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>ghost cat
mori is a fucking idiot

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>actually got 2 cats
>accidentally posts the second cat on her RM account because the retarded self-doxxing fatfuck can't stop using it for more than 5 seconds
>Hololive rules say you can't post pets on both Holo and RM accounts
>she thus can never post the 2nd cat on her Mori account
>pretends she only has one cat for several days
>the "solution" she finally comes up with is pretending the 2nd cat is a ghost

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the fucking cat discussion spilling into the catalog now? fucking hell man, get over it

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>Hololive rules say you can't post pets on both Holo and RM accounts
Why are Japanese people this autistic?

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I mean, they are retarded for allowing her to do what she does in the first place. She spits on them every day. They are more lenient than any professional company ever would be.

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Is that actually what happened? That's fucking hilarious.

Seems like a pretty reasonable "don't dox yourself" rule.

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>Reserved Rapper
>Doesn't know how to be sexy
>Very conservative with her sexuality
>A year passes
>Mori is showing her pussy on Twitter.
K, whatever Mori Calliope.

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Yeah god forbid someone figures out Mori's other account

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imagine the smell

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>management doesn't babysit holos
>VT: "What the fuck man?! Why isn't management acting like their parents" (see Rushia suicide baiting)
>management has rules in place so holos don't dox themselves (even though Mori is doing it on purpose again)
>VT: "What the fuck man? Why are they babysitting holos?!"
They can't win.

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The only ones who complain about the pet rules are a few coping gaslightbeats

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meanwhile JP holos and Kiara have no issue showing their pets on both accounts

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Op sec. If two accounts post the same animal, especially with the same toys, same collar, etc it's easy to figure out that they're either the same person or live together. Japanese neets have doxxed people with far less. A lot of Holopets are also exotics (Pekora, Kobo) or rare breeds (Mori's orange cat).

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It's about the IP. Mori IP belongs to cover, they don't want anything to connect to the persona. This way sponsors don't have grounds to associate RM activities with the vtuber.

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because that anon pulled that 'rule' out of his ass - also nenechis beetles > all

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Mori has openly expressed her contempt for Hololive on this matter many times. If you are really this retarded, the rules have two purposes. One is to protect the girls and the other is to protect the company. Most of the girls want to be protected but there's a few of them that actively want to get raped and murdered on a livestream, Calli and Kiara being the most obvious examples. The only reason a certain overweight traitorous whore can't exploit Hololive endlessly and smear them everyday openly is because she can't openly connect herself to Coco. The reason Cover doesn't have to worry about the actions of a certain knight publishing pornography is because that is not their employee.

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Japan has a culture of kids collecting bugs/beetles. It's about as doxxable as someone posting a cockatiel.

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Kiara has never posted a picture of her cats on social media or shown them onstream except for a few frames when her "raccoon" jumped in front of the camera once.

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She literally played with ehr cat on scream with a hand cam during a member stream, or do rules not count there?

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>source: my ass

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Hardly anyone here knows about Mike's cat cup or Nkok's glasses, anon.

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You need to be a member, but here you do.


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I think Mori is the only corporate VTuber I have ever seen who simply has no respect for the concept of VTubers and seems to be using this Hololive job entirely to promote her "other" self. Most VTubers understand what VTubing entails and completely drop any other accounts, but she is very selfish. It's frankly astounding that they're willing to put up with her considering she's basically just using the Hololive name to bolster herself so she can safely split from them and go indie.

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I like how Mori's actions fuck over other fanbases. Discussing kson got you banned last week.
Discussing certain ironmouse streams where someone used the wrong avatar (totally an accident btw) will get you banned.

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Why do they agree to do stuff with her? Sounds like Ironmouse and Kson don't liek you guys.

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Eh, mods on this site being garbage is the least of my problems with what Mori is doing.

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Laplus has gone a step above Mori and directly promoted her RM on her own stream with a link.
>If you wanna catch more of me I'll be here *link*

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I know La+ is way worse since Mori actually still does a shitload of hololive work, but I find that hard to believe.

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You really ought to stop eating rrat shit
That doesn't seem healthy

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I mean she did chose to put non-hololive collabs to her roommates side which is better than nothing.

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A fucking what?!?!?

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Lol youre so full of shit with your fanficfion, Laplus would literally have gotten fired for that

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>Mori has openly expressed her contempt for Hololive on this matter many times
Can I have a source on that?

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Go archive diving in holox general. I don't remember when exactly but it was around the same time as the rust eceleb server.

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How about no because i have common sense

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That's really part of the problem, she's only getting those collabs in the first place because of her Hololive fame. If she wants to have another account, it should be entirely for private matters and whatever else. She shouldn't be using it to get more work. The difference between her and Kiara, who basically just talks about her life and posts pictures and that's it, is night and day.

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Go let them know you don't like those collabs with her then. Not like she forces them.

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I guess but it would be stupid not to use the connentions she gets from Hololive.

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If it's stupid then why is she literally the only one in Hololive who feels the need to do it? It just shows how self-centered she is.

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The fact you think that shows you know nothing of any JPs other than ones commented about often /here/ like la+ or noel.

>> No.41684929

Probably wants to still have some kinda career after hololive. It could also be insecurity.

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That was her "raccoon". And the rules only apply when management enforces them. Several holos have stated they can get away with more in member streams since management doesn't watch them and they don't produce clips.
In Kiara's case Jenma might watch her member streams but Jenma is also Kiara's personal slave so she won't do anything about it.

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So you're saying teh rules don't matter in members streams then. Mori's other cat will be "ghost cat" if it ever shows up then. Literally no difference.

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Hime hajime exists

>> No.41685330

The rules will only matter in a member stream if her members rat her out to management (somewhat unlikely) and if her manager decides to do something about it (depends on the manager).
In both cases Mori is slightly more at risk than Kiara. Both have plenty of mentally ill people paying ARS to hate-watch their member streams but Mori's antis want to "stick it to her" in some public manner more than Kiara's antis do. And it is unlikely that Mori has as much control over her manager as Kiara has over Jenma.
But overall she can probably show her second cat without much happening.

>> No.41685364

It's all a non-issue. If you only want to follow Holo stuff with her then you can and have plenty of content.
If you want to see another side, you can too. She keeps enough separation to be respectful to the agency and not drag them into anything they would disagree with. She dove into the vtuber world and wants friendships with many who she officially cannot collab with. So she keeps those things to the side.
The only people getting upset are those who want it all for themselves and for her to live following Cover's rules 24/7, but the company already made clear they do not care about private activities. You can just say you don't like her at all instead of trying to ignore when other Holos have done similar.

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>The reason Cover doesn't have to worry about the actions of a certain knight publishing pornography is because that is not their employee.
LMAO you actually believe this. It's tolerated but if she ever goes too far for Cover they will axe her since it's an open secret and will effect their reputation. People aren't that free.

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>certain knight publishing pornography is because that is not their employee.
She's referred to herself as Noel before by complete accident btw.
Unless you're saying Noel isn't employed by cover in which, you're retarded.

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That's actually one thing Mori has avoided doing herself over there, any fuck ups have been other people. The few times she has referred to herself by the wrong name on Mori has just been her generic ass first name so that doesn't really count.

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