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Currently live:
>Roberu - trying out weird food

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Astel's zetsudan after playing Subnautica

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>Astel didn't notice he wasn't even using his camera so he wasn't moving
>No one said anything

kek astellas so used to his Live2D freezing no one noticed.

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Last thread >>41558967

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Fans were saying they thought he was using a png because he always does that.

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(This isn't a confirmation he's joining but) Astel is conflicted about Vsaikyou. He knows fans would love to see a Holostars team, but he isn't sure if that's the best for growth.

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It's vspo time

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To develop a bit on this: he said that while he'd love to play in an Holostars team, it's a bad idea if the result is a guaranteed loss. He's always seriously aiming for a win and thinks the other teams are too. Joining just to have fun would be rude to everyone involved, including fans

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He also said that to other viewers of the tourney would think 'Holostars is trash' if they place last that's why he wants to win if he enters with Holostars hence why the participating members have to be prepared to go through practice hell. Astel also was told that he has a shitty personality and that he is too mean to the other when he was teaching RAG even though he was just teaching them.

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On the 29th there will be an Apex collab with six Holostars members vs viewers custom playing catch organized by Astel.

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>he also jokingly thinking teaming up with Chigusa cause she has a fun personality so whether theyre winning or losing it will still be fun

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Fair points, he should just do whatever he deems best. If oversensitive fans flame him for his training methods then just do strategy meetings backstage then refer to that (speak in codes) during streams.
Who's he even going to invite from Stars though? Fuma and Uyu? He can go with 10 points no Mad Maggie.

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Also because she's serious and, like him, seriously aim for a win

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Yeah, when he started talking about it I thought there wasn't really anyone who'd be willing to go hard except maybe Fuma. Not even Izuru, he's gone full Valo. And that other fans might get upset with Astel being too strict, I remember when he played with Arcstars he said he'd be nicer with coaching because people said he was too mean in the previous tourney.

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>very genki and kind
>has a lot of tournament experience
>plat-ranked so her points are low
Chigusa would unironically be a good teammate for Astel

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Yeah I also thought so, I just hope Astel participate with the team he thinks best for him and his teammates

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[Taito Online Crane news]
Shien’s long pillow is now out of stock. Remaining merch: Roberu’s long pillow + towel, Shien’s towel

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>Who's he even going to invite from Stars though?
in terms of ranks, points unaccounted for, Rika is a diamond player himself, so he wouldn't be a bad choice skill wise.

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I feel that Astel was playing for fun during the last VSaikyou with the Mad Maggie restriction, but it still ended up giving pressure to Kotone and Rene. Similarly, Roberu said that he tried his hardest because he doesn't want to be a burden to Lisa and Sumire.

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Knight love!

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Considering even uproar constantly takes many rest days for recording or something, unironically Astel has a point. They need to sacrifice of their sleeping time for the sake of training but Astel doesn't want to force that.

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Something seems to be going on behind the scenes that might prevent Astel from doing his birthday stream how he wants, not just for him but a change for the whole company. He's trying to fight it but if it goes through he hopes they announce it. He even said he'd need to hit 300k subs by February or else it'll be quite tough for him personally?

He's being very vague.

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bite the bullet and take kobo pill

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I just want to add that the 300k subs goal is set by himself and not by management.

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kobo bring numbers

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The funny thing is that management announced the change to him the day before the CR cup tournament, impeccable timing as always

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>not just for him but a change for the whole company. He's trying to fight it but if it goes through he hopes they announce it
So what could this change possibly be? IPO? Hololive-Holostars merger? Something else entirely?

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Ikinokoritai We Are Cover Premiere

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But he already plays with Kobo a lot.

>> No.41685649

most are impromptu

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If Astel wants good numbers he should socialize with the JP FPS crowd more. Besides, if he spends more time with Kobo he’ll just get more annoying SEAstellas who will fight each other and cause more problems for Astel at any given time of day

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No idea but he compared it to when games make nerfs they don't tell you about.

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Astel's ending because he was asked to sub in for Kanae in a LoL custom happening now.


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Many stars were implying the change behind the scenes early this year, aren't they? I remember that seemed to be not necessarily a bad thing

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Kill yourself kobo beggar.

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I agree with this, he should pander to JP FPSfags more by playing and collabing more with VSPO or ShibuHal and co. Getting more annoying SEAstellas is ass

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kill yourself gatekeeper wannabee

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Are they complaining about his maggie

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That was cute, love the roll call in the beginning a lot.

