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The queen of vtuber

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Should've accepted and embrace herself as loli and lolicon

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>letting her get vaxxed
I thought you guys liked her?

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She's already autistic, it's fine.

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I actually wouldn't mind hatefucking that pink little hypocritical piece of shit.

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this is her best outfit

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Autism is a thing of the past. Blood clots is the new trendy thing

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She's not a hyp-

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Long hair or short hair?

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Loli: loli

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What's that game Ai-chan was playing where she checked a different angle and said it's looking good?

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No this is.

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Little Witch Nobita, the dev of that game is a literal cunnyposter.

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I hate her but that 3d model is SEX.

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Long hair is always better. There is no design that cannot be improved by lengthening the hair.

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Short hair is always better. There is no design that cannot be improved by shortening the hair.
Non ironically.

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>"trap" is banned in her chat
Oh no no no no

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so is earrape

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I like pink cats

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I really want to put my dick in her fluffy ears, I bet they feel so nice.

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>Short hair is always better.
That's literally homosexual tier. Long hair is the sign of peak sign of femininity.

Is "loli cat girl waifu" also banned in her chat? I expect her to be SJW. I never watched her

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loli is.

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>implying this is not the peak of femininity

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>getting fur in your urethra
No thanks

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>hates lolis
>gets a school swimsuit outfit
>her simps will still white knight and say she isn't a hypocrite
How can people be this blind to her shit?

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She will never be as popular or loved as gura.

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It is genuinely incredible how she could have been a beloved icon of vtubing if she just swallowed what little pride she has and apologized for shitting on her audience and embraced the loli shit openly instead of halfheartedly.

Yet now because of her ego, she's a despised laughingstock.

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Her fanbase is unironically filled with children. Wouldn't surprise me her fans here are actual groomers.

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Don't worry, she got the DNA mutating vaccine, not the blood clot vaccine.

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That's fucking gay. I always chat Gura how she is the best loli shark at every start of her stream, but then Nyanners banned the word loli? How tf is that even supposed to work? Is she triggered by the word loli? How is she gonna collab with Gura then when she refers to herself as lolibaba?

Short hair is gay. But less gayer than banning loli from chat.
It's scientifically backed that long hair is feminine.

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Anon, I don’t even like Nyanners but you need to move on, that was what? Ten years ago? People change. No one except /vt/ hates her or even cares what she thought when she was 17 years old. She collabed with Kizuna fucking AI, you can’t get anymore icon of vtubing than that.

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Nah, apologizing on the internet never works, it just makes everyone who hates you more convinced they're right.

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>Is she triggered by the word loli?
"triggered" is banned in her chat/discord

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What the fuck. How many words are banned? I knew people said she was an SJW but I didn't know it was to this extent.

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>he chose the vtuber who got her hair lengthened in her alternate outfit
Anon, even vtubers know most of their audience prefers long hair. I absolutely believe Riri would be much more popular if she had started off with longer hair.

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You're shitting me.
Fuck this gay earth. That was literally the best vtuber design I've ever seen, I fucking loved the short pink hair.
Hopefully the long hair is just a side outfit...

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how is that not based?

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Look at her chat word banlist. She's still the same as ever, don't bring this "b-but muh ten years" bullshit. It's the internet, everything is recorded, time won't make the things she did or said go away.

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censorship is incel feminist tier and not based

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She still uses her original hair plenty, don’t despair yet shorthairfag.

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basically if you go on twitter and can find more than 1 person complaining that a word is offensive, its banned.

its not a flat ban, its only banned if its used in a derogatory or jokeing manner, like saying "lol hes triggered".

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Yessssssssssssssss. I love you, Anon, O blessed bringer of good news.

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Nyanners has a long hair toggle so it's the best of both worlds actually

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"Based" is a banned word in her chat/discord too

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never apologize.
people who want you canceled will just eat it up and people who never knew about the d r a m a will find out.

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jannies do you fucking job, this isn't even pretending to be a discussion thread

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Short hair matches her personality better but the long hair is cuter.

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you should say its a joke because in the current state people will actually believe that.

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That is entirely correct, but it does not apply to anyone except leftists. Normal fucking people (and even 4chan is normal compared to the people you're talking about) don't react like that to apologies. If she apologised in any way, I would have watched her. I think she's cute and at least moderately entertaining.

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what do you expect them to do?

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Holy shit. It's even funnier since theres always this one retarded fan going "based based based" in these threads.

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>its not a flat ban, its only banned if its used in a derogatory or jokeing manner, like saying "lol hes triggered".
Oh so it's even worse? Since you only get banned for making fun of people like her.

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nuke it

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Fuck me that's really stupid. Being a Nyanners fan must be like living in Communist China.

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Where do I find the banlist?

>> No.4259112

Tell me where in the rules it's states that discussing chuubas their in persona statements is against the rules?
If you want everyone to suck chuubas their cocks and only praise them, go to reddit.

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"Communist" and "China" are banned words too.

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Well it's worse then, lol.

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>What is Taiwan, Nyanners don't hurt me

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look at the OP, this is just "gotta make sure there's a nyanners thread up at all times." Didn't even bother to write anything

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its pretty hard, some words are so common that you dont think about it, like saying a song is an ear rape version, or saying something is retarded or autistic, you dont think about it being a "bad" word, so its easy to slip up and say it when you dont have a list of them printed out next to your monitor.

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It’s fine if you don’t like her for who she is now, but disliking her because she changed her mind about something ten years ago is retarded. She was a teenager then, no one has the same worldview in their twenties and thirties as they do when they were in their teens.

