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I think it's pretty much confirmed at this point.


Also, VTuber tag is now live on Twitch.

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So, how do we stop it like the other one?
Vshojo whores need to fuck off forever

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Do your fucking job holoniggers. Block this shit collab too.

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I'm cool with Ironmouse though.

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Hope they have Fun

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Look forward to how local schizos will try to get to a bed-ridden girl.

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Nice rrat, but I'll ogey it

Holofags will seethe

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Uh my autistic rant was just for veibae, don't count me on this one

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To be honest, I don't expect this to be a streaming collab. If it's anything outside of just a song that gets put up on Calli's YT channel, I'll be surprised.

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Nah. If my boy wants to collab with Ironmouse, that's fine by me.

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Damn Hololive and Vshojo really want to kill NijisanjiEN without a fighting chance

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No one really hates Ironmouse due to her condition.

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it's ironmouse so it's gonna be fine

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So that pic is true... We are getting an Ironmouse taken by the Death collab...

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Libera Me From Hell cover onegai

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not your personal army faggot

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Mousey is the one Vshojo that Holo fans would have the least problem with. She's actually entertaining and can stand on her own unlike the majority of the other girls.

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The colab to end all colabs,death coming to end mousey once and for all

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Ironmouse is based so I don't care.
In fact, this might even be a good thing if normies realize that people hated Veibae and the pink grifter specifically, rather than just blanket gatekeeping other companies.

The effect of which will be that rather than trying to be rebellious and do the collabs anyway "regardless of the haters", they will think "It's okay as long as we avoid those two."

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Mouse is fine

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Post THAT pic.

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Mousey is alright in my book and she is huge fan of Mori and Hololive in general.

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Naw, we're good.

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Holy shit, this would be perfect.

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She probably has a ton of dirt like the others, right? I mean, nobody who joins that group can possibly be a decent person.
Hell, even Froot who appears nice is a cheating whore of the highest degree.

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Good for Mousey. I hope they have fun.

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This is something akin to Make-A-Wish for ironmouse right?

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She is associated with that group, she made her bed, bro
I can't even begin to feel sorry for her

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Good for them. I hope Mousey has a lot of fun, she was really excited the few times she teased this recently.

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Anon no one who become a Vtuber is normal

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Ironmouse is cool... fuck nyanners tho

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I love Mouse too but this is not a good sign. We're likely about to slide down the slippery slope.

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She's had a hard life. There's a reason no one shits on her.

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Melody is a good person unless you unironically think
>b-b-but prostitution bad!

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I'm fine with both Mouse and Zentreya, they are unironically based.
Silvervale is kinda boring, but i find the fact that her mother and brother also being into Vtubing at least midly interesting.
Melody started ok but became kinda repetitive.
Froot is bit like Ina - cute and fine if you want something calming and comfy.
Hime who?
Nyanners and Vei are crap, really.

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She's just a kid with a condition who's been shut in. The slightest breeze will kill her. She's only really vulgar because she spends all day on the internet. She couldn't be a whore if she wanted to.

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She lives in a fucking bubble, dude. For well over a decade. There is no dirt on her other than everybody, but you apparently, knowing she has a serious autoimmune disease which means she pretty much lives in her room and can't eat regular food. If you really wanna cancel or shit on her still, go for it sociopath.

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>Calli will actually have a song with some vshojo whore instead of Gura
So whats the rat here, do they have heat behind the scenes?
You can't use the "Gura is lazy" excuse either because she has two collab songs already and another two in the pipeline, not with Calli.

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why the fuck text voice v-tubers are a thing? and why is she so popular????
i mean i guess she cool but still

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I might have to watch mori for once

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Slippery slope is a fallacy.

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I do in the same way whoring yourself as a twitch thot is bad. Fuck off.

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Yeah I thought Zentreya was a dude like Artemis, or is that a rrat?

>> No.4226820

Because HE is a guy.
It is not.

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consider killing yourself, cooldown-kun

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>Holofaggots actually defending Vshojo now
kek what even is this?

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Imagine if that gets used as a thumbnail

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The slope already has a hard stop with Vei, Melody, and Nyanners being blocked

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>and why is she so popular????
Zentreya has been at it since before the vtuber boom in the west.

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You retards don't understand, we're stealing their viewers, not the other way around. All Hololive members are way more entertaining and interesting than any Vshojo.

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nobody like whores, anon

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It's not Kiara, she's the one that gets shit from /vt/.

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>why the fuck text voice v-tubers are a thing?

Except is not as the last five years have shown us

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Nyanners isn't blocked
Vei is only blocked by fans
Cover only blocks Melody, and even that might change

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>It is not.
Yes, it is.

Stop being stupid.

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the only one i "defend" is ironmouse

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Where are her shoulders?

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>another two in the pipeline
And how do you know one of those aren't with Mori?

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Yes. Being a whore IS bad.

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Nijinig youll get your chance to collab just wait your turn

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I do.

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>being blocked

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That's what I mean, fans have made enough noise to stop Vei and Nyanners from collabing.

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No it isn't.

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As some anon said, they're VShojo, so they count as virtual uterus-owning people. Don't think there's any actual facts about the roomate, tho.

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Ironmouse is literally the only VShoujo who it actually okay, all the others are trash that should never be allowed to interact with Hololive.

>> No.4226942

Cover has denied collabs with Melody for forever and Vei doubled down on shitting on Hololive (the company) when pulling out of the Kiara collab. Even Reddit shits on her now.

>> No.4226943

> Why Zentreya is popular.

Dunno, maybe because she's entertaining as fuck and genuinely try to put effort into her streams? Every so often she pulls out new tricks and shits and has great chemistry going on with the chat, which even the biggest Hololive stars just lack.

