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>Previous Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGINuDgTc1E

>Upcoming Streams:
Today or I kill myself

Youtube: https://youtube.com/@NoirVesper
Twitter: https://twitter.com/noirvesper_en
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/noirvesper_holostars_en

#VesperONLINE (Streams)
#VespART (Art)
#Vesfriends (Fan)
#ClipNoir (Clips)
#Noirgrounds (Memes)

>Recommended VODs:
Faster Than Light: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaEr8aqsPuc
Vesper Magni Off-Collab (Hot Sauce Challenge): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnX4ZTnKXVc
Tempus Project: Zomboid (Season 1): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK4TMMKN-K0
Tempus DND (Playlist): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs8OQgZ5ao6LXlcP_659ZtTsJSgY-Nyb_

>Recommended Clips:
Plastic ball story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfINLEVCwd0
Hurricane story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R961qbT5IIk
Stab incident story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9X1HHXsjCI
Vespear's origin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcMxDftZFTs
Backflip animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcgO2b49QbI
Therapy bit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JT4g0UY5rw
Dickless grandpa origin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8je7e0Mkik


>Previous Thread: >>41632028

Reminder to report and ignore schizos and shitposters. Let's try to keep this thread as civilized as possible.

>OP Template:

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yeah after 0f we go to 10 and repeat

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>Today or I kill myself

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I love vesperonii collab this week btw

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Why does he job so much?

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How does this shitposting general have 6 threads already

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Vespapa is a coward

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hes literally me frfr

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We're fr fr

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What if they actually get together

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So no news from Vespy, what are the chances that the job he was doing was music recording. Also what are the chances that he is on a flight going home.

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MANS: I wonder if i'm the only one straight in this thread...
Nowa: I wonder if i'm the only one real vestie in this thread ...

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i'd give this man the sloppiest wettest leg trembling hands desperately grabbing the sheets legs stretching out again and again waist slowly moving up and down small heavy breath "i can't take it much longer" breaths getting quicker twitching throbbing eyes shut lip biting back arching edging begging for relief warm hot rush bubbling up spit upon spot tongue twisting around tip-tapping against mouth sideways licking spit from the end and lick from the bottom to the top then spit from the top and lick to the bottom deepthroating mascara dripping down my face slower then faster then a little faster then perfect pace twisting mouth around each side spiritually enlightening chakra balancing golden light like a halo around the tip noise from the very edge of his throat for the final release head

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Sweet dreams /nowa/.

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Good morning /nowa/

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because it's not a shitpost? I love the boys, I just don't wanna see gay shit

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Needs more mold

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What are your favorite games, /nowa/? And how would you sell them to someone?

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Good morning good morning!

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Please /nowa/, come back home, come back to /mans/...

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autism games like factorio
I don't. The games find you.

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Are you me

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Imagine defending this unprofessional piece of shit after all this time while having the audacity to shit on ina gura and mori kek. Listen these guys aren't brotubers. They're fagtubers.

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See I can't play anything without a real story.

>> No.41694086

do you like moviegames?

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See I can't play anything with too many cutscenes

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You wrote that message by yourself, you just forgot, man. But jokes aside, until Nowa shows up all this baits and shitposts here will stick out, because there is not a lot that we can discuss right now, besides fucking drama, which is, obviously, sucks

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why are you /v/

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My only request for any real residents is to discuss Vesper streams here and not go running back to /MANS/

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May a fujo-free /MANS/ general.

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Tfw I'm the only vestie here with the Keychain

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In that case it's fujos who should split, not us, yumes has their own split (thank god), and /mans/ had more straightbros than anything when it was /mag/, /mans/ should be a discussion thread instead of /fujoyume/ General, and don't try to sell me the idea of fujoposting being used to scare tourists, that's just a excuse from fujos who gaslighted us to believe that it works, when it doesn't

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Would never work

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Accept it already, we're not coming back to your woman infested shithole

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I think fujos should make their own vtuber thread on /y/.

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No stream today (tomorrow for him). He's got errands to run and good food to eat. I wonder what kind of errands one runs in a foreign country though?

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Anxiety hort better just be an excuse for something else.

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Our oshi is such a bitch holy shit.
h-hes just like me fr fr

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Vespapa is really testing my faith right now.