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>How is she gonna collab with Gura then when she refers to herself as lolibaba?
holos would need to start banning words too, just to accommodate hypocritical sjw grifters like nyanners
that's why the collab MUST never happen, nyanners can go fuck herself with her sjw garbage

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>people here are unironically so socially stunted that they call things "retarded" and then act shocked when the norms tell them to stop that
It's one thing to say rude things on an imageboard anon, but you can't act that way everywhere.

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this is why gura needs to make sure the collab is on her channel then go full cute and funny until the bitch has a panic attack from seeing the L word in chat. Invite pikamee if she has to

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Good, "based" is cancerous newfag lingo.

>> No.4259368

You say that as if she actually cares. It's entirely about control, and being on the right side of politics. She doesn't give a shit. Which makes it a hundred times worse.

>> No.4259381

I'm not pasting the entire list, but heres the banned words under differently-abled:

>> No.4259385

"Cancer" is a banned word on her Discord too.

>> No.4259402

Okay now you're making shit up. Didn't somebody else say that they relaxed her Discord after the old rules got people pissed off?

>> No.4259450

do your options field reps

>> No.4259466

I heard that but haven't seen any word actually be removed that used to be banned. its probably just mor eleniant punishment and taking context into account now.

>> No.4259474

Is there still an actual list?

>> No.4259477

What the fuck is an "options field"?

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>pay $10 just to experience communist china-cord
So this... is the power of being a Nyannercuck...

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Look, Nyanners and good is all and but she's only second to ...

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What does that even mean? Gura doesn’t bring attention to her body except to tsukkomi to chat’s short and flat jokes. She’s not some kind of slut. Not to mention her fans are mostly ironic weeb children who think loli is like totally fucked up dude outside of FBI jokes.

>> No.4259664

Not an excuse. At 17 you're old enough to be responsible for the shit you say, you're not a kid anymore.

>> No.4259748

she's made reference to loli memes a few times so she's aware of it, and outside of the chumkiddies meme she's got a decent chunk of full on lolicons or adults at least tolerant of it. Wouldn't take much to kick off a "loli love" chant in chat for a few minutes

>> No.4259790

You wish, this fish is a saint compared to the grifter.

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?? Do you not watch Gura at all? She constantly talks about going commando and streaming naked. As well as wanting to stream nekopara +18

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>someone calls Gura cute and funny
>she says thanks
please man... the meds...

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At this point you're obviously trolling
You have more chances winning the lottery than someone replying with a T u T after being called Cute and Funny

You're the one who should take the meds, nigger

>> No.4259924

He definitely didn't watch her outfit reveal, the cute and funny ribbons weren't a coincidence

>> No.4259951

why did she become finance bros

>> No.4259969

He also missed Gura's Bing Bing Wahoo references, which directly came from /v/

>> No.4260030

>anons are so deluded that they think T u T and the words cute and funny are used only by lolicons
I like Gura and I like loli but thinking she’s including references to 4chan lolicon memes in her streams goes beyond delusional. She’s familiar with plenty of memes, but that doesn’t mean she’s masturbating to lolicon porn.

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The more holopedos hate her the more I like her.

>> No.4260128

Nobody ever said she herself was a lolicon retard, just that she plays into the character. stop forgetting to spice the thread

>> No.4260155

N-no, Gura is only doing it all by accident, she's pure and innocent and would never ever schlick to 9 month year old cat girls

>> No.4260167

You being in denial is the most delusional thing I've ever seen here
It doesn't matter what she faps to. She might have never mentioned anything about masturbation https://files.catbox.moe/i0f2iy.m4v
But her simply knowing the memes and pandering to that is already enough

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take your meds and actually watch gura's streams before saying shit, you disgusting tourist

>> No.4260263

nyanners birthing

>> No.4260272

what happens if you say nigger in your oshi's chat?

>> No.4260284

Kill yourself

>> No.4260354

has anyone actually tried saying nigger in gura's chat? i think youtube automatically filters that regardless

>> No.4260422

you get immediately promoted to a mod if you say "bigger" in gura's chat, try it out

>> No.4260429

Youtube's AI automatically shadowbans certain comments and chat message. Just type something YOU KNOW FOR SURE silicon valley commies don't approve of and then watch the comment feed/Chat on another account and device. You'll see it isn't there.

>> No.4260477

that's just you bro, they're blocking your subversive and dangerous messages so that the masses stay docile

remember to stay anti-woke and never medicate

>> No.4260525

Is this for real? I understand not saying the gamer word but how do you convey that something as retarded in a normie way?

>> No.4260553

"That's dumb"

>> No.4260556

Not believing in the youtube AI and shadowbans is some sort of next level schizo shit since youtube outright admits they exist and everyone on youtube constantly complains about unjustified shadowbans because of the AI.

>> No.4260563

You're responding to a leftist retard in his little bubble who thinks a normal person would find anything odd about something being called retarded.

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>> No.4260607

I have literally been banned from place for using the word "dumb" because "it's offensive to people who can't speak."
I've also been banned for using the words crazy and stupid.
The euphemism carrousel is going into overdrive and pretty soon there won't be any words left to describe mental disabilities because of these faggots.

>> No.4260670

Don't ask him, he's an obese boomer who lives in a basement and don't have friends. I call my friends cunts and retards all the time.

>> No.4260678

The places you got banned from weren't the normie places. There's a spectrum. "That's dumb" is what a norm would say, and a norm would laugh at someone who told them that "dumb" is offensive.

