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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber unit, LazuLight!

Niji EN
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-JSeFfovhNsEhftt1WHMvg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nijisanji_world

Pomu Rainpuff
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP4nMSTdwU1KqYWu3UH5DHQ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PomuRainpuff

Elira Pendora
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIeSUTOTkF9Hs7q3SGcO-Ow
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EliraPendora

Finana Ryugu
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu-J8uIXuLZh16gG-cT1naw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinanaRyugu

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:

Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
you only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>4279644

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Let’s go to the place where our happiness won’t fade away

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Unity LOVE!

Keep it up based anon

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I think someone from AnyColor has been hired to make these threads.

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all-mamono generation

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>correct link, title, and not made early

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Fuck I forgot the Subject. Gomen

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I can't believe we have someone to do it for money instead of for free

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I wish Virtual Strike could've been some crazy ambitious song that had all the branches on one track, instead of specific versions, but it's easy for me to wish that as a non-musician

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>no subject
Nope. The streak continues.

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You'll make the thread correctly eventually, Finana!

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Well, probably people are not used to putting these threads back up, so it will improve over time. It doesn't help that you can't delete threads in boards like this. At least these threads are gone in half a day, unlike something like /vg/ where they could last over a month.

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Watching nijiEN has brought older nijisanji streams back to my YT recs, and though I know it'll only be a portion of the new fans who will do so, it did make me happy thinking of new fans checking out the stuff that all the nijis have put out before.

Watch some covers/dances if you want to, you do not need to understand Japanese to enjoy
I will not apologize for loving Mito.

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all-maimoto generation

>> No.4288774

I love that last mito song a lot

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This is a unity-thread so I welcome your attempts to promote the other branches Mitofag. So long as it's during dead hours and doesn't interfere with the NijiEN girl's streams.

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i will throat swab pomu

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my favorites:

i always enjoy nui in a spooky game

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I will repopulate Japan with Pomu

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Fuck off Globalfags. We don't need Nijisanji JP discussion in the Nijisanji EN thread. People like you who force Japanese shit on people who are only interested in EN vtubers is why the "you will never be Japanese" copypasta will always be relevant. Fuck off back to /jp/.

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Tap the sign anon

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I think they're going to sell it as an album so that the smaller branches can make profit from the JP, Chinese and English audiences.

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Can some schizo post this on elira channel. I've been trying to do it but the comment for some reason don't appear on the channel:

Elira, you really should be wary of this Nijisenpai. This guy is a big donator but he has a huge and creepy obsession with you even if it's less than a month. He thinks you can be his friend/girlfriend, while trying to discover your life with doxxing. This is very disturbing as a female viewer and I think you should at least know what you are dealing with.

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Remember the thread rules and don't give it attention.

So Mahjong Soul does rank your stats based on just AI interaction in friendly mode, which is nice. I still don't know what I'm doing but for some reason I feel like I'd have an easier time getting humiliated in front of 1000 people than playing badly in a room against 3 other novice ranked players. have to decide whether I want to try to get into Elira's game or not.

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Fuck off. This is a Nijisanji thread, all branches are welcome here.

>> No.4288936

You should be sending this to Nijisanji or dming it privately to her over Twitter instead of posting it publicly on her channel.

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I'm not sure a fairy can handle that many children anon.

>> No.4288960

Was going to suggest marshmallow, but Elira's is closed at the moment. Maybe try Pomu? Not sure what would happen to the full links though, maybe they can be reduced.

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you can report it directly on the ichikara website if you feel like it's warranted. the guy is incredibly creepy though, and is one bad day from going postal.

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No, this is very specifically the Nijisanji EN thread. The Nijisanji thread for all branch discussion is here:
There is a reason these two threads are separate. Do you know why that is? It's because the majority of people posting here are not interested in non-EN Nijis and do not want it forced upon them. Just look at the fag yesterday who tried forcing people to watch the JPs. Holofags like you who want every thread to be like Global should be hanged.

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She is the strongest fairy though, and we'll only have sex in her 9cm form to make it easier for my big seed to reach her womb.

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I think he has a right to be a creep like many e-thot top donators out there. So far he hasn't crossed the line yet. Elira is probably wary about him since the past few cringe donation messages.

>> No.4289011

Don't respond to him. He is well known NijiAnti who coined the term Nijinigger and Manjisanji.

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Keep projecting, Holofag. Not wanting these threads to be turned into the cancer that is /hlg/ does not make me an anti in any way, shape or form.

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>the majority of people posting here are not interested in non-EN Nijis
It's literally only you man. I want more niji stuff to consume during dead hours and they're all interwind. Amamya was brought up the last thread because Elira reminded people to watch her 3D debut.

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Who said (You) were in charge? The majority here is fine with it so fuck off mate

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I don't think donating large sums of money gives you the right to stalk someone, in fact that just makes it more worrying as they probably think they're owed something in return.
He's also actively attempting to doxx the girls and that's something ichikara definitely wouldn't appreciate if they found out.

