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Last thread: >>41433494

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>live now
Izuru Valorant
Fuma Splatoon 3

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Bossu love and sex!

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[Merch News]
The Uproar “Cozy Winter” acrylic stands and soup mugs are now on sale. These are stock sales so any anons who want these merch items should buy them as quickly as possible

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Merch stock as of this writing:
Acrylic stand: 541
Soup mug: 271
Acrylic stand: 336
Soup mug: 216
Acrylic stand: 529
Soup mug: 278
Acrylic stand: 406
Soup mug: 236

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If you don't have a proxy, good luck kek
There's a bug that doesn't allow you to buy the mugs since the website considers it to be over 30kg if you're buying it from outside of Japan

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Gamma love

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Yabe.. I forgot the picture

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Cover keeps fucking up with their shipping ever since they changed things in December. I hope there isn't any issues when my oshi's birthday comes around.

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Rio and Miyabi watching Fumataso

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Shien's birthday is so soon, guess I'd better prepare the proxy lol

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Rikka Tetris 99 with viewers

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Miyabi love!

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Rio Valorant

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I love Aruran!

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Knight love!
His tweet was really cute today, thank you Knight.

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Taito crane merch update: both shien’s and roberu’s acrylic stands are already out of stock

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Miyabi Life is Strange

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Fuck! I was going to try for Roberu's stand later, guess I'll have to wait for mercari.

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Majin love!

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That was a nice Rikka stream
He might release a new cover before the month ends

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Majin 3D drinking stream

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Aruran Minecraft

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What's an alcohol dekinai oji majin gonna drink? must be oolong cha again kek

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I love Roberu!!

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Regis logged in to look for turtles (probably to replace the ones he blew up during the guerilla collab)

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Oh, he realised that it was a typo, his english is improving
The tempus fans call him Altare just fyi, Regis is the "evil" personality

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I know, don't know why I wrote Regis. Blowing up Magni's turtles was a very Regis thing to do, now Altare time to replace them.

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Fuck seeing oga moving so much makes me wanna push him down and rape him. He looks so good hhrrrgggg

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Noo!! I was going to go after a Roberu stand… At least I got a long pillow…

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It's actually cider.

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Towa saying she wants to do something with Astel in Apex, maybe climb to masters.

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Get the holo valo team started....

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Might be off topic but /mans/ has been getting worse ever since Vesper got his 2 weeks suspension. It's just endless angry whining and speculations about his behavior, which makes it hard to talk about anything else but that. At this rate I might stop visiting /mans/ and just stay in /stars/ like I've always did

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it's the whole astel doomposting timeloop, but constant because there are just more of those schizos. Just take a break from the thread

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While I'd like to see to see that, I doubt they'd have fun in Diamond lobbies what with all the cheaters and the servers crashing mid match. Astel would probably love doing custom lobbies with friends though

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Twappi please… just let Apex die…

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I was looking through the catalog and saw that split Vesper thread, what the fuck happened? Even during our most schizo hours, we've never split besides the meme Temma and Oga threads.

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Gamma joined him

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lol if they finally stop doing the APEX tournaments she might legitimately want to try for Master.

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Even Alelu coach is using Maggie, Chuna calling him out in the replies.

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Why did you think >we advocated for a split "EN thread" when you can still talk about all Stars talents in /mans/ and /stars/? Faggots who love dramas congregate in active threads, and EN talents undoubtedly are easier to latch on because everybody understands their language.
Doesn't help that Vesper is like the top male chuuba Holofags watch in EN, but unlike Roberu he's a hundred times more menhera. He's worse than Astel.

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Shitposters made a /mans/ thread and edited Vesper out of the OP, then other shitposters responded by making the Vesper split but I think some actual fans went there and everyone started using the thread to complain.

You can tell its tourists trying to start shit because they advertised the split in /#/

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anyway feel free to post about tempus here unless too much. personally i don't have enough time to catch tempus stream and thank for the posters sharing info here.

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Majin kissed us on stream, he loves us
>Next members stream is mocopi 3d ASMR
Majin please let us get to 2nd or even 3rd base...