>> No.41686042

He said this every single year so far...

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Who are his teammates?

>> No.41686069

That was great. I love how they included their introductions from the start of their streams.

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I thought red rushia graduated?

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No he hasn't.

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Vodoka (strong Gaz Oji in the CR Cup)

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Meika, Inui-dono, Vodka (Riddle Order) and Francisco (Crazy Raccoon). Astel and Cisco subbed for Kanae and Ibrahim respectively. Also Meika’s Discord overlay shows one more person in the call, probably the coach
End of this month

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Unfortunately Astel has severe "I'm not worthy" disease and doesn't have the confidence to invite people more popular than him for collabs.

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So, why again is Roberu completely willing to join zatsudan collabs hosted by Tamaki but not the ones hosted by stars members?

>> No.41686515

tamaki booked him two months before

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>Hololive-Holostars merger
God I fucking hope not

>> No.41686594

He's actually a ghost and you need to explicitly invite him for him to get inside a collab, or he's the one doing the invite.

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He said he wasn't interested in joining star zatsu

>> No.41686705

That was a great cover. The roll call at the start was a nice touch... I miss survival corps ;_; I hope they'll get to collab more next month...

>> No.41686750

I think that's the point anon. Questioning why it's Starszatsu he has no interest in but joins other zatsu streams.

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Sure but they haven’t talked about it to the extent that astel has so we have no idea for sure if the upcoming change will be a beneficial thing for all of them or not

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>the astel and roberu had a fight rrat
>astel saying he fought with management a lot last year
>the roberu is part of management rrat
Roberu is avoiding starzatsu because he and Astel still haven't gotten to the hatesex part of their fight

>> No.41686914

Roberu said good luck to Astel for CR Cup! They don't hate each other!

>> No.41686960

Well, when Astel brought up wanting to get to 300k subs, someone asked if that means all of Holostars need 300k subs, but he said he can't comment on that.

>> No.41687089

>Something seems to be going on behind the scenes that might prevent Astel from doing his birthday stream how he wants, not just for him but a change for the whole company.
I wonder if this is the same 'environmental change' Axel was referring to on his member stream.

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Jump Uproar #13

>> No.41687143


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Astel's talk did make me think of that but the timing doesn't line up if management only told Astel the day before the tourney.

He said some vague shit in his menshi about environmental changes and it was bad and he was bummed about it, that it's something we'd "gradually notice," everyone just assumed it was about Vesper.

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Starzatsu rarely has specific talk themes and Roberu doesn't like to talk about behind the scenes so much.

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I didn't watch holostars in 2020 but
Had a whole stream out of frustration for not being able to do his ideal 3D stream because it costed too much and in his opinion didn't have enough subs to convince staff
Started the year by saying he might have to make his birthday a graduation live because there was no way to surpass his 2nd anniversary, and the only idea he had was rejected by staff.

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I don't know shit about LoL about Astel seems to really be beating himself up about not being good enough in that fight and yelling Kanakana gomen.

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Gamma love

>> No.41687883

>last ep of jump uproar

>> No.41687889

>Final episode of Jump Uproar
We're gonna get a season 2, right bros? ;;

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Being a seaweed is hard

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The difference is this isn't about him or his proposals in particular, he said it's something that involves the whole company.

>> No.41688071

Gamma Fuma Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

>> No.41688185

Can I ask for timestamp please? Not questioning your words, just wanna hear how he said it himself.

>> No.41688201

Why do I get the dreading feeling that this “change” is some numberfag shit that makes talents’ supas, ccv, and other stream stats way more important for their earnings, thus completely dunking on Stars

>> No.41688325

if that was the case, the EN girls would be streaming more, but they aren't

>> No.41688497

>"gradually notice"
Does this relate to the fact that Cover wants to have own streaming platform? (3D live is restricted to stream there and so on)
It seems that the girls don't care, only the boys are disappointed.

>> No.41688507

If Astel said he hoped they'd announce it, then I think it'd have to be something that could be revealed to public. Numbers are usually kept behind the scene.

>> No.41688594

holoearth metaverse with crypto nft™

>> No.41688636

Now this would make a lot of sense.......

>> No.41688802

YAGOO has shown interest in these kind of things, it's not even that unlikely

>> No.41688924

Man it would really suck if they really go through with it.

>> No.41688934

Could it be related to funding of projects, like no more self-funded projects such as 3D lives? Just speculating tho

>> No.41688961

I can't timestamp because I'm on mobile but the topic starts around 7:31:00


>> No.41689027

Yagoo please...Facebook is dying surely you don't want to drag holopro down the same way.

