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Kronii's in Japan with Gura right now, so expect only twitter spaces or simple zatsudan streams for a while.
She and Gura will perform together in HoloFes.
You've heard it here first.

Also, she finally got a chance to meet up with Vesper.

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She's going to save him

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She's going to correct that broken clock

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Is that why she was crying in her twiiter space and mumbling about bread? Because Vesper raped her?

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Quite the opposite, actually. Because Vesper didn't want to rape her.

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Well i guess erectile disfunction happen when you abuse meds.

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The drugs he used to sedate her were still in her system. She tried to laugh a bit to get her mind of things, but it actually squeezed his cum out of her pussy and sent it dripping down her legs and had a complete breakdown remembering all that he did to her.

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Vesper's actually a massive racist. When he realized Kronii's a gook, he noped out. Which Kronii clearly pointed out when she was talking about white bread. The only puzzling thing was jam. It's either that she's on her period or that she really wants him to pop her cherry.

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He stopped taking his meds while overseas

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Anon councilirys has a Collab today

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Vesper been clocking her clock for days. Why else would the old man miss the offcollab.

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