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This is the gist of what I got from /mans/ after reading through it a few hours ago:
>first full tempus collab happened last week but when the stream started, vesper was the only member not present much to the disappointment of some fans
>vesper made no prior announcement that he was not going to make it to the collab
>right after the collab ends, vesper immediately posts a frame for a solo zatsudan which angered a few people
>during said zatsudan, vesper explains that he had a panic attack and was suffering from anxiety about collabs because he did not know if he was allowed to bring anxiety meds to japan
>anons /here/ call bullshit on the “not joining big collabs because anxiety” part since he was able to make it to the monopoly collab with magni, mori, and kronii prior to the full tempus collab
>vesper also said something about not wanting to change and being stubborn
>vesper makes a membership post sometime later where he apologizes and says he would try to communicate better and not be a source of anxiety for the fans
>fast forward to a few hours ago (6am jst) where vesper streams himself eating burgers and ranking them
>anons notice how vesper is avoiding questions and superchats about the half anniversary group collab
>two or three hours before the collab happens, the holoproen twitter account makes a post about the collab but only mentions axel, magni, and altare which then attracted the shitposters
>the collab happens and magni confirms that vesper would not attend but that the vanguard guys would join them in the voice chat which prompted more shitposting and doomposing about vesper
>lots of timelooping, shitposting, and rratposting about how management blocked vesper from collabs ala coco, altare hating vesper behind the scenes, vesper being a traitor who only wants to leech from girls with bigger subs than him (kronii and mori), etc
>some shitposters and falseflaggers try to kick vesties and vesper discussion out of /mans/
A lot of shit probably happened right after but I left as soon as the collab ended. Not sure what time the “split” was created

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Using Mocopi in bed didn't work well according to him so you'll have to wait until Mocopi 2 for that

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Can we stop using Astel as some menhera scale?

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Looks like a lot of things fall on EN management being retarded as usual, hopefully things get better for the Tempus boys. I can kinda see why Vesper would skip out on being on the collabs if he doesn't have his meds with him (full Tempus one being with too many new people and the anniversary being with managers present to babysit Axel). Anons just need to relax, stop baiting bait, and watch streams even rewatch archives if needed.

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It’s also partly vesper’s fault for somehow having worse communication skills than temma when it comes to his fans

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Astel - Subnautica: Below Zero

>> No.41568740

Shinri - When the Past Was Around

>> No.41569429

Yeah drama and schizopost is just a consequence of having that many hlgg anons, just compare how they're acting with how we did during the Aruran new model yab.
Feel free to talk about Tempus here whenever you like. We won't tell you to go back to mans like that do when someone mentions a star jp.

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It’s now officially 1000 days since Shien’s debut

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Congratulations to the sexy jackal!

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Yea i vote for using astel as a sex scale

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In the bar where you were sitting at?! Control yourself omaesan! At least take him home first and then push him down, snaking your hands into his jacket and kiss his throat while this cute Majin ojisan is drunk and giggly over that 3% apple cider.

>> No.41573978

I have little understanding of subnautica and watching astel makes it worse...

>> No.41574029

I like to say Astel is Dramatic rather than menhera.

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Flayon Superchat Reading

>> No.41574319

You're on a foreign planet with advanced equipment that talks to you, and are exploring with a goal (leaving the planet in the first game, figuring out what happened to the MC's sister in this one). You craft equipment, a base and eventually vehicles to make life easier for yourself and to explore more areas. Are there specific things you don't get?

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Aruran's schedule. Was he going to be in GaribengerV again?

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Altare Magni Painting Offcollab

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Anon, you're confusing arunii with some weird Italian old man

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Bettel Cooking Simulator

>> No.41582529

i liked this team so much. If they made a valo team, who would fill the other two slots?

>> No.41583006

I do get them. I just feel there is MORE to it... i dunno man stream was chill

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Astel said he has no plans to use mocopi at the moment, he doesn't even think everyone will get them (Oga pre-ordered his).

He also has no plans to stream on twitch and doesn't think it's needed until he has more subs on youtube, like 500k.

And speaking of subs, apparently management told him to grow his channel more and get more subs. I wonder if they told that to all of them or just Astel. He's very close to passing Rikka at his pace.

>> No.41584361

>I wonder if they told that to all of them
Maybe that was the reason Majin suddenly started trying all these new things: the collabs, the mocopi, and the ASMR stream tomorrow.

>> No.41584380

If he didn't elaborate on it it might've just been the usual "get bigger and then we'll talk" kind of response to his project or something.

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Magmom baked them a cake, layered colors and all. Cute!

