. I know zoomers like to overrate everything, but I've seen more creative threads

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