>> No.41689203

Apparently some of the girls like botan recently expressed interest in wanting to raise their numbers this year so…

>> No.41689719

Thanks anon. I really wonder what's going on behind the scene, hopefully it isn't gonna be that bad.

>> No.41690066

>graduation talk because of personal frustration
And astellas wonder why their oshi gets used as measurement in menhera scale...

>> No.41690244

He's not being serious anonchama. You can argue it's in poor taste but he's joking when he says those things. He's always said he won't quit unless he's fired.

>> No.41690250

instead of bunch of useless plastics now you can own Hey Moona! NFT that can yield you Holocoin!!!

>> No.41690322

I must now join holostars to save it from NFT hell. Having orgy sex with the members is now just a side thing.

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I love Roberu!!

>> No.41691013

Rikka singing with guitar

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Kishi feet

>> No.41691665

I remember the doompost that said if Cover went IPO, then Stars will get less events/stuff because they're not as profitable as Hololive.

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JWU. Miyabi love!

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File: 51 KB, 760x760, 2124B7C0-69B6-4F4F-974B-3001E71AF53C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.41693268

It makes sense now they suddenly want to increase their numbers.

>> No.41693354

Does this mean Wacha-Wacha Holostars is coming back then, surely if Jump UPROAR! is on break might as well bring the other program back

>> No.41693552

If it's the same shit as before then I rather it stayed dead. Jump uproar has spoiled me and no amount of wachastars guest spam will get me to watch it.

>> No.41693805

What if they announce a cross unit program instead? More members to mix and match around.

>> No.41693848

Majin FF3 remake part 2

>> No.41693850

God I hope not it’s the same shit as well, let’s hope they took this hiatus as a chance to improve it.

>> No.41693872

Rio Splatoon
Aruran Doors Paradox (started almost an hour ago)

>> No.41694047

Rikka said there's a Holostars Apex custom on the 29th. Also another cover song coming up soon.

>> No.41694103

Hanakishi Satisfactory
https://youtu.be/zY9E_Ki8Ous - Miyabi POV
https://youtu.be/XquDzn0cQQI - Temma POV

>> No.41694142

Cool that's the one with six stars members Astel mentioned earlier. So Astel and Rikka are confirmed, 4 more to go

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Majin love!

>> No.41694248

shien pls

>> No.41694341

Shien did say he has a collab on the 29th so it's possible.

>> No.41694871

Izuru, Shien and Fuma seem realistic but I can't think of a sixth member who might join.

>> No.41694913

[Roberu News]
Roberu bought Ueshama's "Vtuber voice" ASMR

>> No.41695035


>> No.41695522

He will do a vs ASMR stream tomorrow at 17JST.

>> No.41696004

I bet it's Gamma or Uyu.

>> No.41696189

So how does this custom work? Each member with their own team? Or are they just gonna compete against viewers? Sorry I don't watch much Apex.

>> No.41696193

I hope he loses

>> No.41696437

It should be the six stars in two teams against 54 viewers. Astel mentioned the zombie mode, where all viewers fight with their bare hands and try to kill the stars, the only ones allowed to carry guns

>> No.41696482

Gamma has the Telephone Collab and Meat Beating on the 29th, seems unlikely he'd join the custom as well.

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>The thread only goes fast when you start talking about apex

>> No.41696858

I see, thanks anon.
So maybe the ones in Telephone collab aren't joining? That's Miyabi, Aruran, Fuma, and Gamma, I think?

>> No.41697114

Shinri Visage

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I hate Apex so much, I hope this game dies

>> No.41697888

I hope hero shooters die.

>> No.41697970

At least customs are fun but it really feels like they implemented it only to keep the game from completely dying.

>> No.41698673

or managerposting.
It's because most people can chime in.

>> No.41698788

Add Robe and Oga, and that would leave Izu, Temma, Shien, Fuma, Uyu and Rio

>> No.41700842

Thread sucks this time around, it's all managerposting with a touch of doomposting, and apex talk as a cherry on top. Bluh.

>> No.41700950

Isn't telephonegame gonna start 3pm jst? If apex collab will stream at night it doesn't relate.

>> No.41701146

Astel on his oversharing phase. Astellas managerposting go wild.
It's fine though, as long as they don't attack the other members.