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File: 1.66 MB, 3000x3700, SEXXXX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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More sex artwork of Arunii… amazing

>> No.41587530

I am thinking of Robechan being forced to film an AV. He’s very reluctant, his face a deep red, mumbling that he’s not sure if he could do that. However, as soon as the camera is switched on, he becomes a completely different person. His reluctance is gone, replaced with eagerness. He sucks off the multiple cocks in front of him, making sure to lick each one and to stroke the ones not in his mouth. He opens his legs and spreads his hole, excited for them to go inside. He locks his legs around whoever is fucking him, begging them to go rougher and faster, to give him every last drop of their cum. He acts like a complete slut. As soon as the cameras go off, he gets embarrassed and hides his face, whining that he couldn’t believe what he just did.

>> No.41589555

Hakka - Sonic CD

>> No.41590856

>I wonder if they told that to all of them or just Astel
If Astel got told that then it was for everyone. He's one of the talent you don't need to do that.

>> No.41591614

Then was it also the reason of knight's sudden tweet yesterday?

>> No.41592531

I’m assuming management wants him (and possibly the other jp stars) to catch up to roberu since there’s a wide gap between him and the rest in terms of subs, ccv, and vod views

>> No.41593050

>over 24 hours since vesper’s last tweet
>not a single peep both before and after the half anniversary stream
Damn is he dead or what

>> No.41593365

He posted something on his T3 menshi, someone leaked it over at /MANS/. He basically said he's gonna have a recording help for his cover today, and his anxiety is at hard limit. No mention about the anniversary stream.

>> No.41593549

Izuru Valorant

>> No.41593578

>aqua JAV

>> No.41593944

Shinri - Zatsudan

>> No.41594454

Eh, just don't mind him until it all calms down. I'll just say the hate is deserved, he seriously needs to step up.

>> No.41595304

Didn't he told that one of this year's goal is 300k subs few weeks ago? I thought that was his personal goal

>> No.41595389

There's gonna be Murder Mystery stream featuring Yurustars, Roberu, and Rikka on the 28th.

>> No.41596528

Yes, that's separate from the thing he said about management.

>> No.41598052

Old man and Bossu are gonna be a part of this project (don't know how it works yet, but they're credited as the CV).

>> No.41598936

I'm trying to figure out what this is but not getting a clear answer, from the video teasers it might be a music franchise like Hypmic or Paradox Live? Rikka and Shien are acting as seiyuu for the characters.

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File: 442 KB, 1021x562, 0953B1F3-7C1F-44D4-9784-796BC66D596C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rikka is the blue-green haired guy from WAKAZO named SO while Shien is the green-haired bass player from chirp x chirp named Itsuki. Here’s the videos released today involving these two:
>WAKAZO member introduction (3D)
>chirp x chirp radio drama

>> No.41599634

Looks like Rikka and Shien's characters are twins from the relationship chart.

>> No.41599864

Can anyone recommend me a proxy, I want to buy Holostars merch but the shipping on holopro is insane. I'm from Canada

>> No.41599870

It's cool that they're getting opportunities that put them alongside established VAs
Wonder if this is why Shadowgear has gotten so close recently

>> No.41599943

Since it's also from BanNam, maybe something similar to Denonbu? Denonbu also has Vtubers as seiyuu for the characters.

>> No.41600471

I've used Blackship and they're quite good imo. Tenso is another alternative.

>> No.41600543

I like Japan rabbit and Buyee

>> No.41600929

>You have to register as a premium member to watch the entire program

>> No.41600969

>Shien is acting as a seiyuu
He did it, he actually did it…

>> No.41602663

Magni and Altare Beyblade offcollab.

>> No.41603143

So a virtual character is playing a virtual character?
Is this the first time in COVER? I know some talents did music for animes, but not as characters and credited as their chuuba persona.

>> No.41603279

I'm pretty sure there's been a few times where some of the JP girls voiced extras or minor characters in anime

>> No.41603300

Polka and a couple others did voice acting for Little Witch nobeta, I think Nene did voices for a VN? Not exactly virtual characters

>> No.41605297

Anyone notice lately VODs don't have the 480p option? What did Susan do?

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I wonder if the other boys would ever play Astel's game, he'd never ask them to himself. But also there's a possibility he played with them off-stream for test runs but I don't think he's ever implied as such. And only Miyabi (and Dez but EN) follows his fat fuck account.

>> No.41606942
File: 273 KB, 1730x1200, FmO_TyVaMAALeUr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Omaesan artist had a baby!