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wrong whores are based

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why are hololive gateniggers are like this? Ironmouse is a honest and supportive girl, very similar to Amelia. she never did anything bad that deserves hate and is very capable of filtering herself when collabing with other people.
you retards that keep claiming that she makes too much sexual jokes, do you even know what your pure jp idols are saying? a lot of them act exactly like the twitch vtuber you hate so much, you're just too dumb to notice.

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men can be funny

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Enma, jenma, chadma, whatever the fuck, do you fucking job, you done so well in the past blocking this shit, what happened?

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This is where the hate train stops, buddy.

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>terrible post
>it's an Enmatard
Every single time.

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Are we reading the same thread?

>> No.4227011

The few times this was brought up in Mori threads the response was mostly positive. The two of them seem to get along and Mousey has never said anything bad about Hololive.

>> No.4227014

read the thread retard

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Nobody has a problem with mouse, but the shitfest of a group she belongs to.

>> No.4227023

Come on brah, it's like Make a Wish here. She gonna get reaped one day, let her meet her reaper while she has the energy to annoy her.

>> No.4227027

Literally everyone in this thread is saying they don't care. Reading reps, anonchama

>> No.4227051

If this collab happens we are one step away from Gura doing a collab with Pokimane

>> No.4227054

See >>4226933. Think of Norio.

>> No.4227062

Veibae could've literally just said, "You know I really had the wrong impression of Cover. I took rumors at face value, and while the Idol thing isn't for me Kiara and the other girls seem to enjoy it, my bad."

And it would've defused 90% of the hate. Ironmouse hasn't done anything remote similar to Vei shitting on Cover, so no one really has a problem with her. She also seems more genuine about enjoying Mori's stuff as opposed to Vei hitting up Kiara.

>> No.4227075

Nyanners isn't nearly as opposed by the fans as Vei
if she wanted to, the collab would still happen in relative tranquility (outside of here)

>> No.4227085

For better or worse Gura has enough money she doesn't have to do shit she doesn't feel like. Gura has a tough time asking her gen mates, literally some of her closest friends, for collabs. Where is this idea she will collab with non vtubers coming from?

>> No.4227088

anyone else finds it funny that Mori 'what is a vtuber' Calliope is becoming a central figure in the scene, both indie and corporate, in both west and japan?

>> No.4227095


>> No.4227097

>claiming that she makes too much sexual jokes
It not like she can ever act on it

>> No.4227102

Kiara was the one hitting on Vei though

>> No.4227107

meidos i kneel

>> No.4227119

Women literally can't resist her. It's pretty funny.

>> No.4227127

Should have included a little girl crying by her bedside for maximum edge

>> No.4227131

Kiara turned her into a moeblob idolfag
i'm forever grateful

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Being two-faced is bad. You hate whores like Veibae because they smile at you like they're normal, then turn around and suck nigger cock.

Actual whores like Melody are based, see >>4226947, because you know exactly where you stand, and getting them to suck your cock is just a matter of asking.

Essentially, in a just world a cheating bitch like Froot would be strung up, whereas Melody's ancient profession has the backing of St. Augustine.

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>cuck Calli
>cuck Vei
>Mori and Mouse have a good time
>VShojo HoloEN peace treaty

Good End

>> No.4227163

the fact that she felt the need to clarify that in her stream is disgusting in its own right

>> No.4227172

Look as a guy I can see understand Mori's appeal but what spell is she casting on Japanese women, apparently completely by accident, that makes them swoon over her? Are all autistic white girls in Japan being mobbed by u schizos?

>> No.4227184

>cuck Kiara*

>> No.4227195

How likely to be true is that, though? Vei lies like she breathes.

>> No.4227197

Fans didn't stop Nyanners, she backed out herself. If she'd gone through with it fans would not be able to stop it.

>> No.4227198

Considering even Moona autistic flirting is working for these Japanese women, I don't know the answer anymore.

>> No.4227216

They literally think she's "cool". They just don't know what a fucking dork and genuine autist shit is. Even the ones who know by now that she is shy around her senpais still can't grasp the depth of what a fucking autistic dork she is.

>> No.4227219

yeah it's so fun when she needs stop everything she's doing to write on her text-voice
steven hawking like v-tuber....

>> No.4227227

NYPA fag

>> No.4227233

Yeah he is, or at lest highly likely is he. There's a old stream where "she" reveals "her real voice" along side her boyfriend. Watching the stream it's really obvious the boyfriend is the real one that streams. Though it's possible it could be a duo of both of them.

But no he's not trans if that's what you mean with the Artemis thing. People calling him so are just shitposting or just retared.

>> No.4227240

Sorry but the sheer amount of irony in specifically these two collabing is too much to pass up on.

>> No.4227246

It's speech-to-text-to-speech now, updated a while back

>> No.4227250

Fuck you faggot, now i'm imagining the kino. It will also showcase both their forte

>> No.4227267

Unfortunately, Vei and Nyanners aren't blocked. Mel is the only one that Cover wisely banned from way back when Coco wanted to collab with her.

>> No.4227277

>somebody who would literally die if she has sex is a whore now because i don't fucking know

>> No.4227278

Well, Kiara's first mention of her was pretty much "I wanna have sex with her voice" which is pretty typical of Kiara.
Veibae may have taken the opportunity to leech from her, but if it was actually her taking the initiative she would have went for Mori or something ,especially since Mori is already known to want to collab with non-Hololive people.

>> No.4227283

technology does wonders.

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I dont really care about them doing a collab. Might even watch it even though I watch neither of them.
But you just know Vei is seething silently that this is getting a pass without any problems while she got shot down instantly.

>> No.4227307

Don't listen to retardchamas, just enjoy and hope for >>4226636.