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>I wonder what kind of errands one runs in a foreign country though?
Whatever cover told him to do, he's basically another salaryman to this point (We don't realize it, but every boy and girl has to do the same, it's just that Nowa is a procrastinator)

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On one hand it's grim, that we have another day of uncertainty without any streams, but on other... maybe he should have a rest, because last two streams were mediocre at best and something felt really off. So i hope he rest another day and will be prepared to stream tomorrow, because it will be hard one

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They they holding this nigga hostage or something how has he been there 5 weeks

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>it's just that Nowa is a procrastinator
he's just like me fr fr

>> No.41695966

No... my Kronii collab...
gonna laugh if Vesper ends up collabing with her this week anyway

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He is pregnant

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If not even the men are safe from tummy/hed hort.
Are we sure that it is not just Cover either being incompetent when it comes to auditions, tardwrangling, or more likely both?

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Anon you legally can't ask someone if they have mental illness in job interviews.

>> No.41696075

I wish /cultare/ was a thing so I could go shit it up. I am very angry right now and I blame Altare.

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5 weeks in total including 2 weeks with his family and then just onwards to Nihon from that.

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>Anon you legally can't ask someone if they have mental illness in job interviews.
False, some companies can ask you if you're gay

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OP don't do it...

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You can't ask, but questions and background checks often reveal clues and red flags, if not their general appearence. But then again Likely he was part of the more sane groups of male vtubers they had auditions for. Cover is just bad at making sure their talents get the help they actually need.

>> No.41696385

Imagine Psychiatry Help sequel in current context, only they swapped roles, Nowa is patient and Kronii is doctor. I even feel bad of the thought that this will be a kino

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bakerchama, use this for next OP

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Can’t believe Altare took his meds out of his bag and it’s forcing him to stay in Japan a whole year baka

>> No.41696730

Gonna shop out the burgers and put little bottles of Xanax

>> No.41696794

Did the other homosisters kick you out of the dozen other male vtuber generals?

>> No.41696810

Vespapa... please take your meds...

>> No.41696840

We left to get away from fujos, they keep asking us to come back but I don't want to see gay porn spammed every day.

>> No.41696893

I thought you were all gays and women

>> No.41696905

some are closeted

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Don't like song covers
Don't like VG
Don't like Altyumes
Don't like zoomers
Don't like gay porn
Don't like fujos posting walls of text about Magni and Flayon getting their assholes mangled by trannies
Like boomers
Like tea
Like FTL and Zomboid
Like Bikes and PCs
Like 2 day old Japanese burgers
Like anxiety medication
Like fun stories from a 30 year old autistic virgin doomsday prepper
Simple as.

>> No.41696971

I have nothing against MANS, but it's too crowded for my taste and i'm interested in Nowa a little more than in other tempus boys

>> No.41697064

Our guy has half of the total Tempus viewers by himself.
It’s fair we should have our own split, I mean Sora and Roboco have splits as well.

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I hate to be a numberfag, but how does he do it? Even Bettel with debut buff doesn't match Vesper anymore (in his normal timeslot).

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>> No.41697161

Post this in /MANS/ and you'll get 5 walls of text describing Magni and Altare gang raping him

>> No.41697193

He is more palpable for the average Holo viewer than the rest. He got by far the most viewers who also overlaps with the girls.

>> No.41697344

about fucking time, faggot

>> No.41697415

Most of the Holobox is straight young adult men. Obviously they're more likely to watch Vesper talk about vidya, college, anime, and the outdoors than anyone else in Tempus. And as much as /#/ likes to think its true, a lot of niji sisters just do not want to watch Tempus. Hell, a lot of luxiem sisters won't even watch anyone else but their chosen luxiem, let alone the rest of NijEN. I'm actually genuinely curious where /MANS/ fujos came from if they aren't ex or current NijiEN fujos.

>> No.41697450

poor guy probably already lying in bathtub after that tweet, don't disturb him

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we lost another baker...

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The new guys got around the same overlap with NijiEN that they do with HoloEN, so I'm pretty sure the majority of them are from NijiEN.
Here is Bettel as an example https://vrabi.net/video/NZb9duXDRyw.

>> No.41697636

VG definitely feels more NijiEN then Tempus HQ. Maybe that's why I hate them.

