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You are all so fucking boring, pathetic feckless leeches. Your entire personalities are 'hurr me want girlfriend' I want to strangle the lot of you

When was the last time something here genuinely made you laugh, or even left enough of an impression on you to be memorable?

Should be fucking shot, the lot of you.

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God I want to fuck Aisha Clan Clan so bad

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I NEED her to rape me, she is much stronger than humans and when she's in heat there'd be no stopping her.

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Space catgirl cute...

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This is now an Aisha Clan Clan thread.
Did you know her English voice actress was elected to the Canadian parliament?

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is that fuckin true?????

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>R*ddit spacing

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I remember back in 2009, hell, all the way up to 2015 when you could type with readable formatting and not be accosted by drooling retards who shriek "reddit" like fucking chimpanzees

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