>> No.4227312

I'm actually excited for this. But for the love of god don't let hime anywhere near the holo girls.

>> No.4227317

>Mori opera
>Mouse rap

I dunno man...

>> No.4227319

Everyone knows Norio is a woman. Her fucking face is an emote. It's the ones that hide it like a national secret that annoy me. I like Tonari Mari as well if you think I don't like males portraying females.

>> No.4227323

>But you just know Vei is seething silently that this is getting a pass without any problems while she got shot down instantly.
This is why we should be in favor of this collab. So that Veibae and Nyanners know they're fucking hated for being who they are, not for belonging to Vshojo.

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>not blocked

>> No.4227339

She's not using notepad for like few months retard. She got stts system few weeks before V-Shojo announcement.
If you want to hate at least make your fucking research and don't act like retard. Unless you are one, in this case i feel bad for your parents.

>> No.4227351

I mean, Norio is a woman, but the vtuber is a boy. With Zentreya, the dragon is a woman while the roomate is unknown.

>> No.4227360

Nyanners already thinks she's the one drawing hate to vshojo rather than the other way around.

>> No.4227368

Mouse gets an eternal pass since someone breathing near her could potentially kill her. If anything it might activate JP saviorfagging if it happens.

>> No.4227377

Suicide by sex would be an amazing way to go out if not for the fact that it hurts the first time.

>> No.4227395

What was her highest live viewers count?

>> No.4227414

Nah I like Mouse and her partner isn't Kiara, but Mori. I have literally zero reasons to sperg out at this

>> No.4227418

>But you just know Vei is seething silently that this is getting a pass without any problems while she got shot down instantly.
Kiara will seethe too, kek.

>> No.4227422

Not THAT kind of saviorfagging, the other kind

>> No.4227424

why the literally camgirl is the best and more seiso girl of vshojo????
like she is actually fun to watch.

>> No.4227425

Honestly ppl sperging out about what streamer has in the pants are baffling.
Who fucking cares? You all are not watching them to find sexual partners (mostly because you all are unable to attract anyone, really) but to get entertained. Person behind Vchuuba can be obese Japanese guy and it's still fun.

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Ironmouse is fine, the other sluts are disgusting and totally yab
Imagine a collab of Nyanners & Gura this can start a war between Holo and vshojo simps (4chan and lolicons vs Reddit and actual pedos)

>> No.4227455

We< need a speech-to-text-to-speech-to-text chuba

>> No.4227460
File: 147 KB, 337x451, EwUIS_sWQAIhmF6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>voms fans were happy when pika and mousey agreed to a collab
>holoniggers having a mental breakdown over a potential mori/mousey collab

>> No.4227470

>Mori default posing even in other people's tweets

>> No.4227475

If you actually whore for a living LARPing as a stereotypical slut is probably the last thing you want to do as a hobby.

>> No.4227478


>> No.4227483

Nyanners draws hate because she has been active on the internet too long. It REALLY doesn't help she started out here and then jumped ship to tumblr which caused her to be hated on both platforms. Honestly though only schizos actually care enough to hate on her.

Her numbers are good I am just saying there is untapped potential for her on the JP side of things if they ever find out she is LITERALLY DYING like their KEY VN heroine.

>> No.4227499

>Imagine a collab of Nyanners & Gura
I'm having a hard time imagining what that would actually be like.

>> No.4227508

>Vchuuba can be obese Japanese guy and it's still fun
Only if the chuuba is fun, which I'm hearing she is and also that she started in VRChat before vtubing got popular.

>> No.4227510

>holoniggers having a mental breakdown over a potential mori/mousey collab
Uuh... I don't see it in this thread. You sure you're not an actual schizo?

>> No.4227512

>while she got shot down instantly
Maybe she should have considered that before talking shit about the people she later tried to collab with.

>> No.4227522

Yeah, that's a great reason to be for this collab. Make a ruckus when it's Vei or Nyiggers, let the others pass. Eventually these two will learn the pecking order.

>> No.4227535

Mori will get away with it

>> No.4227538


>> No.4227542

A-chan gets soaked over Mori's facade of coolness/aloofness but I think she probably thinks she's hot irl since they've met in person at the office.

>> No.4227551
File: 581 KB, 1000x1414, f6b4d87ae995892e2aa9abd06ae322f9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mouse must convert to HoloEN/HoloSP.
Is there any case of pre-existent chuuba became Holo and keeping her character?

>> No.4227552

anon...Gura and Nyanners are almost the same but with different filters

>> No.4227562

>Imagine a collab of Nyanners & Gura
I'd watch that. I can already imagine how seething Nyanners can be with Gura/Senzawa. Especially when see saying something about being happy in hololive or referencing her old persona.
Nyanner started the gimmick but easily got beaten by HER and Gura.

>> No.4227574

Dammit, now I need to see this.

>> No.4227578

>which caused her to be hated on both platforms
I didn't know tumblr hated her too.

>> No.4227588

Shes Nowhere near Kiara levels of idolfag. And deadbeats did it anyway

>> No.4227593

>Kiara will seethe too, kek.
Nope Kiara actually kicked Vei out

>> No.4227597

I never cared about Nyanners before so I missed the whole "she betrayed 4chin and became an SJW" arc but just looking at the hypocrite narrative people post is enough for me to hate her.

How the fuck can you demonize lolicon and then LARP as a fucking loli who says lewd shit? Either she's a grifter or have some serious issues of self-denial.
And no, pretending like she's "170cm tall trust me bro haha" does not mean it's not obviously a loli.

>> No.4227606

As I've said before, Mouse enjoys being in VShojo and it would have to completely die for her to even consider going to another company.