>> No.4289082

>It's literally only you man
That's why so many people here are discussing the 7 Nijis currently streaming, right? Please. And yes, Amamya was allowed to be discussed because Elira, an EN brought her up first. Had she not been brought up she would still be off topic, like every other JP is here.

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post the real one

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I don't know what this Miitopia game is but Nui's tits and voice make me wanna jack off.

>> No.4289115

Whoops, better screenshot here. Thinking about trying Mahjong soul since Elira wants to run it, and it ranks you in friendly AI matches which is pretty amusing. If anyone wants to try to pick it up you can learn it in a basic level in less than a week pretty easy. It's just a matching game at low levels.

I think the bigger problem that one guy with too much time on his hands is that the information he comes up with might end up in public, THEN get into the hands of someone that might do some harm. I think giving Ichikara the information and leaving it up to them to deal with is the right call. The last thing we want is for that guy to get pissed in public and decide he is going to distribute whatever doxx material he has come up with. Even if it isn't accurate, innocent people could still get harmed.

>> No.4289118

>The majority here is fine with it
If everyone's fine with it, why did every proposal to turn these threads into a "Nijisanji Global" or "Nijisanji World" fail? Face it, people are not interested in streams outside of NijiEN here, and there is nothing wrong with that, and there is no reason to force the JPs onto unwitting people.

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It's very smart for Elira to start her JP stream right after Amamiya's 3D stream. Wonder if she'll get more viewers than usual.

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Reminder not to respond to the same schizo that has been trying to shit up these threads for almost a week now.

>> No.4289164

Thanks for making me check it out.

I remember when HoloEN debuted and she talked about it, and tried to flex her english skills. And months later released this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNpjIOwMwzo

>> No.4289174

no. the real one

>> No.4289200

This is cute, thanks for sharing anon. I hope she collabs with the EN girls at some point. Especially the thought of her and Fina interacting seems hilarious.

>> No.4289212

Chaika is the princess in Nui's game, lol.

>> No.4289222

I hope that the first song cover that Pomu puts out has two versions: a normal cover version, and a version that includes her mixing

>> No.4289223

The majority is at least indifferent to it, and especially for the chuubas that speak english it's great for them to get more exposures. Unfortunately it seems as if the trolls that have been attacking some other threads like the vshojo one are looking for fresh blood, so overnight NA hours this is probably going to turn into a toxic shithole. So it's possible it might be more worth it to cross link to the JP thread for stuff they are discussing, which would interest people that are interested in the link but leave the shitposting here.

>> No.4289232

pls report it

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>> No.4289244

there it is. thank you

>> No.4289247

Talk for yourself. I'm a holofag who only got into niji due to niji en and I'm fine with anons recommending good vtubers to watch in dead hours.

>> No.4289257

Sorry anon, she can't actually hold a conversation in English. You've been deceived...

>> No.4289258

Don't care, will post my sex friend Sara during dead hours

>> No.4289263

Breast Hair Mountain Love!
Nui is streaming miitopia
Hayama is streaming mega man 4 check em out!

>> No.4289272

Yeah, I’m thinking based

>> No.4289273

I know that, the NijiEN girls can hold conversations in Japanese though.

>> No.4289278

I already did tbf, but I was trying to make it also on where everyone could see.

>> No.4289284

Then feel free to discuss Japanese Nijisanji livers in their respective thread, not here.

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>> No.4289299

Aiba Uiha cute!


>> No.4289307

Not to be downer, but what could AnyColor possibly do? It's not like blocking him on youtube chat would do a whole lot

>> No.4289317

Fuck off. Stop trying to turn this thread into /hlgg/.

>> No.4289324

They can get his Youtube and Twitter accounts banned for doxxing.

>> No.4289331

Hayama's game endurance levels are so crazy it makes me envy her.

I'm not sure how the biology or reproduction cycle of a fairy is different than a human, but even if you shot the equivalent of milk jugs or swimming pools worth of semen in her it'd be a while before you and your descendents could churn out the equivalent of Japan's 126 million people.

>> No.4289340


>> No.4289343

Maybe just have the girls ignore any messages he puts in chat, and downplay any messages he sends via donos. Maybe if they don't give him much attention, his interest will begin to die off.

...but then again, this is a crazy schizo we're talking about here.

>> No.4289346

how this bitch can be so hot

>> No.4289363

Maybe fairies lay eggs and you can spend all day making more while waiting for them to hatch. Someone should ask her for her upcoming maro stream.

>> No.4289365


>> No.4289382

Kill yourselves. None of you even watch her, you just want to be contrarian and talk about anything but Nijisanji EN in the Nijisanji EN thread.

>> No.4289394

I guarantee you this dipshit is one of the fags who was trying to turn this into nijisanji global in the first place being extremely salty that no one agreed with him and thus trying to ruin any discussion about other livers out of spite

>> No.4289396

Don't forget to report the tribalfag shitting up the threads yet again.

>> No.4289424

Who to believe?

>> No.4289432

Believe in Pomu!

>> No.4289435

>she's following my nsfw art account
Truly the most powerful Blues.

