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after knowing my oshi died of water poisoning, which vtuber should i watch now

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Shit I should write articles about how sucking my dick prevents aging, I'd have women all over me.

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I can't even imagine how fucked up the acid rain in an Indonesian city is

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Rain water is great, if don't live in the city. Or near a coal powerplant. I'm sure she knows to run it through a filter if so.

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Pretty sure I heard Reine talk about acid rain being a problem in Indonesia multiple time.

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>tfw can't tell if anons are missing the joke or just playing along
man this place destroyed my brain

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What the fuck is acid rain? That sounds like some sci fi shit.

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>missing the joke
pray tell

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depending on where their tap water comes from (like a lake or resorvoir) it may have nearly the same acidity as the rain. But with less pollutants and added chemicals.

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Is this some sort of fabled Indonesian humor or something

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Just has a lower PH balance. Not harmful to drinking but more to the ecosystem. Of course, don't want pollutants from the air....while probably more from tap water.

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shes obviosly not drinking rain wather, its just a joke, everyone that lives here is aware to not drink rain wather, or tap wather, ever
she even did a stream talking about the different expenses relating to buying bottled water depending on the part of indonesia and shit in one of the monday warrior streams

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I remember learning about it in school, but the only visualization I remember it showing was stuff like statues or public structures getting much more rusted and stuff from rain damage than normal. I don't think it's something humans notice or else it would make no sense that people aren't dying everyday from it.

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That sounds fucking awful anyway. Is it drinkable or does it mess up your insides?

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>chemicals in tap water
the fuck you people doin, is europe the only place with clean water lol

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>Drinking rain water
She's carpet munching kobo
that's the joke

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keikaku doori

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not according to europeans teeth lmao

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does indonesia consider lesbian sex as sex before marriage for that law?

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As a Canadian I can drink tap water no problem

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Canada has like 30% of the worlds fresh water
Leafs drink straight from the tap

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You seem to be under the impression this is some weird third-world phenomenon.

>Places significantly impacted by acid rain around the globe include most of eastern Europe from Poland northward into Scandinavia,[83] the eastern third of the United States,[84] and southeastern Canada. Other affected areas include the southeastern coast of China and Taiwan.[85]

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Acid rain has pretty much been resolved, that's why you don't hear about it anymore, it was an early century problem

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thats amazing considering how close you are to the US where tapwater will kill you - but i suppose canada has a lot of open space snow and water to tap into cleanly too

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>it was an early century problem
I just looked it up and it was literally just a fad from the 60's-80's. So it was probably still cool when they made the textbooks that were in my school growing up. Apparently some places just protect their statues better now.

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Flouride, chlorine, etc.
Tap water varies in such a large country as the US. I wouldn't drink tap from Missouri, but KY is fine.

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that's not obvious to anyone living in a developed 1st world country. our tap water is pristine.

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It was a real issue before they started forcing the world to put catalytic filters on every exhaust, not just affecting marble but forests too.

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I mean Ame literally told her JP senpais that American tapwater explodes when set on fire. Though I will grant most people don't drink water due to bottled water being successfully advertised and not actually because tap water is bad. Aside from the gay frogs of course.

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Ignore that other faggot, acid rain was a hoax. Smog however was not a hoax and was what ultimately made people want cleaner air.

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Because Ame has terrible social manners and doesn't know when to backtrack something she's said after she exaggerates something as a joke and it's taken literally. There are places here where you can't drink it, but unless you live somewhere infrastructure can't be maintained due to incompetent leadership/citizens, tap is generally fine.

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depends on the area you live..some city/state governments just dont like upgrading infrastructure. I stick to bottled water and my filter even tho my city is safe

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>Americans avoid drinking tap water because it has chemicals in it, but are completely fine with eating chicken rinsed in chlorine.

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the US is a 3rd world country though. i live in sweden.

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>how close you are to the US where tapwater will kill you
Lmao wut? Are you retarded?

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Acid rain is what happens when rain falls through smog, dummy. It carries the chemicals it falls through with it. The resulting solution in the rain drop has a lower pH than water which is normally acidically neutral. So that's why it's called acid rain. It's not like it's raining high molar concentrations of hydrochloric acid or anything, but there's significantly higher concentrations of aqueous acidic molecules in parts per billion to make the rain water unsafe.

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People just to leave touch the bottom of whatever container your rain water or tap water is resting on for a couple of hours to feel how slimy the shit is. It's even brown if you drain everything but the bottom.

And you people are gonna drink that shit? lol.

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Something something rain droplet mixed with sulfur toxic in the air. Not fiction btw

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>Acid rain has pretty much been resolved
Tell that to China and India.

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For EU let's not forgot Chernobyl. The clouds that moved around and where it rained later these places are fucked even today. There are warnings not to eat wild mushrooms and things. Something tells me that when 30 years later mushrooms still aren't save then natural water isn't doing so well either.

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that's not even a little true, but okay anon.

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