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File: 220 KB, 882x459, F39107CE-5111-47D8-A01F-D3E22AF4FFB9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The character profiles on the official website gives a more in depth description of their backstories. Unfortunately I don’t know much nip but here’s the one from Itsuki’s (Shien’s character) page

>> No.41608742

Has Hayun official won the Riobowl?

>> No.41608956

Gamma I’m going to die if I don’t eat sushi!

>> No.41609167

Chances are he has talked about the contents of the game to some of them before while he was writing it and given the boys schedule I doubt they could even play together for so long unless if it's for a stream. They also show little active interest in the other members' lore unless involved and I feel like none of the other talents have mentioned his game or lore or fat fucks at all though I don't watch everyone. There was one of Apolleon during the 2nd Act watch-along on Temma's channel but the other not really.

>> No.41609202

I've looked it up a bit and hololive also partecipated in this kind of project last year, it's like a project to let different holostars members play a series of popular murder mysteries, these are the players for the first one. In the hololive one MC (Mio) was the GM for all of the sessions so I assume in this case Temma is also going to GM all of them since he's the MC. All members will have a pov on YouTube but have to stop in the middle of the story and redirect to niconico's premium broadcast, so you do have to get a premium Niconico account to watch the whole sessions

>> No.41609486

Naruse and Minase are both still two steps ahead of him so no

>> No.41609639

Miyabi did tie Astel's debut/anniversary into his own a little by making use the of the stars Astel gave them. I thought that was cute.

>> No.41610406

> A few series of Murder Mysteries GMed by Knight
Ok... I should learn how to get Niconico premium I guess.

>> No.41611260
File: 1.60 MB, 1920x1080, CF4D0D16-8D8E-4B18-A893-2C07E6E2E23C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Roberu has another collab on Tamaki’s channel tomorrow

>> No.41611905

but hayun fed rio street food by hand...

>> No.41612345
File: 156 KB, 965x936, 1668465313165321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate Tamaki.

>> No.41612541

>Izuru wants to do hand-drawn emotes and badges for twitch
I don't get why he wants his fans to spend money on the platform that gives him even less of a cut. Is it known how much Cover takes from twitch revenue?

>> No.41612564

I think he's fine but I don't like how he likes to spam these kinds of big collabs with roberu inside. A few once in a while is fine but it gets boring fast.

>> No.41612678

As long as Roberu's fine with it then so am I. My son knows how to decline invitations when he doesn't feel like going like when eating out with the other Stars or the group Stars zatsus.

>> No.41612808

Hooot. Thank you for sharing, horny regular.

>> No.41612813

Wasn't Izuchama Dia 3 in Valo at some point in the past few weeks/month or am I misremembering? Did this poor boy just drop a full set of ranks?

>> No.41612852

Money's money

>> No.41612880

I feel the same way. It gets tiring to try to keep up with roberu’s collab spam with tamaki. Same with aruran’s multiple streams per day

>> No.41613013

Looks like ranks got reset on the 10th

>> No.41613035

I don't play Valo but I'm pretty sure the season reset because he and Astel were trying to get to ascendant before a certain date and only Astel managed to.

>> No.41613052

A new season started two weeks ago but he also got burned when he tried to rank on the weekend before the past season started. I think neither Astel nor Izuru specified how badly that went but he lost enough points to give up on Ascendant during the past season.

>> No.41613315

Astel did. He said Izuru lost 60 points when he played by himself on the weekend. Astel said he warned him not to play on a Saturday.

>> No.41613387


>> No.41613475

Now that I think about it, are there any competitive fps games without rank resets?

>> No.41613558

there're no online games with ranks that don't do rank resets, they need to have the carrot on the stick

>> No.41613648


Fuma is in London.

>> No.41614068

Nice save from Fuma

>> No.41614096

Red pill me on Miyabi.

>> No.41614298

Survival Corps is still alive!

>> No.41614333


>> No.41614385


>> No.41614404

>No time to stream together but release a cover instead
This is the best thing that could happen now.

>> No.41614606

I miss Survival Corps so much. I'm so happy ToT

>> No.41614775

Aruran Sail Forth

>> No.41614817

High School Holography Vol. 2 audio samples

>> No.41614849


>> No.41614976

By the way, the preview for the 2nd Highschool Holography CD is out (jesus fuck there’s so many announcements today)

>> No.41615089

One Piece chads

>> No.41615248

Temma Fire Emblem Engage

>> No.41615323

> Maximum yandere Rikka
Bossu, isn't this another one of your fantasy?

