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>First original song ever
>Original animation
>Even has a game
>Can't even get half a million views after 3 weeks.

What the hell happened? Is the song THAT bad or did teacucks become teamen and moved on to improve themselves?

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Zion suspension deflection thread

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No fanbase can save someone with the voice of a gas station hooker.
If she can't sing there's no way to fix it.

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? What happened to the one niji who was actually cute?

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The best Myth member now that Gura has just given up on streams.

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Just check catalog man

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Shit song, shit game, shit personality.

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She is not a singer. Who cares about a non singer putting out songs.

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what? what happened

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Nah but memes aside this is Kiara-tier numbers. Just bottom of the barrel. Ame's usually well above that level...

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EN don’t care for idol stuff. It’s an okay song either way. Sucks because I think ame will sing it during the festival.

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By that logic nobody should care about Gura's only song either.
No excuses for Ame's lackluster numbers

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she took her shota jokes too far and unironically said she wanted to rim some little genshen boy.

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>Ame's usually above that level
By a very small margin. She's one of the least popular ENs along with Bae.

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>Who cares about a non singer putting out songs.
counter point faufau

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I only care about Ame's karaoke streams. I listened to this once, and that was enough for me.

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And yet EN fans still should respect their talents no

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flopsoleil deflection thread

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>I listened to this once, and that was enough for me.
Well done faggot, you sure are supportive! You're welcome for all the karokes.

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she probably just didnt improve herself enough

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Her fans improved themselves by getting oshis that aren't whores.

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She said she was going to play Hogwarts legacy even if management tried to stop her and then went on a 30 minutes rant about "shemales".

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wait thats based I need to watch her now

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There's something poetic about teacucks letting Ame emasculate them everyday while they tell others to improve themselves, kek

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i'm subscribing

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Better views than IRyS' originals lol

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Irys has multiple original songs with bigger views than Ame's ONE that funnels all teamates to one place.

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Thats not even bad growth for a song retard here's one of suiseis songs released around the same time for comparison

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Are you retarded, teacuck? This is Ame's first ever original song with an animation to boot.

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Nta but Are you retarded?
Ame is a god awful singer, this is great views for her, she's ahead of several other girls' originals that can actually sing
Fauna's song took 7+ months to get to 1M because, guess what, she's an awful singer

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No new IP, sure teacuck :)
Your oshi has the lowest views of any original song despite plastering it with an animation and a game. You do realize it's going to take even longer to get a million don't you?

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Smart of her to pay for animation.

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>lowest views of any original song
You didn't think this one through did you?

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Except you didn't count in the fact Irys originals released for purchase first

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That's an album preview, retardchama.

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I wanna support just because it's hand drawn animation.

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Delicious cope
Mori does the same and still mogs floprys

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Ame's not so good at singing but they mask autotune with multiple harmonies.
The animation is cute. Japanese subs and a few token lines in weeabonese is cool. It's a good MV.

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*3D animation with some hand drawn.

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>camps his bait thread to see the ip count
this is just sad

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Look at how it still seethes MONTHS after "Improve yourself". The rent pays itself.

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Since when the view on orisong became a measure of success?

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The irony on this post is layered so thick it could deflect sabot rounds.

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Isn't that what she wanted though?

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Kiara's "Do u" mogged Mori's recent shit. What's your point?

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She got late like 2 years

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It's shit song you can't loop with shit game you can't lose and it wasn't advertised at all

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Ame is only relevant when what she's doing benefits the others

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lmao cope and seethe

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That would be Ina & Kiara. TAKOTIME later today.

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Not even that

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Orisong numbers aren't that important but it's another indicator that holoEN has peaked and is gradually reclining.