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New premiere in less than an hour! The topic this time: stuffed toys.


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Drew this when I woke up tired, saw it again and yawned.

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Very cute

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this is wonderfUUUOOOOHl anon

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Whoever asked to save lore bits in the previous thread, here you go
On a side note, can anyone recommend a good place to keep an art collection available to the public?

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Why did she change the thumbnail? She made 2?

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wasn't the part about magic mirrors made up by anons?

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First one was covered in lewd juices
I'd use my Drive (since that's what I use to transfer from iPad to PC), but I'm not sure if there's any risk of doxxing.
I don't want some fag ruining my chances of going back to freelancing as a photographer.

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>I get into a nade thread early

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Everything here was made up by anons, but it's too good to let it die. Nadechan can use it later for inspiration too if she wishes to do so.

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>one dislike on all three videos

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Yeah I don't think a drive would be a good idea...

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>First video: 700 views, 150 likes
>Second video: 300 views, 75 likes
So, will we be able to hit 150 views on the third one?

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Okay I'll bite the bullet and create a dropbox with an old email and alias, don't know if dropbox links are allowed in 4chan.

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She is speedrunning her career, but you still have to remember that she's just started

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If its made up by anons it shouldn't be treated as "lore".
At most it should be called "lore suggestions"

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Temper your expectations. She may be /here/, but she's still started less than a week ago and doesn't even have a proper model yet.

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Youtube's chat seems to be really hogging the memory today.

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I've been monitoring somewhat her channel traffic. She gains almost no views/subscribers when there is no active thread. Almost everyone following her is from here. So I think a dip after the initial hype is absolutely normal.
How wil she be able to reach a wider audience outside of chan is something I don't have the answer

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Is everyone too akward to use the chat or is it the time? because in my case it's definitely the former

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I just said my dog died, Nadeshiko is showing no mercy :(

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>already has an anti
They grow so fast

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For someone who's only released two talk videos with static images, I'd say a triple-digit sub count is pretty good. Once she has a proper model and can actually start streaming, she's bound to pick up momentum.

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I bet you he's a burger

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>I talk about plushies and the weird things I do with them!

W-what kind of weird things?

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Making them kiss.

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Hello, anons! I hope you're excited for the video!! o7

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of course I am!

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Hello, Nadechan! Yes, we are!

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Remember to like and leave a comment on the video, any traction she gets is positive

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Of course! Your anikis are here to support you.

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This really shows how much the drawings carry these threads

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Should I stop playing vidya to draw some funky stuff in today's thread?

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I am excited to hear Nadechama talking about her favorite toys

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Of course

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oh hey, she even has a JP fan already

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I'm shaking with excitement! that may sound a little weird

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Yes. Vidya will still be there later, but Nade threads are fleeting.

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Got some snacks ready! Let's go!

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Jap? More like larp

>> No.4263115

Any art contribution here is going to be used for months, maybe even years to come, however it is more than understandable to want to play vidya instead

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I'm glad! It's a little longer than usual, so you can hear me talk a lot lol
Yes! :>
I am so grateful that people drew art of me! It is all so precious TvT
Vibing! lol
Yes, enjoy snacking while watching!

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>months, maybe even years to come
I don't know what crack you've been smoking but I don't consider it THAT important.
Maybe it helped maintain (?) some of the previous threads alive, but I doubt it.

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Sure, updated the title

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I wanted to make it sound cooler than "yeah it's nice for shitposting". Plus I really like those drawings

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You're dealing with a pretty fragile drawfag here, I've invested my yearly allowance of emotions in these threads.

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Last thread, I promised I would try to find one good thing about America. The only thing I can think of is the mountains where I live are absolutely beautiful when you hike to the top of them, and that's it

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>longer than usual
Nice! Must have some strong opinions about plushies lol

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You're dealing with a pretty fragile drawfag here, I've invested my yearly allowance of emotions in these threads.
But I'm not a cute anime grill so it doesn't matter, right? ecks dee

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There should be a separation between anon's suggestion and things confirmed by Wormchama

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H is out of my system, just in time for cute.