>> No.4227607

Is this thread proof that all the vshojo collab complainers were Kiara anti's who just wanted to shit up the board more because it involved Kiara?

>> No.4227608

Suisei, and that was a special case.

>> No.4227611

> I'm hearing.
Shut up if you don't watched something?
Also yeah, before Vtubing there was VRC streaming. Funny how there's blur in the line between similar medium...

>> No.4227615

The roommate is obviously a guy. No girl that's not a mute, and is confirmed to have revealed her irl face, is gonna continue to use TTS to communicate for years.

>> No.4227621

Fartbraps didn't do shit because Mori hates her shitty fanbase.

>> No.4227625

She got BOTH 4chan and tumblr to hate her? Bravo Nyanners Bravo
(Assuming the tumblr part is true)

>> No.4227627

I have 0 issues with Ironmouse, I would bless this colab

>> No.4227634

Suisei, Roboco, Miko... so like Gen 0 ppl that came to Cover before Hololive was a thing.

>> No.4227645

>Shut up if you don't watched something?
I did, actually. I saw that she interacted with the chat and that they seemed to enjoy it. She just isn't my thing I guess.

>> No.4227646
File: 74 KB, 1219x396, 1621818244110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, Kiara is the good guy now

>> No.4227647

Are you talking about ame? Because you’re a fucking retard. Mori likes her fanbase the most of HoloEn

>> No.4227657

No? Kiara just chose the two worst people in that group

>> No.4227665

This would be killing 5 birds with one stone.

>> No.4227666

Failed voice actress. She wanted to be a voice actress but 4chan projects are a shit. So she went to tumblr and tried to get with that crowd but was blacklisted because of her 4chan connections.

More of a passive aggressive hate vs our more open version.

>> No.4227667

On one hand yes, but Ironmouse is also a special case so I think nobody would have minded a ironmouse kiara colab

>> No.4227668

Mousey also started vtubing well before Vshojo and she's actually funny and has interesting streams. Zen, I've barely watch but seems to need to be carried heavily by other chuubas. Which I know are itt doing damage control.

>> No.4227669

Roboco wasn't a vtuber before the model was around for about a year before Sora's debut, and neither was Miko.
Suisei is the only time it's happened.

>> No.4227670

Sleeper agent Kiara.

>> No.4227675

>implying theres anything to like about deadbraps

>> No.4227678

You sure you don't mean Gura?

>> No.4227680

no, just no whores allowed

>> No.4227695

I'm surprised Hololive even let her in with her original model. Then again, Hololive was tiny when they put her in INNK

>> No.4227696

No, it was all "We hate Veibae and Nyanners" energy which is not needed for this blessed collab

>> No.4227699

I believe this rrat

>> No.4227701

Vei was trying to address the "leeching" accusations with that.

>> No.4227705

I sincerely doubt she could be convinced to abandon her Vshojo friends, you may not like them but she really does.

>> No.4227708

Make it 6 if >>4226636.

>> No.4227710

I kneel to this rrat.

>> No.4227722

Well, the logical fallacy doesn't take into account how humans organize information. Slippery slope is built into human psychology and is notoriously difficult to control.

>> No.4227723

Gura at least keeps her prechat open because she expects you to behave

>> No.4227731
File: 364 KB, 850x1029, sample_7f9de51758517d06a416304422a456cd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ame wants to open an meet&greet on discord, even when all told her is a bad idea because squizos
>hates her fans
I don't know but at least she don't find them that repulsive.

>> No.4227736

Looking forward to it.

>> No.4227743

Considering that VShojos mentioned HoloENs first on their streams to get a reaction from them... not really believable.

>> No.4227753

Mousey's birthday stream was and still is the best example of how much her friends mean to her and vice versa.

>> No.4227758

It's not. She didn't even "make 4chan hate her," as much as schitzo's here like to post. Six years ago, she deleted a questionable old video and said "sexual loli bad" which made like ten pedophiles furious and she's lived rent free in their heads to this day. Newfags just hate her because she has an oldfag sense of humour and isn't Japanese.

>> No.4227770

Dude, most of V-Shojo started V-tubing before they become a brand. Really only Hime and Froot become V-tubers after the fact but we knew that Froot was planning it for months and was showing off her concept arts.

>> No.4227774

So Cali is the first vtuber to work with the Make A Wish Foundation. Very cool.

>> No.4227779
File: 103 KB, 270x270, mission_accomplished.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck you. Vei and Nyanners are shit.
Mousey is the good one (also Melody).
Cope, seethe and dilate cuck

>> No.4227790

There is a slippery slope fallacy but that does not mean that slippery slopes does not exist, its more about testing the waters.
I dont mind though, but I see where the antis are coming from

>> No.4227791

In all fairness that is a terrible idea

>> No.4227796

>Deadbeats defend a collab with a VWhore because it's Calli this time
You love to see it

>> No.4227810

Was it that pom pom video thing?

>> No.4227818

I don't mind Kiara or Ironmouse, I just don't watch them. The others, however, are outright whores who disrespect idol culture, and as such should not be afforded the opportunity to collab.

>> No.4227829

Nyanners would be nervous as fuck given how she was acting around Kizuna.

>> No.4227836

yes. the last vshojo thread even had some bizarre schizo who had played out entire arguments with nyanners in his head just to get even more mad. these people need meds

>> No.4227843

Look up "pomf video".

>> No.4227865

Its more about going from ''our girl'' into rejecting her original fanbase, that turned that fanbase into antis and at this point there is nothing she can do about it

>> No.4227875

Stop falseflaging already.

>> No.4227880

Look Kiara lacks self awareness sometimes but if she saw that video like you have to assume she did, she would understand that would not fly with Japanese corporate culture.