>> No.4289443

I watch Hoshikawa since the beginning of 2020, faggot

>> No.4289459

You're literally defending this thread being treated like "Nijisanji Global" right now. Don't try to pin your anger that nobody wants to follow your shitty /hlgg/'s excuse for thread culture on me.

>> No.4289476

Don't mind me just dropping off a Lulu

>> No.4289492


>> No.4289502

I know him in the niji discord, guy's a massive newfag ignorant about niji as a whole despite others answering his question and is pretty laser-focused schizo on Elira.

>> No.4289509

it's not being treated like nijsanji global, it's being treated like a place where it's all cool to talk about whatever in the off hours where all the streams are dead

>> No.4289512

Very cute
I've noticed the way Lulu talks is very strange and it's hard to pinpoint why. Is she a JSL or something?

>> No.4289522

believe in going to bed when shitposting hours start

>> No.4289527

would you deny pomu her dream of spreading nijisanji love globally, that's not very cool of you anon

>> No.4289530

Lying faggot.
Kill yourself.
>it's not being treated like nijsanji global, it's just being treated like nijisanji global
End your life.

>> No.4289531

This is an edit, right?

>> No.4289548

Fill in the blank!
The Hemlok Rock, I want a ____!

>> No.4289555

Hayama is observant...


Reminder she is streaming Mega Man 4


>> No.4289556


>> No.4289563

No, but I'd deny her dream of posting off topic shit in a thread like (you).

>> No.4289579

sock, it's chilly tonight

>> No.4289584


>> No.4289605

Marin saw Nui hanging out with Ange and got jealous.

>> No.4289615

wish to puff pomu's womb with my big seed

>> No.4289637

I know him from there and other discords.

>> No.4289641

stay eternally mad

>> No.4289645


>> No.4289650

Slit your wrists.

>> No.4289659

I believe in Pomu!

>> No.4289673


>> No.4289709

As long as you continue to post off topic bullshit I will continue to call you out for it.
Go back.

>> No.4289720

Hana is EN gen 0 it is fine

>> No.4289724

My biggest regret from NijiEN likely never getting 3D models is that Finana will never be put in her place like this by an employee in a fish dad costume.

>> No.4289740


>> No.4289752

Hana is precious

>> No.4289756

Lulu's expressions are so great...


>> No.4289785

Hana would be allowed if you were discussing her under the basis of Pomu drawing her, or her introducing NijiEN on the debut, but you just want to push the limits of what's allowed like a true Globalfag. Go back.

>> No.4289801

janny...do your job onegai....

>> No.4289845

Fuck off.

>> No.4289881

>> No.4289888

24hr threads were a mistake

>> No.4289903

Die you phoneposting faggot.

>> No.4289917

I so badly want to be smothered to death by those tits

>> No.4289922

Pomu would want me to spread the beauty of Mito senpai

>> No.4289925

>marin and ange
i'm guessing these are her closest friends? though i never see nui in a collab outside of old clips

>> No.4289966

Any part of these threads that mimic Global are a mistake, including the rampant posting of non-ENs.
Jump off a cliff.

>> No.4289967

It's just retards replying to the shitposter as if the OP image wasn't clear enough.
You could make an entire anthology about them and exhibit them in a museum.

>> No.4289982

>Follows Elira (Obviously)
>Follows Finana
>Doesn't follow Pomu

>> No.4290014

I don't know why but seeing Rion thirst after guys is so cute.


>> No.4290017

Pomu's schizos are respectful goslings we don't wanna doxx her and wouldn't welcome that faggot's antics.

>> No.4290019

This is a thread made specifically to discuss the Nijisanji EN members. A thread to discuss the members of Nijisanji JP already exists. Calling me a shitposter will not change these fundamental facts.

>> No.4290054

Nice try HoloAgent.

>> No.4290065

You are such a faggot holy shit

>> No.4290075

Run in front of a moving vehicle.

>> No.4290117

Keep projecting.
Not as much as people who force their off topic JP spam in an EN thread.

>> No.4290137

Bro you gotta relax you're gonna hurt yourself

>> No.4290138

>Reminder to IGNORE shitposting, discordfags and tribalfags.

>> No.4290142

I kneel to Daddy Riku

>> No.4290175

You and the ones who adore Yagoo need the rope.

>> No.4290185

If people are going out of their way to piss me off by shoving off-topic JP spam in the EN thread I see no reason why I shouldn't give them the response they want.
Go away.

>> No.4290197

Pomu has enough to worry about
I feel bad for Eli though

>> No.4290198

Seeing Hayama play the Mega Man 4 Cossack stages reminds me that the series doesn't have very many auto-scroll levels. Probably a good thing since they're pretty annoying.

>> No.4290206

This guy use the exact same insult as that guy who guard Horny posting threads from Nijisanji. HoloAgent think no one know. .

>> No.4290225

She is a good woman

>> No.4290246

She is like your annoying but cute yumejoshi friend you friendzoned.