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I'll hear her voice soon...

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H is for Healing

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shes so cute bros

>> No.4263487

Christian stream

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She seems more relaxed and comfortable this time

>> No.4263524

Adult plush toys!

>> No.4263532

Yes, she sounds a lot more comfortable and confident

>> No.4263534

Her english is really good in this video! I love listening to her normal voice

>> No.4263546

>finger-like appendage

>> No.4263550

With finger like appendages!

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God I wish I were her plushie

>> No.4263576

I also used to beat the shit out of my stuffed elmo as a kid

>> No.4263579

sounds like a cute and funny bear

>> No.4263597

Based plushie abuser

>> No.4263627

I want Nadechama to punish me!

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It's 4 times louder than previous one, lol

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pink confirmed for favorite color

>> No.4263699

It is still a little quiet, but the quality isn't bad

>> No.4263708

Are those the color of her panties too

>> No.4263714

The Punisher of Plushies

>> No.4263715

That's not the complaint
Anonchama how do I tell you this...

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god I wish I were Jinbei-san

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I'm touching myself

>> No.4263860

What is this place

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probably because she isnt hiding in the bathroom for the recording this time (i think)

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Nadeshiko is my oshi
In America

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>I get to be bullied by JPchama at least once in every video she makes
burgerbros can't stop winning

>> No.4263924

Is it closet again?

>> No.4263954

I think she left the yt chat after the plushie abuse comments

>> No.4263973

I want Nadechama to turn me into a plushie!

>> No.4263980

Probably got embarrassed

>> No.4263991

She sounds like she has a Singaporean accent for some words.

>> No.4263995

Oh no...

>> No.4263996

Man, Nade's zatsudand on the future will be so good

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Nade... I'm not going to survive when you get a vmodel. Have you thought of getting a PNG place holder for the time being?

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Nadechama, when you do get a fumo, you could upload cute photos like this to your twitter

>> No.4264023

She's getting creampied as we speak

>> No.4264034

Her vocab library are really big huh

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>> No.4264041

I want to be nadechama plushie!

>> No.4264055

Nade you are not cringe, you are Based

>> No.4264060

I want to be her plushie\10

>> No.4264064


>> No.4264068

9/10 could've used more pictures of her collection
I love how excited she sounds when talking about stuff she likes

>> No.4264069

That was very cute! I love hearing her talk about normal everyday parts of her life.

>> No.4264070

I want to be Jinbei-san/10

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that laugh...

>> No.4264081

When you were berating my plushie collection, I studied the fist

>> No.4264089

10/10 I want Nadechama to sit on me

>> No.4264113

I already miss her....

>> No.4264115

I just spent 20 minutes of my life listening to a japanese girl talking about her plushies, and I don't regret it

>> No.4264125

it was cute!
you are right about plushies they are nice to hold, I still use an old one of mine as a pillow
and let yourself be cringe, you will enjoy it at the moment and learn from it in the future, be free

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>> No.4264148

Cute and hilarious, a bit quiet and expected to see her collection. Still great though, definitely the best one yet 9/10 but it felt like a 10

>> No.4264149

I need more. 20 minutes has shown to not be enough.

>> No.4264151

she's right here bro, talk to her

>> No.4264152

How was the video, everyone? Did you enjoy it? ^O^

>> No.4264154

The video reminded me of two giant rin/len kagamine plushies that I really wanted to buy but didn't. Plushies really are underrated

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Nade grooming the Nadedatchi/10

>> No.4264185

it was nice, fumos are the best and soft plushies in general are great doesn't matter what age

>> No.4264186

Thanks Nade. Good video, things sound a lot better. Very comfy, keep on creating. Nadenade.

>> No.4264187

It was cute and based and just a little bit lewd. Just like Nadechama!

>> No.4264189

10/10 it was okay

>> No.4264192

it was really cute and funny!