>> No.4227888


>> No.4227890

Imagine the SEAnigs clammoring for her attention. It'll be Towa in EN discord all over again.

>> No.4227891

my enjoyment seems to be causing you some frustration, anon

>> No.4227897

Pomf pomf kimochi! What's this sticky stuff on me~

The time when Nyanners was based. Sadly she went full shit because she's tumblrian piece of garbage.

>> No.4227904

She didn't. She didn't even get the news that Vei had pulled out and was still announcing it a day later.

>> No.4227926

Sad, i only hope the pink cat betray her and disband vshojo (that will happen for sure, so she can keep her other friends and go independent again---> Holo)

>> No.4227927

This. It's a common belief that Kiara is a SJW that nonetheless dreams of being an idol and won't let ANYTHING get in the way.

>> No.4227934

Yea...I've seen this ages ago. Almost a blast from the past even.

>> No.4227935

I'm interested to see how this turns out, and wouldn't mind further crossovers down the road, specifically an Ina and Froot art collab

>> No.4227944

Same desu

>> No.4227948

Eh I feel like people are being overly dramatic about it. Cringe as hell, sure, but Ame has dealt with plenty of cringe over the years. She'll be fine.

>> No.4227962

Ironmouse is were I draw the line.
Enabling cheating whores is peak western culture.

>> No.4227965

Her roommate is a bitch tho

>> No.4227966

>she deleted a questionable old video
Pomf was extremely popular at the time. It was just a shitpost video but she got on her moral high horse over it to appease the tumblr crowd she had gotten into at the time.

>> No.4227984

Well, if that were the case Mousey is a deadbeat so it's basically defending one of their own. I don't think very many have issue with this collab happening though.. At least when compared to the other one.

>> No.4227991

You're thinking of Froot, anon.

>> No.4228010

This is the best timeline.

>> No.4228012

>she's tumblrian piece of garbage
She's just an idiot that does what her current crew tells her. When HER wanted to tone down the underage, she just outright said that underageness should be toned down. The retards left but most of her viewers stayed.

>> No.4228021

Nah, she's kinda cringe but a pretty sweet girl.

>> No.4228022

No, I meant the other side of the line. Ironmouse is cool enough, even if she has questionable friends + she's literally dying., Froot and the rest of them can go to hell for all I care.

>> No.4228025

Did you not see >>4227333 "they" in this is Kiara not Cover
Yeah the moment she saw the Vei clip lying about cover and whatever private talk happened when confronted she probably felt betrayed by Vei

>> No.4228036

Mouse is literally only ok vtuber out of them.

>> No.4228037

The first time I heard of her was around the /jp/ /vt/ split (Yes I'm a newfag). I didn't know she had this much baggage on her from such wide range of websites

>> No.4228064

this is my narrative now

>> No.4228069

>extremely popular at the time
When it came out, maybe. It was like four years old when she deleted it. And it wasn't to appeal to the "tumblr crowd," lmao (what kind of drugs do you have to be on to think the community of teenage girls shipping kids movie characters gives a shit about loli?), it's because she got a bunch of creepy lolicons posting in her community and messaging her.

>> No.4228070
File: 2.32 MB, 1192x1536, Reddit-4chan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4228116
File: 32 KB, 598x420, 536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kiara watching Mouse and Mori collab

>> No.4228117

Really? I mean, I don't hate her, I must admit I haven't checked her more, but she gives a certain vibe that puts me off

>> No.4228123

Just ignore the fact that "trap is problematic" and "sexual loli bad" is a take literally 99% of Vtubers, including Gura, would make.

>> No.4228135

Got a chuckle out of me.
Poor Kiara. Maybe she will gosling over someone who's worth it one day.

>> No.4228146

Am i in the minoritory that i like both sides and i'm happy that they both get along and can do stuff together?

Though the ire seems to be monodirectional.

>> No.4228159

Total wapanese dork. She just took the extra steps to evolve from weaboo into wapanese.

>> No.4228164

what are the chances that she dies before the collab?

>> No.4228167

You know, this is more accurate than you think. Gura is probably a zoomer, but she really seems to understand "lurk moar" and that memes have an expiration date. Nyanners is a confirmed oldfag, and yet she acts like a newfag that attentionwhores while thinking her opinion matters.

>> No.4228184

She’s adorable. Please don’t post hate about her.

>> No.4228186
File: 280 KB, 384x216, 800.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>T u T
>Big funny wow cute
Okidoki coomer

>> No.4228188
File: 83 KB, 222x236, mario recliner.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4228218


I guess that's why 99% of all japanese vtubers have said that they like loli.

>> No.4228227

Hololive has precisely zero to offer her at this point in her career.

>> No.4228233

Wrong. They wouldn't do it because it enters the realm of political talk. See Futakuchi Mana for what happens.

>> No.4228234

You wot, retard?
Maybe with trap, tho outside of US side of the internet it's not used word, Japanese have their Otokonoko which is less annoying and bit more accurate anyway.
Bu lolis? ENTIRE FUCKING HOLOLIVE AND NIJISAJI LOVE LOLI! MELODY OPENLY SAID AT LEAST FEW TIMES THAT SHE HAS HOTS FOR MEGUMIN AND NEKOPARA GIRLS! MOUSEY WAS CALLING HERSELF A LOLI! And on indie side really only loud TBAs and retards like Nyanners hate lolis, most of them are fine with it or ignore it...

>> No.4228236

god veibae and ironmouses vshoujo designs suck ass. their og models are soulful

>> No.4228247

Kill yoruself chink

>> No.4228257

so much basedness in this one post.