>> No.41701306

Hanakishi heals my soul

>> No.41702032

I love Roberu

>> No.41704815

Flayon Megaman Zero

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File: 2.12 MB, 2169x1216, ogaman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hello /stars/. VTL 4 is coming soon. Just wanted to get this generals thoughts on the team, music, roster and anything else you wish to add. Considering that tempus has grown a lot and even a new branch has come. Some people have thought that /manstars/ should be split to have a full tempus team, but I wanted to get everyones thoughts on the matter.
Thanks. If you have any questions, please visit this page.

>> No.41706947

>Hololive-Holostars merger?
Pretty sure that if that was the case most girls would have already announced their graduation

>> No.41707792

Kiara said there was something happening in the future coming up that she was sad about but couldnt stop. she later clarified that it wasnt anyone graduating so thats why this rrat is getting some legs

>> No.41707947

Axel also mentioned a change of enviroment as well that he's not too good with but I don't know if they're talking about the same thing, he could be talking about Vesper.

>> No.41708273

She's also a numberfag, I'm starting to believe the IPO rrat the most based on what I've seen

>> No.41708855

What happened to that Pokemon tournament

>> No.41709014

Probably postponed since Altare's switch and save file got bricked a month ago.

>> No.41711347
File: 1.07 MB, 4096x3028, FnTy2sLaAAASZ9A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.41712898

I'm glad that Survival corps isn't dead These days I'm just happy when Knight goes outside the box and does things with anyone besides Yurustars

>> No.41714196

Bettel Minecraft

>> No.41715920

>starting MMZ2 immediately

>> No.41716021

>Altare's save file got fucked
>he's probably going to be busy with birthday prep
>Vesper is probably out, not sure if Magni or Axel finished their playthroughs
>there's other Stars that will be busy with birthday prep next month
>you have to book Roberu a month or two in advance for collabs
>the girls already announced the date for their tournament lottery, that means theirs is coming up in a couple of weeks along with end of pokemon SV perms for Cover
I'm losing hope, bros.

>> No.41716353

They just need to do Temma's all stars Mario Kart tournament instead anon

>> No.41716850

> spoiler
Well, he did say he want to do board games and House of Thoughts regularly. There's also the murder mystery thing but it's Niconico gated.
I still hope for a new Survival Corps series though, I love their dynamic a lot.

>> No.41717537

Enter Magni (no VC)

>> No.41719672

Altare is also in the server (no vc as well)

>> No.41720954

Hakka The Witch's House MV

>> No.41722814
File: 409 KB, 1807x2116, FnWSXnzaMAMMcIu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.41723737

Well, that's up to Temma then. Maybe Astel can poke him.

>> No.41725395

Astel LoL

>> No.41725905

That thumbnail is too good for LoL

>> No.41726503
File: 25 KB, 188x231, 1649390031438.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Astel doesn't do so well subbing in for someone in a custom for a role he didn't even really play so now he's fired up to git gud at LoL

The LoL arc has only just begun...

>> No.41727595

i'm starting to think the rrat that arunii purposefully tries to pick members with shit english for telephone is real

>> No.41727778

SEAstellas are a mistake

>> No.41727944

Let me guess, you saw that rant thread too?

>> No.41728085

The what

>> No.41728341

It’s about that Astel’s MM drama that happened a bit back. But here’s the full story


>> No.41728368

Why wouldn't he? It's funnier

>> No.41729523

>holopro valo dream team
Izuru/Astel/Towa/RBC/<insert wildcard/shitter here>

>> No.41730340

Astel doesn't deserve these schizos. The whole reason he made his crew/the game was for fans to enjoy, not to convey some "true intention."

>> No.41730363

It’s arguable funnier for viewers if the challengers are struggling with english. I’d like to see a future session full of eigo dekiru members though

>> No.41730602

How many eigo dekiru do we even have?

>> No.41730716

Temma, Izuru and Astel?

>> No.41730803

There’s Uyu as well. Not sure whether or not to count Rio yet

>> No.41731032

I’m actually laughing a bit because I talked about it on another thread and god damn I can’t believe that I got most of the things right since the previous tweets of this were vague. But yeah, this whole thing is just a shitshow and I hope to god Astel doesn’t see that thread

>> No.41731312

What's boss' eigo like?

>> No.41731339

I still do wonder why astel of all people (and izuru by extension) has these psycho sea fans. It’s not like the other stars don’t have sea fanbases of their own but you almost never hear about those other sea fans causing any drama towards other people

>> No.41731482

He has very clear pronunciation but only basic understanding of english

>> No.41731790

Menhera attract menheras

>> No.41731866

Thanks for sharing. This is hilarious. No surprise roommate fags would be menheras.