>> No.41615408

Imagine him going off listening to the drama CDs and somehow Rikka finds out and gives him an actual taste of it in bed.

>> No.41615727
File: 1.15 MB, 892x1066, 20221230_102906.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Astel tweeting he's going to sing a whole 2 hours ahead of time

>> No.41615781

>no archive

>> No.41616448

Well at least we got an advance warning this time…

>> No.41616485

what is mea going to do my son...

>> No.41616676

She’ll celebrate baachan’s upcoming graduation by fucking roberu in front of her

>> No.41616723

luckily Baachan can fuck roberu later

>> No.41616838

Mea’s stinky pussy’s grip on roberu’s dick is too tight. Baachan will have to settle for sitting by the sidelines

>> No.41616870

Yeah, I'm just amused he's willing to accommodate new fans a bit, while probably stll deleting the vod

>> No.41617891

Roberu jigsaw puzzle with Tamaki, Mea, Belmond, Yumeoi, and Life-sensei

>> No.41617936

>fuma gets beaten up by shien in vol 1
>fuma gets beaten up by rikka in vol 2
Bullied raccoon…

>> No.41617975
File: 333 KB, 640x360, 僕は今日も _ アステル.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Months late but I wanna gush over Astel's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj4_wSyiqME. Boy is he singing his heart out. One of very few covers that I prefer over the original.

>> No.41618068

Rio Apex with HaYun
https://youtu.be/cF3NSJX4t2g - Rio PoV
https://youtu.be/tiCRD28mHeI - HaYun PoV

>> No.41618103

Vaundy's sibling..

>> No.41618938

Astel (maybe) No Archive Utawaku

>> No.41619202

Yumeoi is praising Robesan's voice. He's saying it's cute.

>> No.41619327

>a lot of vtuber praised Robechan through Mea

>> No.41619378

>>41619202 (me)
Now they're just praising Mea and Roberu's singing. Mea's friends (including Tamaki) praised Roberu by sending her messages, while one Roberu IRL friend said Mea's singing was cute.

>> No.41619722

What are they doing? From deepl + shitty nihongo reps I'm guessing they are gonna try to tell a story based on the bgm played?

>> No.41619845

Miyabi Minecraft

>> No.41619879

Can you blame them? The gap moe between the normal Roberu and singing Roberu makes the Marianas trench look like a fucking puddle in comparison. Mea even said that she wants to spread to the world how cute Roberu's singing is.

>> No.41619912

okay, are they married or some shit? i just need to know. this some next level shipping bait shit that they do

>> No.41619975
File: 12 KB, 352x369, B456E604-6C97-4999-A080-C7788AEAE18F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.41620023

Add "Paper plane competition" to the list of possible RoberuNightMea 3D streams in the future.

>> No.41620091

Which stream? Rio's?

>> No.41620092

Can cover’s tracking tech even track folded paper at all?

>> No.41620176

>Mea even said that she wants to spread to the world how cute Roberu's singing is
Jesus fucking christ I knew these two would be one of those annoyingly lovey-dovey couples as soon as they got together

>> No.41620198

yesm and roberu's

>> No.41620552

I'm willing to put some faith in Robe-chan's manager finding a way, considering how apparently Roberu just gave him the absolute minimum requirements for the 3D collab. All the fancy addons like the scene backgrounds were all done without Roberu and Mea knowing about it until they got to the studio.

>> No.41620641

Bossu and oga should prepare their wallets because the chiikawa wsb booster pack is coming out on the 27th

>> No.41620886

Mea, Tamaki, and Haneru have been acting like producers to Roberu since WAY back. It's likely they have a secret Discord group just to rave about that kind of thing. Not to mention Ui-mama.
Roberu is hella popular with other female chuubas.

>> No.41620911

I feel crazy because Mixed Nuts is popular but it just sounds like a bunch of noise to me every single time.

>> No.41620979


>> No.41621030

No archive no longer a maybe, Astel started singing English.

>> No.41621050

You can abandon all hopes for that "maybe" since Astel's singing his signature English songs now.