>> No.4264195

It was the best video you've made yet. The adjustments to your audio made your voice a lot clearer, I'm impressed with how you're improving!

>> No.4264204

LOVED IT! You're definitely teasing, because I need more

>> No.4264208

Really enjoyed it even though im not into plushies hearing you talking about your favorites was fun 10/1/0

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it was great!

>> No.4264222

Cute video

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Pitching the idea of the fanbase being portrayed as her plushies, sorta like haatons, but not as degrading

>> No.4264276

It was really cute I needed that at the end of my day

>> No.4264281

You sound more confident and comfortable than in last videos, this was probably the best one yet.

>> No.4264316

It was a fun one!
>but not as degrading
She beats up her plushies, sits on them, and uses them as footwear.

>> No.4264323

Yes, they are great! ^w^
Thank you, I am glad it worked out o7
Cute and funny is the best, isn't it? u v u
Thank you, I'm glad you liked the video! I'll work hard from now on to do even better! o7
You want to be my plushies? ⊙w⊙

>> No.4264334

>another singaporean in the thread
she still sounds cute despite that

>> No.4264337

Imagine being on Nadechama's feet the entire day and getting soaked with her smell

>> No.4264343


>> No.4264353

Where did you record this one? >.>
Absolutely based

>> No.4264359

Need timestamp when she mentioned hitting plushies

>> No.4264380

Nade, how is your voice pitch? Can you go any higher or lower without it becoming uncomfortable?

>> No.4264394

Watch the video!

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>You want to be my plushies? ⊙w⊙
Please Nadechama you already know the answer

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>You want to be my plushies? ⊙w⊙

>> No.4264421

3:20 and onwards

>> No.4264426

Look laddie I listened to it, I just need to know specific plushies mentioned.

>> No.4264447

>You want to be my plushies? ⊙w⊙

>> No.4264472

She mentioned her giant chicken wing plushie, and that she never hits her human/animal ones

>> No.4264473
File: 24 KB, 600x623, x7wuDSazMtvmdzo405z3wWtrK6w_lmY3TxmbQGBPxAY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You want to be my plushies? ⊙w⊙

>> No.4264478

nothing would make me happier than being nadechama's plushie for her to play and abuse

>> No.4264486

>You want to be my plushies? ⊙w⊙
Do I even need to answer that?

>> No.4264491

Yes, I want to be nadechama's property

>> No.4264569

Nade, don't be afraid to continue to shit talk America. I won't take it personally and our country deserves the criticism.

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File: 1.76 MB, 2511x2729, hmmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just how strong is Nade?

>> No.4264605

Yes, please.

>> No.4264632

Singapore is supposed to be good at English for an Asian country, isn't it? That is good!
Anon? ⊙︿⊙
The closet again!
I can speak a lot higher, but the words become indistinct. I can also speak short phrases in a deep voice, or sing ~one chorus?
Anons are into weird things, but if you were my plushie, I would treat you nicely and play with you! Only (sometimes) I will hit you... unless you like being bullied? ⊙O⊙
Do not worry, I will~!
100kg power lifting

>> No.4264658

she has never lost a fight against one of her plushies
she is *that* strong

>> No.4264674

>100kg power lifting

>> No.4264681

can you do an ikemen oneesan voice?

>> No.4264739

Can you sing the chorus to Lemon?

>> No.4264740

>if Nadechama likes you, you get to sleep right next to her pillow and she hugs you when she's feeling sad
>if she doesn't, she beats you up
There's no downside, really.

>> No.4264755

I never used the bell function on my YouTube account. Nade-chan changed this.

>> No.4264768

your english is incredible, but hearing a local singapore accent on any vtuber would be strange for me

>> No.4264783

>Only (sometimes) I will hit you... unless you like being bullied? ⊙O⊙

I want Nadechama to sit on my face with her heels digging into my stomach. Can this be arranged?