>> No.4290264

Cute wealthy otaku

>> No.4290267

Fuck off back to your thread.
If wanting the Nijisanji EN thread to remain focused on Nijisanji EN makes me a "HoloAgent" then I suppose I'm a Holofag now.

>> No.4290288


>> No.4290355

rigged poll

>> No.4290361

I thought fish would be the one to attract the schizos first, man I hope Elira is careful.

>> No.4290368


>> No.4290377

I want to give this schizo cat some cat food.


>> No.4290380

Pomu and lulu a cute

>> No.4290386

alrighty then, thread-shitter.

>> No.4290388


>> No.4290393


>> No.4290397


>> No.4290410


>> No.4290436

you already have multiple threads to talk about the others so why pick the one thats dedicated solely on nijiEN

>> No.4290454

>> No.4290471

Why do so many of you want this to be Global so badly? There is nothing wrong with having a thread specifically for EN talent. I'm glad some of you have sense at least.
Amazing, now you faggots can't even make the excuse that JP Nijis are on topic because you're no longer even posting Nijisanji livers.
Fuck off.

>> No.4290474

Even without context Lulu's expressions are so amusing yet disturbing.

>> No.4290477

There is no thread dedicated solely to nijiEN. If you want a thread dedicated solely to nijiEN I invite you to start one

>> No.4290487


>> No.4290498

Fuck off back to /v/.
Go post in your own fucking thread already.

>> No.4290503

>This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch

>> No.4290514

That's what this thread is supposed to be, but OP fucked up and didn't put the Nijisanji EN subject.

>> No.4290519

You're literally provoking them, but you knew that already.

>> No.4290521

I enjoy how Nijisanji was able to bring about three girls in their EN branch that actually feel like there's cohesion between them and are connected. Even though their schedules overlap they make it so that if you like one you WILL end up liking all of them.

>> No.4290531

>There is no thread dedicated solely to nijiEN
It's this thread you history revisionist faggot. This will never be Global no matter how much you try to force it to be.
What an unbelievable nigger you are. You'd rather shit up another thread than use the one dedicated to you.

>> No.4290539

I don't see the word "solely" in there. If you want that make your own thread where it's "this is a thread solely for the discussion of nijisanji's english branch"

>> No.4290567

Hopefully some EN's will be streaming when I get up
here is one more Hoshikawa before bed.

>> No.4290568

>Dude just let people post off topic shit lmao
Fuck off.
If you want a Global thread so badly make a fucking Global thread. Oh wait, you already did and nobody posted in it so you're forcing your JP spam onto this thread instead.

>> No.4290577

kill yourself holofaggots

>> No.4290578

That's kind of true actually I think. I had little intention of watching one of them but with all the interactions and collabs I ended up watching anyway and liking her too.

>> No.4290582

>anon acts retarded again by not being able to read

>> No.4290585

This isn't your discord. Stop acting like a nazi

>> No.4290593

Night HSKWbro

>> No.4290599

So the Hoshikawa poster finally admits he has no actual interest in the Japanese Nijisanji livers and just wants to shit up the thread, what a shock.

>> No.4290606

dont be obtuse you retard
the focus of the thread is about nijiEN not the other branches

>> No.4290610

>only 1 person being retard
>it's 5 votes when I voted.
>now it's 8.
Nice rigging, Holo Agent.

>> No.4290621

Yeah, there's no competition between each fanbases. I only watch one consistently but I always check the streams of the other two when I see something interesting happening in this thread. And if it's Pomu anons are kind enough to transcript the highlights.

>> No.4290625

And this isn't your /hlgg/ hugbox spinoff no matter how you attempt to make it one. Kill yourself.

>> No.4290637

The specificity argument is kind of slippery and easily warped

>> No.4290642

works on my machine

>> No.4290651

fucking globalfaggots
kill yourself
kill yourself
kill yourself

>> No.4290663

I don't see it but I'm open to be convinced, how so?

>> No.4290664

It's going to get chaotic once the next wave hits. But, I'm happy for what we have right now.

>> No.4290665

This is why there should be more EN livers with JP time zone

>> No.4290673

i guarantee you that they'll use this """real""" poll as support that a majority of people want off topic discussion about outside nijis

>> No.4290677

Just don't reply to the schizo lads

>> No.4290680

It's fucking disturbing how they aren't just satisfied with their 1 global thread, they insist on trying to turn this thread into global too.

>> No.4290710

Either stay on topic or make a Global thread like you faggots so clearly want this one to be, it's not hard.

>> No.4290713

It's funny that (very possibly) the same schizo was doing the opposite at /jp/ thread trying to make it normal to discuss other branches there.

>> No.4290723

its the clown from earlier threads replying to himself

>> No.4290731


>> No.4290734

And his bots judging by that poll I guess.

>> No.4290739

holy shit stop being such a huge faggot. people only really talk about other nijis during dead hours when en is not streaming and even then its not a lot. they spam offtopic right now out of pure spite because you are effectively shitting up the thread.

>> No.4290742

stop replying to schizos and look at this cute fairy instead!

>> No.4290751

>they spam offtopic
Don't care about the frequency of it or their reasons why, anybody who does this is a Globalfaggot who needs to fuck off.