>> No.41621209


>> No.41621280


>> No.41621284

I love higedan but I despise Mixed Nuts

>> No.41621356


>> No.41621373


>> No.41621381


>> No.41621390

It’s only popular because of spy x family. If it was made the opening of any other less popular anime it would’ve flopped

>> No.41621569

Funny because I wished they leaned even more to the free jazz

>> No.41621946

>Mea's friends
going by her words there are at least 10 vtuber that dm'd her and praised robechan

>> No.41622003

What the dog doin

>> No.41622110

He should just make this an endurance to 225k

>> No.41622143

His throat is going to hate him, I love him

>> No.41622292

Astel just wants to sing Disney.

>> No.41622330
File: 2 KB, 125x115, 1665942553380410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.41622397

Why were cover’s disney perms revoked again?

>> No.41622510

There were never perms, Disney just started DMCAing ongoing livestream so the "no archive" method they use to prevent DCMA strikes is now worthless for Disney songs.

>> No.41622511


>> No.41622632

I recall anons saying Disney outright told Cover they can't sing their songs too (said by Mori apparently). Because the youtube thing wouldn't explain why they can't even sing on twitcast or on a twitter space.

>> No.41622641

He should just face reality and accept that his favorite franchise hates him and other Vtubers.

>> No.41622865

why does n*jis get a pass?

>> No.41622870

Is this some copypasta? I swear i saw this text some threads ago(is the reply also a copypasta?)

>> No.41623084


>> No.41623096


>> No.41623141

I’m assuming anon is referring to that one 3d stream where chaika, morinaga, dola, and joe sang disney songs for an entire hour

>> No.41623259

I've got the same feeling from different posts sometimes /here/. Half convinced that there is some kind of time loop. Perhaps it's side effect by invoking the darkest of arts, thread magic. spooky

>> No.41623313

That's what I thought, I was just hoping that anon wasn't actually retarded

>> No.41623364

I still don’t know how the fuck ド屑 became viral enough to turn into an fotm cover song

>> No.41623367

you can say the same thing to everytime when seaweed is singing bohemian rhapsody

>> No.41623561

>There are Starmin who have never heard an Astel Disney karaoke


>> No.41623575

Roberu and Oga collab https://youtu.be/4m1upLR_cxo

>> No.41623576
File: 116 KB, 570x639, 1671252513212210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.41623628

archive bro im counting on you to archive astel's karaoke tanomu

>> No.41623864

https://streamable.com/hrxuz4 Broadway Friend Like Me
https://streamable.com/j1f7tl Normal Friend Like Me
https://streamable.com/q4z17g Circle of Life
https://streamable.com/r58s2r Love is An Open Door
https://streamable.com/8opidy Let It Go
https://streamable.com/nttpfv Can You Feel the Love Tonight
https://streamable.com/ft6fw3 Part of Your World
https://streamable.com/83f1j9 Under the Sea
https://streamable.com/95dsya Arabian Nights
https://streamable.com/qk4fa1 One Jump Ahead

Bonus with a female but it's still very good: Astel and Kuku's Whole New World (starts at 3:30)

>> No.41623926

There's also that version of let it go that I like the one where Ame is in it but I don't have it

>> No.41623929

I remember there was a huge pastebin of Astel's Disney and English songs on streamable/catbox from way back during the /jp/ days, way before /vt/ was born. I have some bookmarks saved, but more and more of them die as time goes by...

>> No.41624100

They're doing stupid feel-good convos timing it to BGMs Roberu found. They're now playing music box JFS while talking about plans for this year.

>> No.41624387
File: 3 KB, 248x26, Haha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.41624908

Shien - celebrating 1000 days since debut by saying thank you 1000 times

>> No.41625299

Seaweed file

>> No.41625336


>> No.41625377

Oga wants Roberu to drink the Bitter Melon juice…

>> No.41625491

He just bought it lmao.

>> No.41625525

and we might get food report stream tomorrow, ssg Majin

>> No.41625925

Hakka appeared just as shien started saying thank you with a yami yugi(?) impression

>> No.41626041

Roberu also going to drink gyoza cider for his food report besides the bitter melon juice, he might die tomorrow....

>> No.41626045

We were gonna get one regardless, apparently he had Gyoza cider lined up for tomorrow, but now there's a very real chance that he'll have to add the Goya juice to the lineup as well.

>> No.41626237

did oga just said achan might not be human because her spice tolerance is so high kek?