>> No.4260718

10 years ago it was perfectly normal to say retarded. Mark my words 10 years from now normies in America won't know what words to use due to these cancer tumors infiltrating all levels of power.

>> No.4260729

Again, it's one thing to call your close friends something, but saying something is "retarded" in polite company is in fact retarded behavior

>> No.4260763

That's how social norms work, you better get used to it before you end up being the weird senile grandpa who doesn't get invited to family dinners anymore

>> No.4260779

Nigger, I don't live anywhere near America. It's perfectly acceptable to use racial slurs in public here.

>> No.4260789

Anon, it’s called reading the mood. You wouldn’t call things and people retarded around Nyanners because they’ll get angry at you and there’s no point trying to talk sense with people like that. When around people you know are chill it’s fine to relax your tongue and call things retarded or cancerous.

>> No.4260791

>moving goalposts
Lmao, touch grass nerd

>> No.4260817

>You wouldn’t call things and people retarded around Nyanners because they’ll get angry at you
Or, you know, I would mock her relentlessly because that's what I commonly do to people like that. Anyone with a brain does not associate with "people" like that.

>> No.4260867

Someone catch nyanners and put her back in the cage

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>Short hair is gay.
Disgusting, the last straw
I am now pro-Nyanners

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File: 1.66 MB, 3000x2716, __nyatasha_nyanners_vshojo_drawn_by_yamanasi_mikage__dff7833f64b37419182f9a0ceeaba3ff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want Nyanners to catch me and put me in a cage

>> No.4261201

you have no friends anon

>> No.4261233

I would be very disappointed in you, fellow short hair bro.

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wheter she learned those from here or discord is a different discussion, but she's 100% aware of them

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She's grifter filth, she has no morals. If she even felt like she needed money from one of the groups she's burned she would simply pretend it never happened. That's why no real company would ever hire her for VA work, they can smell the grift. Any competent business person would know in 5 minutes that they can't trust her as far as they can throw her so they agree to pay her pennies to fill in some gap in their VA team and then they ghost her as soon as they can. She's human trash and soon enough the cycle is gonna repeat with her Vslutjo audience as well

>> No.4261394

That's retarded

>> No.4261409

I can tell you're not 27 yet. Once you are, you'll hate 17 year old you.

>> No.4261463

Yeah the over the top seethe triggers my contrarian instincts

>> No.4261486

>herp derp she was a teenager then
She left the "evil" videos up for many years. Heck, even now her first video is still a less explicit voice over of a loli hentai manga. Is she still a kid?
>changed her mind
I cannot believe that you apologists are STILL using this strawman. If she truly despised lolicon and decided to delete the pomf video and abandon any lolicon pandering, that I would understand. However, she doubles down continues to use a loli character and persona that most certainly panders to lolicons. That is what makes her a complete hypocrite.
She either still believes that lolicon is evil, in which case she directly participates in what she deems immoral, or never really did care about it and it's social justice or something.

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Have you not had a job? Have you not had to interact in a formal manner with people?

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Silly, it doesn't appeal to lolicon autists
It appeals to ephebophile chads

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She fucking has a school swimsuit outfit and would still play a game where you raise little kids to have sex with (and she knew this before she started playing) if she had not gotten criticism for that. She also collabs with known lolicons.
But you know this already and only pretend that you do not because you are a faggot who excuses everything this whore does. If this whore had a penis, you would shit on her as well.

>> No.4261682

You're projecting. Not everyone is an idiot as a teenager

>> No.4261686

Taking advantage of pedos and then throwing them out? I didn't know how based she was.

>> No.4261690
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Maybe she's just hiding her power level

>> No.4261709
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>implying that I wouldn't be gay for Nyanners

>> No.4261730

>maybe she [my headcanon]
wow good job hiding your power level by playing a loli eropge! she is just a hypocrite. plain and simple.

>> No.4261774

You’ll realize how wrong you are when you’re older.

>> No.4261793
File: 30 KB, 648x354, Nyanners gamerghazi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ironic weeaboo
>reliance on sex and toilet humor
>loli model but calls lolicons perverts and degenerates
>keeps trying to bait donations
>is void of both personality and wit

>> No.4261794
File: 660 KB, 1228x690, ngl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she is just a [my head cannon]

>> No.4261799

Why does she talk like she never had a conversation before?

>> No.4261828

Spent her youth here

>> No.4261841

sad, many such cases

>> No.4261858

Ill never understand why 4channers think its fucking peak comedy to go out and pick on mentally challenged people like this

>> No.4261887

I substantiate my claims with factual data, whereas you appeal to your fantasies. This is what I love about Nyanshit apologists. Not only do they refuse to improve themselves, they literally block out anything that endangers the lattice of self-delusion.
Sure, you could pull a mea culpa and just admit that Nyanshit is a hypocrite. That would be a reasonable reaction.
But Nyanshit apologists aren't reasonable. So they say "haters gonna hate" and dig their heels in, lashing out at anybody who points out simple facts to them. You literally consciously alter your perception of others to validate your opinions.

>> No.4261923

>Sure, you could pull a mea culpa
Sorry I don't speak spaghetti

>> No.4261962


>> No.4261964

I won't say you're retarded, because you hear that every day.

>> No.4262027
File: 1.64 MB, 2825x3087, 1617232024874.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol true!
I've been called Based Retard many times

>> No.4262041

>gets thousands of dollars every day for hiding behind a loli avatar while having zero talents
>never did any honest work in her entire life, only grifts idiots

>> No.4262089

>gets money grifting pedos, never works
uh, based?