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Yup, and Vesper got by far the lowest Niji overlap compared to Holo. Here it is from his last stream. He even got more overlap with HoloIDhttps://vrabi.net/video/bGINuDgTc1E

>> No.41697729

Vesper was perfect until this whore drag him to her level. If she had never generated so many Tempus antis Vesper would be a lot more sane.

>> No.41697846

Jesus christ his audience is basically the same as the girls

>> No.41697902

This is the sad thing. Does anyone at Cover even care that he's shooting off all of these red flags? We saw with Rushia they really have no clue how to handle mental illness. Nene and Polka too. The talent basically has to rely on other talent giving enough of a fuck to step in and help. It's a terrible way to run an agency because you are going to have a lot of mental illness in this line of work. Having someone on staff who can handle these kinds of things would solve so many problems before they even start.

It just seems like no one really cares about Vesper, beyond whether he is streaming or not. And whether he is recording music for their various projects. It's a very toxic company that got really lucky with talent.

Someday they will have a chuuba off themselves. Potentially on stream. And everyone will be like "oh so sad, what could we have done?"

>> No.41698001

He's the true brotuber. It's a shame that cover went away from that idea so quickly. The new gen's fujobaiting put me off a lot of them. Bettel is the only one I can stand, but he's basically just Magni, and we've got Magni at home.

>> No.41698026

As nice as Cover is, it’s still a Japanese company.
They won’t fire you, they’ll make your life miserable until you quit. It runs on respect/disrespect, and the company doles it out how they see fit.

I mean MILES better than Niji, but still not even close to how most Western companies are run.

>> No.41698071

Poal time

>> No.41698085

I worked in a japanese company and this basically happened to me

>> No.41698103

I think they can just...not renew your contract.

>> No.41698106


>> No.41698136

I will kyoani cover if they hurt Vesper and that's not even a joke.

>> No.41698139

What kinds of shit did they do to you to make you quit?

>> No.41698142

other than flayon, i don't think the new gen really fujobaits though (or at least not yet). it's true that they attract more of the nijisanji audience but that's more because of their models than anything

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>> No.41698397

They do on twitter a lot. Their behavior is indistinguishable from Nijisanji dudes.

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Someday we'll get our kino shonen models... I REALLY want a vtuber with Toriyama or Eiichiro Oda's style (I don't like Kubo's because it could pass as fujopanderer)

>> No.41698786

My grandpa gave signs of life, that's good enough for me

>> No.41698790

Give them a chance

>> No.41698828

Your grandpa is getting berated and picked on by Japanese suits right now

>> No.41698845

>4 Vesnies
We're /infinity2/, aren't we?

>> No.41698951

i'm so afraid of the original boys getting model revamps for that reason

>> No.41698962

I don't really care about Kronii that much, I just like Vesper and Kronii as friends, they're both broken individuals with a lot of mental illnesses and constantly coping with depression, anxiety, and loneliness...

>> No.41698987

I don't think an eichiro oda model could work tho

>> No.41699059

i wish I has a lesbian friend like kronii who i could talk about weird shit and stuff, nowa is a really lucky guy to have a friend like her...

>> No.41699078
File: 247 KB, 1285x1849, FZcCh4LUIAE7Cfh.jpg_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am I the only one who doesn't think Vespers model is that ugly? Magni I get, but Vesper looks okay

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>>41699059 (me)
had* why i'm so esl aaaaaa

>> No.41699155

Vesper needs a wife. I hope he doesn't die alone...

>> No.41699185

no you're not, i unironically love his model and his long chin. i think magni and altare are the uglier ones

>> No.41699206

At first I thought he just like me fr fr but this motherfucker is going menhera. Take your meds and go home dude.

>> No.41699244

Nowa has a weird chin, but the rest it's fine
Fuck procreating and stuff, I hate kids and I'm happy being alone, Nowa doesn't need a wife if he doesn't want to

>> No.41699260

>tfw I'm the most just like me fr fr vestie
Feels good to have mental illness

>> No.41699261

he has a husband

>> No.41699282

It's time to go back fujosister... be with your kind...

>> No.41699291

it's not ugly to me but it's very old fashioned. if vtubing was around in the 2000s he probably wouldve had a bigger female audience.

>> No.41699294

Are we talking about the model or design? I think design is good, but model itself (especially ringing) is meh. It isn't problem for me though, i don't really care how chuba look and watching some female chubas mainly because of beautiful model was waste of time

>> No.41699315

>going menhera makes him less 'just like me frfr'
couldnt be me

>> No.41699324

What the fuck is femVespers name anyway?