>> No.41732066

I think because both attract K-Pop fuccboi vibes and I guess most SEA people like those types. Knowing how the K-Pop fandom acts, I wouldn’t be surprised if both Astellas and Izuru fans are also part of that.
Why do I get the feeling most of them are specifically flips too?

>> No.41732078

But Astel is more of a self-destructive menhera meanwhile these guys are more of a poison everything around them type.

>> No.41732387

I considered joining them but I didn't when I see him as the DM tbdesu. I remembered he used to mistranslate a lot of things while doing liveTL and got into drama. I'm not sure about the other side of the story, but honestly I don't think this guy is free from fault either.

>> No.41732492

The one namedropped in the thread is one of astel’s flip paypigs who gives him akasupas almost every stream, especially during singing stream

>> No.41732620

Axel - RFA
Bettel - superchat reading
Shinri - zatsudan

>> No.41732656

Based because it's funnier and it unified Holostars in the process.

>> No.41734768

Astel's just honest and open about his emotions, he's never troubled other people or caused drama. The closest was Xanek but even then it was astellas who went full white knight in the comments and Xanek still shills and plays with the guy.

>> No.41735125

As much as it pains me to say, I'm glad my oshi doesn't have as many fans as Astel, cause seeing people going menhera like that for little to no reason is really bad. I hope Astel doesn't end up reading this sort of petty drama.

>> No.41735286

Same... I might just have missed it, but I've never seen schizo buka drama, and at least it means it's easy to avoid if it does exist even in buka twitter circles. Astellas by comparison it feels unavoidable regardless of what parts of the fanbase you engage with, and I really worry for if Astel ends up seeing some translated version or reading it himself if he can understand enough of it, because I don't want him to feel guilty about it

>> No.41735886

I don't understand the point of making a call out post other than to ask for sympathy or revenge. Isn't this just going to cause problems for Astel by making this fan drama public?

>> No.41736153

This goes beyond call out post.
If I were Astel and I read this post in particular, I'd go menhera too.

>> No.41736430
File: 607 KB, 1488x2048, 46F73930-B964-44F8-A055-CCAF74730EFB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some jp fans have already received their babudon taito crane merch

>> No.41736502

Aaah! Why did the acrylic stands sell out so quickly?! I want one!

>> No.41736522

> can no longer loom at astel without feeling sick to there stomach
are they going to horseshoe theory into becoming antis?

>> No.41736846

my excitement for my long shiepillow is so intense

>> No.41736978

And here I thought, as a Familiaran, we were quite bad because of the design change, but this?! This is definitely schizo and again, all because of a MM game!

>> No.41737174
File: 283 KB, 1074x777, 6C907D27-EA89-4F05-9C2C-67BC3383A19C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These are huge….

>> No.41737184

You should know by know that acrylic stands and can badges are extremely popular pieces of merch for jp fandoms. Also if anybody /here/ still wants a roberu long pillow, the stock for that is also running low

>> No.41737411

Nah, they know it's not Astel's fault, but this sort of thing happens in every kind of fandom. Shitty people can ruin your enjoyment of something, hopefully they can enjoy watching Astel again soon.

>> No.41737517

Astel went to shower mid-stream and set up a stopwatch to time himself.

>> No.41737894

7 min 58 sec

>> No.41739167

That's the same Miyabi TLer who said 4Chan was bullying him when he was asked to fix his translation. That group of friends will always cause drama

>> No.41740607

This whole thread makes me glad I have no friends on twitter.

>> No.41740892

Some of them are ok. Sometimes I wonder if I'm speaking to my twitter friends on here.

>> No.41741470

I have a half-buka half-actual life attached to my IRL existence account, so not many people follow me from the fanbase since I'm not a dedicated fan account, and it's times like this I'm so glad about it

>> No.41741547

/here/ people also use Twitter kek
At the very least Stars don't have any Reddit activity, so that's one positive.

>> No.41741745

Astel is always watching...

>> No.41741833

At least we are all anonymous /here/, you wouldn't know who you are fighting with.

>> No.41741842

Gamma Drawing

>> No.41742309

Someone tell Astel you can use CTRL+QWER to level up skills...

>> No.41742469
File: 582 KB, 848x477, (you).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why don't you tell him anon? He doesn't mind English.