>> No.4262111
File: 5 KB, 300x168, laughing spanish guy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look at this dude

>> No.4262116

Why are you getting so mad just because some people do not like hypocrites?

>> No.4262153

wtf no one is mad here we're just shooting the shit

>> No.4262194

lmao what a chill reply

>> No.4262197

how much did you donate before realizing that she wasn't a real cunnychad like you

>> No.4262225
File: 94 KB, 847x926, 1321646215340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok I am sorry, alright? I did not know that you are so attached to some random whore who baits pedophiles. You are acting as if I raped your mom.
Can you stop being mad now please?

>> No.4262249
File: 40 KB, 740x510, Hypocrite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

given that her humor is clearly aimed at edgy preteens and her audience is largely underage retards, I wouldn't be surprised if someone actually ends up getting groomed thanks to her stupid antics.

>> No.4262396

yeah we aight white boi

>> No.4262416

shhh baby. no more tears. shhhh.

>> No.4262433
File: 570 KB, 2048x2048, 1621341380265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4262441

real schizo hours today

>> No.4262484

hush little baby. drink some warm milk :3

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>> No.4262540

nyanners is a massive narcissist hiding behind the illusion of a cute caring teehee omg catgirl i'm just so delicate sorry guys i'm sick again today :(

>> No.4262560

>I wouldn't be surprised if someone actually ends up getting groomed thanks to her stupid antics.
Im sure its a complete coincidence that her discord allows 13 year olds to join while everyone elses is 18+

>> No.4262582

I still think that Nyanners should be banned from /vt/ for not actually being a Vtuber. She's no different than that one twitch whore using an avatar. She's still using the same username she's had for over a decade and she's still acting the same as she always has.

>> No.4262642

Hmm maybe ask on /qa/?
Might have to explain to them that she's a lolicon hating hypocrite too though, they won't be up to date.

>> No.4262654

>nooo you're not a real vtuber unless you roleplay some corporate bugman's fantasies

>> No.4262686
File: 1.05 MB, 984x1507, EuFskKNVkAUlARY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based cat.
She's still inclining hard and seems to regularly get over 10k viewers now.

>> No.4262720

What difference does it make to you? You probably watched that cunt just the same when she streamed normally before.

>> No.4262756

Further proof that the masses have shit taste. Enjoy your McDonalds equivalent of a """Vtuber"""

>> No.4262788
File: 1 KB, 82x32, 1607985610792.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>She's still inclining hard
oh no no no no no

>> No.4262799
File: 566 KB, 2500x3000, EueVFvIVkAAH3cp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Enjoy your McDonalds equivalent of a """Vtuber"""
We will.

>> No.4262802

I didn't know she streamed normally, all I knew of her before pink cat was pomf and other meme videos

>> No.4262835

She's been on Twitch since 2016 or so and was a normal streamer for a while before becoming a pngtuber and then a full vtuber.

>> No.4262965
File: 889 KB, 756x825, 1617801757934.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw had a dream last night where nyanners let me rest my head in her lap and ran her fingers through my hair while singing ducktales theme song as lullaby. After that she chewed some food for me and bird fed me. Then she held my eyes open and drooled all over them. Then she took an enema and sat on my face. things got really weird after that

>> No.4262987

god I wish that was me

>> No.4262994

This. If she actually apologized, gave a reason(no matter how bullshit) would calm down a lot of the seething around her. But no, she gave us this instead


>> No.4263044

She wasn't even talking about the lolischizos in that video, newfagchama...

>> No.4263143

>she's a despised laughingstock
I understand your frustration with her actions, but you're literally living in a fantasy world. Only /vt/ despises her. Reddit, Youtube and Twitch users do not care. She's one of the most succesful vtubers out there.

>> No.4263219

>the top tier humor of the internet is found there
I don't think she's talking about this place.

>> No.4263398

She was talking about the pedos on 4chud in the clip, retard

>> No.4263431

>tfw had a dream last night where I found out where Nyanners lives and broke in. At first she yelled at me to gtfo of her home but after a couple of punches to her stomach and goblin face she got scared. Bitch was crying and kept begging me to not hurt her. She was whimpering "please, please, please" over and over.
I told her she would never see me again if she stopped Vtubing. If not, I would come back for her and everybody she cared about. I swore to feed her pets to her before I kill her. She promised me to stop Vtubing.
Before I left, I took a piss on her and told her to be reminded of this whenver she goes "pee pee poo poo" in the future.
Then I woke up, still smiling.

>> No.4263464

Yes, but the lolischizos started targeting her later than the events that she's talking about. Go read KnowYourMeme or something, I won't be spoonfeesing drama-addicted election tourists any more than this.

>> No.4263479
File: 82 KB, 1200x816, 1618934865432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's hot

>> No.4263485

>Grifting Pedos so she doesn't have to work hard even though she hates them
I think I love her.

>> No.4263515


>> No.4263541

You only make her sound smart.

>> No.4263542

>lolischizos started targeting her
That's because she was saying all lolicons are pedos.

>> No.4263617

Yes, but that was again later than the events she's talking about in that video. Why do you even care about this? It's clear that all your knowledge about this comes from screenshot collages made by insane people. It doesn't really concern you at all.

>> No.4263619

well she shat the bed and now has to lie in it and wallow in her own shit

>> No.4263731

Isn't she doing better than ever?