>> No.41699341

But before leaving, please consider this >>41694992, thank you.

>> No.41699369

i was talking about myself

>> No.41699433

Be a normal yume please, not a femunicorn in disguise...

>> No.41699451

>vestie kronie hybrids reveal themselves
>thread gets flooded with ellipses

>> No.41699457

Then cut your dick off and call yourself his wife

>> No.41699484

I've been on 4chan since like 2013ish and I've never understood the hate for ellipsis... they're cute...

>> No.41699486

alright sorry i was off my meds

>> No.41699517

I dont hate them just thought it was interesting...

>> No.41699521

Anon... I...

>> No.41699528

You guys have 4chan GOLD right? You aren't poor right?

>> No.41699596
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are we being raided?

>> No.41699624

Yeah the worst thing you can do if you value your time is get in a relationship. Just learn to love yourself and the things you are interested in.

Also I think 2D girls are way cuter than 3D. And I'm not talking vtubers.

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Wait what the hell happen why did we split?I was out for work the last couple of days.

>> No.41699677

Hey vestako, welcome to our new home

>> No.41699707

We are doing a bit where we pretend to have anxiety and seperate from /mans/ in solidarity with vesper

>> No.41699730

Yup. I'm a day one Kronii and Vestie. Never bothered with infinity though. I think Vesper basically collected the reasonable section of Kronii's fanbase. i'm glad we got a split because I think think once things get back to normal this will be a really comfy group.

>> No.41699749

This thread is gonna stick, isn't it...?

>> No.41699775

Nigga it's been a week

>> No.41699789

Is he streaming today???

>> No.41699793

It will if you assholes stop going back to /MANS/ when Vesper streams

>> No.41699878

I've watched at least one stream of all of them. I can't stand Flayon, but I'll watch him when he plays Melty Blood...probably with the sound off. Shinri is boring to me. Bettel is funny, but I'll probably only watch him when he collabs. Hakka filters me with his bitchiness. I'll listen to his music but that's it.

Of the original group, it basically just depends on what they are doing. I will pretty much never watch Altare. I will watch Magni when he's not collabing with Altare or playing kid games. I love his loopstation streams. Axel is funny sometimes. But I'd never watch any of these over Kronii or Vesper or any of the Idol Corp bitches.

>> No.41699890


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File: 214 KB, 2000x2000, FeAZVodX0AMtYAl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its just the Alucard chin, also Nowa really seem to have the least amount of genderbents. Maybe because people actually see him as a bro.

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Someone made this as a shitpost, but somehow it survived until now and is slowly becoming a legit general, that's the entire story
t. straight male vestie tired of gayposting

>> No.41699949

No. Tomorrow he promises. Hopefully we'll get a long ass Outer Wilds stream

>> No.41699959

not a fujo but I like Nowa whore posting

>> No.41699991

Vesper, and the collateral drama surrounding him currently, is more important than the other tempus vtubers.
It's deserving of its own split.

>> No.41700055

Did anyone start playing Outer Wilds because Vesper streamed it?

>> No.41700057

>t. Whore

>> No.41700076

I think it started as someone trying to shitpost, but then we all realized we like vesper and hate reading gay Altare rape fantasies by demented Vesper antis.

>> No.41700085


>> No.41700094
File: 240 KB, 1200x1225, always.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll try to catch up on sleep until the next projected stream. Worrying over vesper took a rough toll but he'd want me to take care of myself. Night, bros.

>> No.41700104

Eh thanks


Like i said Anon, work.

>> No.41700120

Zeta started playing it after him I think. And she's an avid tempus watcher. So maybe her.

>> No.41700126 [DELETED] 
File: 657 KB, 1057x1078, 76019469-8198-4606-B76D-0D3B36E99F82.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.41700191

Ah, thanks for the qrd

>> No.41700204
File: 497 KB, 971x1434, nowa012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.41700267
File: 274 KB, 2043x2048, FC81747B-33E1-4B1D-83B8-D1CEFE57260F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I miss him.

>> No.41700277

honorary grand daughter

>> No.41700297

Goddammit you have your own thread

>> No.41700368

Goodnight vestie

>> No.41700384
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>> No.41700392

Just think of this as something like /wah/

>> No.41700427
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>likes JRPGs
>never plays them
Why is he like this

>> No.41700441

Please, don't be like this in /nowa/ too...

