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Kiara fucking sucks. Post why Kiara ruins Hololive here.

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I just really really hate her voice.

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For me it's not her voice, it's her personality. How entitled she is. How narcissistic and self entitled she is. She doesn't give a fuck about anyone else. Shes your typical normalfag woman who thinks her shit smells like roses and will whine and complain whenever shes not getting the attention she deserves. A complete and utter cunt.

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Uh oh the tranny jannies who have their noses permanently affixed to Kiaras asshole won't like this.

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Imagine the smell

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She's leeching off of her senpai's anniversery and KFP niggers will screech at you about how it's "ok because she's done it before".

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KFP are subhuman tumblrites who ship takamori so don't worry about what those mongloids think. They lack the divine spark that makes a human conscious, they might as well be carpet lice for all the thought they put into their lives.

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takes your meds schitzo

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I turned on her after the 5th time she threw other holos (including senpais) under the bus for being late or missing schedules.
she always takes those chances to say "Oh I'm never late!! uwuu"
what a massive cunt

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Schizo thread?

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gay liberal a-whore with newfag brain

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She overslept for one of her streams, copped massive shit because of it since she had that attitude and then cried about it. Chicken really has no redeeming qualities at all

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She's very annoying like some annoying loud girl in your class or workplace, but I don't hate her, she brings energy into holoEN at least.

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Kiara haters spend a day without shitting yourselves challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

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If you like Kiara then you shouldn't be shaming people for shitting their pants

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How could 1 person ruin a huge company with a roster of 30+ people? Just don't watch her, and it'd be like she doesn't exist. That's how I cope with Mori

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This is like, the 3rd or 4th Kiara hate thread.
They are more obsessed than the bugs, is it the orange hair that attracts schitzos?

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>Just don't watch her, and it'd be like she doesn't exist
Everytime you watch someone visit Pekoland you need to see that ugly as fuck KFP building. Apart from that Kiara is extremely thirsty for numbers so she injects herself into any collab she can.

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why are kfp like this?

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It's their only way to cope. Give them that, otherwise they have nothing.

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just close your eyes and ears bro it's that simple. clear the hate from your life and relax your ass and you will live better.

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Uoooooh that's too hard I absolutely have to obsess and micro analyze everything this orange anime girl on the internet says and does so I can get unreasonably angry and build up a pretend villain in my head aughghghghaaaa

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It's the reverse. Most normal people recognize Kiara has an extremely bad personality simply by observing her behavior. KFP need to try and micro analyze to defend her

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i like kiara and the schizos need to kill themselves

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by not having sex with me right now

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It's good to know cancer chicken secretly despises you

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I don't actually hate her, I just like messing with KFPniggers while she's live

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You fags just can't stop thinking about her.

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Why are you like this?

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Does anyone other than KFP know or care about this? Can someone spoonfeed me the source of this, please?

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KFP comes up with a new boogeyman every few weeks to cope with the fact nobody likes their cunt of an oshi. There was a whole arc where they claimed anyone criticizing Kiara was a SEAnigger for a few months

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Based bird hater.

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Speaking of monkeys, I think Kiara might trigger a similar response in people's brain to them. Have you ever been recommended those videos of baby monkeys with those ESL titles on YouTube? Stuff like "ugly monkey baby get beat on by mother" for example. There's this huge industry on YouTube with people abusing these baby monkeys or filming situations of them being abused and sadists in the comments getting off to them. If you read these comments, they are very much identical to the comments a typical anti on this board has towards Kiara. Much like one can easily come to the conclusion that people that enjoy seeing innocent baby animals hurt are not right in the head, the same can be said about Kiara antis. Where a normal person sees, a cute face, a youthful appearance, something weak to be protected - the mentally ill sees a threat that needs to be stomped out. Interestingly, a main theory in regard to the brain of baby monkey abusers is that these third world types see monkeys as akin to rats or other pests due to their surroundings. It is not a coincidence that SEAniggers make up a huge percentage of Kiara antis.
tl;dr Kiara antis share a psyche with baby monkey abusers.

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So how does it feel knowing the one you hate is about to hit 1 Million Subscribers? More popular than a lot of hololive? She's gonna reach a major milestone, everyone else is gonna be happy, and you will eternally have to cope with that fact. Kek I hope you're ready.

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Kiara is universally hated in Hololive. There's a reason Pekora hasn't touched her with a 10ft pole after their sole collab.

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>Universally hated
I'm sure you have some evidence for me then right?

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>Geez that Jane is a bitch. Nobody likes her
>Where's your evidence, I'm going to need some citations for that
And that's how anon found out he's an autist who everyone hates

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>word word word word
didn't read, KFP can't meme, saged and hidden, also built for bee bee sea

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All me

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You said she is universally hated. I asked for sources. A few dozen retards on a 4chan board doesn't count as universally hated. If you can't provide sources for your claim, then you're just acting out of anger and saying nothing of real substance. I hope that one day you can find calmness. Then I'll respect you.

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She likes scat fetish and awkwardly keep pusing her poop jokes, which is so disgusting. I dont know why hololive still keep this kind of endangered person near other hololive members.

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why are peacucks like this?
stop stalking me, weirdo

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I feel called out because i ended up on those videos. It showed both how disgusting the seachimp videomakers are but also how savage apes treat their own kin. I dont like tiny monkeys (i do love orangutans) the tiny ones make me angry because of their stupid and savage behavior. After watching a couple videos i felt sick though. Also not a Kiara anti though i do want her to join Vshojo instead of Holo.

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Shaknado is universally considered a shit movie
>Uhhhh ackchually do you have a source that says everyone thinks Sharknado is a shit movie? If you can't give me a peer reviewed article then I'll have to disagree
Fuck off you absolute pseud. Read the Enneads 5 times and then maybe, just MAYBE you'll be able to match my intellect. But it's doubtful.

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>bee bee SEA
fixed it for you anon

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reminder that kfp is below holobronies

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Kiara openly hates her own fanbase and it's hilarious

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AH a troll all along. Continue on as you were sir, I do respect some good trolling. Although you kinda gave it away at the end. Even for trolls "maybe you'll be able to match my intellect" is too much, it makes it too obvious. Pretty solid though overall, keep it up.

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Kiara antis

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the samefagger woke up

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the absolute state of KFPhaggot

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Kiara did nothing wrong.

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Kiara did everything wrong

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why would anyone need to wear a condom for anal sex?

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fuck takamori as a KFP
are you stupid

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>fuck takamori as a KFP
Don't pretend you're better than them you fucking faggot. We all know what Kiaras fans are.

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She is the only EN that isn't awkward as fuck during collabs, she can roll with punches and can read the mood so by default she is the best EN.

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Are you talking about Mori?

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Kek 4 of those are the same person, and looks to be 10-15 other people who support lesbianism or whatever. Do I dare ask if that's a proportional sample of Kiaras fans in THIS thread? Seems like a moment happened on stream to bring out the lesbian minority. Do we judge a million fans based off of this?

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and im supposed to care bout some dike woke and trannys faggots hell trannys are met for sex there living sex dolls

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That must mean that coco fans are all bots and chinks.

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egg pride worldwide

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/vt/ niggerchinks can’t relate to her because she’s the only ENtuber that isn’t a malformed social failure. Sperg no like non sperg.

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this is trolling/off-topic
go back to >>>/qa/

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Retardchama, the best way to deal with an attention whore is to ignore them. Making these threads is doing the opposite.

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But I thought only SEANigs can be Kiara antis??? KFP????????

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Kiara stop self-hating please, I like you

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SEA is a subset of egg

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