>> No.4263733

She wants lolis banned. That all I need to care about. There's a lot of loli vtubers who play into the loli aspect of there character. If she had the power in our community to really fuck shit up, she definitely would by peer pressure alone. Even vtubers like melody and mousey has to keep their lolicon and shotacon antics to a minimum because of her fanbase. I don't want people demonized over drawings. That's why I care.

>> No.4263768

>nyankeks believe this

>> No.4263776

Imagine making porn a core part of your identity. Seek help fast

>> No.4263885

>She wants lolis banned.
She literally never said that, but think whatever you want.

>> No.4263927

>>>>>>>>>>loli vtubers existing and being cute

>> No.4264029

>Imagine making porn a core part of your identity.
If you believe lolis are porn by existing you're just a retard.

She did bro. All the screenshots keep getting reposted here, again, again, and again. In fact I can tell you the reasoning on why she believes it. It's the simple reasoning that such art is, "normalizing" fucked up shit. It's complete bs though. Her kind policing will be bad for vtubers in the long run. It's getting worse in the anime community. It's getting worse for vtubers too. I just don't want that shit near my vtubers is all.

>> No.4264153

>All the screenshots keep getting reposted here, again, again, and again.
And in none of them she actually says it should be banned. People can find things disgusting without wanting to ban them.

>> No.4264233
File: 360 KB, 396x500, 1621982381590.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.4264266

holy shit I should visit GGG even though I'm a nijichad

>> No.4264325
File: 366 KB, 2097x1575, 1618823878215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah I watch her and Ame when nyanners/vei/ironmouse aren't doing something I want to watch

>> No.4264362

aside from the unforgivable sin of giving that pink piece of shit a viewer, ironmouse is nice, and Ame is amazing. NijiEN is just on another level though.

>> No.4264560
File: 13 KB, 513x111, 1622119000986.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Literally in the nyanners is a hypocrite collage. Are you really gonna tell me that something she believes to be "pedophilic crap" she doesn't want to get banned? She's literally saying that, "They're not just drawings". She literally believes 2d = 3d. Why do you people keep saying this when it's right there?

>> No.4264661

Youtube did'nt let me post the word "Nerd "in a SC, so figure it.

>> No.4264709

>"She called for a ban"
>tries to back it up with a screenshot where she doesn't call for a ban
You're a literal retard

>> No.4264724

She would stop whatever she's playing to say she's racist and wants to lynch all niggers
Saying uoh also makes her talk at length about her love for licking underage cunny

>> No.4264774

New drinking game: Everytime Nyanners is mentioned, take a shot whenever the word "hypocrite" is used

>> No.4264779

>She's literally saying that, "They're not just drawings"
No, anon. She's saying they ARE drawings but them being drawings doesn't matter. That's an important difference. Even many of the most zealous anti-loli fanatics don't necessarily want loli banned because even they know that every single second wasted on fighting loli is a second not spent on fighting real sexual abuse. I don't now what pink cat's opinion is, but what you posted is not evidence.

>> No.4264788

>sexual abuse and especially sexual abuse of children is not something to make light of
Sexual abuse isn't cool, guys. Can't believe Pornhub is allowing all that rape porn on its site, disgusting. They even have incest and teen porn, how could they allow that? Absolutely degenerate.

>> No.4264800

only 10 shots so far I can still drive

>> No.4264820

So you're telling me she wouldn't ban pedophilic content?

>> No.4264854

I don't get it, both wings talk shit about that stuff

>> No.4264927
File: 1.74 MB, 1260x2120, E2UbeTKUUAUv8If.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nyan's audience keeps growing and she's probably going to collab with a holoEN soon (Vei was probably blocked, but Nyan decided to cancel on her own, she's not blocked). Meanwhile all /vt/ can do is seethe while I laugh and enjoy the show. Life is good.

>> No.4264960

Good. Let Cover destroy their own brand. I like HoloEN (not my favorite though) but that will finally make me drop them.

>> No.4265081

>Let Cover destroy their own brand.
schizo take

>> No.4265170

Nyanners will never have a family

Never have friends

Never have anything besides worthless fotm ironic Internet nothingness

But atleast she has a schizo fanbase, no wonder they are dedicated

>> No.4265202

Angriest post in the thread

>> No.4265227

It's impressive how dedicated some of her haters are. In a weird way they probably care more about her than some of her fans.

>> No.4265399

Why are underaged people allowed on her discord? She's a softcore porn streamer.

>> No.4266036

they are being groomed. is it not funny how every fucking time the biggest loli haters turn out to be the real perverts and disgusting pedos irl?

>> No.4266135

how can she be so cute...

>> No.4266257

It's hilarious how people on this website are in any other case just amorphous blobs with no positions other than "i hate everything about Vtubers but still want to sit in the audience with a big frowny face and my armes crossed because i want people to see how mad i am more than i want to not watch vtubers" .
It's all for the luls until a woman also says contradictory things for her convenience, then it's time to pull out your swords and fight for your values.
Get fucked, if you retards were public figures you'd say what you need to survive too.

