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*singlehandedly change the entire vtuber culture in your path*

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Only you, the person reading this, can prevent this low effort bait from being bumped

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For the worse

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but you bumped it

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She's more irrelevant than Tempiss and HoloID these days. Pekora, Fubuki and Korone are going to pass her subtotal in 6 months tops.

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>for worse

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I feel like Mori hasn't done anything wrong in a long time and has been getting increasingly chill while other people grab the retard ball.

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That's why maintaining your public image is so important from the get go. People don't give second chances. You do permanent damage to your career with every incident.

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>hange the entire vtuber culture
do you really believe that?

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*singlehandedly change the entire airport culture in your path*

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give examples

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>comparing a super chat reading stream to a game play stream
Dumb as a box of hammers.

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Now what?

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Kobo's more popular than most mems. Try again.

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>kobo: 1.8M subs
>mori: 2.18M subs
sure thing

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Funny how the dead sub meme only comes into play here when its convenient.

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>*singlehandedly changes the entire EN vtuber culture in your path for the worse*
There ya go buddy. Fixed.

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How new does one have to be to believe that kobo shitting all over mori is just the status quo?

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mods allow these kinds of bait shitpost threads up but they delete ones like these

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Jannies are idiots working for free. More at 11.

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It’s one of the biggest copes, how else will /vt/ cope over their irrelevant chuuba.

In this case both kobo and Mori have dead subs, low view counts, etc. only difference is mori actually gets a sizable income from her cucks

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Carried hard by her model

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