>> No.41742687
File: 63 KB, 1096x1096, FJc0bH4aMAAzecn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone on reddit put together a data spreadsheet of Astel's drilling.


There's one for Vsaikyou 4 too.

>> No.41743277


>> No.41744138
File: 914 KB, 1182x1317, A2452857-8376-41BA-B3A6-9F1CAE0AA2F1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So… bets on Astel playing this game on release?

>> No.41744318

Guaranteed. He loved the first one.


>> No.41744626

I remember joining the holostars discord ages ago and getting weird vibes from the Astel fans. I don’t know what it is.

Nothing against Astel himself.

>> No.41745358

Why are stars fans determined to hate each other. Haven't we been through enough from the outside

>> No.41745525


>> No.41745619

The twitter drama people are probably all still in high school

>> No.41746046

Ika is in her late 30s and married kek

>> No.41746257

Izuru Valorant

>> No.41746727

Haven't seen a single message from her on this and I'm in the "hierarchy" Astella Discord accused of "bullying" fans kek. I did see Wysboo calling the game shit in the fancord and the mods giving him a warning though, so I think he's just sensitive and looking for clout

>> No.41746794

Besides watching streams and being /here/, I mostly only follow Mustard-san's clips so I wouldn't know.

>> No.41747000

> calling the game shit
Wait, really? Why would he want to GM three sessions of the game if he thinks it's shit, wtf.
I really think both parties have their own faults here and things just got out of hand somehow.

>> No.41747228
File: 1.25 MB, 800x800, 1630018273944.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Astel doesn't know what the mystery "new project" announced at the end of 2nd Act is

I mean he could be lying but...

>> No.41747365

>and izuru by extension
It still pains me to this day how the majority of his fanbase is made up of those subhumans. I really wish Stars had more Japanese viewers in general so they could easily drown out all of that SEA fuckery. They haven't done anything to deserve such a deranged bunch of retards as their fans.

>> No.41747589

Of course she's not gonna mention it, that would bring attention to the drama and make it harder to ignore/bury.
I think both parties are awful and should fuck off, for the record, but just cause she isn't talking about it doesn't mean she's innocent either.

>> No.41747639

>I think because both attract K-Pop fuccboi vibes and I guess most SEA people like those types
if you take a quick peek into their profiles there's a 99% chance you'll see a sea flag and kpop retweets. unfortunately that's the type of people who watch the boys.

>> No.41747703

Temma Marika

>> No.41747823

I think the most bizarre thing I read in that thread was saying she has a track record of "monitoring" fans. I'm not in that circle but just being on twitter you inevitably catch wind of drama and it's the first I've heard of it. What does that even mean? Am I being monitored by Ika?

>> No.41747905

>the thread is awfully starting to feel like a trannycord gossip circlejerk

>> No.41748049
File: 255 KB, 899x899, 1673633928860648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All Kishimen are united in marika.

>> No.41748064

Considering how anons were complaining about how jp fans (esp. astellas?) are overly sensitive few threads ago, I don't think the problem (in general, not this specific drama) is limited to SEA fans.

>> No.41748161

Because it is the happening and they can't discuss it anywhere else with anonymity.
This isn't really bad as long as it doesn't spill to the talents. It's not like what's happening in /mans/ kek

>> No.41748343

I do think ika is literally nobody and has no right to DM someone about a private session she wasn't even involved in, at the same time the other party also seems retarded by their tweet and blowing things up for no reason.
conclusion: I hate both groups of astellas

>> No.41748377

That's one reason why I secretly want to gatekeep my oshi to a certain extent and I don't care if that makes me a schizo.

>> No.41748495

>jp fans (esp. astellas?)

Astellas were never specified, in fact it's Astel who often brings the topic up and his fans know he's not being serious when he banters or disses other members, it's other Starmin who take him too seriously sometimes.

However Astel has also said before that kaigai are usually more receptive to his ideas and actions while his JP fans will question him, so it's not like I'm saying astellas are overall less sensitive.

>> No.41748507

If what Wysboo said in the thread was true, she has friends who share screenshots of locked accounts/people who have her blocked with her. That's what he means by monitoring fans.

>> No.41748654

On one hand, I do agree with every anon here saying that the whole murder mystery fiasco would give Astel a huge headache but on the other, I do want Astel to see all of this and realize that his kaigai fans are not as well-behaved as he thought they were

>> No.41748663

lol astel

>> No.41748689

I must have misremembered that then, my bad.