>> No.4266325

i don't believe this. 4chan users are generally evil and would use that against her

>> No.4266346

Are you saying people who watch a vtuber hate vtubers?
I can't keep track anymore this thread went off the deep end a while ago

>> No.4266441

you can turn that off

>> No.4266463

Go to any thread on this board. most posters here despise every component of vtubing whether it be women, people making money with streaming, idols, weebs, and everything else that makes Vtubers what they are.
They come to the party just to bitch and moan about how dumb parties are. You'd think they'd have better things to do, things they actually enjoy. it seems like 90% of vt users are addicted to pointing out with the most serious anger ever any miniscule sin any vtuber has committed against their personal pride and opinions.
I literally do not give a shit about a tumblr post some bitch made years ago. i care that nyanners is here now and that she makes video i enjoy. why the fuck bring in abstract concepts and integrity into the question. This is jokes. it's games. Why do people here take their pride as lolicon-adjacent so seriously

>> No.4266571

>why the fuck bring in abstract concepts and integrity into the question.
Because she did it first.

>> No.4266645

I hope you noticed you just answered the exact same way a kindergartener would.
>b-b-b-buy she did!!!!
Ok and? why are you a paladin of justice all of a sudden.
She doesn't even talk about that shit on stream or in her twitter, she's not using her platform to virtue signal or any shit like that. To hang onto old shit just for the sake of being mad is autism. You're not electing Nyanners into office, you're at most watching her videos. This ridiculous one-drop-rule purity checking for content creators' ideals is usually a cringy leftist move. why the fuck are people doing it here

>> No.4266655

Oh that kind of thing. You can go to any board and see the same phenomenon. You could make the argument that the only people who whine that much complain because they really care and want their hobby to be better, anyone indifferent won't even want to discuss it in the same way I don't care which player was transferred to which sportsball team because I don't watch sports.
But really fans are just fucking annoying and being a "Chad enjoyer" should always be the goal.

>> No.4266878

She did ten years ago and then she did it a few months ago with the nekopara collab. She shouldn't be briging those kinds of ideals at all. Mainly because those ideals would harm other vtubers bottom line. Mainly the loli and lolicon vtubers. It's shit bro. I hadn't even said any /pol/ words yet. but you can go off about rightoids and leftoids. I don't give a shit about that. I just wanna make sure the vtubers I watch don't get canned because of outside bs.

>> No.4266947

pick one. she is just doing her regular streaming and happens to have an avatar around.

>> No.4266974

That's vtubing

>> No.4267009

When is she killing herself.

>> No.4267012

>This thing that is the thing that it is isn't what it is because i don't like it
>playing with semantics
Ok schizo

Nyanners playing a game with loli cats despite making a stance against stuff with child rape themes isn't going to take down whoever the hell your favourite loli vtuber is, i don't know what mental gymnatics you're doing to think that.
If nyanners somehow had an anti loli character agenta she wouldn't have spoken positively of gura more than once

>> No.4267042

Why do you behave like this

>> No.4267065

>If nyanners somehow had an anti loli character agenta she

>> No.4267129

So what the fuck is the issue
if the claim isn't that she wants to ban loli vtubers, clearly isn't against loli characters because she played nekopara, is the rage exclusively over the abstract notion of her having contradicted herself in a self serving way? Are you people fucking catholic priests here? Nyanners having sinned is that upsetting to you?
I'm sorry to tell you this but whether you know it or not literally any vtuber you may watch has probably done something selfish or bad in their lives. hope that doesn't ruin it for you

>> No.4267145

Not soon enough.

>> No.4267150

That cunt is only pretending to like Gura, the whole praise segment was just underhanded projection, when she called Gura smart she was actually implying Gura is as rotten and fake on the inside as Nyanners is, implying that Gura isn't genuine.
Oh and by the way, Cover will NEVER allow a collab.

>> No.4267159

>if the claim isn't that she wants to ban loli vtubers, clearly isn't against loli characters because she played nekopara, is the rage exclusively over the abstract notion of her having contradicted herself in a self serving way?
She is, though. Literally all of this.

>> No.4267191

No fuckface. If that was true, then Vtubing would be the most shallow shit on earth and everybody who watched it would be a retard.
Vtubing is also about taking on a persona, creating an illusion for your audience.

>> No.4267193

Ok let's loop back then, pretending you mean what you just wrote:
Why would she talk positively about Gura

>That cunt is only pretending to like Gura,
Supply proof.

>> No.4267237

kill yourself, you triggered trap.

>> No.4267258

Hmm I don't see that rule anywhere

>> No.4267262

>Vtubing would be the most shallow shit on earth and everybody who watched it would be a retard
Are you some sort of wild animal? are you only capable of thinking in binary extremes?
Vtubers vary in how much they build their personas. some do it more and some less.

>> No.4267284

i like her but i also enjoy low view independent vtubers.. doubt that this is very normal

>> No.4267296


Nyanners has been for the better part of the last decade a lolcow, Lolcows are usually too selfobsessed to kill themselves. they just carry on fueled by their grand delusions and paypig sychophants. even scum like CWC still lives to this day unfortunately. it doesnt take much for these kindd of barrel scrapers sadly.

>> No.4267300

>Why would she talk positively about Gura
You answered this yourself: "contradicted herself in a self serving way"
If Gura did not have millions of subs she could leesh off, she would either not give a shit about her or would openly shit on her IF it was popular to do so.

>> No.4267319

>You cannot call a spade a spade
take a cute red crayon and circle where in my post i said that you "can't" call her whatever the fuck you want.
Once you've put your unused crayon away, notice that my issue is with people being outraged by nyanners' inconsistency, not taking into question that she has contradicted herself

>> No.4267326

The irony is thick

>> No.4267338

>some do it more and some less.
And Nyanshit does not at all. She really is fake at virtually everything she does.