>> No.41700463

Report and ignore, obviously a /MANS/ fujo trying to get us to come back.

>> No.41700480

Besides the little bit too long chin, I really like his design, the "problem" with it is that it looks way too much like Alucard from castelvania, ppl were joking about it since literak reveal, I dont think he needs a new model just new clothes

>> No.41700483

He's probably played all of the ones that are any good that cover has perms for

>> No.41700532

/MANS/ infiltrators never gain steam here anyway. We're perfectly fine where we are.

>> No.41700551

what do we talk of then?

>> No.41700569

I was asking more about you, vesties, but if we talking about chubas, i remember that Nina also streamed it recently and after i watched VOD of second vesper's stream i went to the comments and there was literally first comment , something like "Grandpa played the same stuff as Nina Kosaka. Vesper, don't give me hope." and I for some reasons cringed so hard. With no offense to Nina

>> No.41700619

Bikes, do you like bikes? any sport?

>> No.41700636

What are you guys thinking of his casual? Think they go full fujo or they do something conservative like a sweater vest?

>> No.41700667
File: 360 KB, 809x859, 4EE23703-2FC7-411B-9A02-B7C63BFA3AF8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As long as he has a ponytail idc

>> No.41700675

Nina plays a lot of the same stuff Vesper does, she was in Vesper's Into the Breach chat and recently played FTL. Nina is basically female Vesper.

>> No.41700708

if they go full fujo i will kill myself

>> No.41700718
File: 72 KB, 540x613, 1668976912225549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not really...

>> No.41700746


>> No.41700808

You forgot to say no homo, bro.

>> No.41700814

Turtle neck seems like the easy way, I actually want them to go grandpa on vacations style, beige short short, hawaian shirt, an old ass camera hanging, sandals (with socks he can't have his feet get cold) and a straw hat

>> No.41700849

See we had a good thing going for a while there.
When the boys were streaming the focus would be on the actual streams basically acting as a slower less moderated chat.
The fujos would wait until the off hours to go full horny keeping the threads alive and making OC.
The issue is over time as the boys started feeding into the shiping it became untenable.
The Dam was full of holes and leaking all over the place but the final push what Flayon activating full horny mode now there are no boundaries.

>> No.41700865
File: 354 KB, 1242x1394, 1664060235202389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Something like this?

>> No.41700870
File: 268 KB, 1206x1489, Fd_-7oWagAAd6-Z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dunno about casual, but i was holding up hope for a new years outfit. Something like this but with a spear.kek. I guess there is always next year.

>> No.41700918

Kek I would fucking kneel, especially if they threw in the fanny pack

>> No.41700934
File: 129 KB, 1994x1866, 16821698200659.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.41700937


>> No.41701085

She has great taste in games and i used to watch her, but after 3-4 months i got filtered because there weren't any interesting games and when she played something it was a field for zatsu, it was unbearable for me. Even the fact that she's slav didn't help

>> No.41701118

My broshi and oshi are both in japan I or most long time takos dont mind if they collab but the shitposting is gonna be tiresome.

>> No.41701222

if they go full fujo they will pretty much kill their branch

>> No.41701233
File: 56 KB, 426x600, aemond.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Vesper's new model leak

>> No.41701248

Ina is in Japan right now? The fuck
Also I feel like Ina never gonna collab with a member of Tempus unless it's like a group collab. So far the HoloEN 1 on 1 collab tally is Vesper 3, Magni Magni 1, Altare/Axel 0.

>> No.41701297

I've seen Cover do some retarded shit in my time.

>> No.41701332

>Flayon activating full horny mode
What did he do, i stop watching after his first solo stream it was painful.He has voice acting chops but man is in insufferable with the constant Gura act.

>> No.41701533

4th Fes training, pretty sure sooner or later all of them will be there.

>> No.41701597
File: 52 KB, 537x715, capt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.41701768

>take your meds
that's the thing, he can't. he's a dumbass who left it thinking the japs, without doing a lick of research, will arrest him for smuggling or someshit

>> No.41701809

Yeah I don't know what the fuck he was thinking.