>> No.41748903

Izuru joined Astel

>> No.41749116
File: 89 KB, 632x665, 1643972397753.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you mean Astel joined Izuru? Or... is Izuru playing LoL?

>> No.41749207

Astel is not that retarded he knows kaigai cause trouble too. I don't want him to hear even a peep about this shit, he's really proud of what he created and I don't want him to feel even a little discouraged.

>> No.41749256

He already knows, anon.

>> No.41749270

Astel joined Izuru

>> No.41749272

They're playing Valo

>> No.41749619

Temma explained what makes it hard to do the next instalment of Survival Corps is because Roberu's busy and they can't set up a schedule regular enough to play story-based game. If they play it too far apart from one session to another, people might forget the previous chapter.

>> No.41749776

Roberu...what is he so busy with and why seemingly only him

>> No.41749802

Is Miyabi going to be gone for 2 weeks?

>> No.41749804

Speaking of survival corps, what game were they planning to play anyway? Were they planning to continue grounded or a play a new game?

>> No.41749841

The need to book robe months in advance

>> No.41749969

I think it's more of a combination that Temma only has some days where he can stream at night, and they want to do it at night if possible, plus Roberu's schedule.
He didn't say what, but he mentioned there are two games he's thinking of playing with Survival Corps.

>> No.41750058

Re:Re: Yukoku Roberu vs ASMR

>> No.41750145

There’s also izuru and his multiple day offs where he goes to the studio to record the cover songs he’s been planning to release every month

>> No.41750257

Well, the EN translator posted a more unbiased thread which I think can be summed up as "everyone was dumb."


>> No.41750399

He's not so busy he can't stream every day and there was the time with Pokemon he streamed for hours. I really wonder if they're only talking about his collabs, which seems weird because they're not every day.

Consider how all three of them are streaming right now. Are they so against using a few days for Survival Corps instead of solo streams?

>> No.41750400

I hope they play project zomboid

>> No.41750630

> All three are streaming right now
Yeah, but they wanted to do it at night. I guess that's the hard part, since usually Roberu's streaming times are more on the afternoon to evening slot.

>> No.41750775

Sometimes it feels like people have to fill out forms in triplicate and file them at the DMV to hang out with Roberu

>> No.41751073

I kinda feel bad for her having to get caught up in this trouble after all the hard work she's done with TLing.

>> No.41751109

There was that one time he directly called out kaigai fans for leaking his non-Afro haircut from the 1st Act in public so he is aware of that.

>> No.41751215

Kinda obvious. Both parties have a track record of going menhera (SEAstellas - Xanek incident, Wysbo - the TL thing and other chat stuff), I feel bad for Shiyon getting stuck in the middle of it.

>> No.41751491

The rrat of him being in management isn't exactly without basis, you know.
A lot of time he's doing work (and he said it himself), but the "results" are hardly to be seen. Compared to Shien, Rikka, Oga, Temma, etc. who you can follow here and there. Add that he's basically dropped his morning slot, moving to way later near the evening and at night. Streaming at noon only on weekends now. January usually his free month now being full. One biggest support for the rrat for me is that compared to the others he's nonchalant about his projects that they're more "basic idea from him then managers follow up". It's like the people there are his dachis.
Lastly, if you accept that Roberu is the script writer for PolDen (his laugh is there, and the script writer's text colour was orange for one episode when he took a break from the show), then Roberu is possibly part of COVER's creative team or something at this point.

>> No.41751714

Huh, I guess that might also explain why Highschool Holography got made after his silly idea on Wachastars if true.

>> No.41751806

We interrupt your regular programming to bring you fresh a MaFia lewd drawing

>> No.41751876

Rio Minecraft

>> No.41751935

kek. this rrat is interesting. unless he constantly disagrees with the "holostars unity" idea like Starzatsu.

>> No.41752107

>unless he constantly disagrees with the "holostars unity" idea like Starzatsu.
This is easily disproven because he collabs on other things. He just didn't drop by that zatsu (except the second one I can't remember).

>> No.41752266

Miyabi, Temma, and Roberu are appearing for the official drama CD announcement stream on the 31st.

>> No.41752290
File: 651 KB, 704x396, robe tourist.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He dropped by for like five minutes. Then some time later in his own stream he was asked about Starzatsu and said he was too busy, but then backpedaled and said he has no interest.

>> No.41752389

This better be a 3D stream. I miss seeing them move around.

>> No.41752554

Looks like they’ll also talk about the new project judging by what the second line of the tweet says?