>> No.4290752

Okay listen here jannies. I'm going to sleep now and I'm expecting half the current posts to be dead when I wake up or I'll tell Hiroshima to not give you your daily hotpocket, am I clear? Thank you.

>> No.4290763

Very cute, would LOVE

>> No.4290793

So Cute!! im about to beat links awakening because of her! then im looking forward to her playing it again!

>> No.4290817

Based Pomu poster

>> No.4290821

whoa, what's her name??

>> No.4290875

I'm Pomu!

>> No.4290902

Im pretty sure they are. Hayama and Nui both debuted close to each other and became friends so much so that Nui in a clip i've seen described teetee as her and hayama. and formed their own little group called breast moutain. then ange joined and it became breast hair moutain. i would recommend their UNO and ultimate chicken horse vods.

>> No.4290908

fuck off

>> No.4290922

Elira and Pomu didn't get their own songs. ANYCOLOR HATE.

>> No.4290962

>Hayama and Nui both debuted close to each other
They've debuted in the same batch

>> No.4290970

>> No.4290975

Man, I can't wait to see the girls collab with the Niji members of other branches.

>> No.4290980

Go play in traffic.

>> No.4290990

My sides

>> No.4291006

ah my bad thanks for correcting me. What is their branch called?

>> No.4291031

it isn't a finana song, she is singing for nijisanji's 3rd anniversary, representing the EN branch

>> No.4291044

When Elira said unarchived karaoke next week I wonder if that is so she can sing a wider variety of songs? It seemed like there was quite a lot of overlap in her and Pomu's repertoire and what was ok to actually sing when they kept the archives.

>> No.4291048


>> No.4291054


>> No.4291065

Get stabbed.

>> No.4291089

Unarchived karaoke is often where they can reveal their powerlevel, it's going to be kino.

>> No.4291094

She has a knack for being smug about something and then getting immediate payback.

>> No.4291102


>> No.4291113

what now? Roguefag

>> No.4291137

Elira now running in the 90s

>> No.4291146

Get raped.

>> No.4291160

3D debut! (In 20 years)

>> No.4291209

Wouldn't mind hearing her do some vocaloid songs seeing as she seems to be quite into those.

>> No.4291211

Given the results of the poll I'll be sure to put it in the next thread OP that it's OK to discuss the other Nijisanji branches during dead hours.

>> No.4291229

I fucking hate you people. Just turn this into fucking Global why don't you.

>> No.4291258

i swear to god if you motherfuckers reply to it i'll drag you into cursed quicksand the next time you go to sleep

>> No.4291259

This is why I told you guys to write some description that any branches can be posted here, newfags will always complain like these.

>> No.4291283

It's the newfags that are trying to turn these threads into Global.

>> No.4291314

it's interesting to see the nijiEN girls gain subs so quickly when livers i follow took anywhere from half a year, to a year, to reach 100k (some are still not there)
the girls numbers seem great

>> No.4291318

Same. This is what I want the most.

>> No.4291336

ads, song, analysis of the market and en holofags coming to it help.

>> No.4291350

How good is Fish's Japanese anyways?

>> No.4291352

>analysis of the market
what do you mean by this?

>> No.4291353

>threads are chill and fun for a week or so
>shitposters flood in determined to ruin everything
welcome to 4chan I guess

>> No.4291361

i think its okay to post links for some important events like 3d debut for example, but following discussions should be held in respective threads.
whats the point of spamming nonEN fanart and streams there? jp and id threads exist for a reason

>> No.4291367

Jokes on you, i'm into that shit.

>> No.4291371

It's funny how they sperged out now, I wonder why they kept silent after the failed World thread...

>> No.4291373

She seems to be able to read and speak a small amount judging by her Twitter replies. Her writing doesn't seem DeepL'd and she was able to read a Marshmallow with a few words typically written with kanji (of course she didn't show the Marshmallow as she read it so it's impossible to say if there was).

>> No.4291381


>> No.4291384

essential travel phrases tier

>> No.4291410

I really hope they collab with Hana, along with Nijis that aren't well known over here.

>> No.4291425

fuck off globaltard
dont you have a holoshit concert to watch?

>> No.4291474

This is my opinion about it as well, but the schizo took one fucking post this post specifically >>4288746 very differently. Must be something in the SEAnigger tap water.

>> No.4291496

lesbians anger the shitposter
posting nijiJP/KR/ID has been fine until that post

>> No.4291505

I only noticed Sukoya after her decline. What was the cause of her massive rise after debut in the first place?

>> No.4291517

Fuck off to the main Nijisanji thread.

>> No.4291522

after that failed on here, they made bunch of new threads about that and that also failed, so they came back here kek

>> No.4291600

Got to practice some mahjong before that stream. I played it for a few months after nijisanji tournament last year and then stopped.