>> No.41701827

A lot of chubas pick some trait of theirs and exaggerate it to entertain people. Vesper is good example. He's boomer but he isn't from a fucking stone age. But he amplified it, pretend like he don't know how use social media, twitter and stuff (that's kinda funny, because on his PL account he has literal video about proper using of those by chubas) Maybe someone can remember, when Tempus debuted, some people said that Vesper's "boomer schtick" is fake and annoying. It's because this exaggeration.
With Flayon it's same thing. He really exaggerates this whiny, bottom, bulliable personality. Of course some people like that, some don't

>> No.41701898

This fits my understanding of Vesper fans for he most part. Kinda surprised there's not a single Vesbeat.

>> No.41701944

His model and "discord kitten" behavior made him the prime target for a massive slew of hornyposting that enabled more rampant horny posting afterwards.

>> No.41701949
File: 980 KB, 1080x1044, Screenshot_20230125_105634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.41702010

>"I don't watch f*male EN vtubers" has 6 votes
This has to be a raid.

>> No.41702020


>> No.41702059

wait till our residential vesbeat sees the poll. also a lot of deadbeats seem to be vsinger enjoyers and vesper CAN'T sing.

>> No.41702171

Its Vestako Anon get it right.

>> No.41702243

I hate women, sorry.

>> No.41702253

don't have anything against f*male chubas, but didn't watch any of them regularly for the past year-year and half

>> No.41702408

some people indeed.

>> No.41702580

all me

>> No.41702601

very important

>> No.41702738

alright, who of you voted for feet?

>> No.41702898

We've already established there are Vestbuds here.

>> No.41703011

Are we really gonna make this thread work?

>> No.41703099

yes, unlike vesper's meds

>> No.41703193


>> No.41703243

It definately gonna stay before drama will end, but after? Who knows

>> No.41703261
File: 214 KB, 831x789, 1674666008752722.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm gonna try

>> No.41703287

The main thread is literally unreadable unless you have a fetish for fag fanfiction. It's insane. Fuck that shit yo

>> No.41703308

this is why women shouldn't exist

>> No.41703316


>> No.41703469


>> No.41703726

Prolly gonna end once Vesper's back in "Elysium" with his meds and able to collab again.

>> No.41703800

Is it that hard to start another topic anon? Why not divert the conversation to what you want?

>> No.41703836

I thought there was more Vesplings--but maybe the current menhera arc has killed their father illusions. Also suprised to see Vesbuds are a thing.

>> No.41703971

Nothing against them, but they're clearly going for that audience. Bettel is getting major schizo fujos solely because of his design, when he's clearly the most normal guy there.

>> No.41704011
File: 557 KB, 4096x2857, FjKgEtTUYAAKnOh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think its about time really, with the amount of ryona posting after Bettel debut and hornyposting after VGs debut, main thread is almost unusable. I used to write battle fanfic for the main thread but i dont think fujo/yumes are interested in that.

>> No.41704055
File: 548 KB, 700x800, Ojisa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It has kinda shitty rigging but it's got soul, unlike Magni's who has SOVL. I'm way used to it at this point, all it needs is a 2.0 of rigging and some polishing.

I'm interested in this.

>> No.41704266

You know that's not why you hate them. That reason you mention would be good enough to not care about them but your hatred comes from somehwere else.

>> No.41704273

They literally do not care about the current topic of discussion. They treat the thread as their personal discord where they can spam fag porn with a veeeeeery thin Tempus layer on top to the point that it barely has anything to do with them at all. Unless the discussion is absolutely drowned by something (like Vesper missing the anniversary or a big karaoke stream or something) they will just live in their own world and spam their shit
It's just absolutely vile and retarded to the point of being unreadable. It's like holo threads when the same 10 faggots start spamming their yuri shipfaggotry that has nothing to do with reality for 70% of the thread

>> No.41704405

They usually dont appear unless /uuu/ is down, in fact i dont think they appear in the main thread much if at all nowadays.

>> No.41704567

Go ahead and give me the reason, Dr. Freud.

>> No.41704721

I don't watch HololiveEN but I'm more than willing to watch other female vtubers.

>> No.41704753


>> No.41704974

I'm a very bitter tatsunoko and it extends to HoloJP as well. Hololive in general just rubs me the wrong way now but I dearly love Holostars enough stay around. I know it's unreasonable but I can't shake that part of me away.

>> No.41705220

It definitely drew in some undesirables. It was a delicate balance of a thread before.