>> No.4228259

I love mousey so much I can't even fap to her

>> No.4228274
File: 204 KB, 220x124, tenor (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She perfectly would toned down the underage stuff and stop the "loli uwu cummies stuff" without telling her old fanbase they are all pedos and lolis=cp.
Like Joji, he never deleted or demonized his past self, and never spite filthy frank retarded fans.

>> No.4228275
File: 1.74 MB, 1002x1188, Gura is based 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4228276

She didn't talk shit Cover on her Vtuber account, all good.

>> No.4228291


>> No.4228318


>> No.4228331

And yet, if they got in hot water like Nyanners, they'd say literally the exact same thing lol.

It's just something weird to me about how low IQ some of these people are. Even when you look at the literally chimpanzee brained /pol/tards, they're able to acknowledge when people have to take certain positions to be palpable to the public. You can say light racist stuff, but you can't go full on white supremacist, you have to dogwhistle and deny it. Same thing with loli.

>> No.4228350

They hated this man for telling the truth

>> No.4228360
File: 992 KB, 2048x1426, Vtubers Loli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4228361

>if they got in hot water like Nyanners
When was Nyanners in hot water over the pomf video? It was her own choice.

>> No.4228364

I still can't believe that she cunnyposted in front of almost 200k people, my sides were in orbit that day

>> No.4228365

She would take it as a compliment if you fapped to her.

>> No.4228370

Why the fuck would Gura stream with that boring vapid whore?

>> No.4228371

>also, buy a towel warmer

>> No.4228380

Someone post that image of holos and nijis talking about loli and shota (shounen in Suzy's case).

>> No.4228395

You type like you came here from twitter

>> No.4228410

You're late dude >>4228360

>> No.4228445

she's bed-ridden because she told you so, right?

>> No.4228466


>> No.4228470

Hi nyanners, please tell vei I'm sorry I had all that asparagus and smoked before I gave her that last cum load lol

>> No.4228476

yeah, we hate her due to being loud and annoying, kind of like Kiara.

>> No.4228485

Not your army, don't watch if you don't like it snowflake

>> No.4228498


>> No.4228499

Back to Gaia with you.

>> No.4228517

I want froot nudes her roommate is hot

>> No.4228519

>Just ignore the fact that "trap is problematic"
Kiara herself used the word trap on stream

>> No.4228527

Ask the guys she cheated on her husband with

>> No.4228539

it's not prostitution until she starts taking dicks for money.

>> No.4228581

Pedophiles in her PM's, communites, video comments, etc.

Youtube and online moderation in general was a lot shittier back then, too, so there was a lot more self-obligation when it came to moderating your community. Nowadays, if there's some creeper in your comments, you can just go "well, shouldn't Youtube/Twitch/whatever automatically ban them? Or look at people reporting their posts and ban them? Not my problem." Back then, you kind of had to do something about them yourself. Even if it's just deleting a video that already has plenty of reuploads and saying you can't tolerate sexual loli in your community.

>> No.4228582

>why the fuck text voice v-tubers are a thing?
because men too want to cash out on the waifu market

>> No.4228583

Most people here are probably gonna say it's because they think she's cool, but if you are not retarded you'd know that people like Watame and FBK (for example) find her very sweet.
Most of her coworkers have said that she's a very supportive and sweet girl.

>> No.4228610

Well, depending on what camwhore you think she was before she was Melody, she probably already did that.

>> No.4228616

>you can deny it
Like Pikamee? Or Melody? Or Matsuri? Or Marine?
Oh wait, none of them made a tumblr post about it and never caught shit anyways. Sounds like a you problem, nyaggers. You're not welcome here by the way, go back to your kid ridden discord.

>> No.4228617

I want to ask, are we talking about creepy lolicons or actual pedophiles?

>> No.4228621
File: 69 KB, 442x381, screenshot_2021-05-03_05 51 29.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kiryu "FAGGOT" "Trans rights, whats that?" Coco
>Taka "nigga" Kiara
>Calliope "Mythrape" Mori
>Gawr "cute and funny" Gura
Yeah I'm thinking hololive is based

>> No.4228630

I've already said it before, but you know what's funny?
I'm pretty sure not that many anons would've cared to spread Apricot's cheating (because >army and >deployed) if she didn't also cheat /k/ out of some patches, which caused some of them (among other things) to even buy an ad that talked about her cheating and the patches thing.

>> No.4228633

>Youtube and online moderation in general was a lot shittier back then, too,
Yep, she got doxed ultimately thanks to the retarded way youtube worked after all.

>> No.4228646

>stop giving a damn
>still seething and caring years later
I love that the Gura line gets included in an image that shows the people aren't listening to it at all.

>> No.4228670

Please use another term. The mahjong autists have nothing to do with this.

>> No.4228671

Finally, some good fucking taste on this shithole.

>> No.4228674

Didn't Elira from NijiEN talk about shota on stream?

>> No.4228693

>coveniently ignores "have fun in a way that you want"

>> No.4228695
File: 14 KB, 487x129, Nyaggers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4228701

There is a reason all Hololive vtubers ignore comment like that or play dumb, like when Coco was asked if she support trans rights and she replied, whats a trans rights?

>> No.4228710

The only thing that can fuck this up is C*nn*r.

>> No.4228712

autist wigger sjw. hard to get more mainstream than that.

>> No.4228721

Nyanners' discord is full of child groomers and her only response was to make the invite links private so normal people can't come in and see it

>> No.4228734


>> No.4228742

Pretty sure that Cover could just call Kadokawa to control him.

>> No.4228758

Stop watching western indies

>> No.4228775

honesty does not solve all problems. Even if a girl is honest about eating out every man's in town asshole, I'd still not kiss her on the lips.

Whores are hated because they are filthy.