>> No.41752649

It's seems like another voice project.

>> No.41752952

Probably just a segment they will do on the stream.

>> No.41753043


>> No.41753464
File: 358 KB, 1151x2048, 14DEA60B-30CB-4CE7-BB35-7366E667AEBD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another taito crane merch photo, this time including the pillows and towels

>> No.41753492

Can you change your name in Valo or is this just another case of Astel having to smurf so he can play with others? I remember him using the same name during the late-night collab the other day and I was convinced that he made a new account to be able to play ranked with them since he managed to reach Ascendant before.

>> No.41753793

He just changed the name. I don't play Valo but I think Astel explained to Reimu that ranked isn't based on the strongest player anyway so it'd be fine for her to play with him and others as a beginner.

>> No.41753797
File: 391 KB, 1488x2048, FnVWpUFaYAACtcG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to hug my Roberu pillow soon.

>> No.41753800

Changing names is possible but he shouldn't be Ascendant right now or at the time of that collab because of the rank reset. I don't know the details but Valo let's you have a team of mixed ranks and matches you accordingly against a team with players of similiar ranks.

>> No.41754155

Rio DBD with Naruse Naru

>> No.41754269

Previews for Aruran in this week's GaribengerV

>> No.41754580

>magni is distracted by flayon and altare
>rio’s other boyfriends immediately swoop in to collab with rio

>> No.41754968
File: 640 KB, 1080x1508, 1674730429333.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Need to strike while the iron is hot.

>> No.41755123

>I hope stuff like this wont happen again in the future
I hope tf not! Jesus…

>> No.41755161

When will Naru-san train Rio's Marika skills

>> No.41755360

Naruse and Rio are husbands and live together ever since the splatoon collab with the other guys from Nijisanji.

>> No.41756619

Fuma Apex with viewers

>> No.41756683

Starcolle preview. It's apparently the show's first anniversary, and seems like they're doing a callback episode?

>> No.41756933

He is playing a guess-who-is-the-real-Fuma game with viewers.

>> No.41757097

Enter Daisenpai

>> No.41757260

Both Miyabi and Astel want to play Hogwarts Legacy. Will that be the new fotm?

>> No.41757315

Is harry potter even big in japan?

>> No.41757389

This is so creative, but I'm confused how he's doing the talking

>> No.41757416

The main characters have nendoroids so I assume yes.

>> No.41757437

The gameplay and three of them are pre-recorded, only one of them is actually in real time.

>> No.41757562

Did he just lose? That was fast.

>> No.41757637
File: 2.04 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20230126_113114822_HDR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

4chan is going to rotate this image but jackal nui is going for a walk!

>> No.41757646


>> No.41757758

He was found out because he read his chat during the act.

>> No.41757797

Yeah, but that was fast kek

>> No.41758945

Oh no, they are going to be canceled by twitter again

>> No.41759010


>> No.41759142

Just joking about the times people (1 person on twitter) tried to cancel holostars, the agf outfits for example where one person called them out for "cultural appropriation"

>> No.41759942
File: 246 KB, 1280x959, 24831B93-1F98-4C0E-BF13-82A98FE7CB69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.41760627

Don't forget how that person also tried to call out Arupapa for being a creep old guy trying to appeal to young girls.

>> No.41760740

I remember that. They were few in number but very annoying to deal with when the outfits started to get revealed. Some arab starmin made a big post of how they really liked flower's outfit, and while that shut up some of the fans, it turned into "just because one person is okay with it doesn't mean it's okay in general" point for the more vocal ones. I blocked many people back then. so stupid.

>> No.41761063

God that specific comment really pissed me off, almost wanted to call that person retarded but it wasn’t worth my time

>> No.41762333

The funny thing is the person who wrote that comment is a genshin player based on their profile.

>> No.41762530

I don't understand how Genshin has so many SJW fans when it clearly doesn't pander to them.

>> No.41762556

Altare Zatsudan

>> No.41762820

Popular Twitter attraction.

>> No.41763995
File: 3.28 MB, 1944x3456, FnZMStCaUAAFc47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.41764632

majin cock doko?

>> No.41765056

so far all this has proven to me is that holostars are uncancellable because their fanbase is too small and the only ones who get offended are like 5 or less people kek

>> No.41765529

Don't jinx it, vesper is ticking time bomb

>> No.41766712

Shinri Mad Father

>> No.41767793

I think they meant the JP branch anon

>> No.41768012

Sorry I've been keeping it to myself.

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