>> No.4291614

>implying newfag from other global knows anything about nijiJP to post them here
You can falseflag better anon

>> No.4291655

This is just my opinion but I think Anycolor before deciding to come to the market, they took a look and did a research on the trends and what is the reality. The result you can see in Lazulight, which is nothing like any other branch that debuted on Nijisanji: no men (due to no successful male vtuber), fantasy vtubers (niji has it, but in much smaller quantity than hololive and indies).. anyway, they took quite a bit from the en market to make this branch. Which is also why I'm in doubt if they're going to ever bring a male for EN, even though I would like to see it happen.

>> No.4291658

because discussion about semi-relevant things is still better than just keeping the thread alive with useless shitposting.
offtopic posting sucks of course, but autistically forcing discussion 24/7 about 3 streamers who stream once a day, can basically have the same effect, with people being too bored and making up rrats or biting every bait.
I don't know how familiar you are with /a/, but a lot of things that were purged because of being technically offtopic, were good parts of the board culture.
comparing a board to a general is a bit of a stretch, but it's just an example.

>> No.4291722

i agree good post. talking about Niji JP is better then making up retarded rats that some idiot will end up believing.

>> No.4291727

If people refuse to discuss the 3 talents that this thread is about they should either fuck off or these threads simply should not be made during dead hours. It is not autistic to discuss what a thread is fucking about.

>> No.4291764

unless one of them talks about the other branches then its on the wrong thread and no reasoning will change that fact

>> No.4291767

then go ahead discuss it in related threads

>> No.4291777

also this thread is gaining much traction because its EN, because of it, its great to introduce some newfriends into Nijisanji as a whole in deadhours.

>> No.4291792

Then make a Global thread or fuck off already.

>> No.4291807

Fuck this shit, I'm just going to make a new thread where only Lazulight can be discussed.

>> No.4291832

>because discussion about semi-relevant things is still better than just keeping the thread alive with useless shitposting.
its not a question of what is better what is worse
it should be neither of these things

>> No.4291834

Then do it, just make it clear that only Lazulight can be discussed so people don't try to force the JP livers in like they are here.

>> No.4291839

i came here for Elira, Pomu, and Finana not have someone shill another branch

>> No.4291857

Agreed. Hope someone else can do it since I’ll probably be asleep. Can’t believe 1 autist could ruin the whole thread like this.

>> No.4291866

who the fuck are you?
Where are you when we discussed other Nijis in dead hours this past week?
The World thread and EN only thread have been tried and failed. Much of the newfriends stayed here and what the hell is the problem of introducing newfriends of Nijisanji as a whole? They are going to learn them now so they don't fucking going mental when they collabed with other branches.

>> No.4291873

theres a designated spoonfeeding thread for those who want an introduction

>> No.4291912

>its great to introduce some newfriends into Nijisanji as a whole in deadhours
It's some of those posts that have introduced me to other Nijisanji members I wouldn't be interested in otherwise.

>> No.4291921

>The World thread and EN only thread have been tried and failed
Then get the fucking idea already and realize you can discuss other livers in the regular Nijisanji thread if you absolutely must. Don't force your off topic bullshit onto this thread. If newfags are interested in other livers they have a whole thread they can fuck off to that'll gladly spoonfeed them.

>> No.4291944

off topic shit is still off topic

>> No.4291971

Did these guys just came out of the woodwork after they failed with that whole book nothing burger? Holy shit

>> No.4291974

>This is just my opinion but I think Anycolor before deciding to come to the market, they took a look and did a research on the trends and what is the reality. The result you can see in Lazulight, which is nothing like any other branch that debuted on Nijisanji: no men (due to no successful male vtuber), fantasy vtubers (niji has it, but in much smaller quantity than hololive and indies).. anyway, they took quite a bit from the en market to make this branch. Which is also why I'm in doubt if they're going to ever bring a male for EN, even though I would like to see it happen.

>> No.4291978

Daily reminder to ignore Holo Agent, tribalfag, dramafag and shitposter.

>> No.4292001


>> No.4292022

People happily posting about all branches in here for weeks now with nobody complaining and some guy decides to come shit up the thread with off topic metaposting two days in a row about the same topic. Definitely seems legitimate.

>> No.4292032

Based. Just going to ignore until the janny gets here.

>> No.4292055

Fuck off already and make the Global thread you clearly want so badly.

>> No.4292062

I can't help but feel they played it way too safe. Three idol-style women with a strong slant towards cute is definitely what works over here but I feel like if they wanted to get a really strong foot in the market they should've just shotgunned it and see what hit.

>> No.4292072

What the fuck happened here? Casual chatting about all the branches have been fine for the past week and a half and suddenly there's a big fuss about it

>> No.4292081


>> No.4292092


>> No.4292101

Because the male VTuber they're looking for hasn't appeared yet. They'll snag him as soon as he gets some traction.

>> No.4292131

he already made this a global thread

>> No.4292140


>> No.4292146


>> No.4292153

Yeah, anyone not a newfag pretty much understands it's ok to discuss other branches during dead hours.

>> No.4292168


>> No.4292172

it's gonna be me guys

>> No.4292180

holoshit gen1 is live, why are you still there?