>> No.41705446
File: 83 KB, 469x966, Goslingold.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>/hlgg/ is a lot of the same schizos and ritual posts day after day, throw in some yuri faggotry or the latest Gura tweet
>/MANS/ is growing more faggy and is becoming more about homo shipping and punching Bettel than streams
4chan becoming fast has been a mistake, the more threads have to compete against each other for board space, means even slow threads barely last 24h under a constant wave of trite pointless posts.

>> No.41705510

Yumejos (who aren’t ryonafags) have it bad on /mans/ too. Just saying.

>> No.41705831

six siege
no, fuck that shit game
still like it tho
also battlefield and half-life

>> No.41705866

Early on, their yumeposting was about going on dates with their oshis and stuff. And they almost always spoilered that shit.
Now they spam humiliation and ryona during steam hour without spoilers.

>> No.41705910
File: 76 KB, 512x512, Oi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is not /MANS/ tho...

>> No.41705940

In hindsight, male vtubers were a mistake purely because they introduced mentally ill femoids into the fanbase. You cant prove me wrong

>> No.41705963

Can someone spoonfeed me on Ryona? I followed MANS pretty consistently, but I missed who the fuck is it

>> No.41706230

Here’s a sneak peek

>> No.41706478

violence and humiliation against bettel arouses /mans/sisters.

>> No.41706630

>t. Deadbeat

>> No.41706798

oh so it's basically weird kink, i actually thought that is person lol. Thanks for explanation. I can even imagine what going through Bettel's head when he read all this supas, probably, that people are joking

>> No.41706889

I only watch Mori when she collabs with Tempus.

>> No.41707046

They are far more explicit on /mans/

>> No.41707188

You're just like me fr fr

>> No.41707239
File: 505 KB, 800x450, vestnies vs antifemales.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is the poal right now

>> No.41707448

Oops, I fucked it up, I used the male symbol instead of the female kek whatever, I'm to lazy to fix it

>> No.41707560
File: 532 KB, 1468x824, 1661104638605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anxiety hort

>> No.41707807

it really do be like that sometimes

>> No.41708065
File: 9 KB, 420x421, 1664763346669934.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Reminder to report and ignore schizos and shitposters
How can you say that when Vesper himself is in the middle of his schizo arc.

>> No.41710249

bzt he is our schizo

>> No.41710715


>> No.41711276

How do we force Vesper to get some real therapy

>> No.41711323

grooming by his fans

>> No.41711372

Do what that one discordmite did to Magni and see if that manages to change him for better or worse

>> No.41711572 [SPOILER] 
File: 33 KB, 340x452, 20230125_140428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.41711595


>> No.41711893

The TL;DR is that someone commented a very detailed paragraph(s) about Magni lying about having COVID and how he needs to go to therapy instead of traumadumping on his fans since its makes them uncomfortable or some shit like that. Apparently a few others sent similar comments as well. It made him distance himself from the magmites for a couple of weeks but lately he's been opening up again in his membership streams.

>> No.41711947

about not having COVID* my bad

>> No.41712443

Dude, you make a little bit of money from your new career and decide to go on your bucket list vacation to Japan for 5 fucking weeks? I love Vesper, but that is so fucking irresponsible it hurts. Admittedly it wouldn't be such a big deal if he wasn't ghosting everyone.

>> No.41712540

2 weeks were at his families place
He's only on week 3 of Japan atm. He has a month long travel visa most likely

>> No.41712584

Dude, why are my favorite HQ boys so fucking weird about being upfront? Magni didn't wanna say he had covid or that he hurt his back in a car accident, Vesper didn't want to say he was in Japan or anything about his anxiety medication.

>> No.41712649

Chumbuds will always overlap due to sheer volume.

>> No.41712653

your favourites are menheras

>> No.41712895

Out of VG my clear favorite is Bettel. Now, I know what you're thinking, but I want to believe Bettel is actually very mentally stable, but with extreme food autism born out of poverty.

>> No.41713124

I agree that some of their decisions seems a little bit too paranoid, but it's not that hard to understand why people don't want to spread their private information on the internet

>> No.41713393
File: 152 KB, 709x526, FnRPdMxWAAA7G-G.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually i wonder what else he is doing in Japan besides him saying he is there on "vacation". Since he did mention here and there that he has been meeting staff.

