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Okay, now this is epic. Collab when?

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Why doesn't she reply to Holo girls

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But she does

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Do not let her any way near

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I do not care for the pink cat.

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BASED. at the end of all, everybody will kneel to pink cat

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3-way with chicken when?

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If it makes /vt/ seeth then it's good.

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>the problem with loli
>her coworker wanted more child-like thighs

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I’m sure this has been brought up countless times but how does she not see herself being a hypocrite when her design is clearly a loli and uses a cutesy “loli” voice?

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I'll watch that collab

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There is more to life than making other people miserable nyanners.

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The only life nyanners is making miserable the schizo's who ALMOST TEN FUCKING YEARS later are still seething beyond belief. That's based as fuck if you ask me, I wish I had that power.

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Please let this happen. I want to see Vshojo collab with my oshi.

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She just doesn't care.

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What a fucking piece of shit. I wonder how many times she's going to stir drama in a vtuber's audience. Just fuck off already and stay in your irrelevant little hole.
Vshojo is the worst thing that's happened to vtubers in general, not to mention how it completely tainted Melody, Ironmouse and Froot who are otherwise good girls.

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Question: why Nyanners doesn't get cancelled by her fellow sjw friends while she keeps doing the loli role play? did she found a loophole?

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Normally I'd freak out over Nyanners since I hate her and Vshojo. However, I actually hate Elira, the rest of NijiEN, and all of Niji FAAAR more than I hate Vshojo.

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lol wow, you still think it's about principles and not just a pure power play? I mean fair enough, I thought so too when I was new to all this shit. There ARE no leftists with principles. Not a single one.

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Now this is the real shit. This is true power of NijiEN. They have access to the most amount of companies for collabs are their biggest advantage over any other ENVtuber agency.

They can collab with Holos, VShojos, indies, 774, small companies like Prism and Tsunderia, corporation like AirAsia. NijiEN has to take advantage of it

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Welp. Not watching NijiEN anymore, back to Lulu

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>froot good

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Redpill me, then. She's really cute, and seems like a nice person.

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>Good girl
Do your reps anon, it isn't even hard to know her past. And I'm not talking about SJW/BLM shit, straight up being an awful person

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>corporation like AirAsia
This. Please collab with my oshi Kurumi. She's so adorable. I'm sure the NijiEN girls will like her.

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That ship has sailed

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Huh, just assumed you've seen all the shit that gets thrown around about her nearly everyday.
Well what's not deleted that is.

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Remember that time Nyanners said "faggot"?

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Holochads literally cannot stop winning

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I've literally never looked into her. I just never saw anyone shitting on her for any reason, although I almost exclusively stay in NijiEN threads. I really hope Elira doesn't mess up by collaborating at any point. But just talking, I guess it doesn't indicate anything bad - she's probably just uninformed.

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HoloEN will never agree to a collab with NijiEN

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this shits outdated

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Everything makes /vt/ seethe.

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Thats FAQing right Nene poster.

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Too bad faggot, it's gonna happen

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It won't as it just doesn't make sense. HoloEN is on a totally different level. That would be like Judas Priest agreeing to a jam session with a garage band of 7 year olds that can barely play the instruments.

>> No.4210148

>HoloEN will never agree to a collab with NijiEN
Why not?

>> No.4210185

It's okay, you've made it very clear you don't watch any of them. No need to keep blowing hot air by referencing outdated bands from back in your day.

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This is correct. Only Holos are allowed to ask for collab with Nijis to leech of them. Nijis aren't allowed to do that with Holos.

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If a garage band of 7 year olds was better than Judas Priest, it would be about as embarrassing as it is for HoloEN that NijiEN are genuinely more entertaining than they are.

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Ah yes, because all good girls cheat on their husbands during deployment.

Froots a scam artist and a whore, arguebly worse than any other vshojo girl and should off herself

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I keep seeing everyone talk shit about her but never see specifics, I'm guessing im just not looking hard enough

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Oh, well she's just a whore, then, but that doesn't affect the content, though. I only drop people for political reasons, really. Why's she a scammer though?

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>NijiEN are genuinely more entertaining than they are
Yeah, you can really tell from all the viewers they get. They must be very entertaining...............oh wait..........

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I've literally tried to post about her 2 times and got banned for 24 hours twice, I'm not doing it again. I bet you're the same faggot who asked in the last vshojo thread and got me banned too, fuck you

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I've watched every single one of them. The fact that you think they are in any way good at what they do makes me think you haven't watched them. Otherwise you would feel the same way I do.

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t. 14 year old discovering the concept of marketing.

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Uhhhh...... it's Melody's group, she came up with it. She tainted herself because of CB, not because of Nyanners.

Does make you wonder how vshitshow would have fared without Nyanners and Veibae though.

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Nice self own, lol.

They had a huge marketing campaign. Youtube ads everywhere, an entire original song written by one of the hottest artists in weeb fandom right now. None of it mattered because the talents themselves are boring as fucking drying paint. Nobody wanted to watch.

