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EN3 died for 3views

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There is a reason why Vesper doesn't want anything to do with these failures and prefers Kronii and Mori.

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Wasn't this guy the top homo in terms of numbers for tempiss2 this past week?
The fuck happened? The Reddit crowd is already bored of them?

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Tempus Vanguard didn't do as well as they expected I guess...

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God damn even Pippa gets more numbers then Tempoop.

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Mori can't even beat blue homo playing FFXIV.

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Can't blame him. They're all screamy niji type dudes except Shinri who is just...boring.

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keep seething, it won't change a thing. just gotta wait now, little man

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Unfortunately for Blue Homo, streaming is Calli's side gig. Her music career is more successful than anything he'll do in his life.

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Oops, I posted the wrong picture

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Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?
Insanity is doing the exact same fucking thing over and over again, expecting things to change. That is crazy

Cover built yet another Stars gen to cater, a very specific audience.
This is the third time.

Did I tell you what the definition of insanity is?

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We are talking about streamers streaming right now, anon
I would call a random 2view that has a bakery worth millions more succesful than vesper or kiara

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*wouldn't, obviously

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Theyre not even doing it well, the models are ugly and all of their voices are terrible except maybe axel but he's australian. You'd think a company like cover would be able to get good models and people with pleasant voices.

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>Her music career is more successful than anything he'll do in his life
He's a better singer and can play the cello. He's literally more talented than her and could turn to music immediately but choose not too. Yall need to get your facts straight o7

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I don't think any of you understand where 2view came from. It was a play on words of the term "2hu" which was originally a deformation of Touhou. On /jp/ before it became overcrowded with generals from /v/, /a/, and /mu/, it was common to refer to Touhou characters themselves as "2hus". People would start threads with phrases like "wich 2hu wud u fug" etc.. Fastforward to when vtubers started popping up, anyone who wasn't mainstream (at least on /jp/) would get referred to as 2view regardless of how many views they actually got. In a way, 2view became an endearing term because there are so many damn smug elitist hipsters on /jp/ that they like to proudly show off how unpopular their oshi is. It's not some mathematical formula or tier system. If you use any number other than 2 in it, then it throws off the obvious rhyme of the phrase. Not only that, it also shows off that your a Twitter tourist that doesn't even know about 2hu and should go back.

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It’s been less then a month since debut and he’s already a three view? Jesus christ what a flop, at least tempus1 had some hype built around them so it took a few months for them to become 3 views, at this rate he might become a 2view

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Anon, I think you should actually know what the term means before you use it.

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To assist your knowledge, this is what an actual 3view (with 400k subs) looks like.

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ah but you see, Tempus team #1 was not originally targeted at any particular audience.
Sure they did some fan service in member streams but the group was not built that in mind

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It must be a miserable existence to do this day in, day out, unrelenting.

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Anon, this is a guy that used to upload 30-45 minute videos discussing various court cases. Pretty sure he doesn't mind this at all.

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LOL Holy Cope

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sorry I didn't watch your oshi's stream deadbeat

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I mean the OP taking a quick screenshot minutes after a Homo goes live just to post the "low" view count.

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Imagine being personally validated by seeing a girl's numbers go up or down

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Sounds like the kind of thing someone with a 3view oshii would write

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>I can do it too, I just don't want to

The biggest success these boys will ever achieve was getting into homostars. That's the peak of their careers.

Not to say it isn't an achievement in itself, but the only boundaries they're pushing or ground they're breaking is normalizing homo collabs with the girls, which other corpos have already done.

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>Comparing Supa reading to starting FF14s newest expansion
I dont like the homos either, but come on. Endless FF14 is a debuff, but starting it is a buff

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Same can be said about anyone that gets in to HoloPro. The biggest thing they have going for them is they're part of a brand name now.

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Keep seething, I'm sure it'll come faster

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Alright, here's an ID reading supers.

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I know you're technically right, but that expansion came out in december of 2021, over a year ago. I would not considered it new add onto how several holos played or is still playing that game.
I do agree with the point though.

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Gura just needs to collab with the Homos! That will surely save them from 3view hell and bring them the fame and attention they rightfully deserve

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>june 2021
>"wow fucking kiara keeps leeching off pekora and wishes she was gura what a bitch"
>august 2021
>"wow irys sucks why can't she even pretend to be friends with the other girls"
>october 2021
>"council is a flop and bae keeps trying to leech off more popular girls!"
>january 2022
>"holox sucks koyori is a leech look at that hag go!"
>july 2022
>"id3 sucks look at kobo literally leeching off male fleshtubers what the actual fuck"
>august 2022
>"fucking holostars en can't even stand on their own look at vesper leeching off kronii"
>january 2023
>"fucking vanguard trying to leech off headquarters no wonder vesper prefers to stream with the girls"
This board never fucking changes kek.

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They're just..... not very entertaining.

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Mating press

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The top of tempus 2 is Bettel. Shinri is the guy with the least amount of subs.

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>get hired by Cover
>have to play the role of spandex lad

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Yes, Kobo is way more popular than any non-JP but Gura and therefore more popular than Mori.

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>but choose not to
everyone here is so insane
its simultaneously so funny and so horrifying

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I've just stopped caring. Everyone is a leech off a leech off a leech off of someone who's a lazy whore. Don't forget November/December 2020 when Gura accelerated subs and was called a leech off of JPs success and that she didn't deserve it.

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so the fags need to wait for a superchat reading to barely stand a chance? confirmed failures

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You're trying to discredit a few legit complaints by surrounding them with absurd ones. Well played.

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There is no conspiracy against you or retards who think like you >>41311460 you're just nuts, my point is people like you have been posting the same shit for literally years now and will probably complain about the good old days when it was just vesper once tempus 3 and en3 and jp7 are deemed to be grifters, whores, homos and twitchtards.

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Why (You) me, I was on your side.

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So he can read your post of course.

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love shinri, simple as

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Don't care, it now means the number of CCV's digits for me

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