>> No.41714536

The covid thing was because he didn't want managers to make him stop streaming, especially during the period when Vesper was suspended because they'd be down 2/4 boys.

>> No.41715638

I picked it back up from years ago , restarted and finished it
I hate how vesper plays it, he won't get anywhere like that

>> No.41716115

Its funny because because mans seemed relatively normal compared nijien male threads, they are like a weird gay cult.

>> No.41716132

I wonder if the other stars, and the girls he collabs with, will treat him differently after this whole mess.

>> No.41716234

What fucked vesper were his famiky holidays and his menhera attack against management

>> No.41716304

they wont

>> No.41717652

The only "people" that thinks Vesper is black are micropenis pipsqueak SEAnigs that for some reason believes that any man with a slightlydeep voice has to be African

>> No.41717740

vesper is abbo

>> No.41720096

all of them are black except Magni

>> No.41720379

The car accident thing seemed to be because someone whether some fans or his manager felt he was being too upfront with Magnation. Plus saying something like that would cause worry. After that he just stopped talking about his back injury. At least with the off collab he seems better.

>> No.41720572

vesmans doko

>> No.41720770
File: 38 KB, 514x652, Screenshot_01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

HoloEN is trash, specially Kronii. She and Mori should graduate.

>> No.41721516

They're also mentally ill

>> No.41721688

i'm worried for JP,
he wants to find a hurt a hololive girl
i just know it
please go find mori thanks

>> No.41721905

At this point I'm pretty sure meeting his family was the stress precursor to all this drama. Including why he was so on edge that he ended up getting a suspension.
Dude should go no contact if he can't handle them

>> No.41723374

who's that supposed to be?

>> No.41723671

Whoman Vestie

>> No.41723931

Mori please save Vesper

>> No.41725700

This thread is just /vent/, but dead kek
I'm actually glad more and more of Tempus audience comes from Twitter now, at least the main Stars audience is there. Fucking hell "brotuber" faggots, yumejos, and fujos /here/ are retarded.

>> No.41725846

when I travelled to japan a few years ago I had my goddamn adderall taken at the airport, fucking sucked ass

>> No.41726917

Adhd anon...

>> No.41726943

Mount Fuji hike for sure

>> No.41727202

Be honest do you think Vesper visited a brothel

>> No.41727490

It's more about his lisp than his voice

>> No.41727729

Op is a fruitcake

>> No.41727791

im a fool i should have fucking bought it but didnt think id love this old fuck this much

>> No.41727943

I always picture him as Blasian. Maybe a filipino-black mix.

>> No.41728266

he knows what he's doing

>> No.41728290

Here we go again, gura is half-fil, irys is half-fil, millie is.... anyway.

>> No.41728387

Gonna have to get that bitch Skycompass in here and get her to say something to Vesper if she's in charge of Vesper's birthday project like she was with Magni

>> No.41728485

It's opaque? Huh.

>> No.41729218

Based Altareschizo

>> No.41730399

Yeahhh fuck /here/!
Having sex would solve half the problems of anons

>> No.41731915


>> No.41731993

Whomst? The only famous Tempura I know is Arenei. And Pako if we're counting him

>> No.41732188

Would you guys bang Arenei? Be honest.

>> No.41733037

She was the one who made Magni have that melt-down and stop wanting to share things w/chat. as she was in charge of his birthday project which clearly meant a lot to him. I believe she led the Discord magmites who were pissed about covid to raid comments and upvote their own comments. She also made a longass post scolding Magni about "his lying"

>> No.41733076

She is the admin of a Holostars discord server so no.

>> No.41733378

Holy woman post

>> No.41737941
File: 10 KB, 557x60, 19384924.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she said this after doing all that so idk if she's got it in her to do it again

>> No.41737979

Fuck yeah I'd blast my White Male seed inside her brown cunt

>> No.41739455

Has she said anything about the Vesper situation? I'm not in any discord groups to see. I heard Axel is her oshi so idk if she gives a fuck

>> No.41741785
File: 505 KB, 1500x1800, 1670522010303037.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I miss uncle nowa

>> No.41742849

she's cute

>> No.41743321

WTF?? I didn't know about this. What'd chat do to lose his trust like that?

>> No.41743338

Yeah but I hate DDs. You have either be really fake or have no taste to support every fucking single member of a group.

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