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I somehow completely missed the drama surrounding her and why she stopped streaming, someone enlighten me please.

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Herpes, being a lazy/greedy streamer, playing with M*les, muh anxiety.

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Some faggot that runs a blog is stalking her, possibly an ex or obsessive stalker or hates someone she's banging.
He follows her every single move.
So she is taking him to court while she rests from a bunch of other shit stemming from his nonsense.

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Sounds based if true

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i always thought m*les was moles

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That's completely made up shit in your head. That website is hosted in china or something and no one knows who runs it.

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Tried using holo for a quick boost to her non-holo persona. Backfired, went menhera.

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She got herpes baby from Ta1yo.
And then Cover announced that she will be in hiatus for mental health recovery.

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Don't worry. 99% of EOPs shitting on her in this board couldn't explain it to you either. Not defending her, I just find it hilarious seeing shitters showing their true colors shitting on people without even understanding why.

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got raped by vesper

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Maybe related to the fact that her real name was posted on a certain site a few days after she went on a break out of nowhere?

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Her real name has been known for almost a year, newfag.
Look OP, if you want a chance at getting answers, you're gonig to have to go ask on /jp/, because the reason laplus gets shit on is due to roommate stuff which can't be talked about here.

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You made that shit up retard

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Tried pulling a mori.

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basically used holo to send people to her pl, after doing the bare minimum. People noticed she was only ever doing 1 hour streamers - then spending 5+ right afterwards playing with her friends on her rm account. Missed her gen's anniversary because tummy hort only to be found playing at the same time.

She also tried to create an utaite group using her hololive clout, which only isn't direct competition and a reason to outright fire her by the tiniest technicality margin. It crashed and burned, together with her popularity.

Oh and she also admitted to having mouth herpes on stream like a retard.

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my friend told me that she just doesn't care about hololive

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>Laplus dickriders are now making up fanfics
She missed multiple all branch collabs including one a few days ago and the one year anniversary collab. If you watch said collabs you can tell from the rest of holox's statements that she no showed at the last possible second.
Also, most people are aware of what she was doing at the time because it's all over the Japanese internet but it can't be discussed here. Most you can say is that she's trying to pull a Mori and failed.

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We need to look at holos announcement of haitus to know for sure they stated she is mentally ill although it sounds rather comedic that is what seems to have happened
She was rather active on her RM probably got a lot of funnel from Laplus seems like she was in a idol group formed by a bunch of late teen girls(red flag) it also seems like she was the one who formed the group her RM seems to play games with some of the big Japanese fleshtubers, there are a lot of rrats here that say the people she is assossiating with openly make fun of vtubers and there fanbase don't know how true that it tho.
Now to sum it all up some drama might have occurred in her RMs carrier that made her go actually mental this isn't even a joke her RM has been radio silence since December just like laplus so we don't know what has occurred but it has to be preety bad for her to have a breakdown of this level all in all the hiatus dosent seem to be caused because of hololive but because she is a fucking idiot and chose to assosiate with the wrong people while being in holo she was regularly churning out content in her RN which is preety stupid let's just hope cover management beats some sense into her and she is able to come out fine she has big room for comeback worse case scenario we have a graduation or a rushia situation

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Ok, I get all the other complaints, but you guys know mouth herpes is just… a cold sore, right?

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It's just the scizos here it can be caught by physical contact so people are just saying she is fucking someone

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Cold sores are a minor expression of it. Oral herpes can be pretty bad.

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,. <--use them you fucktwat, your schizo rambling are near unreadable, even if accurate

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Skill issue

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She's a modern day hippie. Too open minded and progressive for her own good.

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it wouldn't annoy as much if she succeeded on one account but she's stupid and messed up on both sides

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Why did you even bother putting one(1) period and one(1) comma in there?

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Nothing. Just the run of the mill petty stuff.

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Do not worry, she is currently undergoing re-education

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>I made it the fuck up

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