>> No.4228799

Nyanners never got flak for her old videos though? Also this a JP based company we're talking about here. Japan doesn't give a shit about the stance of Loli and Shota bad especially when their the ones who push it in the first place.

>> No.4228832

But not as much as the ones who go MUH RIGHT TO SAY THAT IT'S NORMAL.

>> No.4228850

only you hate whores because even they won't have sex with you

>> No.4228860

It wouldnt change at all, theyre all the same person

>> No.4228886
File: 85 KB, 400x257, NYPA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4228902

Based retard

>> No.4228905

Remember, if some retardchama wants to start shit in another thread, just link them to >>4226636 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qtp4h4KQGGM

>> No.4228922
File: 17 KB, 480x362, 1500281200709.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"sexual loli bad" is a take literally 99% of Vtubers, including Gura, would make.
If she had a problem with loli, why would she make her avatar a shark loli and openly like lewd art of her on twitter?

>> No.4228976

>including Gura
it takes one look at her twitter retweets to prove how much of a retard you are

>> No.4229021

She used to do volunteer work for the elderly and worked as a teacher, made a friendship bracelet, wants to adopt old unwanted cats. She's such a sweet girl

>> No.4229042

Hated so much everyone faps to them right?

>> No.4229060

She doesn't. You're exactly right. You're finally reaching the moment of understanding. Now just apply that same line of thinking elsewhere.

>> No.4229136

Nah, in reality most of the community itself is pretty psyched about more interactions, ranging from their fanbases to the talents themselves.
As long as they avoid peepeepoopoo and SEX LMAO then I'm fine with it, and even support some more collabs in the future with indies and other talents alike.

>> No.4229153

No way fag

>> No.4229213

there's a difference?

>> No.4229220
File: 71 KB, 371x210, 1612850571601.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i don't care if they collab with melody or mouse. just keep kiara and mori away from silver, vei, and nyanners.

>> No.4229241

I remember Mousey getting 12k on twitch, enough to show up on VNUMA in the numbers thread. On a Cannur collab...

>> No.4229246

>loves kids, built a cute relation with her students, made her cry when leaving the job
>loves animals, wants to adopt an older/sick cat cause she knows they tend to just die in shelters
>liked working with elderly, gave attention to their stories
>toughed out working in a shitty restaurant after getting a drink splashed in her face to visit Japan and directly support her favorite band
>spent over three thousand bucks to repay Kiara for a spa visit that cost around a tenth of that
>dreams of organizing a temporary holohouse for EN girls


>> No.4229330
File: 432 KB, 1448x2048, lulu ascend.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>dreams of organizing a temporary holohouse for EN girls
Holy fuck, she really is an angel.

>> No.4229339

>cool and beautiful design
>tough, "edgy" rap gimmick
>complete dork on the inside but still a full tomboy
>established musical talent and still a productive beast behind the scenes
>awkward, yet always erring on the side of politeness and respect to her coworkers upon first meeting them
>shown to bend over backwards for her friends despite any problems it causes herself and by extension her fans
>an attractive blonde with fat tits that stands above 90% of the women in the office
She's gap-moe personified, and the girls find her very approachable. It's a great combination for a kouhai to have for a normally submissive group of Japanese women.

>> No.4229344


>> No.4229367

>i have never jacked off to people I don't like

it's ok when you're 15.

>> No.4229379

>dreams of organizing a temporary holohouse for EN girls
>a productive beast behind the scenes
>shown to bend over backwards for her friends despite any problems it causes herself
Is she actually Coco?

>> No.4229390

well, I suppose no two pedophiles are the same...

>> No.4229397

Now you are just off the rails.

>> No.4229407

Seems counterproductive

>> No.4229422

Even if it's just for a week, having them just spend time in a house doing collabs and podcasts sounds like it'd be a blast to watch.

>> No.4229428

lmao u are a retard

>> No.4229433

No, I just don't like either Veibae or Nyanners

>> No.4229457

God, how is she so cool and adorable at the same time. She literally moved to a different country to follow her passion. That's cool af.

>> No.4229458


>> No.4229463

You can even ask your cell buddy after you finish sucking him off. You'd be surprised.

>> No.4229478

She's coco but with bigger tits

>> No.4229483

I'd liken Coco more to Amelia than Mori, since they're both great at pushing envelopes and trying new streaming ideas for their respective branches.

>> No.4229498
File: 1.23 MB, 662x900, 1618040149675.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Doesn't Coco have bigger tatas, though?

>> No.4229510

Vshart is a group of 8 30 somethings that act like a blend of Belle Delphine and Amy Schumer. Just what I like in a vtuber. I sure am glad these american women can get to collab with all the JP companies and ruin them too.

>> No.4229559

not when you realize that sexual attractiveness is just a part, and not the biggest one, of someone being generally likeable. hatefucking exists for a reason

>> No.4229565

Nah dude. Mousey is chill.

>> No.4229566
File: 14 KB, 312x376, EN3-KprUwAEddpA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mori was always a softie and we just didn't see it and just foolishly assumed she was a wigger normalfag

>> No.4229607

Likely talking about roomates

>> No.4229610

Speak about yourself dramafag, I always knew

>> No.4229638

he's being a doxxbeat, but character wise, yeah, Cocochi is bigger

>> No.4229670

the poster girl for your favorite corporation literally and unironically collab'd with belle delphine, your opinion is invalid

>> No.4229671

one doesn't exclude the other though she's far from 'normal' in any regard
definitely sr

>> No.4229682

She's such a sweetheart. I can't help but feel like I'm being coddled when listening to her asmr. I bet she'd make a really great mother

>> No.4229781

She really deserves to be called "Cool Mom" instead.