>> No.4267346

Because she's in a space where she has to put up with lolis. She doesn't have all the power to really cause a true movement in the anime or vtuber community. Allowing her thoughts to go through would be bad news for people like gura. Remember, Gura has called herself a Lolibaba in a member's stream.

>> No.4267348

does anyone have these streams archived?

>> No.4267365

Official thread theme
Dont forget to download this to preserve it for posterity or other reasons

>> No.4267454

But this is why I bothered to check out Nyanners in the first place
Was trippy to hear her again after all these years

>> No.4267474

fake and virtual is what vtubers are anon : )

-she doesn't do anything actively against loli vtubers or against loli characters
-her public stance is in fact that she's fine with loli designs
-she's completely consenting to anything that happens making no effort to change it at all
So again. What is the issue if in practical terms she does nothing against lolis etc? It's truly just an issue with the purity of her ideals?

>> No.4267481

Why dont you tell her that in her stream? I'm sure she will be delighted

>> No.4267517

Wait you enjoyed it?
But that means you are a disgusting pedophile and she doesnt want you near her stream

>> No.4267525

Do you not realize how you are doing the exact opposite of what you are preaching?
I personally hate the notion that people should not engange the things they dislike because that is akin to denying a part of your existence as a human in particular and as an emotional creature in general, but even if we accepted this silly idea, you could at least notice that you yourself are also engaging things you do not like, namely the posts of the people whose "outrage" you take issue with.

The next step would be some other fa telling YOU that YOU should not get worked. And then another faggot should show up who in turn tells that guy that he should not get worked up and so on ad infinitum.

>> No.4267546

>her public stance is in fact that she's fine with loli designs
see pic related in >>4264560

>> No.4267584

I would only care about if she approves of lolicons or not if she discussed it on streams which she doesn't
I'm sure most vtubers hate their creepy as fuck fans but they don't mention it so they don't have to get mad

>> No.4267646

Ok, i raise you a see a pic related in >>4257755

Glad to see your crayon has in fact stayed unused.
I don't know why you think "Hey you said you don't like this flaw that people have but you're a flawed person too, and in a similar respect!" is some sort of interesting observation.

>> No.4267725

>so she...
No stop right there. She has no stance or ideology or whatever you want to call it. She is entirely self-serving and will just turn around and backstab anybody she need to in order to get farther ahead.
The second it becomes popular to shit on loli Vtubers because enough Western normies are part of the community to drown out the oldfags, you can bet that Nyanshit will be the very first to call for loli Vtubers to clean up their act. Or she will tell her lewd friends that they need to be less lewd so that women feel more comfortable (see pic related). Or whatever.

Furthermore, it sucks having that cunt in the community period. She ruined so many Vtubers already (Melody for instance) and keeps influencing shit via her fans. Even if you avoid her streams, she is always there to potentially fuck up a streamer you enjoy.

>> No.4267764

cool story, but it's pasta. C'mon man, come up with some fresh material I can't schlick myself to that

>> No.4267796

A Nyanshit apologist turns out to be ok with hypocricy. Wow why am I not surprised? Literally all you are doing is deflecting with your non-issues, because you have given up on denying the facts about the cunt you defend.

>> No.4267806

>She ruined so many Vtubers already (Melody for instance)

>> No.4267900

>you can bet that Nyanshit will be the very first to call for loli Vtubers to clean up their act.
Alright, how much do you want to bet?

Are you retarded? I came right out the gate saying i wasn't concerned with her saying self serving shit in order to survive as a internet figure, you're not discovering anything new here.
>Wow why am I not surprised?
Probably because i said so, you literal mongoloid.
My question for nyanner haters was why do you guys care so much about someone being a hypocrite, why do you care so deeply about the persona ethics of a light entertainer.
So far i've gotten the idea that these people believe nyanners is a bad influence on western vtubing in general, which i frankly don't see but clearly theyre seeing different things too

>> No.4267911

You're showing the whole collage? What's that supposed to mean? all that collage shows is that she wants to ban lolis but goes through with it anyways because she doesn't have the power yet. She has the power to ban loli in her discord. What makes you think that if she did have the power to ban lolis in vtubing and anime she wouldn't?

>> No.4267970

I was referring specifically to her saying she's ok with loli looking characters, which is what i said in my post. It's the discord screenshot with the words underlined in red.

>> No.4268048

But most loli vtubers are sexual, even nyanners.

>> No.4268148

Awww is baby getting emotional?
Yeah it is such a mystery. I do not know what kind of answer you are even looking for. Perhaps look into evolutionary psychology and why ostracizing people who betray you may increase your survival or some shit. Or simply accept that you are some kind of freak for not having this natural disposition.

>> No.4268185

Check out my new daki Nyannerbros, it just arrived today

>> No.4268205

Nyanners isn't even a loli vtuber though. Her anime voice is a generic whispery voice that non loli characters have consistently, she doesn't dress or act like a child and even gave herself tits for her halloween costume. She's a generic JK at-most design with a generic anime voice.

That said, "are sexual" is incredibly generic, and nyanners "ethical concerns" are pretty clearly tied to child rape speficically

You're acting really upset anon and also it's very tiring to try and answer this cause i literally already addressed this earlier:
> is the rage exclusively over the abstract notion of her having contradicted herself in a self serving way? Are you people fucking catholic priests here? Nyanners having sinned is that upsetting to you?

>> No.4268329


>> No.4268330

>You're acting really upset anon
You should have a cup of tea, put on a Cat Stevens record, sit down and chill out.
>herp derp only catholic priests care about whether somebody is a lying fraud
sorry but you were misinformed, bro.