>> No.4264787

I don't know how you do it, but you just keep getting better and better

>> No.4264813

How do they even recover from this

>> No.4264824

Hey buddy I think you got the wrong door, the /yah/ club's two blocks down

>> No.4264829

>I can speak a lot higher, but the words become indistinct. I can also speak short phrases in a deep voice, or sing ~one chorus?
So you can speak *a bit* higher without problem then?

>> No.4264869

What are you trying to get at anon?

>> No.4264875

i'd like a youtube employee to personally call me as a reminder for nadechama videos, and another employee to physically force me to watch if i resist.

>> No.4264889


>> No.4264900

Any updates on the art you posted in the last thread?

>> No.4264938

That she should try going a bit higher-pitched when she gets an avatar, and see if it's practical.

>> No.4264946

she doesn't need to go any higher, the occasional low tone she uses melts my heart

>> No.4265004

I think her voice is fine but we should see what she thinks, I feel like any suggestions could help and it's up to her to take them or not

>> No.4265015

I don't think she should go higher, the more relaxed she speaks, the cutest I think it sounds. She sounds loli enough for me

>> No.4265066

I like how she sounded in this recent video. It felt more natural and definitely more enjoyable to listen to

>> No.4265078

jinbei transformation fetish

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File: 274 KB, 1000x1000, 1446292865164.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nade to her plushies

>> No.4265139

You need to be careful with changing voice pitch like that for long periods of time. A lot of chuubas ran into issues forcing character voices and had to go to a natural tone because their vocal muscles were getting trashed. Suisei and Delta being the most notable examples of this.

I would prefer Nade stick with her natural voice especially if she pans to do longer streams down the road.

>> No.4265151

>Do not worry, I will~!
Kek, ameriburgers on suicide watch

>> No.4265187
File: 747 KB, 2800x2100, Cry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honeymoon phase is fading hard

>> No.4265222

looks good
please don't abandon her

>> No.4265228


Don't say that! She is literally in this thread!

>> No.4265237
File: 22 KB, 261x261, AB0A0B04-D8BB-43EA-AB0E-7F4F774F0CDC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yet again I have to wait to get out of work to watch the video

>> No.4265238

Getting bullied by Nadechama..I'm jealous of the burgerbros

>> No.4265273


>> No.4265296

For real! ^w^
Any recommended lines? I am not sure what that kind of person should say lol
I had to sing it in a whisper tone, so it is shitty orz
I see! That is interesting, I will try to become British accent then!
Yes, I can! o7
Not yet, I will work over the weekend!
I will think about my voice a bit, thank you for the advice!
Fighting time! lol
Such a cute illustration! TvT
Work hard, the video will be there for you when you finish a long day of work o7

>> No.4265307

Looks great, I really like the shading
don't abandon her, I beg you [/spoilers]

>> No.4265364
File: 881 KB, 915x798, 1607561067024.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that song
god my heart

>> No.4265390


Thank you! It's like Nadechama is singing me a lullaby...

>> No.4265409
File: 79 KB, 432x525, 1614913185158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my heart.....

>> No.4265423

If that's shitty then I'm going to be in pure bliss when you're able to sing comfortably

>> No.4265432

>Any recommended lines? I am not sure what that kind of person should say lol
"kanbanha minna, nade dazo. watashi no koe ha hen ka? Iya, futsu deshou"
or something like that


>> No.4265478

>nade makes singing vocaroos at night but has to be quiet so she doesn't wake her parents up
I respect your dedication

>> No.4265495

>Any recommended lines? I am not sure what that kind of person should say lol
Give us your best ogey rrat

>> No.4265512

She's already done that

>> No.4265529

Anon, your archive reps...

>> No.4265534
File: 210 KB, 437x382, polka joker.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4265582
File: 440 KB, 645x1260, 1450751405639.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll see you all later...

>> No.4265585

I'll spoonfeed you https://voca.ro/1mAq3LJ8FULe

>> No.4265592

>Any recommended lines?
"You've been working really hard, haven't you? Come here. yosh-yosh nade-nade"

>> No.4265616

Cute singing. Can't wait for the next video

>> No.4265727

Thank you! I try my best, even though singing is not my strength lol
I am sorry in advance
I'm scared to do this in my deep voice... it might give you a nightmare, anon...