>> No.4229879

Gura is honestly a poster girl for herself mainly, HL actual faces are folks like Sora, Suisei, Fbk, Marine, Peko, Coco, Botan and (i guess?) Mori

>> No.4229947

People seem to get filtered by her voice and the whole "rap" thing when in reality she's probably one of the sweetest girls in hololive. Her asmr and the last japan only stream reallt shows how adorable she can be

>> No.4229968

>Gura is honestly a poster girl for herself mainly
yeah she has 1 million subs that likely aren't subbed to any other hololive, hell you have people who don't even know who Ame was during a collab

>> No.4229970

How come this is happening and nobody mentioned C*nnor?

>> No.4230008

Suisei joined Hololive way into Gen 3. Do your history reps

>> No.4230070

Although she'd make a great mother and acts like one she doesn't seem to like the idea of being called that at the moment. CMT is currently the best nickname that could encapsulate her personality so well.

>> No.4230083

if you were there when she sang the acapella for this live, she downright brought anons to tears.

>> No.4230085

What about him

>> No.4230137

Why are mori's eyes so far apart? she looks like a fish

>> No.4230149

like the leech attempts he pulled on Ollie he's doing them to Mouse, dude constantly does this trying to tie his name to the biggest trend and he's managed to sink his claws into Mouse.

>> No.4230173

he's chill and acts professional. if him and mouse are dating then i'm happy for them. i don't care if he wants to be friends with mori as long as he doesn't try to push vshojo/hololive collabs 24/7.

>> No.4230218

offtopic, not a vtuber

>> No.4230240

Yeah, I saw it live, almost made me tear up too. This song though, especially after knowing the lyrics, really broke me down

>> No.4230259

It's as on topic as when the Mori threads talk about fake type along with other non-vtubers

>> No.4230446

Mousey isn't in a position to be turning down a bunch of people that want to spend time with her online. She takes all the social interaction she can stand.

>> No.4230516

cool, report it and carry on

>> No.4230555

that's gay lol

>> No.4230633

>why the fuck text voice v-tubers are a thing?
This kind of vtubers were aways a thing, you fucking newfag EOP.

>> No.4230655

>Due to her health condition, her streaming times are very restricted. Ironmouse has [Common Variable Immune Deficiency] (CVID), a disorder that impairs the immune system. People with CVID are highly susceptible to infection from foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses and often develop recurrent infections. It is because of this that Mouse has no option but to remain indoors and bedridden.
Why does /vt/ do this shit?
She doesn't have cancer. It's just much MUCH more easier or her to get diseases. Hence why she stays in bed all day.

>> No.4230764

i get what your trying to do but have you heard mousie spit bars on those cyphers shes been in. shes got talent.

>> No.4230825

wouldn't mind the cdawg thing if fans didn't keep trying to ship him with everyone he collabs with. shit like that just reinforces the idea that male/female collabs are a bad idea

>> No.4230846
File: 305 KB, 715x351, 1602793758832.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ywn marry this woman
This worse than death

>> No.4230930

She's the grim reaper, so you'll see her after you kick the bucket.

>> No.4230969
File: 646 KB, 295x221, iKsVrkxTDmxGC.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking shit.

Ok Vtubing is dead to me now. Back to anime.

>> No.4230978

Do your Pretender reps. There might exist a timeline where you do get to marry her. Definitely not this one though

>> No.4231033

in fact she has been getting stonger lately. been able to take a few steps around her room and eat simple foods like oat meal. shes been able to be on for a lot longer than she has without noticing. as long as she gets the meds/plasma she needs shes golden.

>> No.4231076

I'm fine with this collab, I just hope Mouse uses one of her older models rather than her garbage new one.

>> No.4231180

you forgot
>hangs out with nasty whores who are friends with immoral people

>> No.4231217

Mouse and Melody are tainted because they are in the same group as Nyanshit.
Not to mention that a Nyanshit collab becomes inevitable once the other Vshojo whores are tolerated.

>> No.4231248

Vei and Hime will NEVER be ok.

>> No.4231391

At least she'd get to add "collabed with the top subscribed VTuber twice" to her resume.

>> No.4231420

so did Jesus and he was a swell guy

>> No.4231462
File: 77 KB, 1019x1024, E0jyogMXIAIZAD8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4231539

Damn, no need to do Watame like that...

>> No.4231667

oh, you mean the touhou ones?

these are pre-recorded not live

>> No.4231668

you literally post on 4chan and masturbate to anime children

>> No.4232051

Misogynists still have sex with women. You can be attracted to someone sexually and still dislike them personally or as a group.

>> No.4232091

Calli is Friend minus social skills and overt otakuness.

>> No.4232184

>people who don't even know who Ame was during a collab
Cumbums, really?

>> No.4232249

Do you normally kiss your friends/acquaintances on the lips?

>> No.4232334

What, you don't kiss your homies?

>> No.4232439

In a way, it's worse than cancer since it's permanent and protracted. She has to have a feeding tube in round the clock and literally has to wake up every couple hours at night to take medicine. She went through her typical day like over a year ago and it sounded so miserable. Fucking around with chat and her vtuber friends is the highlight of her day.

>> No.4232518

go beg /k/ or find the guy that was in the leaked discord screens

>> No.4232610

Only good night, after they brush their teeth and drink their listerine.

>> No.4232894

>drink their listerine

>> No.4233314

This. I'm not a Nyanners fan but it's pretty obvious who is only in this vtuber shit for the cash and Vei and Hajime couldn't give a shit about Hololive.

>> No.4234630

Hajime once auditioned for HoloEn

>> No.4235201

Gotta make sure you’re minty fresh, inside and out

>> No.4235805

The fact that you know that means she ran her mouth about it and probably didn't care that it meant an automatic disqualification.

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