>> No.4268338

since this thread is almost done and once again didn't 404 with less than 10 posts like all pink cat threads should, going to post a reminder for the 1 or 2 actual fans that aren't just making these threads to bait.

If you watch Nyanners and aren't part of her inner circle, she hates you. Not just the lolicons, unironic pedos, or whatever line the baitniggers are using against every criticism, but every actual fan from 2011 to now. And I don't mean hate as a general dislike, she would actually rather you die in a ditch than interact with you for a second if she didn't need internet money to eat. The only reason she stopped facestreaming after a few attempts was because she couldn't keep pretending to not be disgusted every time she looked at chat and remembered that she would always be a dancing monkey for neckbeards. Now stop making nyanners and vshoujo threads. Stop replying to nyanners threads. Stop posting nyanners in other threads. Act like global rule 15 applies to any discussion of nyanners. And stop watching her if you do, its worse than cuckoldry

>> No.4268362


never seen this soijack before

>> No.4268372

>Are you retarded?
You used one of the forbidden words anon!

>> No.4268379

on one hand, this is cringe supreme
on the other.. he seems genuinely happy while I'm not sure how I haven't killed myself from my depression yet

>> No.4268384

Imagine thinking any vtuber actually wants to hang out with her neckbeard paypigs

>> No.4268386


>> No.4268423

Maybe stop getting mad at stupid shit

>> No.4268432

I mean this guy probably was also very happy doing this but who knows what the future will hold

>> No.4268450

>Now stop making nyanners and vshoujo threads. Stop replying to nyanners threads. Stop posting nyanners in other threads.

I'm sorry I'm pretty aware of the rules on 4chan but i seem to have missed the one that says I take orders from you? Can you point me to where it says that?

You're fucking weird for being incapable of watching someone without the ghost of "morals" haunting you anon.

literally what makes you think that i care about pleasing nyanners or agreeing with her

>> No.4268467

Hang out? No. But there are some who are obviously flattered by their support and who genuinely enjoy making people happy all over the world.
It is the kind of person who does not tell her entire fanbase that they are disgusting pieces of shit every couple of years.

>> No.4268521

you don't know what depression is, do you?
I wish I could get mad at stupid shit

>> No.4268542

>the ghost of "morals"
Oh god my sides! Next you gonna tell me about them spooks and how Stirner was a great philosopher, anon? Or will you quote your favorite passage from Atlas Shrugged?

>> No.4268558

Exactly what I'd expect

>> No.4268566

I think there are people who watch Nyanners who actually don't fap to super loli doujins

>> No.4268568

>see regular vtuber at concert/show
>they wave and maybe give a "hi"
>see nyanners
>she stabs you and steals your ID so she can post your real name and picture online as her attempted rapist

>> No.4268587

>Nyanners isn't even a loli vtuber though.
>she doesn't dress or act like a child and even gave herself tits for her halloween costume. She's a generic JK at-most design with a generic anime voice.
Kek, you don't even know what the fuck a loli is.

>> No.4268614

She hates weebs in general and thinks Vtubing is retarded. If you cannot tell that now, just wait a couple more years and she will tell you herself.

>> No.4268627

>see nyanners
>she stabs you
Fuck yes

>> No.4268684

if a loli isn't a kid, doesn't have a kid's voice, doesn't act like a kid, lean on kid-like themes for its eroticism, doesn't have a childlike body or features, then yeah i have no damn clue.
Again, nyanners is a generic JK catgirl and not a loli

>> No.4268694

>even gave herself tits for her halloween costume
Why do fags keep bringing that up as if it somehow was an argument against her design being loli. The Halloween tits are an obvious joke, so what the fuck are they supposed to proof? If some Vtuber girl jokingly dressed as a guy for Halloween, does that somehow proof that they are actually male?

>> No.4268732

Nyanshits character looks like a kid, sounds like a kid and is crude&lewd. This is not hard to understand. You may now put your head into the sand again.

>> No.4268765


>> No.4268771

>looks like a kid
except it doesn't
>sounds like a kid
except it doesn't
She's a generic catgirl and nothing in her design implies she's a loli, other than her chest size.

>> No.4268780

>an obvious joke
Just like her breakdown on discord before that contemplating to makes her chest bigger in general because people called her a loli?
Dont worry she kept the design, money was too good

>> No.4268827

Ok, that's 1 character from a fairly recent video game. What is this supposed to tell me about lolis

>> No.4268852


>> No.4268856

imagine being mad for 7 years because someone thought it's kind of fucked up to jack off to loli

>> No.4268879

I mean she's just not a loli man don't know what to tell you.

>> No.4268889

It was never about the fucking age, or attitude. There has always been lolis of different ages and attitudes. It's just you fuckers who think all lolis are kids. Can't even think that legal lolis or lolibabas even exist huh? Her base model is obvisously loli, she also has models of different outfits that play into the loli aspect. The only people who don't know that she's a loli are retards like you anonchama.

>> No.4268891

Nyanners is voicing her or something for a fandub

>> No.4268903

>he does not know

>> No.4268919


>> No.4268926

I sometimes can't tell if I'm watching the same nyanner as you, guys
because.. I often can relate with her degeneracy, but shit like that made even me go
awwww helll naw, bruv

>> No.4268964

Ok whatever. Lets post some milfs and grannies now. I will start.

>> No.4268968

This proves to us that loli characters actually don't have to be kids?

It was to nyanners? The whole fuss is about things she said and to her it's strictly about their age and not about their appearance

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