>> No.4265736

just go

>> No.4265750

>it might give you a nightmare, anon
Try us.

>> No.4265789

you sound like a middle-aged woman who smokes way too much

>> No.4265798

>I am sorry in advance

>> No.4265804

schizos will never recover from this insult

>> No.4265833
File: 396 KB, 500x609, Kirby.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

outside of sounding a little strained, its sounds good!

>> No.4265864

I think this voice would work pretty well with >>4265592, sort of Nadechama-mama impression

>> No.4265882

>I am sorry in advance
Kinda sounds like Tomoko from watamote lol

>> No.4265884

It's cursed! Cursed beyond repair!
One day, I will show you my deep singing voice (and break your ears beyond repairs)
Ogay! lol
Really? Thank you!

>> No.4265905


>> No.4265933

>One day, I will show you my deep singing voice (and break your ears beyond repairs)
looking forward to it, lol

>> No.4265953

Thank you for taking pity on this ignorant newfag.

Thanks, anon.

>> No.4265969

What will the week review video be about?

>> No.4266123

>single-digit new subs
I think we've reached the limit of what we can do for her

>> No.4266152

anon i have to admit i have only fapped once ever since i first met Nadeshiko
i think i will make it

>> No.4266204

Shameless shilling can go a long way

>> No.4266229

well she hasn't debuted yet. ppl outside of /here/ won't subscribe to her just because of some talking videos

>> No.4266240

Pandering to a small group of people can only get you so far mate.

>> No.4266247

In the first karaoke stream! But first might be too quick... second so that people will let their guard down? Huhehe
The things that have happened this week! I plan to make it a zatsudan stream once I go live, but for now, I do it recorded!
I did not seek out here to get followers, but to get opinions and ideas! I was actually very surprised that there were people who wanted to watch my videos... but I feel like I should only start pushing for followers once I have some experience and can at least broadcast live? It feels improper otherwise lol
Good job! o7

>> No.4266262

Wait until there's R18 art of her

>> No.4266276

okay that one wasn't so bad

>> No.4266286

When she starts streaming, I think that's when fanwork can start to kick off. Art, clips, edits, shitposts, stuff that's easily-digestible for people who don't know Nade and can also bring some attention her way

>> No.4266333

when do you think you'll start streaming?

>> No.4266339

Not quite nightmare level but I get what you mean now lol

>> No.4266352

I'm surprised you can respond so confidently to anons saying they fap to you. Could it be that Nadeshiko isn't a good Christian girl after all?

>> No.4266395

I legitimately think your zatsudans are going to be great. If just listening to you taking us already fun and relaxing, it'll be sending when we get to interact during a livestream

>> No.4266453

she puts a strap on on her plushies and uses them like a dildo.

>> No.4266523

I will unironically be happy if someone shitposts me in funny meme lol
It is painful to even hear my voice like this! >O<
June! Even if I cannot become a "real, moving Vtuber", using a static image will not be that bad either. I really want to start, and my mic fund is not too far from the goal!
I am accepting of everyone's degenerate levels! u v u)7
Yes, I hope to do a lot of zatsudan broadcasts! I like talking about interesting things, especially if you all can respond in chat too! ^O^
Anon, I do not think that is how my anatomy or the plushie shape works?!

>> No.4266591

you know you want to

>> No.4266597

Snap that choker? Yes

>> No.4266651

hearing your deep voice was interesting if anything else

we all want to, anon

>> No.4266695

Forgive me if you already answered this, but have you thought of when your character's birthday is? It'd be worth knowing for any potential present ideas.

>> No.4266718

I want to headpat her until she gets sightly uncomfortable and asks me how much longer do I intend to keep patting her head

>> No.4266775

You should also include profile info, one thing Nade already confirmed is her height, 153cm.

>> No.4266809

I'm going to take a smoke break, don't know if/when I'll go back at it.