>> No.4292192

It’s just 1 or maybe 2 at most. Don’t worry about them, just ignore until they get bored and leave.

I think they wanted to play it safe to leave a good first impression. They do lurk these threads and other communities so I’m sure they’ll take our feedback into consideration for the next waves

>> No.4292193


>> No.4292195

This comes up a lot on the western side of this board but male vtubers do ridiculously bad in the english market and it's very unlikely that it's just because there aren't any good ones given the wider streaming scene. It's a straight up debuff for guys already doing well in other streaming formats to use an avatar.

Like literally just the English scene. There're even successful dudes in Mexico, Indonesia and Korea. No clue why.

>> No.4292201

Neck yourself already.

>> No.4292211

They're doing fine either way I think. Look at someone like pikamee for example. She might be at 430k now but it took her half a year nearly to get 100k.

>> No.4292234

stop replying to yourself globalfaggot

>> No.4292281

tHERE'S a male vtuber who speak spanish and he has like 400k. It's bizarre, it's just in english.

>> No.4292288

nijiKR and ID have had all female waves, there are a ton of fantasy livers in all of nijisanji (yes even the human looking ones)
i almost didn't want to reply but this is a stupid post

>> No.4292290

>300 posts
>60 IPs
Yeah this is 1 guy shitting up the thread, maybe 2 at max. Just keep tapping the sign and he'll get bored.

>> No.4292308

Go back.

>> No.4292328

this is true

>> No.4292332

This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber unit, LazuLight!
>This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber unit, LazuLight!
This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber unit, LazuLight!

>> No.4292342

Man, I hope the trio collabs with Lulu at some point.

>> No.4292349

global tourists cant read

>> No.4292395

Because the ones that are doing it are playing it way too safe by playing to the super degenerate crowd (traps, transexuals, homos) or being cutesy generic anime schoolboy #45604958 with extremely emasculated personalities.
What Anycolor is looking for seems to be the classic stoic man. They'll need someone that's at the very least able to speak a language other than English. Probably Spanish to lure in the numerous Spanish speaking crowd.

>> No.4292502

>holoshit concert begins
>globaltards fuck off
wow, so unexpected

>> No.4292545


>> No.4292553

Really makes you think.

>> No.4292556

Finana has such a dopey smile and I love it.

>> No.4292709

Go back.

>> No.4292796

It's the same guy that was trying to shame people for not discussing other livers during dead hours and how they don't care about nijisanji 2 days in a row
he tried to bait people again and it worked
there's 5 threads dedicated to multiple branches and niches, why does this thread need to accommodate newfags when there is already one that does that exact thing?

>> No.4292888

Don't quote, don't reply, let it rot.

>> No.4292926

Can the mods ban this fucking schizo jesus christ. he's the same guy that's been spreading rrats like the book and other things. and now he's trying to act like people have a problem with people disscusing other niji vtubers during dead hours

>> No.4292950

Thank you, sharkmeido.

>> No.4292978

Jannies just purged a lot of posts from the schizo

>> No.4292985


>> No.4292990

Kind of late on this, but I listened to Virtual Strike and I like it, I hope the EN version is good and Finana does it justice.

>> No.4293017

you aight sharkmeido, big pomu energy your way

>> No.4293040

>Post count suddenly drops by 60

>> No.4293121

You are now entering The Dead Hours. Take your
meds and use Tap the Sign to handle this area.

Sorry this take long, everything is over now...

>> No.4293137

And the IP count only dropped by 1 lmao

>> No.4293238

arigato sharkmeido. thanks for being a unitychad

>> No.4293332


>> No.4293387

So janny is a globalfaggot too huh

>> No.4293422

Cute pouting dragon!

>> No.4293472

Our Dragon's oshi will have his 3D stream next week

>> No.4293514

Her model is weird. The mouth tracks well and eyes don't randomly spazz out but overall it's kinda stiff. Can't tell if it's 2.0 or not.

>> No.4293534

there has to be at least one halfway funny or charming guy that wants to be a part of nijisanji EN, r-right bros?

>> No.4293561

You better hope not, a halfway funny or charming guy might marry the fairy.

>> No.4293677

I don't really get it. She can turn her head a fairly long way round as demonstrated when showing off the ears, she can lean quite a distance left to right as shown off when trying to show her eye and there is a some tilting on the face too I remember seeing when she was moving her head to music. But usually if just doesn't move so much maybe it's not very sensitive?

>> No.4293735


>> No.4293759

I would have expected her to have a cute singing voice. So it's going to be interesting to see how it sounds with the JP version being two deep voice power singing types.

>> No.4293774

He might be her only true chance at marriage.

>> No.4293827


>> No.4294089

Watching that Pomu draw stream just now. I don't have friends so I need ten of you to see this banana ryugu so I don't get a visit from the doritos fish.

>> No.4294097

Hana was right!

>> No.4294157


>> No.4294181

You don't want a doritos fish visit?

>> No.4294269

I only like Elira and Pomu.

>> No.4294612

I love FiNAHna!