>> No.41626327

yeah, he also called her as Friendly A lol

>> No.41626713

Robechan has 60 ice creams in his fridge that he has to finish by himself. I will help him…

>> No.41626845

yes, they were futanari clones of aqua

>> No.41626887

Every so often I zone out and stop interpreting the Japanese, and then he says something unbelievably stupid and I'm just like What

>> No.41626960

they were actually the people behind the auditioning process for Holostars, all Holostars members have to film an AV before getting in

>> No.41626979

Kek same anon. I zoned out for a while then I heard "ojisan no nioi" and got really confused.

>> No.41627012

>open bossu stream
>he’s making autistic sounds
>keep stream open

>> No.41627076

gotchu bro.
>You are very cutto, I watching yu stream aruways.

>> No.41627206

Pingu noises time

>> No.41627235

Someone make a soundpost of pingu bossu I need it

>> No.41627236

astel would have twice the subs if he played apex with ame. Not begging but being realistic... of course ame would have half the subs if she played apex with astel

>> No.41627335

I am also begging for this

>> No.41627436

bukas i really dont understand how you deal with shien on a daily basis. i love this man to death but man is he questionable and retarded

>> No.41627540

does... does the fact I'm yume for him make this better or worse?

>> No.41627576

nta but it means you are retarded too congrats

>> No.41627609

thank u you are correct

>> No.41627691

Hello fellow retard.

>> No.41627801

>now has to say thank you 100 times with his tsueso voice
Oh boy here comes the max retardation

>> No.41627952

the stream will be kinda short

>> No.41628781

I was happier two years ago and I had the time to catch astel's freak streams

>> No.41629026

Shinri Ib

>> No.41629076

YT archive of the free portion of Roberu and Oga in V vara.

>> No.41629972

Since when's the last time he made tweets like this? Kinda nostalgic

>> No.41631511

Why does roberto touch his kouhais so much?

>> No.41632394

He was very horny for everyone until he met mea

>> No.41632492

The real question is why they let him touch them so much

>> No.41633754

He’s still horny for his kouhais, he misses the touch of their skin

>> No.41635338
File: 2.21 MB, 2411x3440, 3D8EA970-753D-4028-A4A1-1A27B5CF4D30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The bartender nui had a small cup of coffee.

>> No.41635962

Why is your nui so strong... I have to give mine decaf tea...

>> No.41636165
File: 124 KB, 720x748, orca-image--650232647.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a stupid boy who I'm very grateful for

>> No.41637256

>10 vtuber
Hopefully there were no holo among them

>> No.41637288

remember when roberu streamed three times a day

>> No.41637426


>> No.41637598

Weren't it a desperation move because of Kaoru's graduation, or did he already streamed 3-5 times a day everyday before that?

>> No.41638528

I checked because I wasn't even watching chuubas back then, but it seems so. He upped the intensity from 1-2 streams a day to 3 streams a day right after that.

>> No.41638846

Was it ever explained what was up with kaoru leaving like two months after his debut? Is the truth forever buried under rrats

>> No.41639402

Shouldn't the AGF mtos be shipping soon? I crave Miyabi tummy...

>> No.41640239

They never had perms, not even before the Holocaust. They were just a small indie company prease andastand back then so Disney didn't give a shit and when they did they found a loophole through unarchived streams. Now Disney is able to nuke a stream while its live so none of that is possible anymore.

>> No.41640662

>Is the truth forever buried under rrats
Pretty much, though personally the most plausible theory is him choosing to focus on his TRPG stuff instead. Every single rrat you see here is regurgitated by anons who probably didn't even know about chuubas until Council debuted.

>> No.41641863

I see. I wish they would have kept his channel up since there must've been trinero collabs there, but it can't be helped.

>> No.41642515

Every single mention of Shien's ass fetish was on Kaoru's channel

>> No.41645201

>important parts of bossu's pasta will never be sourced

>> No.41645527

I definitely remember him mentioning it on Wachastars one time.

>> No.41645569


>> No.41646307


Astel drilled every team once again.

>> No.41648555

Bettel Untitled Goose Game

>> No.41650607

Youtube clip

>> No.41651331

Next OP pic is SuiBeru or I kill your mothers

>> No.41651652
File: 1.15 MB, 1900x1080, cuteanddandyoniisan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This scene from the countdown stream is lovely. Look at Robechan gassing him up. Ogarobe love.

>> No.41653659

I want to see the two of them grind against each other in their idol outfits, while kissing with tongue.