>> No.4266834

I know you keep reading people saying "I can't wait", but I seriously cannot wait for those zatsudan streams, I can't get enough of your videos and interacting with you is incredibly fun I'm not a groomer I swear

>> No.4266862

looks great anon.

>> No.4266864

Oh no. She's become Scottish.

>> No.4266871

Is that the true character sheet of Nadechama? She has a choker?

>> No.4266881

Hope you feel better later anon

>> No.4266885

she hasn't decided yet

>> No.4266897

Don't say that shit to me.

>> No.4266904

it was suggested last thread

>> No.4266913

who fucks sheep

>> No.4266915


>> No.4266935

Sorry for being rude, I'm not in the best mood at the moment.

>> No.4266942

I'm still not sure if I should include this cause it seems to be her own height as well and she'll probably want to change that.
Oh no, not the Watame plushie!

>> No.4266969


>> No.4266994

It's fine man, I understand

>> No.4267097


>> No.4267103

Good night Nadechama

>> No.4267110

When I asked her height, I specifically asked the character height, not her real one. So unless she decides to change, I think it's okay to treat as confirmed

>> No.4267157

Hmm... I have not looked at my birth records for a long time, being a youkai! Maybe I will tell you all about it on my debut!
Do I want to?
Cute!!! Drawing anons are so talented^w^
Thank you! I'm excited to do those streams too!
Singapore and Scotland? I never knew I was the Mr Worldwide!
Ah! Yes, it is around(?) 153 cm. I will be putting a "information link" by next week, so please wait for it if you want a bit of information about me! (though I cannot tell all the secrets before debut, of course~)
This creature is too strange!

>> No.4267209

>Do I want to?
even a spirit must have those kinds of urges once in awhile

>> No.4267234

yes, yes you do

>> No.4267291

How many times a week does Nadechama give in to urges?

>> No.4267313

I'm currently working on it. I'm just very slow.

>> No.4267324

ganbare anon

>> No.4267501

Can't give in to urges if you do not have urges!
Do your best! ^O^

>> No.4267573

whats the biggest plushie you have nade?

>> No.4267599

Of course. You'd never have impure thoughts.

>> No.4267663

It is the chicken wing! About half the length of my body!
Yes, yes ^w^

>> No.4267669

based family friendly christian minecraft cringe vtuber free of dirty thoughts

>> No.4267737

One day Nade will slip up and say something lewd and the game will be up.

>> No.4267744

when you said it was "photo-realistic"what does that mean? is it just a picture of a chicken wing, or is it something else?

>> No.4267802

This anon truly understands me!
N- never! >O>
Yes, it is like a photo of a chicken wing

>> No.4267877

Thanks Nadechama!

>> No.4267888

Can you post a photo of it on your Twitter?

>> No.4267924

she already admitted to liking loli armpits and tummy. it doesn't get much lewder than that

>> No.4267986

Like a wing of a chicken? Literally like a wing of a chicken? My imagination can't fathom how it looks, you need to show us the chicken wing one day.

>> No.4268012

it does, inflation mind break incest

>> No.4268025

Maybe she likes it on a wholesome easy... right?

>> No.4268038

architects out

>> No.4268077

Sure, when I get home from school tomorrow! o7
I am cultured, okay? Lolis are too cute to resist! You all agree, right? :>
It is the cooked chicken!!
I do not know what these are... and something tells me I do not want to find out
Yes, wholesome is not bad also! ^O^

>> No.4268136

correct! only someone of high taste can truly appreciate loli

>> No.4268138

they are cute...but they tend to elicit impure thoughts

>> No.4268179

Nadechama is seiso after all..

>> No.4268241

Yeah, lolis are difficult to resist. Even so, I can't allow myself to have impure thoughts about Nadechama. I just got urges to protect.

>> No.4268263

>Sure, when I get home from school tomorrow! o7

It's like we're talking to a JK and I'm not sure how to feel about that.