>> No.4210488

They will, as they can trust nijisanji and they wouldn't bring drama unlike vshitshow

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But you ARE /vt/

>> No.4210537

>No u
Amazing argument. Anybody who watched 5 seconds of Elira would at the very least be able to acknowledge what a great singer she is. But you haven't, so continue to claim otherwise and keep digging that hole.

>> No.4210544

There's quite literally not a single thing wrong with CB, nor does it taint Melody in any way. Nyanners, Vei and to some degree Froot, and their past behaviour, is the only thing doing the tainting. Melody is cute and funny and has never had any shit takes.

I'd tell you to go back to watching your neutered, boring HoloEN but we both know you're not serious.

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dead ass 1m view on debut teaser. actual sub lower than 100k

>> No.4210588

They don’t do tribal fagging like you, they’ll collab with NijiEN

>> No.4210595

Elira got 6k on Genchink Impact the other day. They get around 2k subscribers a day. Holocorns standards of what constitutes a good amount of viewers or subscribers are warped beyond belief.

>> No.4210615


The amount of views and hype the debut teaser got showed that people were hype as fuck for NijiEN. I was too! Then the actual debuts happened and people say how shitty they were and proceeded not to watch/sub. It was all a massive let down.

>> No.4210639

So now you rely on the chinks for views? Not helping your case here.

>> No.4210655

>The amount of views and hype the debut teaser got
The amount of views is simply how many times people saw the ad. If you click on every ad you see I worry for your common sense.

>> No.4210663

Holofags appear to be mentally ill in general, Hololive is basically containment for meme spewing, cancerous children and fucked in the head gachikoi who will kill themselves in a matter of months anyway.
Ones that come to our threads are based, though.

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>So now you rely on the chinks for views
Chinks don't even like that game. They had a fit because some event pandered to gaijins and not them. In either case the Hololive fanbase largely consists of shitposting SEAniggers so pot, meet kettle.

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Google it nigga. I'm not risking a ban just to spoon feed you.

>> No.4210722

get fucked faggot lol

>> No.4210726

Twitter shit is never outdated, anyone can dig up some shit you posted or did +10 years ago and rile enough shit to make you lose your job, isn't that great?

>> No.4211044

Was selling pre made badges on one of the boards here (forgot name) and didn't ship them out, just keeping the cash.

Nyanners gets alot of deserved shit but how froots often gets a "one of the good ones" pass here baffles me

>> No.4211067

Mods are simping hard for froot.
Never seen them clean house
as quickly as they do for sloot

all for free

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This. People saw Inui/Suisei & Okayu/Shiina collab that happens once in a blue moon and straight up assume ALL of them are friends. Niji/Holo collabs are over its not 2018-2019 anymore.

>> No.4211281

She's a subhuman, anon.
She doesn't have enough brain cells for self-awareness.

>> No.4211304

...didn't Towa just play Overwatch with someone from Nijisanji today?

>> No.4211316

"Once every month" is not "once every blue moon". Pomu and Ame are already following each other on Twitter. Cope.

>> No.4211338

>taint Melody in any way
the taint is more on the nip side. Never saw an anon actually care about CB, especially since it's almost walled off like a roommate thing. I think Hime Hajime also has a similar taint because of the name.
>Nyanners and Froot
This. I see anons seething. But honestly, agencies can get away with collabing with them because just hearing '4ch anti' will just roll their eyes.
pissed off the normalfag holo fanbase with those comments. Fortunately, they're easily pleased but she's deflecting blame instead of straight up apologizing.

>> No.4211357

Says the holofag that doesnt realize the Azur Lane collab was the first big step in making hololive popular in the west.

>> No.4211422

>implying /vt/ are normalfags
This board were the ones spreading the rrat more than any other.

>> No.4211546

>Pomu and Ame are already following each other on Twitter
I guess I'm really excited for Sakura Miko to collab with Donald Trump since she followed him on twitter.

>> No.4211564

I don't care about any of this nor have I read the post you're replying to, but you sound like a massive dick sucking faggot

>> No.4211579

obama collab with yagoo soon.

>> No.4211584

Blue dragon girl is a shotacon btw. Not hardcore or anything but she's mentioned it.

>> No.4211588

by our powers combined we have 1/2 the hololiveEN audience

>> No.4211610

Yeah, where the majority of chuuba interactions take place. I bet you said Ollie was "just" talking to Connor on Twitter, and Kiara was "just" talking about Nyanners on Twitter too lol.

>> No.4211618

Fuck these types of people are the worst. Fake motherfuckers

>> No.4211655

Cry about it.

>> No.4211694

Did Trump follow Miko back?

>> No.4211712

I don't care about Nijiniggers. They can wallow in garbage all they like.
I do feel bad about Pomu. She deserves to be in Hololive.

>> No.4211762

Nyanners raided her once in November. She's responding to her on Twitter. Wild.