>> No.4294763

the nijien feel a bit too overdesigned
do they have any established personalities yet or is it just generic stuff for now?

>> No.4294913

They have no personality. They are boring. They are out of sync with each other. Don't watch NijiEN. You'll only waste your time.

>> No.4294973

This is a cute Pomu

>> No.4295000

Finanally, her true form is revealed..

>> No.4295023

Elira has the most of too much shit going on, and Finana is almost alright but would be better without the crown, or flowers (or both). Pomu's design is pretty fucking good though.

>> No.4295047

It always takes a while before chuubas' quirks come to the fore. They all seem like nice girls though.

>> No.4295113


>> No.4295147

I wonder if Elira will ever be allowed to talk about shotas

>> No.4295164

Fina unironicallly looks 10 times better when she goes “bald”

>> No.4295362

You got some nerve going past two hours sweetie, now be a good fishtian girl and let us bless our food together.

>> No.4295517

Sun Bear chuuba when?

>> No.4295623

What do you guys think about the fact that Finana streamed almost 4 hours? Do you think she just sticks to 2 hours because she doesn't want to overdo it and/or because she wants her VODs to be more approachable?

I'd prefer serious responses, the fish dad rrat is funny but has genuinely concerning implications.

>> No.4295680

we don't use that here

>> No.4295697

Probably needs to study/go to sleep on time for school classes I'd think. If her summer just started (or she has less work because memorial day weekend) then her schedule might have been lighter for tomorrow hence more time today.

>> No.4295707

the undead cursed sign.... tap into it to lose your soul and humanity but return to home

>> No.4295720

Isn't she a NEET though, with nothing to do? She has online school? Hm.

>> No.4295827

elira might enjoy this one


>> No.4295990

I like the shorter streams during the week since it makes vods more approachable and prevents the fear of missing out. (It happened to me while watching Risus Nier stream, i couldn't keep up and dropped nearly her entire content because of it)
I don't mind longer "stand alone streams" on weekends or for shill streams, since i don't see them as "mandatory "

>> No.4295992

I feel like I could describe Elira and Finana quite well in terms of personalities. Elira seems like the most outgoing of the group, talkative, warm friendly kind of vibe. Finana seems like the quietest member, gaming autism with a mischievous element leading to her coming out with surprising things suddenly. Just not really sure how to describe Pomu.

>> No.4296006


>> No.4296102

Im watching the pomu zelda vod. and she cried because of the pink ghost... She's too precious lads

>> No.4296149

I genuinely believe that her parents limit her air time but I don’t think it’s some unreasonable hard limitation. It’s probably but that she has to get off for proper responsibilities sometimes since she’s still too young to be independent. Just normal stuff. Probably has plenty of leeway when it matters.

>> No.4296191

The thing that bothers me about that possibility is that she's a fucking working woman that probably brings in more money than her parents combined, so those sorts of "limitations" seem very unreasonable if imposed on her.
But I also know it's just a rrat and not at all confirmed, so well, it's kind of irrelevant to speak about anyway, I guess.

>> No.4296276

>the quietest member
I think that's because she tend to focus on a game too much sometimes

>> No.4296386

She just has a really soft voice, also I believe she doesn't want to speak too loud since her family can hear her

>> No.4296772

How did this cute dragon manage to make both of her long solo Minecraft streams so entertaining?

>> No.4296803


>> No.4296812

By being a cute darling sweetheart dragon cute dragon cute girl dragon cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.4296830

I have a theory.

PIKL is secretly meant to be a pony. The MLP kind. A cryptopony.

Therefore, PIKL goes in the jar.

>> No.4296855

Crying face is the default emoji of Niji EN.

>> No.4296871

Speaking of T o T. Amamya 3D in 2.

>> No.4296883

No, jar is full with pomu and seeds, maybe you can put PIKL somewhere else.

>> No.4296890

My dick is NOT ready.

>> No.4296891

Check out Amamiya's 3D debut: https://youtu.be/TqWpxtUJti0

>> No.4296906


>> No.4296914


>> No.4296932

>> No.4296958

Just saw an akasupa go by with the crying face emoji as it's avatar.

>> No.4296963

My wife Amamya...

>> No.4296969

>everyone stops streaming right before 3D debut
based scheduling

>> No.4296993

kanae, kuzuha and ibrahim still streaming, they changed to member only of course

>> No.4297015


>> No.4297034


>> No.4297035

>> No.4297067

I'm going to fucking RUIN this CUM GREMLIN.

>> No.4297069

>> No.4297091

>> No.4297092


>> No.4297098

She's so cute

>> No.4297110

I'm going to fucking DIE.

>> No.4297128

Don’t be a concernfag there’s nothing to be concerned about fish until there’s something to be concerned about.

>> No.4297138

it's going to be 60 minutes of amamiya giggling and none of us will complain

>> No.4297152

Ui based beyond belief

>> No.4297156

I wasn't expecting anything else. Nothing wrong with being cute!

>> No.4297159

She's really cute.

>> No.4297165


>> No.4297170

>> No.4297186

>she's wearing bloomers
oh my

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