>> No.4268292

Yes lolis are great

>> No.4268308

That is the appeal of loli! They have an innocent feeling at first, but they are actually a little bit lewd?!
Seiso for sure! -w-)7
Yes, I am glad you want to protect me!
I am one! lol

>> No.4268343


inflation- just as it sounds, inflating somebody.
mind break- fucking somebody till they can think straight/at all.
incest-fucking you siblings

/d/ is a good place to go if you need a 'better image' of what i'm talking about

>> No.4268364

Cooked chicken wing makes sense, I thought it was like a chicken wing that a live chicken has. I guess I really am retarded. Thank's for posting how it looks on twitter, Nade-han.

>> No.4268441

Ah... so that is the English name for it, scary
A live chicken wing is a little bit more interesting! lol
Also, that is a very strange Takodachi lol

>> No.4268497

>Also, that is a very strange Takodachi lol
it drank too much 'special water'

>> No.4268528

>till they can
till they can't

>> No.4268552

What do you even like about this person? Her voice is so forced and her content is uh... kinda childish. Pedobait?

>> No.4268576

What do you think is more educational for Nade right now, school or learning from us?

>> No.4268644

Which HoloEN girl is your favourite? And will you do your sleep reps soon since the thread is about to be over?

>> No.4268656

I like how excited she is to talk about the stuff in her videos and the best part of vtubers is fan interaction, which nade is doing a lot of.

>waaaah, this loli character has a loli motif and loli content

>> No.4268681

Learn about obscure fetishes /here/
Learn about somewhat useful stuff at school

>> No.4268718

There are plenty of loli-type vtubers that don't play into "loli content", she doesn't even have a model so it's like listening to a "kid" talk about her toys and her dog. It's seriously creepy.

>> No.4268848

I just talk about my hobbies, it is not wrong that I have these hobbies and I like talking about it. I am not going to pretend to have "deep" or "mature" interests lol
None of them are really appealing to my interest, but I appreciate Ina's talent at art a lot! And maybe? lol

>> No.4268876

She's literally just starting out and hasn't made more than a few videos, anon. Give her time to develop her content more before you start claiming she's pedobait

>> No.4268894

do you have a favorite vtuber?

>> No.4268965

I like Fubuki the most! Not only is she super cute, she also has the energy of someone to be respected, and her broadcasts are always fun!

>> No.4269030

You're as fake as it gets, and that's impressive for a vtuber.

Judging by how he's replying to a bunch of perverted guys in this thread, it's pretty clear she's playing into the pedobait. Do you rearry belieb it when a vtuber comes on 4chan and claims to be sexually clueless and a high school student? Choose one, 4chan is the last place any normal person would even take a peek at

>> No.4269077

Can't believe no one else realized they were being told shit they wanted to hear, gullible as shit.

>> No.4269091

Reminder to ignore the bait anonchamas...

>> No.4269130

is she what inspired you to start vtubing?

>> No.4269139

lets not turn this into like the last thread. just point and laugh at the shit bait and move on.

does nade like feet? i need to know...

>> No.4269164

I dunno, I find her cute and what she talked about was pretty interesting to me even if I never payed attention to stuff like snacks or plushies. I'd like to hear more of her thoughts and opinions on different things, which is a good thing for a person who is going to do talking streams.
I don't hear the forced voice you're talking about, personally

>> No.4269194

You know, in the back of your head, that this is too good to be true, don't you think? That she's not as pure, polite, and innocent as she portrays herself.
It doesn't matter if it's actually a 16yo JK or a 30yo cake, you're being played like puppets.

>> No.4269202

god tier post

>> No.4269234

I'm surprised she's still awake to be honest

>> No.4269270

At least the thread is nearly over. Hope you sleep well and thanks for the video, Nadechan.

>> No.4269277

Sorry I didn't mean to give you a (You)

>> No.4269323

Nadechama, you sound like an old woman but that's okay!!!

>> No.4269352

yeah, it must be 4 am for her now. And this is the third day this week

>> No.4269366

wow... you're telling me nadeshiko isn't a spoiled ojou-sama?

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