>> No.4211763

She wanted to be in Nijisanji. In her past life, she admitted to preferring it over Hololive. She clearly has an affinity for her senpai, and fangirled for like 5 minutes when Belmond showed up to her stream. She couldn't do that in Hololive. Be glad for her. It's also funny how so many people on this board will admit to enjoying Nijisanji talent but refuse to call themselves fans.

>> No.4211776

Melody created vshoujo after burnong out from almost full time porn streams on chatturbate

>> No.4211802

>deserves to be in Hololive
I wouldn't wish that restrictiveness on anyone

>> No.4211804

Why do whores always ruin entertainment?

>> No.4211836

I still remember that discord screencap of Pink Cat saying maybe people would like Vshoujo if she wasn't in it and she's not wrong.

>> No.4211873

Suck my cork screwed pig dick you cum loving queer

>> No.4211876

>fangirling over a male
Well, it was fun being a Pomu fan for like a week. She is now dead to me.

>> No.4211902

Sadly no

I think Trump and Miko would get along really well. Shame she couldn't meet him in person when Trump went to Japan.

>> No.4211912

And that is why Nijifags keep telling Hololive fans to stick to their company. Holocorns never learn.

>> No.4211934

Imagine having this as your oshi.

>> No.4211948

Weren't you around when HoloEN was fangirling HoloStars as well? Who is your oshi even

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Apparently she cheated on her husband while he was in deployment

>> No.4212251

All military women cheat on their husbands after they're deployed.
Some even proceed to sell off everything their husbands owned, and their husbands came back homeless.

The military is for cucks.

>> No.4212261

Good. Mentally ill idolfags are not welcome in NijiEN.

>> No.4212283

it was on /k/

>> No.4212286

>military women
Meant to say wives / signifcant others of military men.
Though military women are mostly useless cunts.

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>> No.4212410

Holy based

>> No.4212419

Apparently "mentally ill idolfags" don't want any part of Nijisanji either considering how much viewership of the females has decreased.


>> No.4212455

Thank fucking god. We get comfy, responsive chats and we don't have schizos. Why do you think the NijiEN thread is by far the most comfy thread on /vt/?

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Me and the boys holding the line against Nyanners and her Discord server

>> No.4212527

keep up the good work gentlemen

>> No.4212535

>spelling 卍さんじ wrong

>> No.4212655

No they don't, holo is only leeching other when they are at bottom of a barrett, they will not let others leech off views from them

>> No.4212700

and they wiill get mogged by holos collabing with each other lmao

>> No.4212765

Everyone knows comfy just means boring

>> No.4213236

>thinks traps refers to trannies
what a retard

>> No.4213360

Amerimutts are endlessly so fucking stupid and dumb that they cant even realise Rumikos manga are centered around "sexualised underage characters" If they ban underage characters they have to ban her manga like Urusei Yatsura, Ranma as well.

Banning the sexual/romance expression of underage characters are literally the CCP commie standards. The CCP bans underage romance in managa/animations. Mutts are as chinky as Chinks. Also its very strange Americunts believe all mangas readerships are adults.

>> No.4213423

Why can't they understand traps are fembois? No one even made the connection to trannies

>> No.4213434

Yes, Americans are the ones to say "why there aren't more manga featuring adult protagonists, like going to collage" when the only thing the consume is shonen...

>> No.4213448

Aaaand he's gone lmao

>> No.4213453

Do you know what happened to r/Animemes?

>> No.4213455

>expecting troons to spend 5 minutes not thinking that the fucking universe doesn't revolve around them

>> No.4213479


>> No.4213497

Fucking cringe

>> No.4213499

>So now you rely on the chinks for views
let's not act like that's not what hololive did for the first two years of its lifetime

>> No.4214006

This is your brain as a drama addicted Holofag.

>> No.4214294

Comfy? Just the other day you lot are fighting over LGBT of all things

>> No.4214310

So is your gripe that the threads too boring or too dramatic? Pick one and only one.

>> No.4214346

Im not the original anon youre talking too retard

>> No.4214355

My mistake, you're both just as retarded so I couldn't tell the difference.

>> No.4214359

Nice argument dumbass

>> No.4214414

What argument dumbass? That retard asked me about opinion i never state.

>> No.4214461


>> No.4214468


>> No.4214494

shh anon, don't break their illusion

>> No.4214505

Hey hey people.

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>> No.4214601

prob reading this post

>> No.4214615

At least she's self-aware

>> No.4214653

And it's not someone but sometwo. Oh shit anon, towa gonna join nijisanji soon

>> No.4214718

>haha remember the bait thread i made yesterday that got purged by the jannies

>> No.4214739

Yes. Just find the door yourself. I'd genuinely give VShojo a chance if they got rid of Nyanners and Vei, but right now, I don't want to watch Melody highlights or whatever because I don't want to give support to Nyanners in any form or fashion.

>> No.4214740

That would unironically be awesome.

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