>> No.41654286

I like how you think Anon.
It'd be funny if Temma was also there, just practicing the we are the holostars choreo nearby as those two are in their own world.

>> No.41655087

Temma just somehow finds himself walking into every time a stars members has sex…

>> No.41655712

Fuma Asakatsu
Hakka Minecraft

>> No.41655914

flay drew izuru

>> No.41656249
File: 1.83 MB, 2432x2954, 1674604694043.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.41656291

I haven't been able to watch the VOD yet but I read he said he loves how AsuIzu support each other. Cute.

>> No.41660063

Flayon The Bathhouse

>> No.41660295

Is this why he's always forgiven for everything and they spoiled him a lot?

>> No.41661522
File: 285 KB, 581x328, Screenshot 2023-01-24.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.41662071

Izuru Valorant

>> No.41662763
File: 183 KB, 1280x720, FnSAbWMaEAIMbBG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Astel doxxing himself with his Subnautica thumbnail


>> No.41663665

Astel Subnautica Below Zero
Shinri Zatsudan

>> No.41663923

Oh god he's so horny

>> No.41664767

Knight schedule.

>> No.41664791

>Astel saying he spent an hour trying to make a thumbnail yesterday and doesn't have any thumbnail resources

Seaweed... just use fanart.

>> No.41665476

I thought I was used to Astel thumbnails and he still manages to surprise me.

>> No.41666889

Axel Zatsudan

>> No.41667602

Aruran Zatsudan

>> No.41670407

Magni Altare Unarchived Karaoke Off-Collab

>> No.41673763

>Astel would invite Holostars to trips but they're the types who use their phones a lot
>When they go out to eat AsuIzu use their phones the least and the ones who use them the most are Miyabi, Aru, Shien

>> No.41675751
File: 119 KB, 1009x873, FnP1bWjacAEHELf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OgaRobe love!

>> No.41677966
File: 239 KB, 1200x694, FnPYtHSaAAMty-V.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.41679555

Huh, I would have expected Temma to be among the ones who used their phone the most.

>> No.41680194

That was a great karaoke.

>> No.41680428

Now I'm just waiting for proper Holouters revival

>> No.41680439
File: 104 KB, 875x887, DD42873B-82DC-4D58-AE82-080E389F2D0D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.41681203

I love off collab karaoke the most. Also hoping for Holouters or the 3D karaoke to come back.

>> No.41682299

Magni's unarchive karaoke is always really fun, I love this.

>> No.41682923

Roberu trying out weird food and drink.

>> No.41682927

The usual Roberu tries to kill himself with exotic foods ft. Oga's bitter melon juice.

>> No.41682996

Huh, Astel is talking about perms and apparently they do have to apply for certain game permissions individually ahead of time and book a specific date to play, and you can't just cancel it if you don't feel well. His Callisto Protocol streams are one example.

>> No.41683050

Oga's bitter lemon juice may or may not arrive during the stream but he promises to drink it another day if it doesn't. Also a V-Vara staff member was a fan and gifted him the caramel he will taste here.

>> No.41683185

Astel thought of going to masters (with butter cookie I think he said) but saying Apex is owari and unchi right now. Probably referring to the servers and shit state of rank.

>> No.41683239

Season 15 is probably one of, if not the worst season in apex. No balance changes, boring new character, and a mediocre map. Servers being dogshit and the blatant greed of Respawn doing 3 collection events doesn't help either.

>> No.41683349

Seasons 14 and 15 were the worst seasons ever for ranking. It's horrible, glad he didn't try to grind to masters because it would just make him feel miserable.

>> No.41683644

Astel likes inviting people to play on short notice but most of Holostars take too long to reply or set up collabs. Only Gamma, Rio, and Izuru reply quickly. Fuma is always asleep.

>> No.41683723


>> No.41683802
File: 137 KB, 781x1077, FRG7hHiaMAE6uI2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Temma and Roberu both sent Astel messages cheering him on for CR Cup


>> No.41684067

Astel could've invited quite the friends he got in VSPO but he doesnt feel like/have the confident to be the one to invite. Example : Sumire always invited him to play a game together but he always outside when she does that. Seaweed pls be more confident to invite VSPO girls, your dynamics with them are fun

>> No.41684111

>play in master lobbies with restia
>3 out of 5 matches they run into cheaters
>on the 4th, the server crashes

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